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USS John F. Kennedy (CV 67) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS John F. Kennedy (CV 67). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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With your support, the retired aircraft carrier John F. Kennedy will return to serve her country as the centerpiece of a world-class, financially self-sufficient family attraction, education and job training center, museum and memorial on the Aquidneck Island (Newport) side of Rhode Island's beautiful Narragansett Bay.

Look through our website at to discover why we think this project is perfect for Rhode Island - including our overall vision, why there is magic in the name "John F. Kennedy" in Southern New England, RI Aviation Hall of Fame's eleven years of experience, our leadership team, and established local political and financial support.

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There are 4663 crew members registered for the USS John F. Kennedy (CV 67).

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Klimik, BillEM31986 – 1989E
Milkman, James B.PN31986 – 1989X2 & TrngServed aboard as ALPO Trng Div.
Finger, ThomasRM31986 – 1988Comm.1986 Statue of Liberty relighting, 1986-87 Med Cruise
Talerico, Eric (Dr. Strange)QM31986 – 1988NavigationSea duty on the JFK was the best! We had a crack Navigation team, and did a few great cruises while I was onboard. I spent most of my time on the bridge, most memorable moment was steering out of Boston Harbor, after taking on tourists for a wee
Hightree, KennethABE21986 – 1990V-2I worked in the waist cats and also as the DCPO. Nice to see you guys.
Halstead, JohnSH31986 – 1990S-3Two Med cruises Great time and good freinds
Walker, Danielsn1986 – 19883rd divisionBeing on board Big John was the single most memorable thing that has happened in my life.
Hopkins, CharlesAGAA1986 – 1987OAJust wanted to say hello to all who worked in the weather office 86-87 Bartlett, Chipman, Lehman, LTCR Donalson, Stanke, Martin, Sloan and Senior Chief Dyer... you all have been in my thoughts throughout the years...
Wilhite, DaveLT1986 – 1988CommunicationsAsst Dept Head for Communications Dept.
Gray, RyanAMS21986 – 1989IM2 AIRFRAMES NDI LABIt was a privilege to serve on board the JFK. Hanging out with the guys in IM2 and the peaceful evenings on the fan tail
Nemeth, JohnAN/ATAN1986 – 1988VAW-126Good times, good ship. "Now set SWEATON condition ALPHA!" Beardsley was never my supervisor. Wyatt: "Where's my laundry?" Me: "Soaking in salt water."
Francisco, Gerald/jerryYN11986 – Apr 1990OYLeading YN, OY Division (Ops Dept). Met interesting individuals; enlisted and officer. Became "shellback" while aboard. Ex-roommate YNC Held aboard with VF 32 and ex-classmate LCDR Gmock aboard in OI Division (Ops Dept.)
Warnsholz, Heath (Heathro)SM21986 – 1989Navigationaweome time Opie, Hammonds, Greene, Magic, and the guys made it a blast except chryler he was an idiot
Etchin, Keaneame41986 –HS-7Haven't kept up with anybody so would appreciate any contact info?
Pillion, ToddHT31986 – 1989R -Division Pipe Shop, D/C Shop and the Nucleus Fire PartyI really miss the old ship sometimes, spent a lot of time traveling all around the world on her. I'll never forget the memories that she gave me. R.I.P Big Jack, can't wait to see the new JFK CVN-79
McKinley, ChuckAT11986 – 1988IM3/ WC 670 Cal LabMy first ship board command. Enjoyed serving with everyone on the Big John!
Hernandez, TonyMAC1986 – 1989SecurityJust want to give a shout out to the best Security Dept. in the fleet. Loved working with MACM Grevious and Lt Rushton and the professional MA's, Airwing Marines and MARDET
Kephart, ShawnMM11986 – 1989A-LOXGreat Ship! Got to see some amazing places. Miss the old LOX Plant gang (Jeff, Ed, Gregg, Matt, John, Ken, Kevin, Gitmo, Carl and Sisk...) Made some great friends and lasting memories...
Bull, Richard profile iconAT31986 – 1989IM3 / 69AFirst tour. First Sea Duty. Awesome start to a 20 year career! Ship's Company Forever!!!
Goodson, SteveAE21986 – 1989HS-7Had a great time traveling abroad with my Ship mates. Worked with some good people and learned a skill that I have been able to use to this day.
Garcia, EdwardAD11986 – 1988G2My first ship. I had a great time onboard with my shipmates. Hello to all my shipmates that was on the Kennedy, especially to those that guided me to be successful in my Navy career. Thank you shipmates.
Bartlett, Randal; RandyAG31986 – 1989OALooking for any AG's that were stationed onboard the Kennedy from '85-'89
White, Paulenfn1986 – Oct 1989engineeringjust looking for a few friends is all.
Granger, DeltonOS1Jan 1, 1986 – Dec 5, 1989OIDid this tour in the 80's then did a retour on the CCG6 staff fro another 4 years-good ship and good times.
Recame, BarryCMDRJan 1, 1986 – May 28, 1988OperationsAs Air Operations Officer served with the finest air controllers in the Navy under some of the most demanding times.
Harrison, RickAQ3Jan 1, 1986 – Feb 4, 1987AIMD IM-3I am looking for shipmates who served during the 1986-87 timeframe at AIMD Avionics Shop 650
Rutkowski, DarylMM3Jan 2, 1986 – Apr 10, 1989M-- AMRServed two Med cruises, Love time in New York 1986 & trip up the coast to Maine. Great ship enjoyed time aboard, Left to be priest, but left religious life.
Brownrigg, LyleMM2Jan 5, 1986 – Oct 26, 1989M DivWorked with some great people and saw some great sights! It's good to see a lot of familiar names. Brings back good memories!
O'Shea, KevinDS2Jan 28, 1986 – Jan 23, 1990EDSI still have nightmares when I hear "On the road again"
Grantham, JohnQM3Feb 1986 – Sep 15, 1989NN
Carlisle, PatrickBT3Feb 1986 – Oct 1989BGood bye Big John. Have a lot of good memories. Hey 3 Main! Proud to say that my son serverd on Her 15 years later! 3MMR RULES!
Thomas, RandyBTFNFeb 1986 – Feb 1988engineering2main engine room was a great experience and had a great time. Me and some buds there got in trouble a few times over extended off days. Greg pineault. Randy Thompson . wren etzbach my boy from Miami. Greg Vogel.
Hernandez, JesseBT 3Feb 1, 1986 – Jul 1, 1989BIOLER1 MMR
Rebholtz, JasonAMS3Feb 5, 1986 – Aug 25, 1989V-3, then AIMD IM-3The experience of being on the flight deck during ops was unbelievable. I wish I could do it one more time
Barker, EdOS2Feb 18, 1986 – Jul 14, 1989OIHad a great time on the Med Cruises
Bieker, JohnDS2Mar 1986 – Mar 1990EDS/OEDIt was an experience I'll never forget.
Stack, RobertABH3Mar 1986 – Dec 1988VOSailor of the quarter in 1987. Jack was my first ship out of basic training and set me up for a wonderful 8 year career.
Jarrett, JamesE6/RM1Mar 1986 – Nov 1989CRSad to hear of Decom. Had good times with all you mates.
Sansom, BrianABH3Mar 1986 – Nov 1989V-1would be retired had I stayed in
Adams, Jamesbt 3Mar 1986 – Aug 7, 1989b-div then ships fire depti was in big johns oil lab then the fire times and best friends of my life
Coker, KevinAO2(AW/SW)Mar 1, 1986 – Feb 20, 1991G-2 / G-5 AOCC5 years on the Big John...last few years in Ordnance Control..know that boat like the back of my hand! Had some great times during my 3 cruises! This was the Navy's showboat back in the 80's-early 90's.
Ogden, Andrew "Dog"AQ3/AT3Mar 1, 1986 – Mar 23, 1990IM3/VASTGreat time lots of friends
Spierto, ThomasENS/LTJGMar 1, 1986 – Jun 9, 1989OIFirst Ship -- Great Experience on "Big John". OI DIVO then MWR for 2 Med Deployments. Spent many hours on Bridge and CIC Learning how to be a SWO. Retired as an O5 in 2005.
Egan, Timothy J.MS1 (SW/AW)Mar 1, 1986 – Oct 15, 1989X1/S-5 Shame to see the ship is being moth balled again. Had a blast onboard. S-5 LPO/ CPO MESS LPO/ 2 years as CO's Mess specialist. If anyones still around drop me a line anytime. I also served with VF-14 during the 80 Med cruise until 83.
Outhwaite, SteveANMar 1, 1986 – Aug 1, 1989Im-4Wow..what memories..Geting into trouble with Rob Barrow in France..Poore and his great tricks used to keep us all entertained. Partying with H. dawg and the crew.
Hart, Brian "Ace"ASE3Mar 1, 1986 – Dec 1, 1987AIMD - IM4 I am looking for a buddy ,Scott Drew,nick name being " Sled Dog". his shipmates "Ace" and "Speedman" are looking for his boston ass. He was an MR circa. 1985-88 on the USS JOHN F. KENNEDY.
Luther, AdamIS2Mar 1, 1986 – Sep 15, 1989OZ
Parker, JeffSNMar 6, 1986 – Sep 15, 19891st DeckServed on it for 2 Med. Cruises. Saw many places I otherwise would not have. I have many memories of that ship.
Freeman, MichaelAO3Mar 10, 1986 – Oct 1989Weapons AdminCan't complain about anything. It was a wonderful time and alot of great memories.Spent all my time working in the weapons tool room. Great bunch of Guys
Hansen, JulianAK3Mar 15, 1986 – Aug 15, 1989S-6 Aviation SupplyI had a great time serving my country. Hey Matt and Ceaser, you Pigeons out there?
Molnar, RichRM3Mar 15, 1986 – Sep 15, 1989CRI am very proud to have served in the USN, aboard the JFK. What a great ship. Two Med Cruise's 86-87 & 88-89. NYC for Statue of Liberty celebration. Great times. Sorry to she her decommissioned.....
Carreto, John / JcPN2Mar 15, 1986 – Jun 20, 1989X2does anyone know the name of the electricians mate that was electrocuted in the bake shop in 1988.... i think we were on a med cruise, during the fall of 88....
Lethco, TerryRM3Mar 20, 1986 – Apr 20, 1988CRThis was some of my best times in the Navy. Most of all, going on My frist Med cruse. Seeing all those different ports.
Croteau, RonaldBT1(SW)Mar 20, 1986 – May 1, 1991BI was stationed aboard the BIG JOHN for 5 years. It was a great honor to serve on her and I will have lasting memories of my travels. I will never forget the people I served with either. 4MMR & 3MMR
Parker, JeffSNApr 1986 – Sep 14, 1989first
Snow, RobertQM2Apr 1986 – Sep 1989NavigationI enjoyed my time aboard JFK. I was abaord for the international naval review in 1986 and for the Libyan Shootdown in 1989. I was one of the ships helmsman and served on the bridge and in emergency steering
Gibson, WillardAD1Apr 1986 – Aug 1988AIMD Jet ShopServed two tours on Big John. First as airwing (VF-32) and second as ships company. I feel as if a part of my life has been retired. What a good and noble ship.
Hanley, Eugene (Gene)BTC(SW)Apr 1986 – Dec 1990B
Gill, KevinSEAMAN APPRINTICE-PH2Apr 1986 – Nov 1989S8/OPSOh my goodness, she is no more except in our hearts. I have fond memories of my time on board and will cherish them always. I can't believe that 12 years after my departure they put her out to pasture.
Lethco, TerryRM3Apr 1986 – Mar 1988CR
Jackson, DaroldANApr 1986 – Aug 1988G-3Had some good times on the big John. Miss alot of you guys
Boot, MartinETC (SW)Apr 1986 – Aug 1989EC DivisionLCPO of EC Division During Med cruise 1988-1989. Served 3.5 years aboard. (2) Med Cruises many Quals after Yard period in 87. Had many good times aboard and some trying times as well. Enjoyed Reded of Lady Liberty 86
Windom, DavidGMGApr 1986 – Nov 1988G3 weaponsTime served on the JFK was one of greatest life experiences. And made friends that has lasted a lifetime
Kovalchik, SkiPN2(AW)Apr 1, 1986 – Apr 1, 1988PersI'm very proud to be a former Tophatter! I hated my rate, but I loved the travel and comraderie!
Kovalchik, SkiPN3Apr 1, 1986 – Apr 1, 1988VF-14 CVW3 AirwingI'm very proud to be a JFK alum! I miss the traveling and excitement.
Reynolds, WalterE3Apr 1, 1986 – Apr 2, 1989m-divisionWas a learning experience for young man.Med cruises were great but seems like long time ago,always be with me.
Bryan, MichaelABF1Apr 5, 1986 – Jan 5, 1988V4
Batista, Amauryaz3Apr 10, 1986 – Nov 24, 1989aimd im1
Johnson, TarlHT3Apr 16, 1986 –RBig John! 1st ship and The best! My 1st port St. Thomas V.I, bringing/caring Six pack Jack onboard in the Med. Boston and Portland Ma. Sponsor a sailor, 1st Fleet week and a free ride home. Super Carr. filming. R div.
Edmonds, DaleHT 3Apr 19, 1986 – Aug 10, 1989Eng./R. If any of you guys that I served with get time send me an E-Mail to I would like to find alot of you guys.
McVey, RichardE-3Apr 21, 1986 – Mar 24, 1989Machinist Mate
Beckley, Patrick (Beck)ABE2May 1986 – Dec 1989V-2Cat 3 crew. Looking for my shipmates from the 86-87 and 88-89 Med cruises.
Morak, JoeMR2May 1986 – Nov 1990AThere are many great memories from my time onboard JFK. I really enjoyed working with all the people in Engineering. I would like to hear any who served with me. I hope the ship becomes a meuseum, not a reef. BRAVO ZULU to this web site
Valentin, MarkAbf3May 1986 – Mar 1990V4My first time seeing this carrier. I was in awe at the size of it
MacDougall, RobertLTMay 10, 1986 – Sep 8, 1988OIIn OI Div, Asst CIC Officer for AAW.
Howard, LarryE-5/ETMay 15, 1986 – Mar 31, 1991
Baldwin, BaldyAO1May 26, 1986 – Nov 3, 1989Flight Decl OrdinanceThe best years of my Navy career. I did not want to go. I had the best job and crew I could have ask for. I Miss the Big John.
Benitez, ReinaldoMM1(AW/SW)Jun 1986 – Oct 1988A
Henry, SteveRM1Jun 1986 – Nov 1990Communications/CR
Taylor, BrianSN/BOATSWAIN'S MATEJun 1986 – Sep 1987Deck 2ndThe first place we sailed to was N.Y.for the July 4th relighting and dedication of the Statue of Liberty after she was refurbished.I was 1 of several who served as honor guards for President Ronald Reagan and Nancy.Made 1
Arnold, TimABH3Jun 1986 – Dec 1989V-1One of the most memorable times of my life. Got to go on two med. deployments. Worked in fly-3
Davis, PatrickMM3Jun 1986 – Jun 1990A Gang/ A-2 (EAO4)BIG JOHN WAS THE BEST,SORRY TO SEE HER GO!
Coleman, EricBM2Jun 1986 – Feb 19911STIT WAS A BLAST
Ori, JeromeASM2Jun 1986 – Jun 1989IM-4The JFK was my first command. I went TAD to the coop cleaners upon checking in and then back to the shop to forward and aft airstart. I had a lot of great times on the flight deck and some close calls with authority.
Farag, SherifE3/SKJun 1, 1986 – Dec 12, 1988supplyTo all my friends and crew, it was an honor to serve with you.
Cooke, BillRM1Jun 4, 1986 – Jun 4, 1987CommunciationsIndependence Day Statue of Liberty. Med Cruise
Schlumberger, KurtDS2Jun 9, 1986 – Apr 1, 1987EDSTrying to locate some friends I had while on the JFK.
De Leon, AlbinEM-2, E5Jun 15, 1986 – Apr 15, 1989E, V2It was an honor and a priviledge to serve on the Big John! Best wishes and warmest regards to my crew mates.
Jones, Derrick (Dirt)AN/ABHJun 15, 1986 – Oct 30, 1989V-1Served on the Flight deck with some great guys!!
Quartararo, Al profile iconCWO3Jul 1986 – Sep 1991Repair TechGreat Ship, Great Crew, Great Air Wing (CVW3)!
Padgett, JeffreyABE3Jul 1986 – Apr 1990V-2Looking for anyone in V-2 especially waist catapults
Kelley, Jean (Jt)ENSIGNJul 1, 1986 – Aug 31, 1988ADMIN
Beardsley, DavidE-4/AMS3Jul 1, 1986 – May 15, 1987VAW-126Line div. Supervisor
Hornsby, JamesYN3Jul 11, 1986 – Jun 10, 1989VAW-126
Maxlow, BillMM2Jul 13, 1986 – Mar 16, 1990MServed in 2MMR. looking for anyone that also served there and wondering what all of them are up to
Cleaver, BrianE-3Jul 23, 1986 – Jul 6, 1990V-3I am proud to have served in the Navy and onboard the USS John F. Kennedy
Elam, KelvinABE1Jul 25, 1986 – Mar 14, 1990V-2 BOW CATS
Taylor, ScottE5/ET2Aug 1986 – Nov 1990EC
Bergdoll, Harold (Bert)E4Aug 1986 – Feb 1989V2I would like to see what my shipmates are up to. I have lost contact with a lot of them.
Stutsman, TroyE-4Aug 1986 – Mar 29, 1989EngineeringI worked in the Oil Lab up to my last 6mos when I went TAD to the Ship's Fire Dept. I would love to hear from anyone who knew me, especially - Richard (Rick) St.Clair, Troy Halstead, Mike Henery.
Montgomery, MarkAT2Aug 1986 – Mar 1987VAW 126/AIMDAIMD via VAW-126 from Norfolk. I was in the Comm/NAV, 610, shop. This was my first Med Cruise aboard the USS JFK! Made #2 in '88-'89.
Marquez, AntonioAO3Aug 1986 – Apr 1991G divisionMiss it so much. Loved every minute
Rhoades, JohnEM3Aug 1, 1986 – Jun 1, 1990eA lot of great memories and a lot of great friends..
Wathen, MarkQM2Aug 8, 1986 – Aug 2, 1990NAVIGATIONWho served with me: Juan Sok Jaco, Daniel Lipp, Johnny Grantham, Kenneth Adams, Dewayne Brown, Qm1 Chryslery, Ted Wheeler,
Mourning, MattMM3Aug 9, 1986 – Dec 15, 1991A O2N2 PLANTSGREAT SHIP GREAT CREW
Hill, KennethAQ2Aug 9, 1986 – Aug 21, 1987AIMDGreat ship, great crew, shipmates for life. Now that I am older I realize what an Honor it was to serve on the JFK
Henry, ChuckAZ3Aug 19, 1986 – Mar 15, 1987CARRIER AIRBORN EARLY WARNING SQUADRON (VAW-126)Had a great Med cruise aboard "Slack Jack", beautiful, clean ship, we had a great time. Thanks for the memories!!!
Henry, Charles / ChuckAZ3Aug 20, 1986 – Feb 23, 1987Carrier Air Wing, VAW-126Loved Big John. I still have my Stop Making Sense Med Cruise 86 - 87 patch on my liberty jacket. Why Manage When You Can Overreact? I wish more young people would see honor and duty for what it is and not something to be laughed at.
Scott, TimothyE-4Aug 23, 1986 – Mar 30, 1990E
Taylor, Jessie profile iconABHANAug 23, 1986 – Apr 22, 1990AIR DEPT (V1) FLIGHT DECKWhen I look back at my life aboard the Big John all I can think about is 'If I new then what I know now' I could have acheived so much in the Navy. Looking for friends from the JFK CV-67. Jessie L. Taylor Jr CPT, U.S ARMY
Schmidt, Michael /schmidtyE2 DCFNAug 24, 1986 – Apr 15, 1988RWas the wildest craziest time of my life had a blast with everyone of you enjoyed the med Cruise. Never forget fighting fires on Big John and the Pilot's we lost. Brotherhood for life
Gentile, KevinAD 3Sep 1986 – Feb 1987VAW-126Aviation Machinist Mate From 1984 - 1988
Rippee, RobbieMM3Sep 1, 1986 – Dec 28, 1989I loved living aboard the Big John, Often think of the great Guys I met, and things we did . Miss The travel. I am very sorry to see her go. Greatest ship ever. I am very proud to have served on the Kennedy.
Polny, ChrisAN-AE2Sep 7, 1986 – Jun 19, 1989AIMD Sea Op DetFirst real command and first ship! What a memory. Before women became crew. It was hard, but I miss those days and my buddies.
Turco, AnthonyDC 3Sep 22, 1986 – Sep 22, 1989engineeringmy web page is or
Turco, Tonydc3Sep 22, 1986 – Sep 22, 1989v-4/dc
Vasquez, ChicoABFC AWSep 26, 1986 – Jul 31, 1989V4
Koedyker, KurtMM2Oct 1986 – Jun 1991MWorked in 3MMR. Last chief I had was MMC Liberatore. Proud to of served aboard Big John!
Murray, CharlesE4 ABE3Oct 1986 – Jun 1994v 2 fire
Siegler, Terry SieglerE4Oct 1986 – 1990V2WoW
Fricault, MichaelDS3Oct 1986 – Oct 1990EDSSome difficult times that resulted in lessons for life.
McVey, Richardcva 67Oct 1986 – Apr 1989MM1
Lidbeck, DarinIC3Oct 2, 1986 – Oct 2, 1989V2VLA Plat Lens, worked on the L.S.O. Platform with the ABE's
Victory, VicE4Oct 13, 1986 – Jan 20, 1987HS-7 HELICOPTER SQUADRONI was on board during 86-87 Med. cruise. I caught the John in Haifa Israel. Wasn't real happy about it at the time, but it was a great time!! I flew off the deck in a CH-53 helo. it was an awesome experience. FAIR WINDS AND FOLLOWING SEAS!
Casteel, Popsabe-2Oct 17, 1986 – Apr 21, 1990v-2 div cat-3I'm loking for all the ship mates on the waist cats, chuck and the rest of the gang. pops It would be great to hear from all the drunk from the v-2 div. that was a good cruise but all a rough one. rember the boat or ferr
Casteel, DavidABE-2Oct 22, 1986 – Apr 9, 1990v-2 cat-3hi, shipmate, I have been looking for Hightree,Chester, Bill,and tuggle. Thanks.
Payton, MarkTM2Oct 30, 1986 – Apr 1, 1994MAA SHACKBig John's Johns down two Libyan Mig-23's, looked good on the hull, LIVING IN THE MED, BOSTON, MAINE, NEW YORK, FORK, RED SEA, STORM, SUEZ, MED, FORK
Gibbs, SamAZ3Nov 1986 – May 1990AIMDEnjoyed it.....Great experience.
Pitts, RickIC2Nov 1986 – Oct 1991V2/VLA
Holler, Howdy {dan}E-3Nov 1986 – Mar 1990M-3 MMRI KNOW YOU ALL REMEMBER HOWDY, remind me of you. drop a line, 605-290-0900 or all we got is the scars and the memories, lol.
Owensby, Dean "buster"EM1Nov 19, 1986 – Nov 1, 1991E, and Aabsolutely the best command with many of the best crew, in my 21 year career. took good care of the galleys, and they built me a giant grill sized deluxe omelet the morning i was shot off in a COD to saudi arabia.
Finn, KevinAZ2Nov 20, 1986 – Feb 9, 1989AIMD Im-2/3/1Those days were the time of my life, I have lost track of many friends I had on the ship, wish I could turn back time.
Gouger, Bude-3Nov 22, 1986 – Oct 9, 1987r division forward dclooking for old shipmates
Simmons, Michaelao3Nov 26, 1986 – Aug 31, 1989G1/G2just thanking of the good times I had on the ship, hope to find some old friends here.I hope everyone is well.
Colburn, AlanFNDec 1986 – Aug 1989G-3 WEAPONS ELEVATORSHi,guys Had some great times on Big John.Would like to here form some of ya.
Johnson, DerekOS3Dec 12, 1986 – Jun 22, 1990OII had a wonderful experence. I would do it all over again.
Wells, MandelANDec 20, 1986 – Sep 30, 1989G3It was a very enlighten and maturing experience serving on the USS JFK.
Stasher, Dennis (Denson)GMG3Dec 27, 1986 – Sep 16, 1990G-3 (WEAPONS)I was proud to serve on the Kennedy, it was one of the best experience of my life.
Fields, JosephMM3Dec 29, 1986 – Jun 26, 1990MProud to have served on the John F Kennedy CV-67. Long live the Big John.

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