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USS Nimitz (CVN 68) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Nimitz (CVN 68). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 1975 crew members registered for the USS Nimitz (CVN 68).

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Robertson, John APH30000 –OP
Borges, Robert /bobbyFeb 5, 1967 – Jan 4, 1968i was the baddest of all brothas on this ship i ran the show vietnam was no joke.its Bobby from brooklyn ya heard!
Angell, H Normannone1969 – 1971noneI do military research in ballistics
Polk, KennethQMC1972 – 1975navi was aboard
McInvaille, Richard "mac"MM21972 – 1978Mplank owner resident of MMR#2
Jones, JohnMM / ELT1972 – May 1975RLPlank owner, Assigned to the initial pre-commissioning unit in 1972 and transferred on the day of commissioning.
Marshall, Edward profile iconHT3-HT11972 – 1977R division
Liles, JerryMM31972 – Mar 1976M DivsionPlank owner.
Hautzinger, LawrenceETR21972 – 1976RCPlank Owner - was the Reactor Operator at the controls taking the very first Nimitz Class Reactor critical with Admiral Rickover present in the control room. Pretty cool.
Parme, LarryIC11972 – Sep 1974REBeing a part of the precommisioning unit was unquestionably an amazing and life shaping experience. Proud to have been a part (small as it may've been) in bringing this ship to life.
Knoll, TimothyAO2Mar 1972 – Apr 3, 1977GProud plank owner
Jones, EverettEM2 NuclearMay 1972 – Aug 1975Engineering
Jones, Everett RayEM2May 22, 1972 – Aug 1975EngineeringPlank Owner, Navy Nuke, spent many an hour in the engine room.
Straka, Gary (Dilligaff)MM1Jun 1972 – Jun 25, 1976RMOne of first to report on board. Remember the great times with the fellows "Nukes". Left just before the first Med cruise. Astt. LPO of RM01 and then LPO of RM office. ORSE boards with "Tank" just b4 getting out
Pendleton, EdwardPC2Jun 1972 – Mar 1976AdminWe had a building next to Newport News ship yard in 1972 we would check crew in there and give them housing we stayed in nice apartment I went to postal school and set up post office on ship I was in the top ten to repor
Richards, MichaelIC1Jun 12, 1972 – May 26, 1976E1 / E2Plank owner, Nuclear trained electrician
Courson, DonYN2Jun 15, 1972 – Jan 15, 1976Admin (X-1)Some of the best years and best friends of my life were when I served in the PRECOMM Unit and I am a proud Plank Owner (commissioned on May 3, 1975).
Levitsky, JohnMM3Jun 19, 1972 – Nov 10, 1975MRemember when I hooked the big fish(?), trolling on the fantail jet engine test stand, during Gitmo training. I, single handedly, stopped the Nimitz. I had more power than any enemy in the world. Too bad, not edible.
Westrich, KimEN2Jun 26, 1972 – Apr 12, 1976APlank owner, was no a division when first arrived,got to know most everyone of nucleus crew.became poic of aft emergency generators and all small craft abourd.also qualified as a watch operator for M division,tho never stood a watch
Ferguson, JohnMM2Jul 4, 1972 – Oct 20, 1975Very early pre-com arrival. Plankowner. Lived in MMR2, first qualified non-nuc ER shutdown watch. Knew everybody! Lost track of same.
Ferguson, JohnMM2Jul 4, 1972 – Nov 7, 1975M
Cochran, KeithMM2Aug 1972 – Feb 1975MPre-com ER-2 CMO. Any of you guys still out there?
Potter, JayE4-E5Aug 1972 – Oct 1975E1Plankowner
Horsley, ChuckMM2Aug 20, 1972 – Apr 19, 1976RLplank owner served in rl division as engineering laboratory technician a nuke!!
Seal, Bob profile iconIC1Sep 1972 – Oct 1974Reactor TrainingGreat experience! I spent over 2 years on Nimitz PRECOM UNIT but am not a plank owner because I transferred to a new command before commissioning.
Ries, LarryMM3Sep 1, 1972 – Oct 1, 1976RMPreComm and Commisioning Crew. Wild Cat Jim Burton was our leading Chief with 'Flag' Falor the Department and ship Master Chief. Greetings.
Strickland, RandyMM3Oct 1972 – Jun 3, 1976M/EMO2Plankowner and first official man overboard.....not too proud of that, but Hey! I am still alive! 21 years/retired - who would have believed that?!
Duffy, Shawn (Duff)MM2Nov 22, 1972 – Aug 1976MEarly to the pre-comm unit. Plankowner. Made the shakedown cruises, GITMO, North Atlantic, Part of the Med Cruise.
Kitchens, MikeABE2Dec 1972 – Feb 1976V2Never forget rereeving those AG engines at sea - pouring sockets into the wee hours of the AM - gear hands know what I'm talking about. We took her on her first shakedowns and NATO cruise. RIP Bos'n Arch, ABE1 Roland, ABCS Didier, Reese
Neely, RickABE-2Dec 4, 1972 – Apr 2, 1976V-2
Keen, ChuckMM ELT1973 – 1977RLPlank Owner, Nuke, Reactor Lab. division ... remove the -nospam- from email address
Bloom, JohnAE-21973 – 1977VA-86Plank Owner....Plane Captain and Flight Line Trouble Shooter. Had some great times with some great people.
Steiner, Bob/catfishHT31973 – 1974RI doubt if anyone will remember me. This was a tough time in my life. Family matters nearly destroyed me. I took an Undesirable Discharge in 75. I did finaly get my head together though.
Bosley, JosephRM31973 – 1976CommunicationsHow time has passed so quickly. A lot of good friends made and missed here. Hope lifes journey has treated everyone as well as mine has. Maine, the way life should be, is where I am now with my wonderful wife. Plankowner
Fenelon, JimE41973 –Plat-Lens/ICTV/MPPB
Ricks, RandyETR21973 – Sep 12, 1975reactorBeing assigned to the pre-commissioned Nimitz was a great learning experience for me. Worked at the shipyard for 2.5 years before our first deployment to Europe.
Davison, WarrenE31973 –AGI joined this site for my dad who was on the commissioning crew of Nimitz. He was an aerographer's mate under Master Chief "Bud" Scott. My dad passed away 12/2000. Hoping to find some that knew him.
Englert, AlanFTM11973 – Nov 9, 1977OEGreat memories and Friends
Kahler, ThomasHTCS/WO1Jan 1973 – Jul 1975Eng./RepairPlank Owner. Long days and nights getting Nimitz ready to join the fleet but great duty with some outstanding sailors in the Nucleus crew. Unfortunately we've lost a few, YNC Mike Merkle and AGCM Bud Scott, fair winds and following seas my friends
Andrews, BruceE4 EN3Jan 1, 1973 – Aug 1, 1976A USS NIMITZprecomm crew, Fwd & Aft Emergency diesel Generator rooms and Boat Crew
Smith, PeterAMH-1Jan 6, 1973 – Aug 31, 1978IM2Precom unit to 1978 Med cruise. Assigne to C-1A COD crew as Naval Air Crewman, Made first takeoff and First arrested landing.
Andrews, Bruce/andyEN3Feb 1973 – Oct 1976Hello to Kim Westrich, Mike Gilberto, Chief Stephens,Chief Johns, Ray Bell, Tom Crissey, Ben Clark, Mike Haddon, Larry House, James "Smitty" Smith, John Richards, all Enginemen. You guys are well remembered!
Brunner, WaldoCWO3Feb 23, 1973 – Sep 30, 1975RadioPlankowner, Radio Officer Nimitz Association Membership Chairman
Avenengo, Robert profile iconACANMar 1973 – Mar 1975Air Ops
Gilberto, MikeEN2Mar 1973 – Jun 1976AAll the enginemen were great! Kim Westrich and Andy Andrews..I salute you!
Hayner, Matthew profile iconsaMar 1, 1973 – Mar 1, 1975s1I should have stayed in
Leadbetter, DavidABE3Mar 1, 1973 – May 18, 1975V2
Hollenback, LeslieMM1Mar 3, 1973 – Nov 6, 1977MI had #2 MAR when I left!
Oswalt, LesterIM3Mar 19, 1973 – Dec 6, 1974S-1Worked with the S-1 Division while waiting for the Typerwriter/instrument repair shop to be built. Now over thirty years later still working in calibration for the navy in Panama City, Fl.
Jordan, VictorQMCMar 25, 1973 – May 15, 1977navanyone that was in the nav dept at these times i would like to here from you.
Carlson, BobABH2Apr 1973 – Aug 1975V1Plank Owner Fly 2 PO
Williams, David / CrockettABE-3Apr 1973 – Jan 1975V-2 Forward cats
Foissett, JohnBM2Apr 1973 – Apr 1975Deck Department
Boestfleisch (Bobo), KurtSA to YN2Apr 1973 – Oct 1976Admin X1I am a Plankowner, and had the best times of my life serving onboard the USS Nimitz, with all of my Navy friends and working for and with Capt Brian Compton & CDR Jim Mauldin under LCDR Robinson and Sr Chief William Ross
Tourtellot, ScottYN2May 1973 – Jan 1976Weapons Dept
Carlson, BobABH2May 1, 1973 – Aug 21, 1975V1Fly 2 PO. Left Norfolk TAD on America, Guam, and the old FDR until Nimitz ready for shakedowns. Great ship, great shipmates, and a great time in my life.
Shultz, DavidMR1Jun 1973 – Apr 1976A-DivisionPlank Owner, Smitty Where are you??
Craig, FredHT2Jun 2, 1973 – Sep 23, 1976Repair I served as part of the Precom and commissioning crew. I was on the Nimitz through training in Gitmo, our first North Atlantic cruise, Portsmouth shipyard for overhaul and the first half of the first Med cruise. Hi to al my friends.
Foreman Jr., Charles DeweyHT2Jul 1973 – Aug 1975Eng /Pre-Comm Crew/Plank Owner; part of 1st group of sailors to actually live aboard her.
Althof, Lew(Pete)DK2Jul 4, 1973 – Dec 4, 1976S4 DisbursingRemember being on watch below decks when President Ford came for the commisioning. A lot of good times with long lost friends and shipmates.
Breunig, Alan (Al)DK2Aug 8, 1973 – Apr 1, 1975SupplyI'm looking for anyone who worked in the Disbursing, Personnel or Supply office as part of the pre-com unit.
Lake, Davide-1Sep 3, 1973 – Mar 1, 1974Ft Lewis,Wa.
Kelly, KeithET1Sep 7, 1973 – Sep 7, 1977OEPlank Owner. Responsible for communications and radar equipment When i reported there was only about 50 assigned to monitor testing
Hirschmann, RichardAO3Sep 10, 1973 – Apr 23, 1979Ordnance
Marlar, GaryDS1Nov 29, 1973 – Jul 12, 1977Supply S-7AWESOME ship, Great crew, excellent leaders in Supply Dept., had a wonderful & educational time on the ship.

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