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USS John F. Kennedy (CV 67) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS John F. Kennedy (CV 67). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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Save the USS John F. Kennedy (CV 67)!

With your support, the retired aircraft carrier John F. Kennedy will return to serve her country as the centerpiece of a world-class, financially self-sufficient family attraction, education and job training center, museum and memorial on the Aquidneck Island (Newport) side of Rhode Island's beautiful Narragansett Bay.

Look through our website at to discover why we think this project is perfect for Rhode Island - including our overall vision, why there is magic in the name "John F. Kennedy" in Southern New England, RI Aviation Hall of Fame's eleven years of experience, our leadership team, and established local political and financial support.

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There are 4662 crew members registered for the USS John F. Kennedy (CV 67).

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Hurley, KevinPH2AW1985 – 1990opWorked in the photo lab, flew with HS-7. Had a lot of good times.
Ring, KennethCORPORAL1985 – 1988MARDETAny other MarDet's out there?
Snow, Scott/snowmanASM31985 – 1987AIMD IM 4Calzone in Cannes....Srock, Jimbo...I remember working on P-16's w/ Doc, drinking coffee and those were the days, being in port,playing softball...GO SLUGS. Lost a great friend/shipmate, Slockbower, while on board
Fullenwider, CharlesBM31985 – 1987Deck
Ritchey, ClarkRM31985 – Feb 2, 1989CR/CommunicationsDid two med cruises 86-87, 88-89, met alot of good friends. Had a blast. /get in touch, sorry I didn't stay in touch.
Trotter, Bill profile iconabe41985 – 1989v-2 waistcatsserved on uss jfk 85-89 in v-2 waist cats. was a great time and miss everyone anyone around look me up on face book or email me at
Smith, CarlCpl1985 – 1987MARDETAny other "MARDET" out there?
Radka, Thomasbt31985 – 1988catapult shopHad 3 great years on board big john,made many friends,enjoyed the med cruise 86-87, still stay intouch with a few shipmates. saddened to see her decommisioned.
Trauner, Mark(trot)MM11985 – 1987A-DIV Air conditioning/refrigeration shop supervisorThe best command i ever served on. Never served on a ship where all crewmembers had so much respect for eachother. MMC Collins the best CPO in the navy. Best shipmate Kevin Williams MM1 LOX PLANT SUPER. Send me an e-mail
Kibbe, KevinRM31985 – 1988Communications
Davidson, JohnABF31985 – 1988V-4The grapes... Good guys and long hours.
Merrill, GlennABH1985 –V1
Michalak, KenE-4 aviation electrician1985 – 1987V-3 and IM2 AIMDhad a good time , now that i,am looking back on it.
Rice, VictorASE41985 – 1987AIMD IM-4
Anderson, MauriceOS2/E51985 – 1989OI
Conley, JamesE-1, E-4.1985 – Mar 26, 1989V-4Well worth the the long flight hours, cats and traps, heavy fuel hoses and God bless the families of those we lost on both of my Med cruises. Flight deckers rule.
Willis, WilliamFC21985 – 1989SAM Div. TAD to Security
Speaker, PatBT31985 – 1991BI enjoyed my time on the big john met a lot of good guys and had a great time. I worked in the br shop and 4mmr. Hope everyone is doing good. Long live Big John
Ascher, RogerHMC Ret1985 – 1988H DivisionBest Time I ever had while on Sea Duty.
Deleon, AlbinEm21985 – Apr 15, 1989EDiv, V2 DivEnjoyed my time on The Big John! Got to see the world - travelled up and down the East Coast, the Carribean, and 2 Med Cruises! I am proud of my shipmates and very fortunate to be a part of her crew!
Edgar, SteveEM31985 –USS John F Kennedy (CV-67)Loved the Big John, best ship in the fleet.Glad to know that they are making Big John 2.0
Depeter, PatABF31985 – 1988V- 4 DIVISON PROUD GRAPEFlight Deck Grape, Good People, Lots of Memories
Coutts, DavidABH21985 – 1989V-3Really enjoyed my time on Big John. Learned a lot about leadership and teamwork. Slowly reconnecting with a bunch of former division shipmates on Facebook. We have organized an annual reunion in VA over the last 5 years.
Smith, CarlSgt/E-51985 – 1987MarDetAny MarDet members out their?
Hrbacek, JohnAE3Jan 1985 – Mar 1989
Byers, Robert- BuckBM-2Jan 10, 1985 – Mar 15, 19891stLooking for Bm2 Bob Elwood, anyone know where he or his brother Roger are???
Vickers, RayABFCSJan 10, 1985 – Jul 30, 1989V-4Many great memories and many great people. Watching the new JFK being built.
Conanan, AdamAT3Jan 14, 1985 – Nov 7, 1988AIMDShips Company from Jan 85 to Nov 88. Worked in AIMD Work Center 640
Evans, BryanMMFAJan 15, 1985 – Jul 2, 1987MBig John was a wonderful experience for me. I sure do hate to see such a fine ship get decommissioned. Big John took me on a tour of the Caribbean in mid '85 and a long Mediterranean cruise in '86-'87. I enjoyed every bit of it.
Barney, DannyMS3 Jan 30, 1985 – Oct 1, 1988S2 and S5Among the most memorable times of my life. Some struggles but mostly great times. I really miss the great friends I made.
Martin, JamesE6/DS1Feb 1985 – Jun 1987Good times in CVIC
Rinaldi, James/neechAE#Feb 1985 – 1989620/seaopdetGreat Times on the JFK did to Med Tours I'm always looking for friends from VA-75 and AIMD so drop me a line!
Berry, KennethL/CPLFeb 1985 – Jun 1987MARINE DETACHMENT
Johnson, FrederickE-3/EMFNFeb 1, 1985 – Sep 1, 1986E-DivisionLoved the Big John!
Mas, JaimeHM3Feb 6, 1985 – Feb 27, 1987H Division
Baham, D'JuanABH3Feb 12, 1985 – Jan 12, 1989V-1What's up guys? It's "Bay" from V-1/Fly 1. I had sooooo much fun on the deck with you guys. Looking forward to catching up with those of you I had the pleasure to serve with. Hope all is well. All the best, D'Juan
Roy, RichardMS 3Feb 20, 1985 – Feb 19, 1989S-5
Wootten, DavidE-4Mar 1985 – Mar 1987MardetGood times, good travel...
Hopper, GordonCV 67Mar 1985 – Apr 14, 1986AIMD IM-3 W/C 610 Comm/NavHey, shipmates! I was part of the Ship's Company during this time, while in complex overhaul and during sea trials. Had a lot of fun in places like Fort Lauderdale during Spring Break and others, and I did love to see the ocean.
Williams, KevinMM1Mar 1985 – Jan 1988A LOXWhat a hoot! MMC Tom Collins was a great boss. Hard to stay out of trouble in port, and the morale was superb. Appreciate the memories.
Sprague, KurtABH2Mar 1985 – Sep 1988V-1
Goetz, RobinPH3Mar 1985 – Nov 1987OP (Operations Photography)
Clavette, Theclavmaster profile iconLCPL.Mar 1, 1985 – Aug 1, 1987Marine Detatchment" All I know' is I got Laid in (Every) Port, that includes, Norfolk,Va. Remember the little Scottish Blond ! Hummm ? Well, First Sgt. restricted me to the ship in, Norfolk, and took some R&R in the Officers Q's, there quite nice ! Th
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Evans, TimBT1Mar 5, 1985 – May 4, 1988BIt is a shock to see Big John taken off duty! Hello to the old gang of the oil lab.
Corcorran, Ricke4Mar 12, 1985 – Mar 12, 1989V-4
Reynolds, ScooterLCPLMar 15, 1985 – Dec 30, 1986MARDETThe "Big Bad John" Man did we have some great times aboard this ship. I lost touch real quick with the guys remaining aboard, but hey, that was the Marines back then.
Hartzell, RonaldAO3Mar 22, 1985 – Nov 27, 1988Weapons Admin/ Tool RoomFresh out of bootcamp Big John my first and best command. Had some good friends, don't know where they are now. I retired in Aug 2005 off the Ronald Reagan. Peace out.
Strader, Johnms3Mar 30, 1985 – Nov 26, 1988s2Was great to be part of the history of the big John
Johnson, EricE5Apr 1985 – Apr 1990V1, S1and S8
Paulson, BruceABE3Apr 1985 – Apr 1988V-2Med Cruise 86-87 Waist Cats Catupult#3 Palmieri, Trotter, and the Rest of the gang. V-2 Damage Control Asst. DCPO Had a great time on Big John if I could I would do it again.
Thomas, DougE5/AT2Apr 1985 – Nov 1989AIMD/IM3/ WC 610I had a great time aboard Big John. We had some great port visits. Only think I didn't like about the Kennedy was the Willie Nelson song she played evertime we left port!
Mortimer, Michael "morty"CTO2Apr 1985 – May 20, 1988OSGreat time aboard the Big John!
McClaran, MacAO2Apr 1985 – Jun 1989WA
Stump, JamesBTFNApr 1985 – Jan 19894MMRAnyboby from 4main pls e-mail me @ dougie call me broke phn Loved being onboard 'big john' miss the good times LONG LIVE 'BIG JOHN'
Anderson, Reese profile iconOS2/E5Apr 1985 – Feb 1989OIHad a great time as AN ABH then an OS. Looking for email of shipmates during my time onboard.
Zalusky (Ziggy), DavidMM2Apr 1, 1985 – Oct 1, 19882MMRHad a lot of fun and met some good people on Big John. If you worked in two main with me send me an e-mail at
Peters, EugeneSGTApr 1, 1985 – Apr 1, 1987MARDETGreat Marines
Shaffer, JohnAO3Apr 4, 1985 – Apr 11, 1988G-2 Magazineslooking for people that I served with. Being on the 1986-87 Med. Cruise was the best thing that ever happened to me. i also mess cranked for 154 days in S-2/Cargo Div. in 1985.
Simons, Kevin/biscuitRM3May 1985 – Sep 1988COMMUNICATIONS/CR1986-87 MED CRUISE 1988-89 MED CRUISE
Hope, JohnABF2May 1985 – Feb 1989V-4One of my best tours.
Tuggle, JamesABE3May 1985 – Nov 25, 1988V-2Was aboard and manning the rail when we was the first Carrier to dock pierside at Port Everglades in Ft. Lauderdale,Fl. . Was aboard "Big John" during the '86-'87 cruise and most of the '87-'88 cruise.
Maes, TimAC1(AW/SW)May 1985 – Jun 1989OC
Minnick, RayHM1May 1985 – Nov 1986Medical
Souders, John RM2May 1985 – May 1987commthe cruise for relighting the Statue of Liberty and the fireworks that followed. President Ronald Reagan addressing the nation from the flight deck.
Dillingham, William LeeMM2May 1985 – May 1987MWorked originally 4MMR and later 3 MMR.
Lacroix, LeoMSMay 1985 –S2What a great time!!
Logan Sr, RogerLN2May 10, 1985 – Apr 9, 1987X-2Assigned to the Legal Department from 1985 to 1987 and Deployed on Med Cruise 1986. Worked with the best group of guys in my entire Naval Career.
Golbuff, SteveMS3May 11, 1985 – Jan 14, 1988S-2What A wonderful experience it all was.
Melton Jr., David (Drew)ANMay 15, 1985 – Jul 10, 1986VF-32
Finlaw, ThomasMM2May 29, 1985 – Nov 16, 1988AMRI had a great time serving on the Kennedy.
Romano, Rolando "rocky"AR TO AD2Jun 1985 – Dec 1989V-1 and IM-2my first (and certainly the best) command...
Edwards, Tim "Speed"MR3Jun 1985 – Dec 1988A-4 Machine shop ,,,,I remember names like Sleddawg,Joe Morak,Mike Flarity,Gullrap,tony,Sharp,Terry MingsThe 3 years aboard the JFK is a time I will never forget,even though I seen 2 from a bar stool
Glenn, DaveABH3Jun 1985 – Jul 1988V-3I am honored to have served aboard the JFK. I have only great memories.
Clemmons, RichardABH3Jun 1985 – Sep 1988V-3 DivisionI consider my time aboard the Kennedy as the basis of the person I am now, as well as all I have done since. I met the greatest group of guys who are still like brothers to me to this day. The best years of my life!
Phillips, Mark D.Rm2Jun 1985 – Feb 1987CR
Lewis, DonaldAO2Jun 3, 1985 – Dec 17, 1988G-3, G-5, Ordnance ControlI still have fond memories of this ship and its crew, particuliarly of Weapons Dept. After 21 years in the Navy I still consider it my best boat tour. Big John will be taking a 89,000 tons of memories with her when she retires.
Waite, RobbieAMH3Jun 4, 1985 – Oct 10, 1988VS-22
Dillingham, LeeMM2Jun 5, 1985 – May 10, 1987MI worked in MM3. I remember MMSC Beza and MM2 Bell. I made the 1986-1987 med cruise.
Sanchez, RamonAO2Jun 10, 1985 – Dec 17, 1988G-1I will always remember my experiences with my shipmates of flight deck ord.
Wells, Richard C. Jr. "rick"AC1(AW)Jun 11, 1985 – Aug 1, 1988OCJust adding my name to the list, remembering the proudest time of my career in the Navy, and the finest group of men I have ever known.
Cox, SteveUNDESIGNATED TO AD3Jul 1985 – Jan 1989S-1 @ first then the JET SHOPOne hell of an adventure, wouldn't have changed a thing. Pulled 2 cruises, 2 Captain masts and still got off with my head high. Met lots of great folks. Sail on!!!
Martin, RayAG2Jul 1985 – Nov 1988OA
Hammel, RickMM3Jul 1985 – Jul 1989AMR
Rockwell, DanielE-3Jul 1985 – 1988EBest time of my life. Hey Joe Endres, where are you?
Thomas, Eugene asm3Jul 1985 – Apr 1988aimd im4med cruise 86 87.
Trottier, StephenPH2Jul 1, 1985 – Nov 10, 1989OPI served on the JFK for 4 1/2 years. Made a lot of friends and have some fond memories of those times.
Wright, Larry/ HawkJul 4, 1985 – Mar 15, 1987S-1 Not a day goes by I don't think of you guys I wish I would have relized how it would have affected my life then Godspeed to all
Perry, AcieIS1Jul 8, 1985 – Aug 18, 1988OZ
Bookman, EliasAO1Jul 13, 1985 – Jun 29, 1986G-3I have some great memories of the JFK specially our visit of fort lauderdale in the middle of spring break
Leidlein, EdMM2Jul 24, 1985 – Dec 1, 1989A
Hammel, RickMM3 {SW}Jul 25, 1985 – Jul 21, 1989AMR
Johnson, EricE1-E5Aug 1985 – Apr 1989V1, S1, S8The best ship in the fleet!!
Lancaster, EricAK3Aug 1985 – Feb 1989S-6Great friends, memories, and experience. Best Carrier in the fleet by far!!! I'm on Linkedin and Facebook, let's connect.
McKenzie, Stanley profile iconBt3Aug 1985 – 1989BWatching for my boys down in 4MMR. S. Carlos greg wells tony thompson dirk smith.anyone from 85-89
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Hardin, DavidL/CPLAug 1985 – Aug 1987MARDET
Brooks, EdAD2Aug 1, 1985 – Aug 30, 1988VAW-126 Seahawks
Bradford, JeffMM3Aug 1, 1985 – Nov 1, 1988MWorked in 1MMR for MM1 Kochan. Remember a lot of guys from back in the day but have kept up only with MM3 Hammel. Would love to hear from folks.
Oesch, DavidHT3Aug 1, 1985 – Aug 31, 1988R DivisionJust looking for friends that might want to attend my retirment. My e-mail is Looking for anyone that I knew while I served on the Kennedy.
Oesch, DavidHT3Aug 1, 1985 – Aug 1, 1988R divisionLooking to contact old friends from R division and any other crew member that I knew. You can e-mail me at Hope to hear from you.
Steenken, AlfredHT3Aug 7, 1985 – Aug 7, 1989R-Div
Bastys, Michael/bagsBT2Aug 8, 1985 – Feb 28, 1989BWhats up to all the boys in the Oil Lab and The 3MMR Steaming Demons
Kral, JimET1Aug 10, 1985 – Nov 7, 1989ER/ECHad a great time seeing the world.
Clark, DennyMM3Aug 11, 1985 – Aug 11, 1989AC&R A-GANGFriends that will last a lifetime . Valueable learning experiences .
Tynch, Algernone2Aug 12, 1985 – Apr 1, 1988s-2 div unit 4i am looking for anyone who served in s-2 div unit 4 or on the ship between 1985-1988 who knows about the suicides that took place in s div. contact at
Brinkley, Michael profile iconE1, E2, E3, E1, E2Sep 1985 – Sep 1988AdminPlease someone help me piece together what happened when I got drunk in France! Do I possibly have children there I don't know about??
Brett Nielsen, BrettAC3Sep 1985 – Jul 1989OperationsVery fond memories! Med cruise '86-87 was a blast! Air traffic controller on a ship! Still the best job I've ever had!
Kolodzik, RobertAXANSep 1985 – Oct 1987AIMDAlot of good times, Actually miss it :)
Taylor, TonyRM3Sep 1985 – May 1988CR
Smith, RickMM3Sep 10, 1985 – Mar 4, 1989A-1 Hyd ShopWhat a wonderful experience. Just a kid, but able to travel the world. I can't believe she's going to be decommissioned. That will be a said day.
Wright, WilliamE-4 / ABF-3Sep 14, 1985 – Oct 18, 1989V-4Hello to all my shipmate on board the Big John. One of the most amazing time of my life in the Navy on the flight deck refueling aircraft and down deep in the bowls of the ships aviation pump rooms.
Critelli, Curt profile iconSK2Sep 14, 1985 – Mar 4, 1989S-1/S-8What a great time on a great boat!! 2 Med cruises, great ports, and good friends. I sure wish I could meet up with some of my Supply buddies.Email me at
Wilkinson, DonalE5Sep 15, 1985 – Oct 26, 1989
Roekle, ChristopherDc3Sep 20, 1985 – Aug 15, 1989RA lot of good times aboard the Kennedy
Cannon, KevinAO E-4Oct 1985 – Mar 1987WeaponsI was assigned to the Weapons Division. I worked on the nukes team. I did a Med cruise from Aug 1986 to Mar 1987.
Lubowicz, GregMMFNOct 1985 – Jun 1988A-2 ShopIt was fun, had a great time. Had a blast with all my shipmates, and the many places we went. Sure do miss those days.
Cannon, KevinAO3Oct 1985 – Mar 1987WeaponsI was assigned to the Weapons Division. I worked on the nukes team. I did a Med cruise from Aug 1986 to Mar 1987.
Holbrook, SamuelCPLOct 1, 1985 – Oct 3, 1987MarDet
Senn, John / SindogPN3Oct 3, 1985 – May 5, 1989ESO/X-2Hey, guys. We had some great times on and off the ship. I couldn't have asked for a better bunch of shipmates to work with in both ESO and personnel. The Big John was a great ship and I'm proud of the time I spent on her.Send me an email
Shannon, Kyleht3Oct 13, 1985 – Jun 12, 1989rholyshit 24 years has come and gone.miss the old crew. ht3 steeken[matt] , ht3 jackson , ht3 perry . some crazy,crazy times. cwo3 Q. was crazy too. after big john went to serve 8 more years made ht1 and got out.
Anderson, Tim profile iconET1Oct 15, 1985 – Sep 10, 1988ER DivisionEnjoyed time aboard, re-dedication of the Statue of Liberty, 86-87 Med Cruise.
Buckley, StephenLANCE CORPORALOct 31, 1985 – Dec 1, 1987MARDETCaptain's Orderly for two years. It was a great time being a Marine on the JFK.
Moore, RichardE3Nov 1985 – Aug 19873rd. DeckHey anyone else out there remember the boats?
Moyer, BradYN3Nov 1985 – Jun 1989Captain's Office
Kendrick, Michael profile iconAK-2Nov 1985 – May 20, 1988S-6Had a great time on board with a few friends during MED Cruise. Was one of the Clowns who did charity work during deployment. Best part of time on board was re-dedication of Statue of Liberty in 1986 in New York Harbor.
Scott, McClendonE4 ABENov 1, 1985 – Jun 6, 1989V-2I recently learned, when I was about 2yrs old I was at the commisioning of the JFK, several feet from Jackie O.Enjoyed my time onboard, stay in contact with many of my arresting gear buddies
Confer, LarryET3Nov 5, 1985 – Dec 10, 1987ECA lot of good times and great memories.
Lagoy, Joemm2Nov 7, 1985 – Dec 2, 1990EA01 Hyd Shop
Kerr, Charles (Cowboy)HT-3Nov 8, 1985 – May 13, 1986Engeneering
Albaladejo, John / Big AlE-2 MSSANov 15, 1985 – Apr 14, 1988S-2I have a lot of good and bad memories from my time aboard ship, but the good outweigh the bad. I miss the old girl and wish I could go back to see her and stand on her Flight Deck one more time.
Richardson, KennethMM3Dec 1985 – Jan 1988AMR
Brand, Jonathan "Jon"AC2(AW/SW)Dec 1985 – Mar 1989OC
Ed, MurrayE-5 AX2Dec 8, 1985 – Jan 4, 1988EDS
Brand, JonathanACAN, 3, 2Dec 14, 1985 – Mar 15, 1989OC
Molnar, George (Moondog) profile iconABFANDec 29, 1985 – Jun 1990V-4Worked the flight deck with some awesome guys, Gained the name moondog when returned from messcranking. Retired now but miss the flight deck.

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