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USS John F. Kennedy (CV 67) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS John F. Kennedy (CV 67). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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With your support, the retired aircraft carrier John F. Kennedy will return to serve her country as the centerpiece of a world-class, financially self-sufficient family attraction, education and job training center, museum and memorial on the Aquidneck Island (Newport) side of Rhode Island's beautiful Narragansett Bay.

Look through our website at to discover why we think this project is perfect for Rhode Island - including our overall vision, why there is magic in the name "John F. Kennedy" in Southern New England, RI Aviation Hall of Fame's eleven years of experience, our leadership team, and established local political and financial support.

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There are 4663 crew members registered for the USS John F. Kennedy (CV 67).

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Soucy, Richard1977 – 1979Grape Ape
Davis, GradyCOMMANDER1977 – 1981Air BossThis is in honor of our dad & husband who passed away in 1998. Betsy, Mike & Patsy Davis
Rankin, JeffABF2 / ABF11977 – May 29, 1979V-4
Roper, FrankMS-21977 – 1979SupplyOut of the 9 ships I served aboard during my 20 years, duty on the Kennedy was the worst.
Kurth, BobHT21977 – 1981
Harvey, Jef profile iconIC11977 – 1982EC EDSWorking with the Steve, Dan, Mike and the rest of the mission planning, ET and EDS teams was an honor. I wish you all the very best. I hope the ham radio station I helped acquire is still up. Blackmailing the XO for the dartboard was a joy.
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Langdon, Jon/bullitCV 671977 – 1980V-1I am not sure of these dates. My mother said they were pretty accurate. Jon passed away in march 03. I know for a fact he wouold have been sad to see her go. I was raised on that ship for the first 6 years of my life. I am Jon's son Mark.
Struck, RayJO31977 – 1981PAOWas the editor of BFN. Enjoyed working with and writing about the thousands of interesting and hard-working crewmates.
Flieger, EdwardABF31977 – 1981V-4Lakehurst NJ ,Workups off the NC coast, 2 Med cruise, Porthmouth. Liberty launch rides at 2am from Naples. Priceless. Proud to be a Grape. God is good. God is great. God is an Aviation Boatswain Mate.
Trent, Clarence (Trent)E51977 – Jun 6, 1979COMMUNICATIONS
Randell, Billy profile iconMS31977 – Jan 1978SupplyWas assigned to fire watch detail while in the ship yard in portland VA, then assigned to officers mess
Mans, SteveMM31977 – 1981Engine room #3Looking for old friends that work down in MMR#3
Ramsden, RobertOS-21977 – 1979Master at ArmsWhat a great ship! I was on board for Med Cruise and then we went to the yards. I remember a shipyard worker losing his life due to an arsonist. I hope some city finds a safe place to preserve this fine, old warship.
Bronk, Michael (Hook) profile iconABH21977 –V3Onboard for the 78 med cruise. Looking for Johnny Ellerbe I heard he may have made chief ABHC(But the cruise book spells his name incorrect as EllerGe) He followed me around station to station for 8 years!
Hart, JamesABF-31977 – 1978V-4 Flight Deck/QCBig John was my last Ship before getting out, would like to hear from fellow ABFs that I had the Pleasure/Privilege of serving with.
White, NickBm e31977 – 19791st divisionWanting to hear from anyone who served with me 708-426-9073 also looling for tim mulligan .great ship!!
Grabowski, Edward "Ski"IC2Jan 1977 – Sep 1977Worked in the Telephone Exchange.
Garner, Joey (Doc)PO3Jan 1977 – Dec 1980MedicalLooking for all Medical Department who served from '77 to '80! Great Ship Good Times!
Quinn, JohnE-5Jan 1977 – Aug 4, 1981OXI was originally assigned to S-7 Div in 1977 and was transferred to OX Div in 1980. Served under Captain John Mitchell, Captain Jerry Tuttle, Captain Lowell Myers and Captain Diego Hernandez....all great Captains.
Carpenter, PaulBT3Jan 2, 1977 – Jan 1, 1980Oil Lab EMO1/B
Lommel, Richard TGM / SMJan 3, 1977 – Aug 22, 1979G DIV / DCPO HI
Holl, BrianAME2Jan 6, 1977 – Mar 14, 1979Airwing VAQ133Spent a lot of time TAD to GAG-Lox. Worked with many good people. Mac, Bubbles,and a few other ones from each squadron. It was a good crew we had fun. VAQ-133 AME crew was G fink C Davies,E Reynolds,Jay(wallye)M Tabor other good folks. Regards BH
McCarthy, Benny (Bmac)RM2Jan 6, 1977 – May 1978CRGreat Tech Control bunch, RMC Noe, RM1 Beam, RM1 King RM1 Hawk, RM1 Caldwell and Rm1 Hodgkins. Rm3 Berurbe, Rm3 Stein can't remember everyone but a great bunch of RM's.
Burdick, StevenABH2Jan 7, 1977 – Jun 29, 1980V1
Burdick, StevenABH2Jan 7, 1977 – Jun 28, 1980V-1For all you guys who servied in V1 on these dates give a yell at
Chomiak, GordonETSNJan 11, 1977 – Aug 8, 1980ECTwo things come to mind, "It was the best of times, it was the worst of times." and "Happy to be here, proud to serve." When times were going bad, I remembered when I was happy. Rejoined the Navy in 1989, retired 1999.
Taylor, DockYN2Jan 14, 1977 – Jun 8, 1980X-3/SafetyI was assigned as a yeoman striker for Safety Department and later assigned to Ship's Admin as a yeoman 2nd class. Served under Captain Jerry O. Tuttle.
Ayers, DanMM3 TO MMFNJan 15, 1977 – Jan 15, 1981A-2 Steam & Heat/ A3 AC&RLooking back was it was the best 4 years of my life. I miss the times and the guys i worked with in A 2- Randy C,ED N,Steve Z, Scott D. And A3 gang Jim G. Ray, Jim O, What great times we had. 3 Med Cruises and the countries we seen. Awesome
Henault, GaryAK3Jan 15, 1977 – Feb 19, 1979VF-14Attached to VF-14, TAD to Supply Dept S-1a for both the 77 and 78/79 Med cruises.
Ayers, DanFN 3Jan 17, 1977 – Jan 16, 1981A AC&RIt's been 28 years and now that I look back it was the best time of my life. I miss all the guys I worked with in A Division- Randy C, Ed N., Jim, Mike, and MMC Callahan.
Bruno, JeffBM2Jan 17, 1977 – Jun 27, 19801st 3rd
Brenno, BrunoBM2Jan 27, 1977 – Jun 27, 1980bosun detail 1st
Jackson, RayCV-67Feb 1977 – Oct 1980S 3Looking for old Friends
Wilson, RoyIC 3Feb 3, 1977 – Oct 13, 1980Interior CommunicationHad some fantastic times aboard the big John. Made couple Med. cruises. Made some great friends as well. Back in my home town working at a University as a project manager and own a liquor store with my wife.
Barada, ChrisOS3Feb 10, 1977 – Jun 30, 1978OIEnjoyed working with the OI Division gang.
Mulkey, AlbertBM2/E5Feb 15, 1977 – Sep 1980Deck Department, 2nd Div,Found Mark Chambers and other 1976 to 1980 members
Martin, Kevin Aka Fat Daddybm2Feb 15, 1977 – Aug 20, 1980first divisionback to back med cruise with a shipyard visit to portsmouth, va
Pickens, JimABHAN/ABH-3Feb 20, 1977 – Jul 20, 1979V-1The Big John was the best ship I ever saw. I came on in Naples, left from Portsmouth, VA. Saw the world. So many great friends. I miss you all. So happy to hit the road with those papers! The Super K will always be a big part of my life.
Davis, DavidAQ2Feb 24, 1977 – Aug 10, 1980VF- 14 AIMD/IM-3Two Med cruises: Lots of fun now that we're looking back.
Glover, HalETR3Mar 1977 – Jun 1980ERWorked on IFF/SPS-10
Smith, Mike SmithAME3Mar 1, 1977 – Jun 1, 1979VS32Spent alot of time in Italy,Spain,and Egypt
Eckhardt, CarlAX3Mar 1, 1977 – Jun 1, 1979VS-32
Gibbo, PatrickIC2Mar 4, 1977 – Jul 10, 1979Interior CommunicationHad some Great times aboard the one and only JFK. Made a Med. cruises. Made some great friends. Joey, Scott, and the whole IC team.
Kribbs, Michael profile iconE-4Mar 14, 1977 – Feb 11, 1981Sales S-3Went to boot camp in Orlando, Florida. Served om the USS John F. Kennedy CV-67 until February 1981.
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Martone, DonEM3Mar 15, 1977 – Jul 11, 1980EI worked in the Electrical Safety shop, lighting shop, catapults and elevators, and distribution. Has anyone heard from Mike Sines, Dennis Antonnachi,Kelly Ringstad - I see you on the list! Bart Lavore?Tony Warzecha?
Densmore, RalphMM2/MA1Apr 1977 – Jun 1980Master-at-Arms ForceGreat times, SUPER Commanding Officers and a SUPER ship! Best crew and ship I have ever had the pleasure to serve with. ~ MAC Ralph E. Densmore, USN, Ret.~
Walker Jr, Bob ABF-2Apr 1977 – Sep 1979V-4Shout out to the V-4 division guys I worked with for almost 3 years. Remember the repair crew guys (Wheeler, "buckethead", "Ski" Curtis etc. and below decks crew ). "I'll gladly pay you Tuesday, for a hamburger today"
Edwards, TomE3Apr 1, 1977 – Dec 9, 1979X2 (post office & ship's radio and tv station)worked in the post office and then ran the tv and radio station. sad to see the kennedy decommissioned. by all accounts, it was in bad, bad shape. it certainly wasn't in the late 70's.
Lipiec, PaulABE2, E5Apr 1, 1977 – Sep 1, 1980V2, CatapultsV2 division waist catapults, and Bow catapults
Lipiec, PaulABE2Apr 1, 1977 – Oct 5, 1980Air Department, V-2 Division, CatapultsWhen I was 18 years old, the Big John was my Safe Place. It was an Honor to serve this Great Country In the United States Navy.
Battenberg, JeffreymmfnApr 1, 1977 – Jun 21, 1979MWorked with a bunch of great guys I’m mmr4
Long, MichaelETN2Apr 15, 1977 – Aug 10, 1981ERHeard about this from the son of a WWII veteran and thought I would log in and add my name to the Kennedy Klan list.
Mccallum, William LeroyRM2May 1977 – Oct 1979CommTTY Repairshop, made 2 Med cruises, one Carribean cruise and One Drydock Period in Portsmouth. GREAT TIMES! WHAT A SHIP!
Hagerman, RussellBT2May 1977 – Dec 19793MMRBeing on the Kennedy was some of the best years of my life. I grew up in a Navy family, and although I have been out for 25 years, I still feel the draw of the Navy and especially carriers.
Odum, BillAirmanMay 1977 – Dec 1980V-2 Waist catsgood times and some bad a lot of good friends and good times half a med cruise in 77 then portsmith yard then back to the med in 78 to 79 then the yard again then back to the med in 80 i would like to hear from ship mate
Powell, David (Hutch)MM3May 4, 1977 – Feb 4, 1981A HydaulicsJFK was the best group of friends I could ever have asked for. I was known for all the Karate classes on the mess deck. I did my watch in aft steering. I enjoyed the two MED cruses and miss the men I served with. Hat off to you. David
Poole, BrettDT3May 16, 1977 – May 27, long ago and it's still the 3 longest years of my life.
Bowen, James/buckBM3May 19, 1977 – Jan 2, 19811stJust remembering some real good times I do it again if i could
Belli, VincentMM3Jun 1977 – Dec 1980M Division, 3MMRGreat time on board , looking for Steve Mans and Mccracken and anyone else from 3MMR , e-mail me at or on Facebook
Gonzales, Salvador (Gonzo)PC3Jun 2, 1977 – Aug 14, 1979x-2just looking for old shipmates. reach me at hope too hear from someone
Williams, RonaldE3Jun 10, 1977 – Oct 1, 1981Aircraft ground supportLooking for a buddy of my husbands that was on the Kennedy with him, Grant Dyerly not sure of the spelling, been over 30 years. My husbands name is Ronald Williams; he had a lot of poker buddies; someone should remember that skinny sh*t.
Patten, ScottIC2Jun 15, 1977 – Jul 8, 1979E"Big John" was my second and favorite ship. Being an IC2, I was in virtually every compartment on that boat. I have fond memories of several guys on there, Joey, Pat, Steve, Curt and the rest of the crew in the aft IC shop. Hope you are doing o
Sedgwick, KimBM3Jul 1977 – Apr 22, 1979!stWas an eye-opening experiance. Came from a fast frigate in 1977. Finished out my tour as one of the Boatswain Mates on the Bridge. Met some fantastic friends, saw some beautiful countries
Villanueva, JosephPO3 / BMJul 1977 – 1978BM
Miller Jr., Robert R.CORPORALJul 10, 1977 – Jan 9, 1980Marine DetachmentI served aboard JFK for 2 years and 6 months. I arrived in the sumer of 1977. I can still remember where our detachment is located. I worked in the office of the Marine Detachment the entire time on board.
Pierce, Robert / BobAbfanJul 15, 1977 – Dec 25, 1980v4Worked our a $$ off but still a lot of good memorys and Good friends.
Chavous, R. HaroldAT1Aug 1977 – Sep 2000IM-3I really did NOT have a good time!
Scarborough, JohnnyBT1 E6Aug 1977 – Sep 1982B
Steve, MillerAO2Aug 1977 – Jan 1980G-3 Mag RatsI miss all the friends I made
Burkhart, DavidGMT1Aug 1977 – Feb 1978W
Campbell, TimABH3Aug 1977 – Jun 20, 1981VO DIVISION PriflyGreat friends, Great times, Great ship, Thanks commander Grady Davis
Williams, MarkABE3Aug 1977 – Jan 1979V-2 Maintenance OfficeTransferred from USS FDR CV42 after decommissioning.
Damstetter, LeonardE-4Aug 1977 – Aug 1980EC&E shop best time of my life any one out three drop me a line
Tinnon, BradleyE4Aug 1, 1977 – Sep 1, 1978X-2Postal clerk/ depending on my behavior painting ship parts.
Clark, BernardMMCSAug 15, 1977 – Aug 15, 1982EngineeringI reported aboard the day the the ship returned from the Med in 1977 as a MMC a signed to "A" Div. Later transferred to "M" Div. till I transferred back to shore duty in 1982.
McLaughlin, HowardE-4Aug 16, 1977 – Mar 29, 1981S-5Was assigned to the officers mess S-5 divisin under master cheif Carey
Bobbitt, MarkIS2Aug 18, 1977 – Aug 17, 1981OZ
Storey, JohnMS3Aug 20, 1977 – Aug 10, 1979S3Just looking for old shipmates.
Hayes, ScottET3Aug 22, 1977 – Mar 3, 1978Ships company
Ashmore, RichardENSIGN TO LIEUTENANT (JUNIOR GRADE)Aug 30, 1977 – Oct 10, 1980B & R Officer Best tour of my twenty-one year career!
Temple, Charlie profile iconAO3Sep 9, 1977 – Jun 15, 1979G-4
Flores, Nestor (Pr)mm3Sep 10, 1977 – Jun 6, 1981A-2one of the best times of my life just wish i knew it.if you remember Hutch,starsky,david, My roommates tom,robert
Blas, Steve/eddie MunstersrSep 15, 1977 – Aug 5, 1978communicationsi am a nurse was a radioman and currently ham radio operator ke7zpg
Sanchez, Cesar (Cid/satch)ABF3Sep 17, 1977 – Sep 17, 1981V-4Great to hear from old shipmates. A treasure trove of memories and unforgetable good times. If only I could turn back the hands of time.
Reid, Gordon (Huck)ABHANSep 21, 1977 – Jan 27, 1981V-1i work fly -1 crash +salvage
Nagy, Jimy NagyRM2Sep 21, 1977 – Feb 13, 1981commthose who knew me --- know
Smith, Ross E.ABH2Oct 1977 – Jun 1980V-1
Mccombs, BillBT3, BT2Oct 1977 – Jun 19801mmr, Oil LabWas a great ship and some great times.
Lite, DonABF2Oct 1977 – Jul 1981v-4Would like to hear from friends in v-4 division.
Vick, Eric (Tony)PH2Oct 1977 – Mar 1981OPHey this is Eric(Tony Viccino) Vick looking for all the photo people . I was in the lab from 77-81.Spent some time in CVIC . Like to hear from anyone.Anyone seen "wild Bill" ? Great times.Headed to Italy next week.
Pomeroy, TimABHANOct 1977 – Jun 1981V-1 DivisionBig, grey & underway-man its been 30+ years. V-1 was "tight", miss you guys & think about you often. There was nothin like working up on deck, good times in the Med. & hangin with you deck-apes. LORD bless you old salts
Manning, Greg (Archie)AT2Oct 1, 1977 – Jul 1, 1978Master At ArmsThis was an educational and interesting duty. Diplomacy was an important function of this position. Made a lot of friends, and probably pissed off others when upholding the regulations, nothing personal, just doing the job.
Alden, RaymondAB3Oct 15, 1977 –V-2
Lenhart, ThomasOS2Nov 1977 – Jul 1981OIHell of an experience! Sorry wasn't able to say goodbye to anyone. I still think of Barba to this day. RIP buddy.
Krause, KeithAMH2Nov 1977 – Dec 1980AIMD IM2Boston was the best time. Guys like charlie Dubois, mike farmer, steve becker, T.J., and Martin hoopengarner. Pete Gablien who went to the COD crew. And Frank stores. Ships company Ogara, bill coombs, and N.D.I. lenard.
Bothwell, Mark (Chico)AMS 3Nov 1, 1977 – Aug 31, 1980VA-46Hey Guys from 46- give me a call! Chico
Lavore, BartIC2Nov 12, 1977 – Aug 28, 1981ElectricalIf we are going to be out here, we might as well do some damage! 4 years with some of the greatest guys you will ever meet!
McCracken, Big MacMMNov 12, 1977 – Apr 12, 19813MMRWOW What Happened!!!
Krause, Keith A.AMH2Nov 15, 1977 –AIMD IM-2Served as shop supervisor, division cheif general worker in the Aviation hydraulic shop W/C 540. I didn't know she was decommissioned. Wish i couldof been there
Krause, Keith A.AMH2Nov 15, 1977 – Nov 30, 1980IM2 hyraulic shopmet some great people there Mike Farmer, Steve Becker ,Frank stores, T.J. Jay lopshansky .alot of card games good liberties and people in our shop
Johnson, AndrewEM3Nov 22, 1977 – Sep 9, 1979EI was the worst of times, it was the best of times.Glad I don't have to do it again.Pickworth-if you read this e-mail me.
First, AnthonyE-4/SK3Nov 23, 1977 – Aug 30, 1980SupplyBig John was and still is the best experience I've ever had in my life, The entire crew was a complete Team. The best SK's in the NAVY
Bragman, JohnathanPH3 TO PHARDec 1977 – Nov 23, 1979Photo Lab - TV Station - Bird Farm NewsStayed stoned as much of the time as possible, before urine tests. Never got caught. Want to hear from other OP Div, BFN and PAO at the time. In particular Gary Zavatsky, Ray Struck & George Argentos. Help museum in MIAMI.
Brassaed, DavidE-4Dec 1977 – Aug 1979V-2 Aresting GearChief Woods ABE-3 Peacock ABE-4 Crosby
Thompson, PeteYN3Dec 1, 1977 – Aug 16, 1979Engineering/Career Counseling OfficeI went to the Kennedy as a BMSN from the Distoryer USS Basilone in 1977 & when I got there I ran into a friend from back home in La Crosse,WI (Bob Fitzpatrick) lived 2 or 3 blocks from him. He was a 2nd Class Cook onboard, Man did I eat good.
Boucher, DonMM2Dec 1, 1977 – Jul 7, 19803MMRHere's to all the "Snipes" of the great JFK who kept "8 burning & 4 turning" down in the holes.
Charter, JeffreyFireman E-3Dec 3, 1977 – Jul 6, 1979IC E3Big change.. Submarine Service to surface fleet aircraft carrier! Really enjoyed IC dept. and hearing Chief Durcharme calling out CHARTER!!!!! Loved the med cruise, especially Egypt and the Majorca Islands!!
Schwartz, JefanDec 7, 1977 – Oct 9, 1979v1
Bragman, Johnathan "braggy"PH3 TO PHANDec 16, 1977 – Nov 23, 1979Photo Lab -TV Station - Bird Farm NewsStayed stoned as much of the time as possible. That was before urine tests. Fortunately never got caught. Would like to hear from OP Div. at the time and from BFN and PAO people. In particular Gary Zavatsky, Ray Struck, and George Argentos.
Walker Jr., RodneyABFDec 20, 1977 – Oct 21, 1979V4

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