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USS John F. Kennedy (CV 67) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS John F. Kennedy (CV 67). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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With your support, the retired aircraft carrier John F. Kennedy will return to serve her country as the centerpiece of a world-class, financially self-sufficient family attraction, education and job training center, museum and memorial on the Aquidneck Island (Newport) side of Rhode Island's beautiful Narragansett Bay.

Look through our website at to discover why we think this project is perfect for Rhode Island - including our overall vision, why there is magic in the name "John F. Kennedy" in Southern New England, RI Aviation Hall of Fame's eleven years of experience, our leadership team, and established local political and financial support.

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There are 4663 crew members registered for the USS John F. Kennedy (CV 67).

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Keenan, Gerard 'Jerry'RM11978 – 1979LPO ComCarGru Two. Can't remember exact dates - JFK was 1 of 6 carriers I rode on CCG2 Staff (also twice each on Nimitz and Saratoga)between July 1977 - December 1979; all in the Med.
McQueen, JoeAO21978 – 1980VA-34I never thought I would... but I do miss those years I spent on "Big John".
Gangi, MarkHT21978 – Aug 1981R2 med cruises, GITMO, Portsmith yards..great memories and friends!!!
Hammitt, EdwardHM3, AVT1978 – Jan 1981Medical
Conley, PeteABH-31978 – 1980V-1Yellow shirt, fly-1 and fly- 3
Conley, PeteABH-31978 – 1979V-1FLY-1, FLY-3
Hunt, DennisAG31978 – 1983OAServed in the weather office with AGC Baldwin,AG1 Chris Fakes.Was the first "AGAR" according to AG2 .Pissato.The more time passes,the more fondly I look on those times.Am very proud to have served my country.
Slaght, GaryMS 21978 – 1980S2
White, AllenAO31978 – 1979VF-14
Larcom, Scottbm11978 – 19811st divisiongreat ship
Galvin, Brianms31978 – 1981S-5
Thomas, LloydET21978 – Apr 1982ECThe opportunity to serve on one of the most sophisticted weapons platform was nearly wasted on me. I was impressed the first day I stepped aboard and saw the biggest I beams ever seen and it was right over my head.
Livingston, DaymonATAN1978 – 1978VF-32
Sweet, RayTM31978 – 1981G-3 weapons / mag ratMy first ship, my best ship, best crew mates. Memories for a lifetime. Left the navy and joined the army as a combat medic. 22 yrs of military service. No regrets. I hope my shipmates have had smooth sailings.
Shaw, KevinHT21978 – 1980repairWorked in forward damage control. Let me hear from you.
Smith, DannyBt21978 – 1981B division 4mmrFun times
Napier, RandyAK31978 – Jan 23, 1980S-1Looking for friends I worked with.
Young, ScottABE21978 – 1982V-2Still my all time favorite command. Had some of the best years of my life on Big John. Currently still working DoD ALRE/SME Mayport Fl.
Jimenez, DavidBM2(E5)1978 – 1982First DivisionI will never forget losing power for 3 hours in the Bermuda Triangle.
Kreal, George (Mike)et-21978 – 1980operations/communicationsJimmy Roller / Gary Kornbluh, if you're out there give me a holler
Francis, JamesLN21978 –X
Ramsey, Tyrone profile iconph31978 – 1980admin
Vining, DavidAT2Jan 1978 – Nov 1980VS32/IM3Had some good times and met some great guys. Made 1 and a half med cruises. Looking to contact old friends.
Kolothros, AlexanderAE-2Jan 1978 – Jan 1981AIMD IM3 W/C 650 Sace Shop (VA-34)I have accomplished many things in life, and my time onboard the Kennedy was a special time. Not only did I proudly serve my Country, but I also was able to visit many places. The people I met, and the cultures experienced are still fond memories.
Shannon, ShawnETN2Jan 1978 – Jan 1981ERSPA-25, SPS-10, Supply Petty Officer, Scrounger, Electrical Safety Petty Officer, Shore Patrol. Credited with knocking Capt Tuttle on his butt when entering the Bridge while carrying a heavy O-scope.
Dickson, JohnMM1Jan 1978 – Sep 1980MHAD A LOT OF FUN DOWN IN 3 MAIN
Clarkson, Norton Corkye-1Jan 1978 – Aug 1979V-4I had no idea about how important my job was, but did it well anyway
Aube, RichardMS 3Jan 1978 – Mar 1980S 2Have made contact with one former crew member. Would love to hear from some others.
Ramsey, NickBM2Jan 7, 1978 – Aug 10, 19823rdThe John F Kennedy aircraft carrier was my first indoctrination to Unity tightness friendship and it was a floating city it was my first Tour of Duty and introduced me to the wonders of the United States Navy
Mulroy, TomAO2Jan 8, 1978 – May 22, 1982G/Weps
Werth, GregJan 12, 1978 – Jan 4, 1981b
McQuaig, Victor (Frank)CTO3Jan 18, 1978 – Jun 19, 1981OS
Keech, BlakeAK2Feb 1978 – Sep 22, 1981S1Think of some great friends often. All kinds, colors and sizes, awesome folks.
Dick, Charles profile iconABE2Feb 1, 1978 – Sep 25, 1981V2 A/GInteresting times. Learned a lot and made some good friends. It is a wonder how little i knew back then.Would be great to hear how you guys doing.
McGrath, Pat(Philly)MSSNFeb 10, 1978 – Feb 6, 1981S5wondering what ever happened to some of the guys I served with on Big John.Had lots of fun saw lots of great places and killed many brain cells. Like most guys swore we would stay in touch but didn't love to hear from u
Rodriguez, MannyIS2Feb 16, 1978 – Jun 5, 1981OZ
Rohr, DavidAGANMar 1978 – Aug 1978WeatherI worked in the weather office for awhile then in the aft CWO's quarters till the day the Kennedy left for the 1978.We were at sea one time and lost an A-7 off the cat.Its not listed in the accident section.The pilot died.
Lindey, Doug "Dj"MS3Mar 1978 – Aug 1981S-2 Div.Worked in the aft galley, bake shop, butcher shop, veg locker, egg grill, forward galley, over the 42 months on board worked about anywhere we served food. Made lots of great friends with all the food, Great memories too
Ward, HubertmssnMar 1978 – Mar 1981S-5 officer's mess
Nelson, Gary profile iconHT3Mar 1978 – Jun 1982RFirst ship out of Boot, learned a lot and loved it all
Peffer, BillE4 / ABH3Mar 1, 1978 – Jun 21, 1980V3Fun,,,Fun,,,Fun...Med cruise etc...
Johnson, StephenYN3Mar 24, 1978 – Mar 12, 1980Personnel OfficeMediterranean Cruise (June 1978 - February 1979) Captain Jerry O. Tuttle, USN NEVER TO BE FORGOTTEN!
Wynkoop, RobertApr 1978 – Feb 1979Mardet
Peterson, Robert (Pete)EM3Apr 4, 1978 – Oct 17, 1981EAfter finding this sight, I found a lot of old friends. It brought back a lot of really good memories. Hi Kelly, Greg, Jerome, & all the others(too many to write). Keep in touch.
Bingham, BillIS2Apr 11, 1978 – Oct 16, 1981S5 then OZ"Wish I could turn back time".... four of the best years of my life....3 med cruises....on dry dock...and lots of good times!
Edmonds, RickyIC 3May 1978 – Jul 1979E DivisionHey All, Anyone in the IC gang, holler at me at
Winfrey, JohnBT1May 1, 1978 – Jan 1, 1985B
Stewart, Charles E4May 1, 1978 – May 1, 1981OC
Siebe, BarryABE3May 2, 1978 – Jun 1981V-2Looking through the Cruise Books, thinking of some of you guys. Some great memories from the days we sailed, the places we visited, the trials and triumphs.
Hargrove, Steven JameelE3May 3, 1978 – Aug 3, 1981Deck Division Nine months Med cruise. The gut Naples however Boston tall ships was the best port ever !!
Goetz, RobertRM2May 4, 1978 – Aug 28, 1978Radio shackI never thought I would like JFK. But I have a lot of good memories.
Hylan, John / HondoanMay 10, 1978 – Oct 18, 1981v-iShared some great times and made some great friends hope to find some on here please write to me at my email address looking forward to hear from some old friends and shipmates take care
Smith, DougAKMay 10, 1978 – Jan 3, 1982V-2I worked in the Maint Office with Jim Neary, providing tools and parts for the Cats/AG/IC group.
Sheldon Jr., August P.MS-2/ RET. LTCOL NGMay 16, 1978 – May 24, 1979VA-46- 3rd ward officers messGreat crew like Tomlin and Rappenchcuk and the others like Sandi McCloude Miss the old days better that Iraq was when I was deployed with the N/G as a Military police and communicatiions Officer attached to Navy units
Peacher, JoeMMMay 26, 1978 – Feb 10, 1982mworked in mmr 1. loved it.
Peacher, JoeMMMay 26, 1978 – Feb 7, 1982mworked in # 1mmr. loved it!
Mattucci, WallyANMay 28, 1978 – Nov 12, 1981V2 BOWCATSMAN UP !!! All unnecssary personal clear the Flight Deck Catwalk area. Some things just never go away, Hope life is all good for you guys.
Heim, FredAO1(AW)Jun 1978 – Jun 1981G-3 MAG RATSMy vary first ship in the navy and dam proud to be a part of such a great ship and its history.
Wilson, LarryAMS2Jun 1978 – Feb 1979VFP63 Det 2
Harig, Edward [pappy] profile iconmm-2,mm-1Jun 1978 – Jun 1983m-div.
Cole, DocHM3Jun 1978 – Jan 1982H Was proud to serve the men of the ship. I worked in the Emergency triage, flight deck corpsman and the OR. Had a wonderful time on the cruises and especially the Virgin Islands during shakedown. Sad to see her gone.
Rivera, Pete/rivABF2Jun 1978 – Dec 1981V-4 Div.Would like Ray Knotts and Jim Swink to drop me a line on this site. I still talk to Bob Goldinger and he is doing well I hope you fellows are the same.
Firth, JefferyAC3/E-4Jun 1978 – Apr 1981OCReflecting back on my time about Big John I can only say that it was the BEST of times but also the WORST of times. I think everyone should experience time aboard a carrier- maybe it you make you respect others more!
Carter, KenASE2Jun 1978 – Jun 1980IM-4Combat Airstart across the passageway from Disbursing. Great ship, great shipmates and great times sailing the seas. Would like to connect with Eddie Puckett and DeWayne Brady. Shoutout to Siebe.
Briggs, MichaelAWCJun 1978 – Jul 1980OXOX Division chief and Beach Guard
Searles, KenCTO2Jun 1, 1978 – Jul 1, 1981OS
Large, AlanAW3 / AW2Jun 1, 1978 – May 27, 1980OXGreat people - Only now do I understand what the Navy and the people mean to me. Thank all of you for the wonderful memories and it was an honor to serve with you.
Farber, Randall (Randy)YNCJun 1, 1978 – Jul 31, 1981OperationsOperations Leading Chief
Shelly, ShellypoJun 6, 1978 – May 22, 1982communicationssearching for billy maccarthy from port washington ny met him diring tall ships boston
Beach, JeffBT3Jun 12, 1978 – Jan 1, 19814MMR
Holth, Sylvia A. MooreHT3Jun 15, 1978 – May 1, 1981rhad a blast worked on pipes no what i mean
Harig, Edward [pappy]MM2/MMCJun 20, 1978 – Jun 30, 19831mmrbest crew and ship that i have served with.
Tuttle, Lewis (Skip And Jerry O )ABE2Jun 26, 1978 – Jan 12, 1982V-2I enjoyed the guys and all the fun we had The bow cats is were we made thing happen
Montgomery, Aaron PaulBT2Jun 26, 1978 – Sep 1, 1981BGot aboard three days before the 78 med deployment. Was still aboard for the next one in 80-81. Made a few good friends. Worked in the Automatic Boiler Controls shop.
James, JohnAE-3Jun 29, 1978 – Feb 8, 1979IM-3Attached to VAQ - 133. Cruise from Virginia to the Mediterranean.
Pierce, Bob profile iconabfanJul 1978 – Dec 1981V-4Afternoon sports fans, SLUF speaking. what a Capt. great to find this site. and hope to hear from friends. getting old enough for it to feel like a lifetime ago. so v4 between '77 and '81 drop me a line.
Falcon, EdgarMM2/Machinist MateJul 3, 1978 – Jan 20, 1981M-Division AMR Enjoyed all the times the "SuperK" was out and about. Great ship and worked with a group of great guys. Hope to hear from some of you guys soon.
Bolis, GeorgeAK1Aug 1978 – Jun 1980S1A
Wasserman, LarryE3Aug 1978 – Jul 1980S2Worked fore and aft galleys
Heidbrink, VictorE-5Aug 10, 1978 – Apr 15, 1979VS 32I served aboard big John twice, 78-79 and 80-81 memories of the Med, man I miss those times of youth, but the stories tto tell of those days keeps Big John it my heart, to all those who served semper Fi
Storey, Johnms3Aug 12, 1978 – Aug 10, 1979s-3Was checking out site found people on list from division would love to hear from made alot of friends,was the best time of my life email I'm looking for Robert. Fitz Fitzpatrick
Livingston, DaymonATANAug 18, 1978 – Dec 25, 1978VF-32
Kyle, JamesEM2Aug 19, 1978 – Feb 22, 1983EWorked every shop cept elevators. If you're out there Malcolm, give me a shout. Love to catch up - miss you old pal
Marini, BobOS3Sep 1978 – May 20, 1982OIWas aboard Big John 3yrs.7months and can say now I enjoyed the time aboard her and would like to hear from the guys.
Dunlap, RonMS3Sep 1978 – Aug 1981S-2Worked in the Aft Galley had the egg grill for 2 years so I saw everyone for breakfast. Big John was a great time.
Glafenhein, HerbABH3Sep 1978 – Oct 10, 1982V-1Work on Flight Deck / Supply P.O. / Had A great time Meet alot of great people, seen alot of great places.
Rivera, Concepcion (Ray)e3Sep 1978 – Apr 1979air opssaw spain,italy,egypt.took a pic of the bow as she rose in 40 ft waves.still have it.was chased off the catapault nets iwas laying in.what a rush! god bless all my fellow crew members.
Scott, ScottyAirman Plane CaptainSep 1978 – Sep 1980VA-46 ClansmenMy first ship, young 18. Enjoy all the many ports we visited. Really enjoyed Italy, got to visit Rome. Straight from learning about it in books to seeing up close. Great memories!
Phelps, Michael "doc"Sep 13, 1978 – Aug 26, 1981v-3 glad i served, great ship and crew
Dolby, GregEM2Sep 20, 1978 – Oct 22, 1981E
Tomlin, SamMS3Oct 1, 1978 – Jul 27, 1981S-2Worked in officers dinning, fast food galley up front and the kettles aft galley also worked egg station.Spent Xmas in Naples 1980 what a trip.To much drinking to many woman would love to do it all one more time. Hun a sun hun say what
Ramus, GeraldOSSNNov 1978 – Feb 1981OIHey guys...I'm still around andwould love to hear from you.
Leach, DaveBT3Nov 1978 – Jan 1981B 1mmr oil labwas definitly a trip of a life time, wouldn't trade the experience for anything. got a career and a free trip around the world. met and worked with some really great people,
Clark, LarryfnNov 1978 – Jan 1981ELot of memories. would like to re connect with Chip Flanders (R-Div) He and I were pretty close but lost touch
Smith, Dannybt2Nov 1978 – Jul 19814MMR
Smoot, GlennAT2Nov 1978 – Apr 1982AIMDWC 640 - ECM Ships Co. Hi Klinger Hi Scully, still have the bag you made for me Served from '78 dry-Dock over haul to "82 Med / IO departed in the IO via BIOT - Diego Garcia ( the mosquito sandbar )
Ferguson, RayABH3Nov 1, 1978 – Jul 28, 1981V0
McCroskey, GatorBTF3Nov 10, 1978 – Jun 10, 1982B4mmr had a good time didn't think so at time but think of all my friends . I learned a lot about life . Miss all the guys . Yarway,Ziggy,Decker,Anderson ,ferman,Bear,Henry,Speedy, and a 100 others.
Housel, ClydeBTFNNov 28, 1978 – Apr 6, 1982B-Division Oil LabAhoy Shipmates.. served w/ the crazies in the lab +all the mains.. anyone who remembers email me- at the cold Atlantic could roll but "BIG JOHN" could cut Through her like mommy's green Jell-O..
Blackburne, DavidE-3Dec 1978 – Dec 1980V-1Anyone remember ABH Bell or the others in V-1? Or me? 79 Med. cruise?
Shaw, EricMS3Dec 1978 – Dec 1981S-2love this ship
Faram, MarkPH3Dec 10, 1978 – May 14, 1981OPBrig Rat in July - August 1979 Made 3rd Class in Palma, Mallorca in Dec. 1980. Was one of first sailors in the "stacks" after they blew in July, 1980, delaying our Med Cruise.
Short, Bill (Shorty)GMTSNDec 10, 1978 – Aug 31, 1981Weps
Ireland, DarrylabfDec 15, 1978 – Apr 15, 1981v4i hated the navy but the guys kept each others heads up. the crew was the best and our ship was mighty.anyone remember my ol azz can call me in N.C. @ 252 209 4197
Turner, EdwardMM1Dec 29, 1978 – Nov 11, 1983M

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