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USS John F. Kennedy (CV 67) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS John F. Kennedy (CV 67). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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With your support, the retired aircraft carrier John F. Kennedy will return to serve her country as the centerpiece of a world-class, financially self-sufficient family attraction, education and job training center, museum and memorial on the Aquidneck Island (Newport) side of Rhode Island's beautiful Narragansett Bay.

Look through our website at to discover why we think this project is perfect for Rhode Island - including our overall vision, why there is magic in the name "John F. Kennedy" in Southern New England, RI Aviation Hall of Fame's eleven years of experience, our leadership team, and established local political and financial support.

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There are 4663 crew members registered for the USS John F. Kennedy (CV 67).

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Buck, Doug (Bucky)ASM31982 – 1984ASM shop
Wolf, WolfHM31982 – 1984medical
Leach, RickEW21982 – 1986OKMet alot of great guys, and some not so great. But still enjoyed myself hanging off the port side (ECM-1)cruising the Med. It was more exciting than civilian life.
Kress, Stephen/steveE-31982 – 1983MPIn my day The JFK was the Best Steam CV in the Fleet, I was'nt on there long but it was good.
Watson, RandyE-31982 – Feb 22, 1985HS-7served in helecopter squadren HS-7 out of jax florida from early 1982 to feb 1985 attached to the USS John F Kennedy
Phipps, BillHT31982 – 1985enjoyed the port visits naples,barbados ,columbia ,boston especially,made alot of friends carlton burnett if you are still around you are a great friend and shipmate. looking back i wish i would of stayed in for 20
hennion, (crazy) johnRMSN1982 – 1985commHad one of the greatest times of my life on that ship and would not trade it for the world. Miss being there.Just came here to see if old buddys are on here..If you know me you can email me , wil get back to you asap
Elliott, JohnAMS11982 – 1982VAQ-138 / IM-2Was on Big John a couple of times and loved every moment of it. Great memories and fantastic ports!
Herald, ToddRM31982 – Jun 6, 1986CommunicationsYou put what in the coffee?
Wilkins, Reede41982 – 1985F6
Smith, Douglas/smittyAMH E-31982 – 1983HS-7Rio was a blast
Bergmans, Henricus (Hank)AT-31982 – 1984VS-22 TAD to AIMD w/c 65P VASTEnjoyed my time on the JFK, wish I had more pictures to remember them by. A digital camera, sure would've been handy.
Montgomery, Dan "Monty"DPSN1982 – Apr 11, 1984S-7
Preas, ThomasE-41982 – 1985G-3 WeaponsOne of the proudest times in my life serving on the Kennedy. Can't wait to visit it again someday.
Barber, JeromeSH21982 – 1986S-3
Trask, Dennis ScottBT21982 – 1985B-DivB-Div Office, 3 Main Machinery Room
Phelps, JohnE-3 Mess Management1982 – 1984Ships Company MessWalked on board the Kennedy when pulled into Austailia in 1982, came over equator did shell back initiation... What a cruise, lots of memories missing lots of old friends.
Coffman, J RABH31982 – May 1986V-1I enjoyed the time I served onboard. Worked with a great group of guys in V1. Anyone know how I can get in touch with my dear old friend David Edge? Anyone want to contact me, email me at
Moses, TroyMM3/E41982 – 1986M DivisionFour memorable years in 2MMR. In 1995 I came in contact with a man named Butch in Norfolk, NE. As we became friends and shared our life stories, the man I became friends with was also known as MM1 Pappi from 1MMR.
Sleeper, Steve / Sleeps profile iconMMFA-MM11982 – 1993M-DivTwo tours, 3MMR, Big John, best ship in any fleet.
Vreeland, Bill RM31982 – 1985Communications
Corwin, Robert (Bob)AS11982 – 1985AIMD/IM4
Gates, Rick (Gonzo)HM2 to HMC1982 – 1984MedicalLoved my experience on the USS John F. Kennedy. Worked with a great crew and medical team.
Maddox, Michaelrmsn1982 – 1984communications
Gunn, GaryMS3Jan 1982 – Sep 19, 1985V4I fueled jets and ran cargo
Kauffman, DarylAT 1Jan 1982 – Jan 1986IM-1 and IM-3I was in Quality Assurance and Work Centers 610 and 60A. I saw her in Mayport a couple of months ago. She is too young to retire. For those of you that remember LT Fiegl in IM-2, Google his name up. Be sure you are sitting down when you do!
Brines, TerryPNCJan 1982 – Oct 1984XHad a great time. Great guys working with me.
Lenning, Robert/bobHM3Jan 1982 – Mar 1984medicalfirst BMET assigned to shipboard duty
Samonski, Richard. ShmooIC 3Jan 1982 – 1985Engineering
Reed, MarcusAOCJan 1, 1982 – May 31, 1984g-3 bomb and missile divisiongreat ship and fine crew many good memories of the big john was a member of the beach guard for cv 67 and stood quarterdeck watches
Neely, RickABECJan 2, 1982 – Jan 5, 1985V-2
Clements, JackFTMCJan 3, 1982 – Dec 31, 1982SAM
Tucker, Michael MikeAT2Jan 3, 1982 – Jul 20, 1982VF31 F-14 Avionics TechWorked AIMD in the VAST Shop with guys from VF11 and other squadrons. Lonnie Hazen was our Senior Chief in charge of the department.
Waggoner, DennisJan 5, 1982 – Jul 29, 1982
Merz, StephenMMCJan 5, 1982 – Sep 27, 1983M DivisionI was on Big John from March 1973 until March 1978. 4MMR and O2N2. Left for 4 years to teach O2N2 and came back to Big John January 1982, 4MMR until my commissioning 27 Sept 1983, day before ship left for 1983 Cruise.
Chellew, Doug(chewie)ABH3Jan 6, 1982 – Oct 5, 1985V-1The best days of my life, miss the night ops. Rio de Janiero,Med cruise. Hope all my old friends are doing well.
Brand, TimothySNJan 10, 1982 – Oct 10, 1983S-3 divisionstarted on the Kennedy as a ships company and was assigned to S-3 Division. Transferred to Medical and learned as much as I could. Went to school at great lakes and became a corpsman. Was proud to serve.
Harris Jr, James profile iconE4Jan 10, 1982 – Mar 27, 1984Flight DeckRemembering Old Friends.
Tyce, Samuel Eric E3/ABFJan 14, 1982 – Jan 14, 1983V-4My years on the Kennedy were the best in life! I remember everyone and i hope they are all doing fine! I've stayed in contact with Donald Jones, Bernard Terrell, Robert Dennis, Isaac Gordon, Keith Richey, and a few more!
Newman, RobertMM3Feb 1982 – Feb 19861MMRinjoyed my time on the Big John, 1982-1986
Keller, Kevin profile iconAMH3Feb 1982 – Sep 1982VA-37 Bulls (A-7 Squadron)First Ship to be deployed in my, then, young Navy Career. Just an AWESOME opportunity to serve on such a vessel named after on of America's Greatest Sailors.
Pardo, ErickSNFeb 1, 1982 – Mar 1, 1983DeckA great experience
Kell, BobAGCFeb 4, 1982 – Oct 9, 1984AO Division/Weather Office
Schmidt, JeffreyABFFeb 17, 1982 – Sep 30, 1986V4
Hennion, John Crazy JohnRadioman seamanFeb 20, 1982 – Nov 20, 1985Comm cr divBest part of my life there
Kennedy, MikeAE3Mar 1982 – May 1984IM2/AIMD Buddy Stores/VA-85Saw some familiar names. Kenny Smith, and Paul Nitsche. Currently serving in the Air National Guard as a Senior Master Sergeant (Senior Chief) and stationed in Knoxville, Tn. Proud to have served on the showboat of the east coast!!
Jones, KcRM1Mar 1982 – Feb 1986CommunicationsGood ship lots of cruise time,but had great times
Washtock, LarryOSMar 19, 1982 – Dec 14, 1982Hi Joe, remember me? I was the one who fell off the quarter deck carrying garbage! LOL Have you heard from BT-SS John Raymond? Let me know.
Ikeler, JeffMM2Apr 1982 – Feb 1986M 1MMR I will always remember my years of service aboard BIG JOHN. 1MMR Pit Snipes were the best!
Yarborough, BillyATCSApr 1982 – Aug 1985AIMD/IM3Great ship. Great shipmates...
Burleson, JeffreyASE3Apr 3, 1982 – Mar 23, 1986
Southall, Donalde 2Apr 4, 1982 – Mar 3, 1983weapons
Joyner, William Grant , Jr.QM2Apr 15, 1982 – Oct 25, 1985Navigation/NNThe three years i servered aboard Big John were great. I worked with a group of professional people and we accomplished a lot.
Fahey, MikecommanderApr 20, 1982 – Feb 12, 1985engineeringBig John was the best. I was also on Kennedy from June 1975 until September 1977
Maynard, AndreBM2May 1982 – Jun 1984X-1 (I think)The Big John was a good ship, would like to make contact with some of my old shipmates.
Bohlander, BruceHOSPITAL CORPSMANMay 1982 – Sep 1982
Sinclair, MichaelCpl.May 1982 – Sep 1984MarDetBunch of good men. Marine and Navy alike.
Thompson, JoelAT1May 1982 – May 1983IM3Work centers 610 for end of cruise. 610 & 640 for yard period.
Brewer, DavidEM2May 7, 1982 – Sep 28, 1985E DivisionI was in the Distribution Shop the whole time I was aboard. I had a very memorable time on the Med cruise of 83. Man there were times when I wouldn't see the sun for weeks.
Scott, BenjaminAO3May 10, 1982 – Jun 10, 1986G-3, G-2 & MAA Dept.This was the best ship & command I could have ever hoped to have began my 21 year career on. Fair winds & following seas to all who have had the pleasure of serving on board her.
Bonesteel, James/bonesABH\AIRMANMay 29, 1982 – Jan 14, 1986V1Free the non-rates. The navy has it's crows, but there's no crow like the bone crow. Chief Bell was dead wrong about me. HA!HA!
Cashon, MikeBT2 (SW)Jun 1982 – Jul 1987B DivisionProud to have served on Big John in both 2MMR and the ABC Shop. Great friends and wonderful memories. Still miss the whine of the forced draft blowers in the fwd coop. My contact info is God Bless.
Parry, ChuckLt.Jun 1982 – Nov 1985AIMD/IM3Great ship! Many good memories!
Johnson, David profile iconAO1Jun 1982 – Apr 1986G-3 / MAA / Ordnance ControlReally enjoyed my time on JFK and the crew I knew. Proud to have been a Capybara Mag Rat. Great to see familiar names and faces from the on-line cruise book. I lost mine, this brings back lot of good memories.
Teets, TomBT3Jun 3, 1982 – Mar 6, 1984B-DIVISION
Esparza, GilbertRM3Jun 5, 1982 – Jul 5, 1984ComThis is "Sparky" I am looking for my shipmates that served with me during our 1982 Med/Indian Ocean Cruise. RM3 McGraw, RM3 Baker Gil Esparza 937-301-8424
Jenney, Robert/ BudMR2Jun 13, 1982 – Nov 20, 1984E DIV.Had a great time on the big john, met alot of nice guys and seen alot of places. Wish I stayed in alittle longer. Drop me an e-mail
Nitzsche, PaulAD3Jun 15, 1982 – Dec 15, 1985AIMD/JET SHOPGood memories, many days at sea! Then it seemed it would take for ever to go by. Funny how you percieve things as you age.....they were some of the best memories of a life time. I will never forget AD1 Strieker, AD1 Blum and friend AD3 Mike Barr.
Payne, AlbertQMSA/QM2Jun 15, 1982 – Oct 21, 1985NAVIGATIONCAN'T BELIEVE SHE'S GONE.
Wilson, MitchABH-3Jun 15, 1982 – Aug 25, 1985V-3
Mauro, RichardE5 /BM2Jun 17, 1982 – Jun 15, 1986brigalso served on board jfk in 1990-1994 while the ship was in the ship yard in philadelphia pa.
Gschwendtner, MichaelMMCMJun 19, 1982 – Aug 31, 1984Main Engines
Couch, John/bubbahtJun 20, 1982 – Feb 25, 1985Rwas wondering what all my old navy buddies are up to
Alamond, KevinHM-3Jul 1982 – Aug 1983Hhad a great time there
Brown, KennethRMSNJul 1982 – Jul 1984GREAT TIMES COOL CREW
Powell, JimAO3Jul 1982 – Aug 1983g-3worked the cad crew mainly left for shore duty then returned in 85 to 87 to g-1 awse and lse
Tremblay, RichBmsnJul 1982 – Mar 1986BoatsStill standing for our National Anthem
Lehman, Douglas profile iconMM3Jul 1982 – Jan 1986A DivisionI stood most watches in 2 & 4 MMR, running air compressors for the A-6 O2N2 Plant.
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Koch, John profile iconE-6/ET1Jul 6, 1982 – Jul 26, 1988ER
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Watson, RandyE-3Jul 10, 1982 – Feb 22, 1985HS-7
Smith, DeanOS2Jul 16, 1982 – Feb 21, 1986OI Spent a heck of a long time off the Eastern Med. Made some great friends, and truly enjoyed the experience.
Lehman, DougMM3Jul 16, 1982 – Jan 14, 1986A-6 LOX PLANTGreat bunch of guys to work with/be around. Hard knowing that the "JFK" won't be underway ever again. Would like to see it once more.
Shapiro, LarryABH3Aug 1982 – Jun 1984Air V-1
Vreeland, Bill (Freebird)RM3Aug 1982 – Jul 1985CRLove the JFK. I worked TAD with CCG-6 during 1984 Med Cruise. Spent alot of time in Portsmouth Drydock. Had great times and met some great people.
Foster, DorseyE-5/IC2Aug 1982 – Aug 1985EMade a lot of good friends, had a lot of great times. Wondering if anyone has an extra Cruise book? I can't find mine...
Harris, JamesMM3Aug 1982 – Apr 1984M-DIVISION3 MMR, SUPPLY P.O. KILLER3
Plotts, Jeff "The Mad Bomber"E5/A02Aug 11, 1982 – May 2, 1985G5
Hamilton, MarkQM2Aug 12, 1982 – Dec 11, 1986Navigationgood times-bad times-who can ever forget Laz's rum cake for christmas off the coast of beirut??????
Torres, victorAIRMANAug 13, 1982 – Mar 25, 1985Aviation OrdinanceI was a proud member of the magrats.
Morrison, StuGMT3Aug 15, 1982 – Aug 18, 1984W
McDevitt, MatthewE-4Aug 22, 1982 – May 5, 1984I worked in the Hanger as an Yellow Shirt (Plane Director). I forget my experiences during my time on Big John. Was anyone on Big John on 8 Oct 83? The day I became a Shellback.
Carson, TonyAD2Sep 1982 – Sep 1984IM 2While on the Edson DD 946, first CV I'd seen was the Kennedy and I ended up stationed on her.
Hewes, RonMM2Sep 1982 – Jun 1987M DivisionOne Main!!!
Perry, MichaelE-4Sep 1, 1982 – Jul 15, 1986ERJust wnated to say hello to all the guy that I served with on the Kennedy back in the 80's and hope that all of you are doing well, in where ever life has taken you over the years. Miss you guys Toss me an email
Scarano, CarlMS2Sep 1, 1982 – May 1, 1986S5
Hoffman, SteveCWO3Sep 1, 1982 – Aug 1, 1986EngineeringOnboard during the best of times with legendary CDR "Iron Mike Fayhe, LT Tom Bailey, LCDR Nutting and all the fantastic A-Division crew between 1982-1986. I'm grateful to have work a crew of Navy Professionals.
D'imperio, MikeIC3Sep 7, 1982 – Jul 15, 1983E AFT ICDoes anyone remember a steam line blowing up at300PSI in a main space with COMDR Fahey standing . next to it. I was with Master Chief Moore as the salinty cell blew out of a pipe. I trying to locate ICC Blankenship or the engineering log.
Berbert, JeffAIRMAN/E-3Sep 15, 1982 – Sep 15, 1985v-4 flightdeck/nights
Crust, Charles ( Chuck )ABF3Oct 1982 – Oct 1986V-4One of the best times of my life. Wish all the best for all I served and worked with.
Kelly, Colin (Irish)ABHOct 1982 – May 1985V-1 Rio, Naples, Portsmouth, Haifa. Great times, great friends. Fod walkdowns, redlead paint, GQ not so great! I see the names of many I served with Kunz Chewie F Hill Jenks Zeke Jake Cowart Shapiro. Drop me a line lads.
Kirsten, KevinAG3Oct 1982 – Apr 1986OA
Davidson, TimAbe3Oct 8, 1982 – Jul 11, 1985V-2
Ludwig, Robert LuddyEMFNOct 9, 1982 – Jun 24, 1985ENG/EI spent most of my time in the Jet Services Shop.I Really enjoyed my time on such a great ship.I will always remember the phrase hazegray and underway is the only way for the JFK.I will also remember the Cat fire on Cat 1.
Auten, KimRM3Oct 13, 1982 – Oct 13, 1986CRProud to have served.
Anderson, Robert (Andy)E4 EN3Oct 15, 1982 – Aug 8, 1986(A2 and A5)Had a great time. Would do it all over again.Would like to hear from pals in any of Adiv. Looking for ENPO2 King. Hes from down south. My last year was spent as barge EN. Under Adm. Dick Dunlevey. He was a great guy.Used to hang with Nissen,Vaccaro,
Tilley, TerryE-5 IC manOct 15, 1982 – Jan 1, 1986Engineering
Johnston, RichardAD-3Oct 25, 1982 – Mar 6, 1986VS-22 CHECKMATESI was in VS-22 power plants and worked for Doug Hall and Bill Gathwright. C.O's were Jim Jones and T.P Winters. I remember the U.S. Embassy bombing in Oct of 83, great chow and 12 on 12 off shift!!!
Payne, StewartCORPORALNov 1982 – Jan 5, 1985Mar-DetGreat Boat to Serve on a Jarhead
Cox, Ben / Slufao3Nov 1982 – Aug 1986g-3 mag ratsHad to laugh when I saw a few names. Alot of great memories. Rio, Haifa, Can never forget my B-day pulling into Naples, Boston and NY. Would love to hear from all of you again.
Taylor, Gregory/miguelDP3Nov 1982 – May 1985Supply/AIMD
McKlveen, RussellHT2Nov 1982 – Jun 1986R-Div.Proud to have served on the Big John. I hope to see that one day it is preserved.
Kevin, McIntyreRM3Nov 1, 1982 – May 1, 1985cr
Breland, Greg (Breezy)ANNov 10, 1982 – Mar 17, 1984V-4Loved it. Have not seen brothership like it since!
Brantley, Allen Doc BoogieBM2Nov 19, 1982 – Mar 15, 19881st 2nd and bosn DetailI heard There was a reunion coming up in VA in sept I need to find out about that after all these years JFK is still one of the best Just For Kicks we made it happen !!!!!!!!
Dilport, JamesDPSN-DP2Nov 22, 1982 – May 27, 1987OXBest ship in the U.S. Navy! I love the good food on board the JFK. Nothing but good times!
Leland, ToddAO2Dec 1982 – Aug 1986GEnjoyed my time on BIG JOHN. Made some great friends,had a lot of good times. A great command with a lot of good people.
Anderson, JonathanAD2Dec 1982 – Jan 11, 1985IM2It has been 20+ years and I still remember sitting of the coast of Lebanon like it had just happenend. It was good working with Barr, Sisk, Price, Jackson, Rivera, Calhoun
Egbert, James HABE2Dec 1982 – Jul 1, 1986V2 Arresting GearI was a Gear Rat on JFK before and After the Med Cruise from Hell! Actually I loved every minute of the cruise and have fond memories of every Port Call, even though there were only a couple.
Ward, PatrickTM3Dec 1982 – Dec 1984G-3Mag Rats,, great shop and great people. Here is the Facebook Kennedy pages.
Andersen, Michael / AndyATAN/ Flightdeck trouble shooter- Final checkerDec 1982 – May 1984VAQ-137 This was the best ship in the fleet with the best crew! We never missed a mission and even with the cat fire we still kept flying and never pulled in for repairs as the ships crew was the best at repairing the ship.
Bumgardner, BillABHDec 1982 – Dec 1985V-3Looking for V-3 crew mates from the Big John.
Flora, Ron (Robo)rm3Dec 1, 1982 – Apr 24, 1986crgreat time great people sights, the best!!!!!
Evans, RandyAO 3Dec 3, 1982 – Aug 23, 1985G1-G3Great Ship and great memories of all the travel. Great friends that I would love to get in contact with
Ferguson, GlennE-4 ABMDec 12, 1982 – Oct 18, 1984Bow Cats
Wiese, PaulGMT2/WT2Dec 15, 1982 – Aug 8, 1986"W"Hung out with some characters cleaning the Captains "swimming pool" Stu morrison, Joe Keitt, Ned, Butch, Jackie, Charlie, and jesse booth. "NUKE EM"
Greenwald, JohnIS2Dec 15, 1982 – Jan 15, 1985OZWorked in CVIC and Supplot. Was a photo interpreter and was nighttime supervisor in Mission Planning....oh yeah...I was in charge of cleaning the Admiral's passageway...ha ha!
Stripling, KevinMS3Dec 15, 1982 – Nov 25, 1985S1 DivisionI am proud to be a part of the USS John F Kennedy. I served during the time of crisis in the middle east, and was proud to be on board with such a great group of men. The JFK will always have a special place in my heart.
Michalowski, Richard (Ski)E5/EN2Dec 26, 1982 – Dec 26, 1984A / Engine shopI had a great experience on big John. I was the engineer on the captains gig and then the admirals barge for Admiral Box. I would like to find Chief Morris, Chief Swenson, PO King and anyone else from A div. during that time.

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