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USS John F. Kennedy (CV 67) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS John F. Kennedy (CV 67). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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With your support, the retired aircraft carrier John F. Kennedy will return to serve her country as the centerpiece of a world-class, financially self-sufficient family attraction, education and job training center, museum and memorial on the Aquidneck Island (Newport) side of Rhode Island's beautiful Narragansett Bay.

Look through our website at to discover why we think this project is perfect for Rhode Island - including our overall vision, why there is magic in the name "John F. Kennedy" in Southern New England, RI Aviation Hall of Fame's eleven years of experience, our leadership team, and established local political and financial support.

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There are 4663 crew members registered for the USS John F. Kennedy (CV 67).

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Celones, Celso A.AD21984 – 1988S-1 & IM-2
Trackwell, MarkMM2SW1984 – 1987M 1MMRAs time goes by, the years on the Kennedy grow fonder. A great bunch of guys, whom I will always remember.
Tate, GradyABE31984 – 1987v2Still have a lot of memories from my days aboard 67. I miss a lot of the friends that I made during those years. It was a very proud time in my life to have served my country.
Lipp, DanielQM21984 – 1988NN
Haburne, RickMS21984 – 1989S5
Bordonaro, GeraldHN1984 – Dec 1986MedicalWhat a great ship. I had some really good times and made some great friends while on board "The Big John"
Moreno, ThomasMS31984 – Jun 20, 1986S2Joined the ship shortly before it went to dry dock at Portsmouth. Was the S2 DCPO, for a while, worked in one of the galleys and the bakeshop. Got out right before they went to NY, then a cruise.
Fisher, FishAS11984 – 1987IM4
McMahon, ToddAMS21984 – 1987V1 & AMIDStill in contact with a few of the good friends I made onboard. Maybe some day ill make the trip to see BIG JOHN one more time.
Unitas, CharlesE31984 – 1987DeckI was in 3rd then 1st division while on the JFK. I was know for my drawing skills & was a member of Sailing Clowns clown troupe with several other members (Michael Kendrick) as a mime. Great time entertaining overseas.
Roberdeau, Don profile iconEM3 + EM21984 – 1988Electrical + V-2Sure hope that for (the vast, huge, 97% majority of) you + your Loved One's all is Grrrr8, + Talley ho!, for Our very professional, intelligent, steadily determined working, fun loving 1984-88 Crewmates + still Friends
Lang, KevinAirman1984 – 1985V1 Flight Deck Fly 1Flight deck while at sea, upon entry to drydock I went to the galley on the Darby and worked the deep sink. I stayed here until departed for AE school at Millington.
Reitemeier, DanE3Jan 1984 – Mar 1986S-1Served in the supply dept. S-1 Division. Ken Carrieveau,George Weaver, Richard Penn, Bill Williams, Richard Tirico(Lenny), Randy Rau, Frank Ryan, Richard Penn, David Steinseifer, MacKenzie, Ted Collins, Greg best, marti
Klemm, BillCommanderJan 1984 – Sep 1987Chief EngineerCHENG during the 84-85 Med Deployment and 1986 International Naval Review when JFK was President Reagan's Flagship and Reviewing platform for the Parade of in NY Harbor and reopening ceremony for the Statue of Liberty.
Post, DavidMM2Jan 3, 1984 – Apr 17, 1988A-1 Hydraulics ShopWould love to hear from any shipmates from My time onboard. The Big John will always be a part of me. Onboard that ship is where I grew up. Many great friends I have in memory.
Jerrell, Wayneht3Jan 3, 1984 – Jan 3, 1988r divisonlooking for A pic of the fwd d/c shop .The firefighter made of tile on fwd d/c shop floor.or even a pic of the patch we had made of it.
Kollmann, ChrisBT3Jan 4, 1984 – May 20, 19874MMRHI TO GUYS B-DIV
Bernatowicz III, Edward W 'bernout - Bernie'AO 3 - AO 2Jan 5, 1984 – Sep 27, 1987G-3 MAG RATS G-2 WeaponsMag Rats - The most feared creatures spawned from the depths of Big John.
Haugh, RobertDS3Jan 9, 1984 – Apr 1987EDS (ASW MOD)I arrived landing in a COD. Remember the 86-87 Med cruise with 40% inport time.
Smith, KennethAMSANJan 15, 1984 – May 1984AIMDThe ship was at sea in the Mediterranian at full flight ops when I trapped onboard fresh out of boot camp and a 2 week aviation class. I was much overwhelmed. We were taken down to the hangar deck from the flight deck.
Briley, RobertOS2Jan 23, 1984 – Jan 24, 1988OIRetired Senior Chief. -- NJROTC Instructor
Gentile, KevinAD3Feb 5, 1984 – Feb 5, 1988VAW 126 When I was in I thought the service was horrible and 20 years later I still think the same. I would still love to get my hands on some of the squadron lifers
Rau, Randall J.SKSNFeb 7, 1984 – Oct 3, 1987S-1Med Cruise 87. New York City 1987. Boston.
Isherwood, MarkLI3Mar 1984 – Apr 1990X2/Print Shop
Devine, DavidABE2Mar 1984 – Mar 1988Bow cats V-2lots of good memories, hard work and good times
Crosslin, DavidEM2Mar 1984 – Dec 1987E-DivisionWas in the power shop EE02 from 84 to 87. Work on ventalation on the second deck and above. Galleries, laundry and Arresting gears motor controls.
McCarthy, PatrickEM2Mar 1, 1984 – Sep 1, 1988Electrical
Rocha Jr, Manuel (Manny) profile iconE3Mar 8, 1984 – Mar 17, 19882 MainRemember when I added Green Food Coloring to the Bilge Wine on St Patricks Day and Kujat checked all our teeth.
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Lemery, KevinFC1Mar 12, 1984 – Apr 19, 1989SAM DivisionHad a blast. Enjoyed the people more than the countries
Malubag, AlMMCM(SW)Apr 1984 – Feb 1989MGreat memories! Worked with some of the best snipes in the Navy, turnin' & burnin' at MMRs 1 thru 4. Highlights: Put on khakis on board, Med Cruise '86-87 & 88-89, JFK:2 Libya:0; Portland, ME and Boston, MA port visits.
Ryan, FrankAK3Apr 1984 – Nov 1987S-1, S-6Willie Wilson, Dan Piedot, Vic White, Perry Thomas, Bill Williams
Rodriguez, Manuel (Rodny)AO 3Apr 5, 1984 – Sep 5, 1987Weapons AdministrationFirst Duty Station in Navy. Worked for Weapons Admin 3M WCS/Tool Rm. Proud to have served aboard Big John, Fleets Best. Hope to hear from fellow shipmates. We took care of Kadafi and celebrated in NYC. What about sring break in Florida. Grate Times..
Thomas, JackANApr 15, 1984 – Oct 10, 1986IM4Would love to hear from anyone who was in AIMD from 84-86. I sure do miss that ole ship.
Scollieri, VincentCV67Apr 15, 1984 –MedicalShe was the cleanest, and best carrier in the 80's. best CO Captain Wheatly best XO Capt Piano great crew and air wing. She will truely be missed by all who sailed in her.
Hlywa, Danielams3Apr 18, 1984 – Mar 17, 1988aimdjust looking for old shipmates and would like to be notified when there is a ships reunion
MacPhail, DonaldABH3Apr 25, 1984 – Nov 11, 1987V-3 DIVenjoyed serving on big john wished i had stayed in the navy
Drake, Paulbm2 drakeMay 1984 – Feb 19883 rd times ever on board the big john, still staying in touch with lots of my brothers. 980-521-4129
Boles, RayACCMay 1984 – Jul 1986OCNot the greatest tour of my career, but met and worked with some great guys.
Douglas, Joe (Dougie)ABE2May 1, 1984 – Nov 9, 1987V-2 Bow CatsWhat a great time on board. Made alot of great friends and I would do it again if I had to do it over. Wish I could catch up with everyone.
Brown, Robbie profile iconBT 3 May 11, 1984 – 1987BGood times and great people.
White, Victor /kool-aidE-5 PETTY OFFICER SECOND CLASSMay 25, 1984 – May 10, 1989S-6 Aviation Supply Glad to hear from any of you old salts out there....... Vic White
Gaskill, ScottIC2Jun 1984 – Dec 1987Join the Navy, see the world - I did both! Had a great time and met some great guys.
Post, JohnAE3Jun 1984 – Apr 8, 1988AIMD IM3Great experience.I can still walk around her decks in my head. Met some great guys, i hope i can see them again.
Owsley, DanE5/EMJun 1984 – Sep 1986EI Worked in 400hz Jet Services
Baum, TommyAS-1Jun 1984 – 1987AIMDNot my best command but I miss being out to sea.
Staniszewski, RonABE 3Jun 1, 1984 – Apr 8, 1987V-0/V-1Had a Blast in Spain and Cannes."SecNav" Brian Lehman,Jeff "zippy" Cole Jimmy "Bo" and "Cratch" Jensen. Lost a few good ones on that Cruise "Zeus" R.I.P. Semper Fi. Air Boss Was a stand up Guy a
Shackelford, Paul / "Shack"AO2Jun 15, 1984 – Jun 18, 1987G2/G3Slept in "little G"
Meacham, James(jim)ANJun 26, 1984 – Jan 27, 1988V-3The JFK was a great experience.I enjoyed my time spent on board.I do miss my friends I made while there.Thanks for the memories.I wish all of you the very best life has to offer.
Smith, GregHM3Jul 1984 – May 24, 1986Medical/HProud to have served. Worked with some of the sharpest people in the world. Very lucky and fortunate to serve our Navy.
Mazza, DanaE3Jul 1984 – Jan 1987S1Ronnie Majors, Mike Miller from S-5, Max Sanchez? Where the hell are you guys????
Powers, FredMS3Jul 16, 1984 – Mar 28, 1988S2
Mozingo, DrewRM3Jul 20, 1984 – Dec 1, 1987CommunicationsI was onboard during the Med Cruise in 86-87 & the unveiling of the Statue of Liberty. I remember the night I had duty and Cher was filming her video on the New Jersey. Those were some of the best times in my life.
Wilson, J.J.ABE-2Jul 31, 1984 – Feb 28, 1990V-2 BowCatsWorked in V-2 Div, BowCats, completed 86/87 and 88/89 med cruises. looking to hear from old shipmates.
Isherwood, MarkLI3Aug 1984 – Apr 2, 1988X2 - Print ShopStill Printing... any old shipmates can contact me.
Tacheny, Karl ( With A K )EN2Aug 1984 – Apr 1988M, AGod Bless AMERICA ! After 20 years of seperation from the U.S. Navy it still seems like only a few months ago. We all had the time of our lives, sailing into ports unknown, spending weeks and months out at sea. 4 Burning & 4 Turning
Rowell, Nathan RexE3Aug 1984 – Mar 1988Deck
O'Neill, William profile iconE-4/BM3Aug 1984 – Aug 1986Deck 1st
Isherwood, MarkLI3Aug 1, 1984 – Apr 3, 1988X-3 Print ShopContact me if you know me!
Rowell, RexBMSN E3,.E1,E2,E3,E1,E2,E3Aug 14, 1984 – Mar 8, 1988none
Glynn, AndyDS2Aug 22, 1984 – Dec 9, 1987EDS
Sears, ShawnE-3/ SNSep 1984 – 1986Deck
Warren, BrianMM2Sep 1984 – May 19871MMRI came aboard as "nuclear waste" as an MM3. This brought grief from my shipmates & made it hard to earn their respect, but I made some good friends & enjoyed serving with the greatest crew on the finest ship in the fleet
Klotzbir, Michaelfc3Sep 1984 – May 20, 1988SAM
Green, ErvinYNSR - YN3Sep 1984 – Mar 1987XO's Office/OperationsThis is where I grew up! I will always have great memories of my time onboard Big John.
Conlin, PatrickE5-AK2Sep 1984 – Apr 1988S-6
Hughes, DanielMM1Sep 13, 1984 – Jun 6, 1987Training departmentCommand DAPA.
Brown, Charles, "charlie"E4/AMH3Oct 1984 – Apr 4, 1988AIMDHad a great time on board and met alot of good men. Made one Med cruise, couple carribean cruises and went up the east coast. Never will forget being in New York harbor for the July 4th celebrations and Pres. Reagen being on board.
Taylor, J.r.MM2Oct 1984 – Mar 1988M Division 1MMR / AMRIt was a great time during that 86 - 87 Med Cruise. Remember when we were in Malaga, Spain then we had just learned that we have to head back to the eastern med? Nothing like getting extended.
Duncan, PaulET2Oct 1984 – Mar 1988OEC
Hassemer, PaulMS3Oct 4, 1984 – Jun 17, 1987S2Reported for duty at the portsmouth naval shipyard.Discharged from the portsmouth naval shipyard enough said.....
Potts, MichaelPNSNNov 1984 – Apr 19, 1988VA-75
Hill, Bob "bitchboy"HM3Nov 1984 – Aug 1987Medical Look back with great memories, though not sure that I was loving it at the time. Lots of adventures, good times, laughs, and lessons. Thanks Chief Brown, Chief Rock, Master Chief Thomas, and HM2 Green for showing me the OR ropes.
Hill, RobertHM3Nov 1984 – Aug 1987Medical
Therrien, RonET2Nov 15, 1984 – Mar 23, 1987ERLots of fun. Med cruise Aug./86-March/87, Best duty I was assigned. Visited Naples, Italy, Cannes, France, Barcilona, Spain, Hiafa, etc...., Got turned back on our way back across the Atlantic, because of trouble in Beruit,Lebanon. Feb,87
Flaherty, KevinAC3Dec 1984 – Sep 1987OC / ATC
Leinhauser, MarkMM1Dec 1984 –A-Div Hydraulics Shop
Reighard, DouglasAOANDec 18, 1984 – Nov 25, 1988AWSEP G-1Great place to visit but wouldn't want to live there again!!! Always remember the good times and learn from the bad!
Wells, Louis Aka JohnAK2Dec 26, 1984 – Jul 1, 1988AIMD IM01?
Shaw, Stephen profile iconOS2/E-5Dec 27, 1984 – Oct 15, 1988OI DIVMy time on the ship was filled with many good memories and some not good. Overall I learned a lot and made some lasting friendships. If any former shipmates remember me, drop me a line. Everyone take care

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