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USS John F. Kennedy (CV 67) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS John F. Kennedy (CV 67). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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Look through our website at to discover why we think this project is perfect for Rhode Island - including our overall vision, why there is magic in the name "John F. Kennedy" in Southern New England, RI Aviation Hall of Fame's eleven years of experience, our leadership team, and established local political and financial support.

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There are 4663 crew members registered for the USS John F. Kennedy (CV 67).

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Brown, GregBT31979 – 19832MMR
Crombie, Dave-"Crom"ABE1979 – 1982V-2 Cat 1Had many good times!lotsa great friends.Left part off my hand under an A-6 doing nite opp's.Charlie,Dusty,Bill B.& Barry miss you guys!you to Scotty Y. and famous Joe Flanagin
Roberts, DonET31979 – 1982ECBeen a long time - trying to find some friends I've lost touch with.
Davis, MichaelBTFN1979 – Sep 10, 1982B 3mmrCame across this site by accindent,wow the memories !! Remember some of you guys right off the bat. Remember keith allander or tim golden ,hang with tim on and off when I got out ,he was from the cleveland area. man the times!!
Farmer, Michael/mikeAMH31979 – 1980AIMDHad a blast working in AIMD with Charlie Duboise and Kieth Krause.Remember the tall ship's cruise to Boston and Hulihan's Bar,and the nurse's dormatory. E-mail me if you was there.
Vans, TonyAT31979 – 1981VF14
Leland Lewis, LeeBT1979 – 1981BAny ACC Shop people? Mike Taylor, Biker Dan Brooks, Ken Overall, Rick "Lumpy" Lombardo, Brian Bahooth, Aaron P. Montgomery, and Ralph Harkins from Mahopac, NY. How about Johnny "Whatchacallit" Johnson? I'm in Allentown, Pa
Potts, LarryAT-21979 – 1983AIMD \"COD Crew\"Together as brothers we grew drawing on the strenghts of each other. We often went without sleep to make our mission. In all of this we still made time to enjoy life as we navigated the seas. I am proud of the men with whom I served.
Karaconstantis, PeteABH3RD CLASS1979 – 1982V-1Spoke to John Russell from Hawaii and he's doing fine. He retired and works for the Gov. back home. Cosmic Kunz is here in Florida by me. Just wanted to say hello again, and hope you're all doing well. John Ward...what's up Boot?
Brown, Larry RE-21979 – 1981Many fond memories of many great people was a joy and pleasure to serve with such a fine crew of people
Knotts, RayABF 21979 – Aug 21, 1981V-4Just a note to say man we had it made and didn't know it. Good ship, great times, and lasting memories.Hey grapes, e-mail me.
Shearer, RobertSK21979 – 1982S-1Will never forget the time I spent on board was not fun at the time but looking back 9it was great. Bill Bishop if you see this get in touch.
Scully, BillPR-21979 – 1981IM-2 Division, AIMD ParaloftWas PROUD to come aboard, VERY disillusioned by the time I left. Thoughts of what the Navy really meant to me was all that kept me going. That and the friendships I enjoyed along the way! I LOVED that Ship!
Williams, Bill/butchAT11979 – Mar 1981AIMD radar/mini-micro repair
Swink, JimABF21979 –V-4
McCurdy, JimRMC1979 – 1982FACCONHighlight of my career. Made chief onboard and initiated onboard enroute med cruise. RMC Pollick ws my running mate.
Gnaster, Nastysn1979 – 1980ABF
Horton, RonLNC1979 – 1981LegalBest ship I served on and the best skipper, Captain Tuttle.
Thompson, JohnABE 21979 – 1981V2Started thinking about the big John the other day when I saw if was being scrapped. Wish I could get a piece of it for a keepsake. Good to see Lt. Ski on here.
Winner, RandyHT2Jan 1979 – Sep 1982
Wright, Ronald William BillBT 3Jan 1979 – Dec 19834-mmr What a great time. Can't believe it was so long ago. Ziggy, Stoner, Country Joe,Terry Fleming to name a few.
Westby, DeanABH 3Jan 1979 – Sep 20, 1981V-1Living in Tucson,hated to hear the 'boat'' being decommissioned. Hopefully they will make the right decision and turn it into a museum.Remember the '79 Med cruise well,yes I remember ABH Bell,Matters,Southall,Dirzik,T.Pomeroy,etc G
Wilson, RaymondANJan 1979 – Sep 1980I worked on the flight deck in the V-1 div.
Hernandez, TonyABH2Jan 1979 – Mar 1982V1Wanted to give a shout out to all the flight deck crew. Loved working for Lt Mercer and Lt Pautke n the Bosn. Some of the port visits are still a little fuzzy if ya know what I mean !
Saucedo, Felix Jr. (Bud)BT2Jan 1979 – Jul 1983BStarted out in 1 MMR working for BTC Cedo. Finished out my tour in the BR Shop. Been reconnecting with Kennedy Shipmates for the past 5 or 6 years and look forward to hearing from any of you.
Clark, DarrellYNJan 1, 1979 – Jan 1, 1980captain's officenone
Lane, JoeIC 2Jan 29, 1979 – Oct 2, 1982EWould love to hear from some of you guys I had such a wild and crazy time with. Especially you Bob
Phillips, Robert (Bob)EM3Feb 1979 – Jun 1982E - DivisionWorked in lighting ship, distribution, and flight deck lighting. Cruises included the Med 2x, the Carribean, and Indian Ocean.
Matters, ThomasABH-2Feb 1979 – Dec 1982V-1: Crash&Salvage ; Fly 2 PO ; Tractor KingPortsmouth, work ups, night ops, Boston(OPSAIL '80), Med, Naples, Perth, Mamacita's, piano bar, Egypt, all great memories, but walking off the ship with that pink card in hand for the last time was my best memory.
Blount, HumpET1Feb 1, 1979 – May 21, 1980EC
Mercado, FernandoRM2Feb 8, 1979 – Jun 18, 1982CROutstanding first tour in the Navy: Raised hell, made great friends, traveled the Med & IO. Doesn't get much better than that!
McConnon, LarryABH2Feb 9, 1979 – Aug 16, 1982V3/AirTwo Med. cruises, one Indian Ocean and many, many friends. Portsmouth Shipyard, M22 barracks, chipping, grinding - RED LEAD - work up's, Boston(OPSAIL '80), Naples, Perth, Blinky, Lt. Keith "Johnny B" Good(Auburn Sucks )GO GATORS!
Garrison, GomerhtFeb 9, 1979 – Mar 30, 1981R-divwent to boston for the tall ships, had a great time,wouldnt mind hearing from my old r div shipmates
Phelps, Mike "doc"E-3 ABHFeb 10, 1979 – Aug 26, 1981v-3good ship good cruises, good crew
Crombie, Cromz DaveABEARFeb 14, 1979 – Apr 13, 1982V-2 BOWCATS CAT 1 MF!I was thrilled to see Charlie,Frank and Melvins names here after so many years!! Just saying they friends and workmates Is mute..we were Brothers! There were others in our group.. Scotty,Dusty Chris my bro's bann &
Sullivan, MikeANFeb 19, 1979 – Aug 20, 1981OP/V1
McLaughlin, TyroneE-3Mar 1979 – Jan 1982BTFNI hated painting those damn boilers
Gomez, Mario "ganzo"EM2 (E5)Mar 1979 – Jul 1982"E" then "V-2"C & E and the old arresting gear.....Lots of good times...couple of Meds and IO cruises.....Seen some familiar names on this list......If you recognize my name and want to email....please do.....
Bayer, Brade-4 /en-3Mar 2, 1979 – Oct 22, 1982a-5 eng shopgrew up on that ship, donnie barr,john toye,killer kowolinko, dan mckeathon(boxer) enc morris, enc swenson sorry so many others. remarried, two daughters 25 @24 y/o @ four grandkids also Thor lammatto .
Maddox, DannyCTM3Mar 4, 1979 – Dec 24, 1982OS then ECStarted out as a CTM then went ET. Was a hell of an experience for a 17 year old from Nowhere, Texas !
Herbeck, BobE3 MACHINIST MATEMar 7, 1979 – Jun 21, 1981M 3MMRGood times lotsa travilin and hard partyin in port. Remember 3MMR boiler flareback ears still ringin!!!
Ziegler, HankGMG3Mar 20, 1979 – Aug 25, 1982G1
Lane, JoeIC2Mar 20, 1979 – Oct 2, 1982EWas an IC man and spent most mt time in aft IC, Saw that my old and very good friend Bob Thompson had logged in. Would love so very much to talk at you and reme about the wild and so very crazy time we hadnince
Barrett, KellyMM3Apr 1979 – Jun 19823MMR-4MMR. I had a great time. I just didn't know it at the time. A bunch of good guys and a few alpha hotels. Bella Napoli (the gut). Perth, what can you say.
Loehning, DaveEM CAT- ARRESTING GEAR ELECTRICIANApr 1979 – Jun 1982V-2 Airsome of the best times of my life were on the Big John. I miss all the guys I worked with. If anyone wants to drop me an e-mail. I would love to hear from you. and chat about old times.
Frain, TomBT3Apr 1979 – Jan 1983BIt sucked but it was great. I hope that makes sense to some
Pike, Timht 3Apr 11, 1979 – Nov 30, 1982Rits been a long time, some real good times were had.
Cook, Charles (Chuck)PN3Apr 16, 1979 – Dec 31, 1981ESOLoved almost every moment of it and would do it again tomorrow. Friendships for life earned there. Miss everyone of them. Would love to see everyone again.
Johnson, MojoHT2May 1979 – Feb 1983R and BHave a great day on the Super K !! Did 2 med crews and an I.O. Worked in the foreward DC shop, metal shop, BR shop, and pipeshop. I was one of two HP welders asigned to the BR shop and had the opertunity to work with the BT's and MM"s in the
Elam, Tony profile iconGMG2May 1979 – Nov 1982G-3 Mag RATS & G-1 Armory/MagSprinksMy 1st of many ships. Loved & hated it - Great times with Great men - I RETIRED in 1998 ~ANYONE KNOW ABOUT: AO1 BUZZ PEZOLD or GMG3 ZEIGLER (ZIGGY) ~ GRADY DARNELL ? . . . I Have settled down in small-town, Kentucky ... aah, the good life!
Stott, Timothy profile iconABE1May 1979 – Feb 1983V-2The first and only Aircraft Carrier I served on. Some of the best days in the Navy visiting all the different countries. The best port of call for me was spending my birthday in Perth Australia. I was in V-2 & V-0 Div.
Hoopes, RickBM3May 1979 – Feb 1981DeckCaptain gig crew.
Larcom, ScottMay 1, 1979 – Jan 15, 1983deck
Harbour, RichardABF2May 1, 1979 – Jul 11, 1981V-4I Knew all the guys back then. My house is adorned w/Kennedy memoribilia;model ships aircraf, coasters. I am married w/ 2 grown college bound kids. I got my BA in Philosophy and Political Science and then my Masters Public Administration.
Robitzski, EdwardEM-3May 5, 1979 – Mar 6, 1980Edward died in 1995. this is his brother. the dates are guesses I know he left ship in 1980
Carrecter, Andre (Woops)ABE2May 5, 1979 – Jun 8, 1982V-2 Arresting Gear Gear RatsDamm, the Kennedy Klan!!! Never stayed awake so many hours strait in my life. V-2 A/G. The Whole Damm V-2 div crew was great group of guys to grow into manhood/ young adulthood with.
Carr, AlonzoE-4/RM3May 5, 1979 – Feb 10, 1982Communication/CR
Sklodoski, Davidabf-3May 10, 1979 – Oct 2, 1982v-4
Kline, GeorgeFNMay 16, 1979 – Apr 18, 19814MMR
Richardson, DarrylDK2May 24, 1979 – Jun 26, 1980
Viesto, FrankYN3Jun 1979 – May 1983LegalI will always remember the Big John
Goehl, DaveFTM3Jun 1979 – Aug 1982SAM
Mattina, AnthonyIC/E5Jun 1, 1979 – Feb 26, 1983Interior CommunicationsLooking for members of Steel Fox. (Danny, Jim, Neal) Is anybody out there?
Nigro, MikeLTJGJun 5, 1979 – Jun 29, 1981X-5 DivisionGreat duty station and an awesome group of guys to work with. The Med deployment we made in 80-81 was the best during my 26 year Navy career. Shipmates please contact me via Facebook or by email:
Jimenez, JoeAME-3Jun 6, 1979 – Jun 6, 1982VA-34Looking back I realized some of the best times in my life were spent on the JFK >Thanks for the memories! Hey Collie Dog Or Terry you see this E-mail me.
Coffey, DuaneE3Jun 19, 1979 – Apr 22, 1981Avaition StorekeeperJust want to hollar out all the crew members that work with me during the 1980 MED cruise..I'm still alive and working on retirement short out to my boy Gant,Moss,OZ,lil Keith and Chief Anderson.. much love D.Coffey
Witowski, TomCommanderJul 1979 – Feb 26, 1982V-2To All V-2 Cats n Gear from '79 to '82': You guys were the best! I miss your professionalism and dedication. Mr.Ski
Viesto, Frank profile iconYN3Jul 1979 – May 1983LegalHad great times. Miss those days. Proud to serve aboard
Anderson, Carl J.RM2Jul 3, 1979 – Dec 14, 1982Communicationshad a great time aboard the jfk when i was in the navy. i am looking to see if there is a reunion organization for the ship so i could join it
Ringstad, KellyEM3Jul 19, 1979 – Jun 28, 1982EFound web page and saw a few of my old shipmates( Jerome G. and Chief Holohan ,Fiorelli and B. Lavore and brought back alot of memories.
Lomonaco, FrankE-5/YN2Jul 25, 1979 – Sep 10, 1982WeaponsWeapons Yeoman, G-3 Mag Rat, Special Weapons. I must admit I miss alot of you and Big John. Some special times.
Pantini, MichaelBT-3Aug 1979 – Aug 1983B (3 Main)23 years ago? Wow! And I couldn't wait to get out. I was too young, missed way too much. Still glad for the memories I DO have: 2 med cruises, Mombassa, Perth, and Norfolk/Portsmouth too. Anyone still steaming boilers? Anyone living in NJ?
Hollister, DavidAE3Aug 1979 – Apr 1981AIMD
Abbattista, JosephAO2Aug 1979 – Feb 1983G DivisionWhat a blast ! As we get older and look back at our lives we remember all the good times and the bad ones, just don't matter .It was an honor to serve aboard CV67,with the likes of G.Mahoney,K.Eaton,M.Dasilva & R.Benett
Fusaro, LarryHM2Aug 1, 1979 – Dec 17, 1981MedicalI had a great time aboard the Big John, especially our Med cruise, Operation Sail in Boston, and the Virgin Islands. It was a great time in my life and I hope the Big John becomes a floating museum. Best wishes!
Maloy, ThomasIS3Aug 4, 1979 – Mar 3, 1982OZINTELPLOT still rules!!! Let us not forget our shipmate, IS3 Steve Martin, who we lost in Panama in 1984. P.S.- To: DP3 Sam P. and DP3 Rick M., I still remember all the great times. Thank You.
Robertson, Bille2Aug 12, 1979 – Jan 20, 1980s3as a young man I was impressed by the size and the impact that this ship could do in a war time event she (the ship) would slowly rock you to sleep my only thing was that my berthing compartment was mid ship water line y
Kleinhardt, Duane / KlingerAX2Sep 1979 – Nov 4, 1982AIMD IM3 W/C 670 Cal LabIt's VERY sad to see her go. Last of the non-nukes, I do believe! Hopefully she'll find a nice home as a museum somewhere, and we can all go see her as we remember her. Anybody from IM3 that remembers, drop me an email!
Hecker, RobertYN3Sep 1979 – Oct 1981Captain's Office (X-5)LT Mike Nigro, YNC Jules Sylvera, Jim Tishko, Joe Kenny Robinson, Miguelito Hobiena, Mitchell Simpson CO: Captain Diego Hernandez Admin Officer: LT Brian Deneen
Hohn Jr., RichardE-3Sep 1, 1979 – Jun 1, 1980AIMD IM3I only served a short time but I'm honored to have been a member of the crew.I'm looking for Jerry Cobb who served with me .
Demers, Arthur Peteao2Sep 3, 1979 – Jul 4, 1984weaponshad a great time. made some good friends. would like to hear from some you guys. email=
Carter, JosephE-5Sep 10, 1979 – Mar 15, 1983OA
Johnson, Adrian (Aj)e3Sep 10, 1979 – Mar 18, 1983v4lots of good times lots of good people !!!
Fuller, Rogerasm3Sep 11, 1979 – Aug 6, 1983aimd im3 combat air startgreat time on the ship. wish i could relive it like to hear from shipmates
Nash, LarryMM1Sep 15, 1979 – Mar 5, 1982MStarted in Files & Pubs in B-Div, finished my tour in 3MMR.
Johnson, Phillip (Pea)E-1 E-2 E-3 E-2Sep 16, 1979 – May 2, 1982V-3Blue shirt, tractor driver, tractor king, aircraft handler...all around F_€k up, AllenFTM2Sep 21, 1979 – Apr 21, 1983SAMEnjoyed every second, good, bad, or indifferent, still enjoy friendships started on Big John , look forward to connecting with other shipmates!!
Pierce, JohnMM2Oct 1979 – Mar 1981MMM in 3MMR i served with bill frain bill ramsbuger mike cook steve McCracken bob herbeck jessie beam doc jackson kelly barrett they are some of the crew of 3mmr med cruse 1980-1981 hade a great experence trans to uss fortfisher lsd40 81-83
Roller, JimmyETN2Oct 1, 1979 – Oct 1, 1982ECWorked as an ET for aprox 4.5 years. Looking for other crew members.
McCrory, BrianAB-3Oct 2, 1979 – Mar 12, 1983V4Have we hit the next port yet, Im dieing to lose another stripe.
Toye, JohnEN3Oct 15, 1979 – May 15, 1981AI was assigned to the Boat Shop (A-5). Enjoyed my tour onboard very much. WOuld like to hear from those in A Division at that time frame.
Lansing, Mark profile iconGMT2/GMG2Oct 19, 1979 – Dec 24, 1983"W" / "X-1" (MAA)
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Santi, Luis ? LouieE-5Nov 1979 – Mar 1983
Ward, JohnE-3Nov 1979 – May 1982V-1
Carter, Michael Tony ...cloneSH3Nov 1979 – Apr 1983supply dept.Looking for friends from my Norfolk day's I am really looking for any imfo on Rudolph D Wilson. He left the ship around 1983, he is from philly, PA
Ward, Merline-2Nov 1979 – Jul 10, 1983m
Mydosh, RobertASM3Nov 1979 – Sep 1983VA-46I worked the flight deck as a P/C. I remember working 16 on, 8 off, every day on the BIG JOHN!! Great memories on the JFK. I was with VA-46 on the 80-81 Med. cruise. Have a good one shipmates!!
Fleming, TerryE-5Nov 1979 – May 1983BoilerThanks to all my pit snipes. Job well done!!
Cochran, BobbyAC1Nov 1, 1979 – Nov 1, 1982OC
Ward, JohnABHANNov 10, 1979 – May 8, 1982V-1I was in Fly 1, Fly3, Tractor driver, then in Crash and Salvage with Taggart, Ralph Southall, CWO Hatrmann. and Giddens.
Wilhite, Donald (Bubba)GMM3Nov 12, 1979 – May 10, 1982SAM
Karaconstantis, PeteE-4Nov 21, 1979 – May 21, 1982V-1Hello to everyone who posted on this site. Herb, Pops, Cosmic Kunz and the rest of the crew. How r u all doing? I live in Florida now, and wanted wish my best to eveyone. Had a lot of great times. Hello to Matters, Dirzik, Newc, Carmen
Beam, JessieMMFN TO MM1Nov 23, 1979 – Jun 25, 1987M and AHad a lot of good times. Spain, Eygpt, Austrilia.
Wilson, Robert (Bob)PH2Dec 1979 – Dec 7, 1981OP-Photo Lab and WJFK-TVThe BIG JOHN was a great ship. I served as the manager of WJFK-TV and did all the aerial photography from December 1979-December 1981. We won a CHINFO award for best TV production and were recognized as the best TV station in the Navy.
Gillins, DavidE-4Dec 1979 – Aug 1982Eng - M Worked in #2 main engine room. You got to love it, I did.
Collins, BillHT2Dec 1, 1979 – Feb 12, 1981R & B DivHad a good time, got to know some great people.
Watts, RichardE5Dec 11, 1979 –DisbursingSavoy
Ray, WilkMM3Dec 20, 1979 – Jul 14, 1982AProud member of A Gang on Big John. Lots of great memories, especially liberty ports, but also at sea. Hello to the old gang wherever you may be.
Rapp, StevenAMS3Dec 20, 1979 – Dec 22, 1983AIMDI worked in the Airframes shop. And I was a mess deck master at arms when I made E-4.
Neal, Rick The StickHTFTNDec 27, 1979 – Sep 23, 1983r band drummer for steel foxim still rockin except the pay is way better,talk to me dudes p.s. rick the stick neal
Estey, Delbert GMM3Dec 28, 1979 – Apr 1982SAM DIVLooking for all of the old SAM DIV gang, 1979-1982.
Meuse, JerryE4Dec 29, 1979 – Jun 5, 1983AIMD4Great time, remeber some of it, would like to connect with Chuck Lyons.

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