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USS Agerholm (DD 826) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Agerholm (DD 826). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 94 crew members registered for the USS Agerholm (DD 826).

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Aiken, George1st class POAug 1946 – Apr 1952EngeneeringWas a BT from both fire rooms Plus OilKing
Mc Queeney, JamesRD21950 – 1953o
Norton, RaymondFT1Nov 20, 1953 – Aug 9, 1955Gunnery
Jensen, RogerE21955 – 1958M DivisionI am Roger Jensen's daughter, helping him with some VA paperwork that took us through his whole Naval career, Algerholm was his first ship 1955 - 1958 anyone wanting to contact him can email me he is deaf so he only text
Everett, John T.BT2Sep 1955 – May 1962M DivisionGrew up on this ship... started out as a fireman apprentice in 1955 in charge of the forward fire room when I left in 1962. Would like to hear from anyone who served with me...
King, Gerald"Pete"GmJan 5, 1957 – Sep 19, 1957GmLooking for anyone in this time
Rasbury, John H1958 – 1961
Hurley, MichealEN2Jan 1958 – Sep 1961A GangAlthough an engineman striker, I spent my first year in the forward fire room before, finally being assigned to the A Gang. We spent about ten months in Vallejo going through the FRAM conversion. Regards to all, Micheal
Wiseman, BillRD1Sep 1958 – Sep 1958OI DivisionCame aboard as SA Left 4 years and 10 month later as RD1.Stayed with Aggis through FRAM, Two West Pacs, Operation Dominic and the first ship into the Tonkin Gulf December 62
Wiseman, BillRD1Sep 5, 1958 – Jun 25, 1963OI DivisionReported aboard as Seaman Apprentice left four years and ten months later as a First Class Radarman. During my time I served with three Officers that went on to "Break Their Own Flags" Admirals Hekman, Carlson, Ustick
Pollard, James (Jim) profile iconENS AND LTJGJan 1959 – Feb 1960SupplyServed as the Supply Officer, came directly from Navy Supply Corps School in Athens, GA. Ex-Chief Yeoman, 6-5" tall, age 29; always ensured. soup, sandwiches and fresh fruit for night watches at sea.
Brouillette, DonRadio 3rdJan 1, 1960 – Jun 23, 1963OC DivisionBefore Fram thru Operation Dominic and the West pac cruise Nov. 1962 - June 1963
Crews, JeffSNJan 22, 1960 – Aug 1, 1961Deck1st sea-duty assignment; after three months ops off San Diego, ship underwent FRAM at MINSY; returned to duty in SD after trip to Bremerton and Vancouver, Canada in March, 1961; I transferred to sub school in August, '61. Great memories!
Burkhalter, JamesRM3Mar 1960 – Oct 1961CommunicationsI served as an RMSN/RM3 and left for COMCRUDESPAC Staff.
Quartaroli, JackPC3Oct 1960 – Jul 1964XI was the Postal Clerk, master helmsman and participated in the firing of a nuclear ASROC in 1962.
Shoemaker, Dick - ShoesIC1 - Mess Deck Master at Arms1961 – 1962Enginering div.have questions about collison with British ship
Daugherty, Gary MouseBTFM1961 – Aug 1964BWould like to here from some of the Guys From the Big Blast Time. (Nuke Asroc)
Dolgos, JosephRM3Sep 17, 1961 – Nov 5, 1962OC - RadioMost memorable - Operation Swordfish, Operation Dominic Nuclear Tests. First Reenlistment - for RM "B" School.
Wass, DickSTG21963 – Aug 19, 1966FoxLooking for old shipmates and photos of Fox Division between 63 and 66.
Hastings, FredericPetty Officer Radarman 2ndAug 1, 1963 – Aug 1, 1965OIGood experience. Great group of guys. Would like to hear from anyone who remembers me.
Baldwin, SteveET21964 – 1966OI-OC
Guilmain, RaymondSM-31965 – 1969DESDIV 52looking to communiicate with old shipmates.
Arvay, Robert [tucker]BMSNJan 2, 1965 – Dec 8, 1966b & dashi grew up on that ship & it was the best thing that ever happened to i am retired from the heavy construction trades, millwrights/piledrivers union.. miss all my old shipmates & do go to the reunions .
Cole, BertramMM2Jan 8, 1965 – Aug 18, 1968M Div After Engine RoomServed on "Aggie" during Vietnam.She was a proud and tough lady,I will remember her for ever
Breen, Mikestg 3Jan 11, 1965 – Jun 8, 1968fox divisionLove to hear from shipmates
Jensen, DavidEM3Apr 1965 – Feb 28, 1967RThis was my Second Tin Can, decided to try something else. Retired as Command Master Chief in the SEABEES!
Reliford, Charles (Tang) profile iconE-3Apr 11, 1965 – May 10, 19671st divI met some grate guys on this ship and forever be part of it, bill bias, bill walker, wingo,clark,peeks.we did a lot of figthing on shore
Trapani, Diminick ETR3Apr 21, 1965 – Sep 1967Operations
Chapman, GlennCS2Jun 15, 1965 –supply
Gay, Jerry L.FN & SNSep 1965 – Apr 1967B & DASH
Pittman, Billygm e3Oct 1, 1965 – Jan 1, 1967gunnersmate
Smith, CharlesE3Nov 1965 – Nov 1966Operations
Peeks, James/soulRDSNNov 18, 1965 – Jun 19, 1967OCI met a lot of good guys on the Agerholm. Like so many boots I grew up there. So many good and not so good memories. Remember so many good guys; Walker, Bias, Avery, Clark, Myers, Speak Underwod etc... Would love to hear from some of you.
Howe, Edward F.BOILER TENDER 3RD CLASS1966 – 1967boiler
Edersheim, StewartSN(E-3)1966 – Jun 30, 1966DD-826I am looking for anyone who served with Stew and remember him. Stew passed away 10/16/14.He has a teenage daughter and a couple of sons who would love to hear from fellow shipmates. Not sure he was on this ship.TY
Smith, RayBM-2Dec 27, 1966 – May 16, 1969Came aborad right out of boot camp. Made BM-2 and was shiped back to the states for Seal training. finished school,went to nam as a boat captain.
Smith, RayBM-2Dec 27, 1966 – Apr 3, 1969DeckReported aboard as a SN.and left as a 2nd. class BM. The Aggie. was a good ship with a Very Good Crew. Lots of times.
Altfeltis, John A.SM31967 – 1968OC DIVISIONGreat CO/Ship, I served on the "AGGIE," with my brother, Dennis. The ship spent a lot of time on "Yankee Station," plane guarding the USS Intrepid .. While aboard the Agerholm, I received orders to the USS New Jersey.
Dick, WilliamE3Sep 1, 1968 – Feb 20, 1970cookI was a cook
Guemmer, GeraldBM2Sep 6, 1968 – Apr 4, 1970Deck DivisionAgerholm was good duty. Learned a lot and was able to make BM2 before leaving. Good people. WestPac cruise of 69 is noted to have been exposed to herbicide while in the river. Others may have claims with VA.
Spencer, James Nickolas (Nick)RMSNDec 1968 – Oct 1969RadioWestPac cruise of same time frame

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