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USS John F. Kennedy (CV 67) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS John F. Kennedy (CV 67). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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Look through our website at to discover why we think this project is perfect for Rhode Island - including our overall vision, why there is magic in the name "John F. Kennedy" in Southern New England, RI Aviation Hall of Fame's eleven years of experience, our leadership team, and established local political and financial support.

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There are 4662 crew members registered for the USS John F. Kennedy (CV 67).

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Diaz, MiguelLCPL1995 – 1997Marine DetachmentI can be reached at
Podvin, JimAMSAN1995 – 1997AIMDThe biggest mistake I ever made was being removed from duty on the JFK. I wish I could do it all again, even with the false abandon ship call during the hanger bay fire!! I miss my old shipmates.
Wilder, Bryan/wilddogABFAN1995 – 1997V-4I had some great times on that ship. I think of the times @ Maverick's, drinking beer and hanging out with good friends. I hope all my JFK shipmates, had all there dreams come true! Checkout the Pic... on Facebook
Clark, Stanley (Dolla Bill)AC11995 – 1998OC DIV CATCCTheres nothing better than a summer MED cruise. Theres nothing worse than a summer in the Arabian Gulf. I would do it all again with Big Bad John.
Gray, AngelE-31995 – Nov 17, 1997Propulsion
Wilke, GlennAE31995 – 1997Jet ShopOnly AE in the Jet Shop, fixing Buddy Stores for the S3. Dublin was fun, so was the Hangar Bay fire. I wonder who thought it was a good idea to store used OBA Canisters in an Oil Drum.
Felton, SherishiaEm31995 – 1997Weapons
Foster, LouisE-31995 – 1997DentalGreat time especially with medical. But I could've done better while aboard the JFK
Esler, CharlesMM3Jan 1995 – Aug 19973MMRSome of the best and worst times I had
Foote, KrisABHJan 1, 1995 – Nov 1, 1998V-1 Crash and SalvageTrying to get in touch with some old friends. Shoot me an email
Young, DanJan 4, 1995 – Apr 2, 1996G-3miss the big john, and all the people i met while serving. if i could turn back time, i'd still be there
Miracle, MatthewABH2Jan 14, 1995 – Jan 27, 1999V-1 Crash & SalvageThanks for all the good times
Foster, LouisE3/DNJan 14, 1995 – Dec 28, 1997DentalHello all. Hope to hear from all that I served with. Had a lot of fun with all of you. Contact me soon.
Debelis, JeffreyLI3Jan 15, 1995 – Nov 18, 1998X-3
Roberts, DavidABF3Feb 1995 – Nov 1997V-4
Hickerson, Cory (Hicky)AMS 3Feb 1995 – Aug 28, 1997IM-2
Carcamo, JoseE5/AS2Feb 1995 – Oct 1998IM-4
Degruise, DougEMFNFeb 1995 – Apr 1998EDIV-Battery/lightingSome of the best years of my life. Loved Dublin Ireland! Hope you're all doing well.
Mihalko, GaryHM1Feb 10, 1995 – Jun 22, 1998MedicalServed as an IDC Hospital Corpsman and Mens Basketball coach during my time onboard BIG JOHN. Would love to hear from any of my old shipmate, especially AZ1 Cheryl Kennedy, if anyone knows here where-a-bouts.
Smith, RussellAMS 2Feb 13, 1995 – May 16, 1998aimdjust want to say hi to my old shipmates
McFarland, Michael (Mac)AE3Feb 15, 1995 – Apr 12, 1997AIMD
Kupiec, PaulE-6/DP1Mar 1995 – Jan 1998CS2/ADP"BIG JOHN"...what can I say??? I had some of the greatest times of my life on that ship and met ALOT of great people. BIG JOHN will always be remembered and always be a part of my life. Thanks for the memories........ANCHORS AWAY!!!!
Borowiak, Paulsk2Mar 1995 – Dec 1996s-8
Sibley, Nicholas (Denver)AK2Mar 1, 1995 – Nov 30, 1998AIMD/IM-1Great times onboard the Big John. E-mail me at
Minich, CrissYNCMar 10, 1995 – Dec 15, 1997ELR/X-3GREAT SHIP AND EXCELLENT MED CRUISE.
Carver, J.d.ABH 3Mar 15, 1995 – Nov 21, 1997V-1I had a blast while on board and would like to find some of my old friends that were on board with me. They know who the are. JDJJCARVER@YAHOO.COM
Aul, MatthewMS1Apr 1995 – 1998S-2
Garcia, JoelMSSN, MS3Apr 5, 1995 – Sep 13, 1999S2 S5Too many memories to list, I just remember having to drive back to the ship because, I was to drunk to walk.ha-ha Moved back to CA, Oregon,now live in Lacey WA.
Moore, Earlinedt 3Apr 5, 1995 – Apr 4, 1999dental
Lance, RoyHT3Apr 6, 1995 – Jun 12, 1996
Norris, Charles L.AD1May 1995 – May 1998AIMD - IM2Since Sept 86 when I enlisted for the first time, this has been my best tour of duty. Many fond memories which I will never forget!
Ramirez, EdsonE-4May 1995 – Jun 1999AIMD IM-4Great time on the "Big John" I will never forget the time I served on this great ship. thanks to the support of my Sup. AS2 Martinez for everything, and the rest of the crew of GSE. like always "NO AIR SUPPORT WITHOUT GROUND SUPPORT.&qu
Bautista, Jonathan (Doc)HM3May 1995 – Dec 1998MedicalGood ole times, specially with dental and MARDET. For those who served in this time frame, keep in touch.
Northrop, KenCWO4May 1, 1995 – Oct 31, 1997CDCCDC had the greatest OS, AW, and EW's. Heck of a Med cruise in '97.
Lybarger, T.j. (Lb)ABH3Jun 1995 – Jun 1999V-1Just want to get ahold of some old buddies.
Cash, JuanABH3Jun 1995 – Jun 1998V-3Hanger Bay Blue/Yellow shirts crew, What up!!! I had fun on Big John espeically on fleet week in N.Y. and the '97 cruise. I made alot of friends and keep in contact with alot of them. If you remember me email me at
Johnson, ArthurEM1 (SW)Jun 1995 – May 1998E-DIVBest cruise ever with Capt. Fast Eddie. Gained lots of knowledge, made allot of freinds and had a great time beating the IC shop in spades.
Ceklosky, RobertMASTER SERGEANTJun 1, 1995 – Aug 15, 1997Marine DetachmentCommander of the Guard
Yacketta, RonaldDP2Jun 1, 1995 – Aug 1, 1997CS2/ADP"BIG JOHN"...what can I say??? I had some of the greatest times of my life on that ship and met ALOT of great people. BIG JOHN will always be remembered and always be a part of my life. Thanks for the memories........ANCHORS AWAY!!!!
Walker, RachaelE-3Jun 1, 1995 – Jul 15, 1996G-1The BEST of the best! That's for sure!
Smith, Ed ( Smitty)BT/MM 1Jun 4, 1995 – Jan 6, 2001ENG 3 Main3 Main pushed the rest of the Spaces through the water Retired now and loving it though I do miss the water and the friends I made on board now and then Ed (Smitty) Smith BT/MM1
Porcher, Stephen GregoryCPLJun 15, 1995 – Nov 1, 1997Marine DetachmentI am very proud to have served on such a great ship. I wish I could have spent more time on it, but the Marines were taken off all Ships that year. A sad end to Naval Tradition. I have spent 10 years looking for anybody that knew me.
Elmore, JasonABH3Jun 25, 1995 – Jun 25, 1999V3Loved it. Don't regret going in but don't regret getting out
Serwicki, LisaE-3Jun 25, 1995 – Jun 30, 1996AvionicsI just want to say this was the best experience of my life and I made some wonderful memories and friends that I will cherish as long as I live.. I was transferred to shore duty because I got pregnant..
Konichek, BrendaE3Jun 25, 1995 – Aug 17, 1997WeaponsIf you remember me, send me a message and tell me how I would remember you!
Copeland, MelissaAA/ ANJun 26, 1995 – May 28, 1997Weapons, G-3 MagratsHad a great time. Thanks to all.
Gonzalez, JasonCorporalJun 30, 1995 – Oct 1, 1997MARDET
Norris, ChuckAD2Jul 1995 – Apr 1998AIMD / IM2 / 400Without a doubt the best three years of my career. Loved it then and look back fondly now.
Mahdi, IeshaOS3Jul 1, 1995 – Feb 3, 1997OpsLt. Brown was the Division Lt., OSC Queen was the Divsion Chief, OS1 West was the Division OS1
Porcher, Stephen GregoryCPLJul 1, 1995 – Nov 15, 1997Marine DetachmentAnybody that I served with please contact me.
Pelletier, ChadE-4 BM3Jul 15, 1995 – Feb 24, 19992ND
Mgysgt Ceklosky, Robert L. (Top)MSgtJul 15, 1995 – Aug 15, 1997MARDETAttention MARDET, I would like to plan a reunion for us. Please pass this information to all Marines interested. My email is MGYSGT Ceklosky Bob
Baum, MarkMM3Jul 20, 1995 – Jan 20, 1997ASeeing some of the names here from the A Gangers is bringing back memories, I stumbled on this site while telling my wife of hanger bay fire and lube oil leak night.
McConnaughey, HeatherE-3Jul 27, 1995 – Aug 3, 1997ABH
Esty, DavidMM2Aug 1995 – Dec 2000P1 & P2The best and most memorable command in my career. I realize now how much I took forgranted while I was there.... Gonna Miss You Big John!
Banks, SonyaAK3Aug 1995 – Apr 1998S-9
Saalfrank, Joanne (Jo)AC2/E-5Aug 1995 – Aug 1998OCWhat can I many great memories and people that I met. Will never forget my tour onboard. There will never be a cruise like the one of Med 97.
Gibson, Wndleabe3Aug 1995 – Sep 1997v-2worked in the arresting gear
Edler, Minrice (Tony)RM3Aug 1995 – Jul 1998CIS / ADPHope all is well. I see a few of you from time to time. Man we had some fun in those day. Ah to be young again.
Perry, DavidYN1Aug 8, 1995 – Jun 15, 1998Operations AdminWorked in the Operations Admin Department under LT Brigger and CDR Palmer. Worked with YN3 O'Brien. Hope to run into these men somday, we had a great time.
Lauber, DrewDC1(SW$Aug 8, 1995 – May 2, 1999DC
Acosta, DavidMS3Aug 17, 1995 – Feb 5, 1997S-2S-2 was the most awful dept. I ever served with, Dreadful!! But The good guys on board made up for it! I was so happy that I never saw chief "backwards" Jones ever again!! The rest of the Crew Kicked ASS!!!!
Choromanski, Andrew *ski*MM3Aug 18, 1995 – Aug 19984MMRN/A
Malvick, DianaTM1Aug 27, 1995 – Feb 28, 1999G-3 1 yr. than to G-2Loved the 97' Med Cruise. Had a great ride. Enjoyed being stationed on an aircraft carrier before I retire and I do miss those memories.
Fetner, Clyde A.MM1Sep 1995 – Jul 1997AuxiliariesServed in "a" gang assigned initially to the O2N2 plant, ultimatly served as the Division Leading Petty Officer
Birkholz (Au), AngelaET2Sep 1995 – Sep 1999CS4/Mouse ShopWhat memories! 1 1/2 med cruises, England/Ireland, St. Marteen twice, at sea and in port I will always remember BIG JOHN. Farewell and Following Seas.
McDermott, PaulOS1(SW/AW)Sep 1995 – Oct 1999OIThe good ship Lolly-Pop, lots of good times on the Med cruise and Caribbean ports of call. Remember the Lockdown of 95'? Remember the fire in hanger bay one? The memories that I have of "Big John" will last forever. I retired in May 05.
Kemp, ShaneAT3Sep 1995 – Aug 1998AIMD/IM3Between lockdown and giant hanger bay fires, what more fun could we have? I had a good time aboard Big John and wouldn't trade my time aboard for anything. Med cruise 97.
Camara, JoshuaRM3Sep 1995 – Mar 1999CommunicationsWhats up Donkeys!!!!!
Blake, ShawnE3Sep 1995 – Apr 1997V-3MOST FULFILLING 2 YEARS OF MY LIFE
McGinn, GabePFCSep 1995 – Feb 1997Marine Detachment
Crane, Brian profile iconAoanSep 1995 – Jun 24, 1998G-3The bogus abandon ship call and the fire on board was a bad night but the 6 month cruise was a blast
Marat, Brad profile iconAO3Sep 14, 1995 – Jun 26, 1999Weapons Division G-3I loved the Kennedy and all that I worked with in the weapons division. I had many friend in the Security Division also when I was on the SSET. The 1997 Med Cruise was awsome.
Harrington, JasonIC3 (SW)Sep 26, 1995 – Feb 3, 1999EJust saying hello to all the people in both IC shops in the e div
Cox, MartinE3/EMOct 1995 – May 19971MMR, AMRWhat can I say?worst time of my life was there.Try looking up a history of the time period,lol.My best memories onboard were the liquid oxygen plant fire and the DCA(lil Webster)screamingabandon shiplike a bitch.Ediv put it out,airdales got credit.
Bassick, James "Bass"E4/CTO3(SW)Oct 1995 – Nov 17, 1998OPS / OSSome good times and some bad times. I do miss all the CTs & ISs though. Danny, Jones, Karen, Snow, Wiley, Flav, Sean, Grier, Guido, Shu, Willy, Rebo, Dave, Wally, Smithers, Beth, Erica and any others I knew. I'll never forget Med Cuise 97. Take c
Hawk, MatthewOct 1995 – Sep 19971MMR
Driscoll, DavidIS3Oct 1, 1995 – Oct 1, 1997OZWorked in CVIC/SUPPLOT. Finest group of people I ever worked with. Med '97 was probably the best summer ever.
Hensrud, FrankE5/ABH2Oct 5, 1995 – Oct 4, 1999V-1/Crash&Salvage
Kolden, Darynda (Abh1) TazABH1(AW)Oct 14, 1995 – Sep 15, 1996V-1/Air Dept. Career Counselor
Maury, MatthewRM2Oct 16, 1995 – Jul 5, 2000CRThe best Aircraft Carrier in the Fleet!! The crew did more with less everyday and "Big John" deserves a better fate than what the Navy gave her.
Williams, AnthonyE-2Oct 16, 1995 – Aug 4, 1996V-2
McGuill, MarkMM3Oct 22, 1995 – Sep 20, 2000mpfour main was always the best pit
Rojas, JuanE-3Oct 25, 1995 – Oct 28, 1998Engineering
Cross, JamieE-3Oct 28, 1995 – Apr 20, 1997VF-14did workups with my squadron vf-14 tophatters, ship was in rough shape but it was a fun experience. got out of navy right before the '97 cruise.
McGuill, MarkMMFROct 28, 1995 – Oct 26, 2000P-4The BIG JOHN was the best five years of my navy life. To all my real Engineers(MM's only) Four Main was the best of them all. After i left i crossrated to a GSM and let me tell you that its a different world over here. Take care!
Ziegler, KeithAO3Nov 1995 – Sep 1999G-4/Wepsserved in Weps/G-4 as elevator maint. tech. if anyone wishes to contact me they may do so @, or on this site as well. i would like to here from some old crewmates and see how you are doing. I.Y.A.O.Y.A.S.
Jewell, AaronANNov 1995 – 1997V-2
Dotson, EddieSNNov 1, 1995 – Jan 14, 1997division 1Wanted to contact with friends.
Placido, FenrisABH3Nov 24, 1995 – Feb 2, 2000V-1Enjoyed my years on the flight deck, and the fine guys and gals I had the pleasure of working with.
Placido, Fenris profile iconABH3Nov 25, 1995 – Feb 2, 2000V-1Really enjoyed my time onboard "The Big John", made friendships that have moved on to become brothers and sisters. and not to mention the AWESOME ports that we hit during the 96 NORLANT, and the 97 MED cruise.
Hill, QuawnDP3/RM3Nov 29, 1995 – Aug 20, 1998weps/adphow's everybody doing?
Chambers, Charlesmm3Nov 30, 1995 – Mar 13, 1998Weaponswhat a ride, this was the best times in my life so far i wished i would have stayed in. the steak and lobster feast, the long lines and who could for get the 6 month tour.
Webb, Kevin (Alex)MM3Dec 1995 – Jun 1999Forward Prop. #1MMR1 test to late to be a BT3. Boiler's in the blood not MM.
Weiss, MarcMA2 (AN when on the JFK though)Dec 1995 – Jul 1998XOOI was such a young screw up back then; Oddly enough though, these were the lowest stressed years of my life and I turned out OK.
Laprade, MatthewE-3 - E-6 MMDec 1995 – May 2003A-Gang Hydraulic ShopJust looking for old friends
Laprade, MatthewMMFN-MM2Dec 20, 1995 – Dec 20, 2001ENG-A HYDRAULIC SHOPWe had some tough times, but overall a great ship. 97 cruise was the best. To everyone in Hydraulic Shop we had some awsome times. Email me or
Skehan, MichaelMM3Dec 27, 1995 – Jan 1, 1999
Smith, MarlonBT3Dec 30, 1995 – Dec 13, 1996B/ Oil Lab

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