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USS John F. Kennedy (CV 67) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS John F. Kennedy (CV 67). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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Save the USS John F. Kennedy (CV 67)!

With your support, the retired aircraft carrier John F. Kennedy will return to serve her country as the centerpiece of a world-class, financially self-sufficient family attraction, education and job training center, museum and memorial on the Aquidneck Island (Newport) side of Rhode Island's beautiful Narragansett Bay.

Look through our website at to discover why we think this project is perfect for Rhode Island - including our overall vision, why there is magic in the name "John F. Kennedy" in Southern New England, RI Aviation Hall of Fame's eleven years of experience, our leadership team, and established local political and financial support.

Frank Lennon
Rhode Island Aviation Hall of Fame

There are 4663 crew members registered for the USS John F. Kennedy (CV 67).

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Cunningham, DenisABFAN1992 – 1996
Carrier, DennisE-3 / AN1992 – 1993VAQ-130
Hendeson, Christian (Hendu)RM31992 – 1995Radio
McCullen, JohnMM31992 – 1997Auxillaries
Spinella, MichaelDM21992 – 1995OZFine times, fine friends, great tour. Drop me a line or two if you want.
Dawes, MarkE4/RM31992 – 1994CR
Durall, BryceE-31992 – 1996auxillariesI kinda miss the "Big John" sometimes. I think they call it the Stockholm Syndrome.
Baumgaertel, Adam JacenMM21992 – 1994M 3 main
Margeson, JeffOS21992 – 1995OIGreat memories...great friends. Mark, Trent, Ian, Shoe, Pee Wee, Troy and I had too much fun. Miss those days fellas.
Kelly, MichaelPHC1992 – Dec 30, 1998RESERVE UNITsorry she could not be saved as a museum met a lot of great guys there. Good will and Fair seas guys Great moments - reenlistment on my sailboat alongside her in the Mayport Basin
Ballard, Paul Dollar BillSH31992 – 1993SUPPLY/S3PAUL BALLARD AKA CJ IN THE HOUSE
Woolard, Donald profile iconE-61992 – 1993M
Hughley, JermainePHAN1992 – 1995PH
Ayala, Rodrigo (Rod)AS31992 – 1995AIMD
Arnell, ShawnE3/seaman1992 – 1994Deck/Captains gig
Villanova, Thomasmssn1992 – 1993s-2
Boltwood, Gene profile iconmm11992 – 1996a and m o2n2 and emo3 / brigwhat a wild ride! never a dull moment.
Kerr, JamesFN/E-31992 –E Divison
Holland, JeffE-31992 – 1993V-4Had some great times and and never had such great friends.
Donnelli, JohnABH31992 – 1996V3What a great time I had on the Big John, port calls, good buddies and yes even the hangar bay fire and a few others. Sad to see her go..
Shelton, Timothy profile iconWT31992 – 1994W
Pate, ChristopherE-3/airman1992 – 1993V-3
Humes, Shawn profile iconE31992 – 1996G4
Preston, DennisHMCS (SW)1992 – 1995Medical
Saunders, Ryan profile iconE31992 – 1993supplyIf anyone remembers me feel free to hit me up, by email or facebook
Schroder, Rone31992 – 1994aimda learning experience even in supply
Jeror, Timothy profile iconPR21992 – 1995IM2SEAOPDET attached to AIMD NAS Cecil Field
Brenner, DerekMM3Jan 1992 – Jan 1997(AUX)Even though I know it was horrible, I can only remember the good times and the sense of brotherhood (even after they let the ladies on)
Romoser, JeremyAO 3 (AW)Jan 1992 – Jul 8, 1995G-3Good times/memories on the Big John
Vickers, MikeJan 1992 – 1994A
Dellatore, JeffJan 1992 – Oct 1996V-1/AIRWho can forget the hangar bay fire out at sea??? Looking for old friends I hung out with. Send me an email at if you remember me.
Green, WillieSH3Jan 1, 1992 – Sep 11, 1994Ship's Servicemen's DivisionLooking to reunite with old friends.
Barnes, Anthonye5Jan 1, 1992 – Jan 1, 1995supplyHey fellas long time no hear. Spades capital of the world1 I can't remember most of the gus names but many adventures.
Jones, J.t.E5-ABH2Jan 3, 1992 – Nov 6, 1996V-1Spent Most of my time as part of Crash and Salvage. Had many good friends on this ship.
Sumney, James/jimmyRM3Jan 3, 1992 – Jul 9, 1995CR DivisionI had a lot of great times onboard the Big John. I made many friends and acquaintances, but most of all, I am humbled to have the privilege to serve this wonderful nation of ours.
Tabit, BillRM3Jan 4, 1992 – Sep 1, 1995Communication
Ferla, LouABH3Jan 4, 1992 – Sep 7, 1993V1Awesome naval experience, bunch of swell guys. specially our extreme V1 div. Had a great time in the Med cruise. beautiful places, beautiful girls.
Myers, ScottE-2Jan 8, 1992 – Dec 31, 1992v-1
Farhat, BobAZ1Jan 9, 1992 – Jan 9, 1996IM-4
Smith, Aaron profile iconA0Jan 13, 1992 – Mar 13, 1995G-3 : - LQQKin For BUBBA WIGGINS - where are you Brother?
Heichelbech, AnthonyEM2Feb 1992 – Feb 1995EHit me up @ or Facebook!! Aloha
Figueroa, Victor "Figgy"E4/DK3Feb 1992 – Jul 1995S4/Disbursing
Fulke, SamMM3Feb 2, 1992 – Sep 1995ANY BODY IN G-4 IN THAT TIME GEVE ME A CALL 804-458-0890
Smith, LarryAZCFeb 3, 1992 – Oct 31, 1995IM-1
Devisfruto, MarkPFCFeb 3, 1992 – Jul 10, 1993Marine DetachmentMy first duty station. they told me there was a bowling alley on board and a McD's. Had a blast running the passageways
Pea, RobertAG2Feb 4, 1992 – Feb 5, 1995OAMany memories some good some bad, most were good. Hope to get in contact with some former shipmates.
Inman, MikeIC3Feb 9, 1992 – Apr 27, 1995EI would love to hear from any of you who remember me. Truly some of the best times of my life. I hope everything is going well for all of you.
Hughey, HeathHT3Feb 10, 1992 – Sep 15, 1996repair
Bugler, Robert J.E6 AT1 (AW)Feb 10, 1992 – Sep 29, 1995IM3 AIMDBUGLER, Robert J. "Meaningful Sea Duty Tour" Detailers words. USS John F. Kennedy (CV-67) at Naval Base Norfolk (02/1992-09/1995). Assigned AIMD IM3 W/C 610 Comm/Nav Supervisor.
Phillips, GregE-5/ET2Feb 14, 1992 – Mar 13, 1996EMO/OECET2 on the JFK from 92-96. Spent most of my time in Faccon, MPC, U-1, and \"aloft\". Looking for some old friends ;) Started a page for old "EMO Branchers" at
Phillips, GregE-5/ET2Feb 15, 1992 – Mar 16, 1996Operations Electronics CommunicationsMan oh man, I love that friggin' ship :-)
Shown, Jason profile iconE-3/ FNFeb 15, 1992 – Jul 30, 1992Repair DivisionHad some of my best learning experiences.. Great group of guys to work with.
Gray, JeffAOANFeb 20, 1992 – Feb 19, 1994G-3Crazy Gray/Roadkill
Ulrich, ToddEM2/ E-5Feb 20, 1992 – May 30, 1996
Heichelbech, TonyEM2Feb 28, 1992 – Feb 16, 1995Electricalemail me at Would love to hear from some old buddies.Tony
Winters, AndyDC3Mar 1992 – Dec 1995Forward DC shopI still look back at this time of my life I have no regrets
Whiteman, BrianET3Mar 1992 – Sep 23, 1996OPS/OEC MMD/MSCBefore the overhaul, I saw many colored shirts as a "mouse tech". During and after the overhaul, I saw most of the ship when you needed technical drawings, manuals and parts orders.
Brendes, AronMSMar 1992 – Aug 1993S2I worked in the DC shop for S2. Looking to see if I can reconnect with any old shipmates.
Oyarzabal, Juanmm3Mar 1992 – Sep 1995mmr1Worked down in the engine room main machinery 1.snypes down there were awsome.had some great times but worked our asses off.some of the navys finest gave their all and I am honored to have served with those guys..
Campbell, Christopher (Soup)MM#Mar 1, 1992 – Jul 22, 1995Engineering
Schepperly, MikeIC3Mar 7, 1992 – Mar 4, 1994EMR I IS STILL ALIVE!!!!!!!!
Richard, SteveMSSNMar 10, 1992 – Sep 7, 1993S-2Looking for Brendes, Johnson, Villanova, and Federowicz
Willard, BillyRMCMar 15, 1992 – Jun 20, 1995COMMBIG JOHN! A fine warship. Bosnia cruise kept us jumping for sure. 25th silver anniversary pierside in Marsielle, France. This ship was a work horse for sure. The pride, honor, courage and comitment of her crew made it a pleasure to be onboard.
Kinney, Willie (Kin-do)E-4/ BT3Mar 16, 1992 – Sep 5, 1994P-1 DivI mad a lot of friends on board the "BIG BAD JOHN" and I enjoyed every moment of it. I hate that our great ship had to be retired. I did the Med. to Philly thing and ejoyed it... P-1 Div. stay up. text - 1-843-439-2285
Pack, GeorgeYN3Apr 1992 – Dec 1993V-O/V-5Those were the days!!!! :)
Hayes, BryanOS3Apr 1992 – Jul 1995OI
Butcher, Duane (Butch)EW3Apr 1992 – Aug 1995OW
Pullon, RobertAIRMANApr 1992 – Sep 1993G1-RepairMed Cruise - NY Fleet Week
Mobley, TroyOS3Apr 1992 – Sep 1995OIHave some really good memories while serving on this ship and miss all of my old friends. Got out the very day the ship pulled into Mayport.
Brown, Charles L.AOCApr 2, 1992 – Oct 16, 1999G-3IYAOYAS
Miller, ClintonET 2Apr 3, 1992 – Nov 6, 1996EMOCurrently test engineer with Lockheed Martin
Brown, CharlesAOC (AW)Apr 15, 1992 – Oct 16, 1996G-3
Henderson, Christian/henduRM3Apr 15, 1992 – Jul 2, 1995CommunicationsIt was real and it was fun, but I wouldn't say "Real Fun". Lots of memories and lots of friends on Big John. The ship is here in Philly again, where I was discharged from. I would love to get aboard again to take a look.
Grills, LonnieE-3Apr 19, 1992 – Apr 19, 1994V-4
Greer, JasonET3Apr 19, 1992 – Aug 26, 1996OERWHAT A LIFE CHANGING EVENT...THE BIG JOHN
Baker, JayEW 3Apr 23, 1992 – Apr 23, 1993OW
Lund, JamesRM3Apr 24, 1992 – Apr 25, 1994CommunicationsCurrently a Operations Specialist Chief stationed in San Diego
Coughennower, KevinAT2May 1, 1992 – Apr 26, 1993VFA-105
Boliek, ChadABF3May 1, 1992 – Feb 6, 1994V4Good Times and Great Friends. "Grapes get out of the Landing Area"
Dively, Eric AO3May 1, 1992 – Jul 10, 1994G-3 Weapons MagratsIt was a great experience and met some of the craziest individuals that I have come to respect and deeply appreciative that they taught me some hard lessons of growing up.
Miller, RobertMay 8, 1992 – Nov 20, 1996EngineeringCHT-Shop
Quinones, GillABH3May 10, 1992 – Mar 24, 1996V 1Met the best people aboard the BIG JOHN.Hope to hear from you guys.
Settle, Ken Or SnoopSH3May 12, 1992 – Aug 13, 1995s-3 supplyHad some of the best times of my life with this crew.Would like 2 hear from some hit me at.
Nicholson, Matt /nick At Nite/smiley/head TiltE-2 AAMay 15, 1992 – Feb 19, 1994WEAPONS G-3
Stone, Robert (Stoner)MSMay 17, 1992 – Sep 15, 1995S - 5 officers messOld boat was great to me , had an aroma about it , called it home for a short time . made lotts of friends . seen many places I would otherwise not have . Gonna miss Big John , Would like to see a musium come of it.....
Bautista, EdgarAOANMay 26, 1992 – May 26, 1996g3/MAGRATSYO TO ALL THE magRATS out there here's a shout out from your one and only FILIPINO FELLOW MAGRATS!! gumby...waltman...tubberville..lecroix where you guys at????
Hall, JasonET2May 30, 1992 – Jan 30, 1997OECEMO Branch
Joos, KevinABE3Jun 1992 – Jan 20, 1996V-2
Ballard, MikeMM2/MM1Jun 1992 – Sep 1996EM02/2MMRThis ship made my career. Learned alot of Engineering on Big John. Great memories. Had a great time and did some great things.
Vidaurre, Moises (Mo)E3Jun 1992 – Jun 1994G-1
Dann, ChristopherHMJun 1, 1992 – Jun 1, 1994Medical
Armendariez, Tom (Chino)IS3Jun 1, 1992 – Sep 11, 1995OPSMed cruise 92. Hanging in Philly..
Reyes, JasonGMG3Jun 1, 1992 – Dec 4, 1994Weapons/G-2I had alot of fun times on the Kennedy and miss the crazy guys in my division.I was a Mount 10 Gunmount Captain and Alfa Foxtrot Security Force member. Now I'm a Hosting Specialist in New Jersey.Keep in touch G-2
Wilke, TimE-6Jun 1, 1992 – Oct 30, 1993RepairR-div on JFK was great times,lots of hard work ! so many people Ive met, the memories good times.
Nguyen, PhilABH3Jun 2, 1992 – Apr 14, 1997V-1 and V-5Great times and memory from BIG JOHN hanger bays and Pri-Fly
Reeves, PhillipHM2Jun 4, 1992 – Sep 3, 1993Medical
Brandon, KdbYN2/E-5Jun 10, 1992 – Feb 4, 1995Admin, Supply, and EngineeringMan, these were some good years!! Would have definitely stayed in and completed my 20 years, but things changed when I got married and had kids!! It was just so hard on the family!!!
Raleigh, BrianAOANJun 22, 1992 – Jun 20, 1995AIMD
Farley, MichaelE-5/IS2Jul 1992 – Jan 1994CVIC
Terrett, ChadE-4/EN-3Jul 1992 – Mar 4, 1994EAO7Pump room 5(I think? Its been a long time.) never look so good. Except when we punched a hole in the deck with the fire hose and fuel started pouring out. LOL Good times.
Balla, OrlandoABHANJul 1, 1992 – Jul 1, 1994v-1I was so lucky to serve aboard the greatest ship on earth!! I am looking forward to here from my fellow shipmates.
Fred, ElrodAZ3Jul 1, 1992 – Mar 14, 1995IM-5/AIMD QA/TECH PUBSGoooood Morning BIG JOHN. I remember HAZE GREY AND UNDERWAY! From JUL92 - 'til we went to the shiyard in Philly I think we spent a total of 6 weeks in port in Norfolk, VA. Had a blast! Best of times! Look me up at
Lowry, RobbieABE3Jul 1, 1992 – Jul 1, 1996v-2 bow cats
Meredith, ChrisET2Jul 9, 1992 – Jul 8, 1998Combat SystemsI worked primarily on the Air Search Radar systems
Glass, TonySHSNJul 15, 1992 – Feb 15, 1996s3i miss all my shipmates from long ago,would very much like to find tim grezlik,and alex polisky,if your out there guys i hope your doing well,contact me if you can.miss phillyand jaxville.
Fraiser, PhilOS1Jul 15, 1992 – Dec 9, 1994OII was onboard for the 93 deployment and took her into the yards. I work with ETC Long at the barracks on NOB for a good while, what a trip!
Samson, SteveE4/SH3Jul 20, 1992 – Jul 20, 1996S3
Riley, TonyE3/FNAug 1992 – Sep 1995EWhat can I say, It was the best of times, it was the worst of times, it just depended on what day you asked! Would be great to hear from some of the guys I served with!!
Marilla, Rober "zuke"OS3Aug 1992 – Dec 1995OIThe longer I live the cooler the time I spent on JFK is.
Bradshaw, MikeAO3Aug 1992 – Jan 2, 1996G-1Whats up guys!
Fortunato, Nick "Fort"AO3Aug 1992 – Aug 1995G3 MagRats
Hernandez, Javier (Javi)AO3Aug 1992 – Dec 1996G-3I left the Big John with great memories and awesome friends. The best times of my 11yrs were on the JFK, should have never left, but that was not feasible. Would love to hear from some of you:
Luna, MikeWT3Aug 8, 1992 – Jun 7, 1993Weapons
Curtis, RixAOANAug 10, 1992 – Oct 10, 1994G-3i jumped with Kast..Kennedy dive team baby!
Beck, ArthurMM3Aug 11, 1992 – Apr 11, 1997P-2 (2MMR)Hated the work but missed the crew that was in PHILLY and Jville.
Foster, Daniel "Spawn"AC3Aug 26, 1992 – Sep 15, 1995AirOps/CATTCMade some great friends who I'm still in contact today. Also, met my wife during the yard period in Philly ('94), and am still happily with her still. Learned to play guitar from the guys around me. I'm proud to have served on this ship.
Walker, Gregory (Greg)AOC-AOCSSep 1992 – Aug 1995G-3/G-1
Ramsey, LeeAO3Sep 1992 – Jun 1996weapons
Bryan, DonAN E3Sep 1992 – May 11, 1996V-3This was one of those times in life that I'll never forget. I met alot of good people, made alot of friends and seen places I would have never seen. And drank alot of beer! The Navy life sucked at the time, but it made me a better man.
Hack, ChrisHTFNSep 1992 – Jul 1994RMet a great bunch of guys learned alot and partied my ass off!!!
Richardson, JeffANSep 1992 – Apr 1994Weps/AIMD
Henker, RaymondIS3Sep 2, 1992 – Jul 25, 1995OZInteresting and tough times. Most of the sailors I knew and worked with were first rate - the best team ever in Operations/OZ Division. I salute SC Wells for outstanding judgement and leadership. Special memories!
Austin, Michael D. (Needles)AK3Sep 4, 1992 – Oct 4, 1994S-1 Customer ServiceBoy it be nice to come back to see what she looks like
Vancuren, DavidAIRMANSep 12, 1992 – Jul 6, 1994V-2\damage controlProud to have served on "Big John" ran from bow to stern and then some putting out fires, especially in philly (careless yardbirds)
Pitts, JodyAK3Sep 15, 1992 – Sep 1996Had a great time and met alot of great people. hope to hear from some of you.
Hansen, JamesABF 3Sep 15, 1992 – Aug 6, 1993V-4What an amazing time in my life! If you're out there: Rich Dahar, Mike Smith, Chris Patterson and the rest of the "Pipers Landing Apartments" roommates, I hope you're doing well and that you look back with fondness on our time tog
St.clair, MikeIC2-E5Sep 18, 1992 – Sep 18, 1995ICWell, I wasn't an "I" team member, but I felt like one. Cool to see you guys on here, I'll register up. My email is Still a fast car gearhead. Let's take it to the mat..... Anyone get greased up l
Breault, RickE-3Sep 19, 1992 – Sep 13, 1994supplyForward storeroom
Green, JamesYN-3Oct 1992 –air/V-1Just would like to say the Kennedy was the best ships out there. I was there from Just after the Gulf to its trip down to FLA.... I want to say hi to all the Yellow shirts from V-1 and all my Air Buddies...
Marchand, MarcelABH3Oct 1992 – Jul 6, 1996Air Department V-5
Keel, Charles (Chuck)DK2Oct 1992 – Jun 1996S4Had one of the best captains to ever serve in the Navy, then CAPT G.L. Hoewing.
Davis, SherrardOSOct 1992 – Dec 1996OPS/OIFrom Norfolk to Philly to Mayport fun times. Mayport lock down couldn't stop OI DC team(Fuller, Big White, Fernandez, Philo)
Roach, DennisHM3Oct 1992 – Aug 1994Medical
Garcia, MarioE3Oct 1992 – Mar 1993Squadron VA75
Abdul, Adamabf3Oct 1992 – Sep 1995ADYo Shipmates, It's Abdul! Where and what is everybody doing?? Dave Stout? Where are you? McIntosh? If anyone remembers serving with me in V-4 or AD / Shipyards, please email me so we can catch up!
Poole, PaulAK3Oct 7, 1992 – Apr 7, 1993SupplyWas sent to supply TAD from VFA-105. I had a great time learning from evryone I came to work with. It was my greatest pleasure to have worked with everyone of you.Contact at
Wallbank, JimRMCSOct 10, 1992 – Apr 30, 1994CommunicationsHomeport Naval Base Norfolk VA
Gilbride, PeterE2Oct 15, 1992 – Oct 18, 1994EngineeringHello fellow shipmates.
Skeates, TimothyFAOct 15, 1992 – Apr 15, 1993EngineeringI worked in the IC shop and was a undesignated fireman apprentice striking for a rate, I'm looking for HT3 Michael H. Self. Let me know if know his e-mail.
Killer Kelly, DavidAOANOct 20, 1992 – Jul 6, 1996G-1whats up ppl all the smittys and rob cox, bradshaw, ramsey, holler at me yall. g-1 rocks. from the killer oh ao1 rerdion jersy dude
Kelly, KillerAOANNov 1992 – Jul 1996G1Looking for all my buddies in G1 division. Rob Cox, Bradshaw, Ramsey, Almodovar, all the Smitty's, O'Malley, and anyone i cant remember. These were the best times in my younger years over seas with you guys.
Gonzalez, Israel GonzoPC3Nov 1, 1992 – Sep 15, 1995S-12
Provost, DangeloSNNov 13, 1992 – Nov 15, 19941ST
Kaul, KevinANNov 22, 1992 – Oct 15, 19941st DivisionFirst Ship! The best experience
Fuller, JonathanHM3Dec 1992 – Nov 1994MEDICAL
Bostain, ChrisBT3Dec 1992 – Jun 1996Eng / Oil LabThe oil lab was awesome! I still remember pumping under way and running up and down all those ladders from the main spaces. I started during 96 Med Cruise came back to Norfolk , did the 2 yr deal in Philly and moved down to Mayport. Fun
Alleman, JohnE3Dec 1992 – Aug 1994Engineering
Kerr, JamesE-3Dec 1992 – Jan 1997E Division
Fountain, RonaldFA/SNDec 1992 – Aug 1994Engineering Log Room YN
Gibson, NathanE3Dec 2, 1992 – Aug 10, 1994DECKLIVING LIFE TO THE FULLEST .BUT..MISS MY NAVY DAYS !!!
Grezlik, TimMS3Dec 3, 1992 – Dec 16, 1996many in supplyMed cruise in 92-93..what,3 ports? weren't allowed back to Italy! That was rowdy. Best port.. Ireland, treated like movie stars. Looking for any fellow cooks or FSA's that served w/me. I also served with BMs,AEs,PRs,HMs rehabing vent plenum
Cortez, JoelMM2Dec 3, 1992 – Jul 18, 1995AUXILIARIES/O2N2A very good ship with the "Museum quality" O2N2 shop. Missed those bling blings.
Peeples, CurtisBM3Dec 12, 1992 – Aug 18, 19963RDLooking Back I find my experience to an amazing adventute. I'm very fond of the merories and friends I've made.
Keating, GaryABE ANDec 12, 1992 – Aug 12, 1994V-2 AG
Wich, KurtE-3Dec 23, 1992 – Aug 31, 1994V 3A lot of memories on the JFK, 3 months of a med cruise, fleet week in NYC, Norfolk, Philly. Looking for old V-3 guys

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