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USS John F. Kennedy (CV 67) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS John F. Kennedy (CV 67). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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With your support, the retired aircraft carrier John F. Kennedy will return to serve her country as the centerpiece of a world-class, financially self-sufficient family attraction, education and job training center, museum and memorial on the Aquidneck Island (Newport) side of Rhode Island's beautiful Narragansett Bay.

Look through our website at to discover why we think this project is perfect for Rhode Island - including our overall vision, why there is magic in the name "John F. Kennedy" in Southern New England, RI Aviation Hall of Fame's eleven years of experience, our leadership team, and established local political and financial support.

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There are 4663 crew members registered for the USS John F. Kennedy (CV 67).

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Crocker, Bruce LADC1975 – 1976VAQ 133was aboard nov '75 when collision with Belknap occured.
Peters, Mark J. (Nort)HM31975 – 1978MedicalI was the operating room technicial and ran the Emergency Room.
Lehner, John "Coolman"OS1975 – 1977OIWHAT A RIDE
Goggans, BillHM21975 – 1976VA46/MedicalWorking flight deck night of Nov. 22, 1975. Met a lot of heroes that night Anybody seen Doug Barry or Bill Wall?.
Cleary, Vincent (Saltydawg)OS1975 – Nov 1978OIHell of a GOOD time, wish I could remember most of it. Didn't we have alot of fires? Surface Ops was my thing. I realy do miss you guys, I don't think anyone ever has friends like they do when they serve together.
Blankenship, JimADJ 31975 – Jun 1977Looking for old line crew members from VF-32
Floyd, Timothy (Pinky)AT31975 – 1976VAQ-133"WIZARDS" AT Shop flightdeck troubleshooter. It was the best job I ever had! I had many memorable experiences and a couple I would care not to remember (11/22/1975). Best wishes to all my shipmates from VAQ-133 and Big John!
Swartz, ChuckASE21975 – 1976VF-14/ tad to AIMD GSE ShopMade 1975-76 Med Cruise and I remember very well the night of Nov 22 1975
Swanson, Bill (Swany)OS21975 – Jun 6, 1978OIHow is it that you can miss something so much, something that you thought you hated at the time My, how times have changed. I'ld love to hear from my shipmates. I think of you guys often.
Laverty, BillYN31975 – 1977HS-11WORKED IN ADMIN/PER OFFICE.
Poirer, VernonE-31975 – 1976VS-21Made the 75-76 Med cruise with the airframes division of VS-21. Anyone from VS-21 who was aboard feel free to contact me at
Lee, TerryAC31975 – 1977ocI was an air traffic controller on board the kennedy on the med cruise that was involved with the belknap. would like to hear from anyone in the division on that cruise
Burkhart, Joseph Burkhart1975 – 1979V-1
Sowash, AlanOS21975 – 1978OIA part of my past I'll never forget
Place, TimMM31975 – 1978O2/N2 Plantlooking to see whos still around...had some good times....
Fonner, Raymonde31975 – 19782nd
Ede, JeffreyHM21975 – 1976medical / VA 34
Brumley, KennethYN31975 – 1976X Div.Supply PO and in coming and out going mail yo in the cap office
Broome, Darrellao-31975 – 1978AO
Rhyne, JimEMFN1975 – 1975E-Div (Main Lighting)
Kadlec, Tome21975 – 1977cook
Gilmour, Jackms-31975 – 1978s-5Some of the proudest years of my life. God bless America
Fournier, Thomas HM11975 – Feb 15, 1979H - Div / X-4 Div
Huffman, DarrelAZ21975 – 1977IM-1
Farmer, RickeyAT1(AW)1975 – 1995VF32 / IM5Twice with VF32 and once Ships Company Cal Lab IM5
Swarmer, Greg profile iconAO21975 – 1977GFlight deck ordnance shop when I left. Transferred to forestall. Remember dillay, duff, price, Williams and playing spades
Tuck, Douge-51975 – 1976vs-21
Hartley, MmikeIC31975 – 1979E DivisionSome of the best times in my life meet a lot of good people. Shout out to Foxhuber, Kirby Curt Little ,Tom White ,Waithe Healy,Big Mac, Tucker, Granfield,,Willie Monroe, Bodner Lavore, and Rob Roesch,Duran ,Wally,Duanne
Drusedum, JohnDS11975 – Feb 27, 1980EDS - CVICEnjoyed touring the world with these guys! Landed via the COD while at sea somewhere off Turkey. Joined the CVIC crew and later became the Work Center Sup.
Walker, Dick profile iconOS11975 – Oct 27, 1978OI
Jarrett, Jack profile iconLt. (Grumman)/GS 111975 – 1981Grumman"Will never forget the dep we ran out of milk. 79 days without seeing land." Grumman rep A-6 and F-14s.
Taylor, WayneIS3Jan 1975 – Jun 1978OZNever have forgotten the great guys I served with on the Kennedy.
Klotz, SteveAT2Jan 1975 – 1979VAQ 133Bordelon, lost Phoenix, Alexandria, Dubrovnik...
Brower, JohnABF2Jan 1975 – Aug 1977V-4
Ramos, Angel/angeloE 3Jan 1975 – Aug 10, 1980AC
Mock, Joee3Jan 1975 – Jan 1977s7had a good time and many good friends
Price, Robin "Bone"E-5Jan 1975 – Nov 1978"G"Looking for other who served during this time. Want to start planning a reunion before the next USS John F. Kennedy is commissioned
Dana, MeadABE 3Jan 1975 – Nov 1975V2Worked w/some of the best in the gear,Manning, Cheek AB1 Hand The best of the best).Left just before the big crash.
Snow, RichardAOANJan 1975 – Apr 1976G DivisionLooking for shipmates from this time
Blackwell, RogerHM3Jan 1975 – Jun 1976Medical
Ison, JoeBT@Jan 1, 1975 – May 22, 1977B
Peterson, Marshall (Pete)AE-2Jan 1, 1975 – Jan 1, 1977vs-32
Sullo, TonyAO2Jan 1, 1975 – May 23, 1979Weapons DeptWeapons Department 1974-1980 Come check out our Group at
Colby, JohnDS2Jan 1, 1975 – Jun 8, 1978EDS
Martin, Henry (Trip)MM3/6Jan 7, 1975 – Jun 1, 1979MThe very best crew and ship that I served on. Inspired me to want a Chief Engineers job and that is what i did on the USS Juneau in 1992. Can't forget the Belknap incident, I was on watch 1MMR, MMOW. Enjoying retirement, holla at me, lets talk.
Kincaid, MichaelAE2Jan 10, 1975 – Aug 21, 1977AIMD/INSBest and worst of times. I was there for the Belknap incident. 2 Meds and a Nato
Arvelo, Billac3Jan 12, 1975 – Jun 20, 1978oc catcci was on her during the belknap incident ...and i remember the 2 here that were in catcc.. wow what memories.
Relstab, Wayne (Stab)AD2Jan 12, 1975 – Aug 16, 1977VS-32 MaulersPalma,Egypt, Yugoslavia Germany and Naplesx5. I attended the decomissioning ceremony.I remember how proud I used to be when I came back from liberty and looked up at her Anyone from VS 32 contact me at
Schober, CharlesABE2Jan 20, 1975 – Jan 10, 1979V-2/X-1A lot of memories, some bad, some not so bad.
Baldizzi Jr, John profile iconABE-3Jan 28, 1975 – Jul 28, 1978V2Had some great times and made a lot of great friends.Saw the world on uncle Sam's dime.
Peterson, Marshall (Pete)AE-2Jan 29, 1975 – Jun 14, 1977vs-32
Taylor, LennyMM2Feb 1975 – Jul 19784MMRWill never forget Belknap.Just after 10:00 pm local time. Great engine room and great crew (Yes,including BT's) Lots of great memories.
Hemenway, Kenton (Duff)AO3Feb 1975 – Jun 1978gfwd mag, flt dk, aft mag, 11/22/75 what a night,SLUF
Nicholson, Ben/muskratRMSNFeb 1975 – Feb 1978CRCan't believe its been over 30 years. Miss a lot of shipmates.Would like to hear from anyone who might remember me.
Crite, Jerry(Soudabay)AOANFeb 1975 – Jun 1979VA46 ClansmenI worked in the best Ordnance shop in the Navy.But I can't say it was on the best ship. USS America was the best.(sorry!!)
Bumgardner, BillABHFeb 1975 – Aug 1978V-3Looking for any V3 crew mates who served when I was aboard Big John.
Fano, Mike FlamoETR3Feb 1, 1975 – Nov 1, 1977ER
Hocker, StanABE2Feb 1, 1975 – Feb 1, 1977V-2
Molitor, Terrance "Tex"IS 3Feb 5, 1975 – Jun 27, 1978OZIn spite of the 'hardships'suffered, I really enjoyed my two Meds and one North Atlantic cruises. I served with some of the finest enlisted and officers who ever served in the USN! And the brownshoes weren't too bad either! texoz13@yahoo
Luffman, EddieETN3/2Feb 5, 1975 – Jul 28, 1978ECMy first duty station out of ET "A" school. Thought I had been screwed. Turned out I made some good memories and some great friends. Glad she is to be mothballed and not sold as scrap. To all of her crew: Fair Winds and Following Sea
Mozakis, George (Greek Tex)HT2Feb 10, 1975 – Jun 20, 1978R-DIV.,FWD-DC & SHEETMETAL SHOPALL HANDS R-DIV.! Hey guys, found this web site looking for JFK shipmates, Sam Samuelsen and others. Please call to catch up! 210-650-5225. Had lot of good times! Lot of sea stories. Went to 1st JFK Reunion on 9-9-11
Frei, AjASCFeb 11, 1975 – Nov 9, 1976aimd ground support shop chief
Curtis, GaryOS3Feb 14, 1975 – Feb 13, 1976OIGood times and not so good times with good shipmates.
Kincer, Glenna03Feb 27, 1975 – Feb 27, 1977GServed on hanger deck and flight deck. Made 2 med. cruises. Was onboard during Belknap collision.
Aquino, JamesRMSNMar 1975 – Mar 1977CRWas on both collisions, lost f-14, fires WOW How did we make it lol. Will never forget my time on BIG JOHN Miss hearing from all my friends. Been alot of years gone bye hope all is well . Will party for 67 one more time have a good rest
Belanger, Arthur/ ArtAG2Mar 1975 – Apr 1978OAWeather office - On board during Belknap. Anyone remember painting while hanging in the nets after that collison? How about Naples?
Boden, John DE3Mar 1975 – Aug 1976X OWorked in the Print Shop, right next to the Photo Shop. Engraved a helluva lotta Zippos with every VIPs name on them! Was there for the Belknap collision, was working Mess Deck at the time. Amazing how much you miss something you hated then
Garms, DickBT3Mar 1975 – Aug 19764mmr
Young, TonyEN3Mar 1975 – Feb 1978A-Gang/ Boat Shop
Clavery, Jr, Roderick/rizzoBM3Mar 1975 – Nov 19781st/3rd
Hunter, BobASE-2Mar 1975 – Jun 1978IM4
Prettyman, GreggE-3 PHOTOGRAPHIC INTELLIGENCEMANMar 1, 1975 – Oct 15, 1977OZThe time I spent on my Kennedy, "Big John" and my world travels during that youthful time in my life are some inportant experiences that shaped my life. I often think of the time I served in the US Navy with a variety of important memorie
Clavery, Roderick/rizzoE4 BMMar 1, 1975 – Nov 29, 19781stHaze Grey and Underway! Got to the point when I started to bleed 'grey' blood. LOL I remember that night, Nov 22, 1975! WOW Good crew though.
Conlon, StephenABE3Mar 3, 1975 – Mar 3, 1979v2
Norman, EdwardE 4Mar 3, 1975 – Sep 1, 1977Marine DetachmentServed aboard the JFK in the Marine Detachment, for almost 2 years. Loved the duty and loved the ship. Had a great time....right up until I wrecked the adimirals car in Naples. The Navy didn't care for that to much.
Connelly, FrancisHM3Mar 10, 1975 – Sep 22, 1976MedicalTransferred to Bethesda Naval Medical Center " C ",school, then transferred to Great Lakes Regional Med. Honorable Discharge August 1978. Hello to all my mates in the Medical Dept. You were all great people!!!!
Hoff, DanEN-2Mar 15, 1975 – Sep 20, 1978Eng A gang3 Med cruises 1 North Atlantic Cruise before going to shore duty
Kaiser, WilliamAT3Mar 15, 1975 – Oct 15, 1977VAQ-133Served with some great Men, I think of them often.
Smith, Mark (Mr. NTDS)OSApr 1975 – Aug 1978OISure would like to go to sea with her again, best time of my career
Bruns, Steven, Breeze/breezlyMMFNApr 1975 – Apr 1978M, 2MMR2 MMR. Hated the Navy but miss all the good friends. Miss the brig too:p. 6and 6 feedpump watch burned me out. Still a boiler engineer to this day though. I hated being a petty officer, fireman was much better.
Fletcher, Robin / FletchBT3Apr 1975 – Aug 1979BJust a great time hard work and seen the world in which I have never seen since. Any old buddies out there please email me at
Hazel, JoeAWCApr 1975 – Apr 1978CV-TSCCapt. Tuttle saved my life when he ordered me to Portsmouth Naval Hospital for Alcoholism. The JFK and TSC crew were the best I ever served with. I have been sober since 4/1/1978; ordained minister; have my own private practice.
Tudor, GeneAO1Apr 1, 1975 – Apr 10, 1977GShips Armoror. Would like to hear from any shipmates
Edwards, Fast EddieBTCApr 1, 1975 – Apr 1, 1980B
Doll, Joe (Dollbaby)BT3Apr 2, 1975 – Aug 15, 1977B 4MMRHad a lot of good times with you guys and would like to hear from all. I'm still in the business but have never worked with a more professional group. We were the kings of pit snipes in every way both good and whatever. Hope all are well Joe
Otto, PhillipAG2Apr 5, 1975 – Apr 29, 1978OAHey AGs
Tragesser, MikeHM2Apr 20, 1975 – Jun 30, 1976Sick BayI will always remember how we shined on the night of the Belknap. Those poor broken burned boys got the best care by the best team I have ever worked with. Seems to me everything since has been easy. Bless you all. Doc, SFFD
Copeland, JimEM2May 1975 – Mar 15, 1976EOnward through the fog. God, I hated that ship. Those were the worst 11 months of my life. Mid-ocean collision, anchoring outside the seawall, out of control master at arms, shore patrol in Naples. I did enjoy Palma tho.
Cerbasi, GeorgeEM3May 1975 – Sep 1978E Div.Met some of the best people I know.Characters one and all.
Litogot, GaryABF1May 1975 – Dec 1979V-4Retired 11-1991 as CWO3 on the Nimitz. I had 5 carriers under my belt, but the Big John was the BEST! Vinson was a close second. The Navy was good to me and would love to do it again. Probably as a ABCM though. ha
Roesch, Robert/roachemMay 5, 1975 – Dec 1979emGood to find this site. Been wondering about all you guys. Had some very good memories. I share them with my friends now. Hope we can get together some time & have more good times.
Pinney, GaryADCMay 10, 1975 – Feb 18, 1978natc pax riv acls certifacation then vaq 133
Woodrich, Marvinmm3May 15, 1975 – Sep 1977MWorked in 2 main
Dobleman, MarkAO2May 17, 1975 – Nov 11, 1981
Stratz, StephenAX1May 28, 1975 – Sep 25, 1979EDSI'm proud of the time I served on the Kennnedy. I belive the crew and ship served its nation well. I'm sad to see the JFK retire. It was a great ship.
Watson, Dean (Dino)AMS2Jun 1975 – Nov 1976was line puke with vf-14- worked with oaks,smitty,touchton,leroy,hall,hamil,brownie,schrader,,senior chief kaiser,garner,schuver,olsen, lt. baker div. "o", schier,worthy,huey. what a bunch of misfits. Good memories. oh yea, herbie kaplan
Tuttle, JamesOS2Jun 1975 – Apr 1980oiport and starboard got to be a way of life
Miller, Darrylao1Jun 1975 – Aug 1980VF-32lot of memories
McKnight, Briane-3Jun 1975 –s-3was on her when the belnap hit us.
Brown, FredPO3Jun 6, 1975 – Aug 16, 1976OCI still have my cruise book from the Med. I witnessed the collison with the Belknap from vulture's row.
Brown, FredrickAC 3Jun 8, 1975 – Aug 16, 1976CATCCGlad it's over.
Fahey, MikeLCDRJun 10, 1975 – Sep 4, 1977engineerin
McGirr, SteveBM3Jun 15, 1975 – Jun 15, 1978Deck-2ndI was in 2nd division from 1975 to 1978. I would like to hear from anyone who was in 2nd division from 75-78.
Hemphill, RickyAQANJun 18, 1975 – Sep 1, 1976AIMD W/C 650Was onboard that fatefull night of 22NOV75, assigned to R Division doing Vents and Voids. I remember that night and still have nightmares of it, but enjoyed the many Ports of Call that we did have in the Mediteranean Sea.
Thompson, TomBM3Jun 22, 1975 – Dec 24, 1975Xwas attached to VAQ 113
Noe, RaymondRMCJun 25, 1975 – Sep 15, 1978CRReported in June 1975 as an E-6. Assigned to CR Division, Facilities Control. Promoted to E-7 in 1976 and relieved the Facilities Control CPO. Alternate billet was Radio Officer. Departed in September 1978.
Mangum, JimAO2Jun 28, 1975 – Jan 27, 1976VF-32Made 1975-76 Med Cruise. Returned to JFK in 1998 as a Reserve AOCS with VFA-203, but it seemed like only yesterday. Best wishes to all former shipmates. Fair winds and following seas to a fine ship.
Allen, LawrencePC-3Jul 1975 – Jul 1978
McPherson, Dennis (Mac)AO2Jul 1975 – Aug 1979GServed with a great group of guys. Wonder how the years have treated you? Served in the magazines, hanger deck, flight deck. Two Med cruises and one North Atlantic. Will never forget the collision, my comrades, or the countries we visit
Laubscher, ByronJul 1975 – Mar 1979EThree Med-Cruises, one North Atlantic, and two crashes, Anybody hear from DW, Johnson or Basketball Jones?
Anderson, ErnieAD2Jul 1975 – Aug 1977VA 34Great memories. Launched me on a successful career with GE Aviation
Fiduccia, Joeyem3Jul 1, 1975 – Jul 1, 1976catapolts and elevators electricalit was thebest of times and ... well you get the picture.never went to the brig ! loved chief butcher specialy when reservest lt doyle tried to get me in trouble and chief B said not in this mans navy..chief leo jones to
Beahr, MarkMMJul 7, 1975 – Apr 10, 1977m m.m.r. Nov.22 1975, I won't forget that night. 2 med cruises a north atlantic and carribean cruise. We were a steamin' machine! Only fond memories remain of "Big John"! Best wishes to the guys in 1.m.m.r.
Smith, MichaelIC2Aug 1975 – Jun 12, 1978Looking for the old boys. Granfield,tucker,Hamond,Coughlin and JJ Heslin
Proctor, PaulMM2 AFTERAug 1975 – Oct 1977Aworked in weapons elevator shop with a great bunch of guys, i realize now that they are some of the best friends i have ever known or ever will know.
Cantrell, Barry/ BubbaBT3Aug 1975 – Aug 1976B MMR4/4Main @17 I walked out of a Hilo first thing heard 'Welcome aboard Big John, Dildoe of 6th fleet!' spoke by a MA1 Mercy! Billet 4 main were I was 22 Nov 75 @2200.GQ 01 Long night!. Recived my GED@ NATO- Naples, I sort of grew up on Big John
Weber, DouglasMM3Aug 1975 – Oct 1979M
Galloway, WileyPC3Aug 1975 – Aug 1977AdminGreat ship, enjoyed serving onboard. 2 Med cruises, North Atlantic, Order of the Blue Nose, had a Great time.
Carter, MarkE-3Aug 1, 1975 – Mar 30, 1976
Albright, Keith/fuzzAO2Aug 17, 1975 – Aug 17, 1979VF32 / AIMDJim Mangum, you left VF32 as I arrived.
Proctor, PaulFNMMAug 25, 1975 – Oct 31, 1977A divison- A8 Weapons Elevator ShopAlso served as liberty boat boat engineer during port calls
O'Connor, GregMM3Sep 1975 – Dec 1977A gangWorked in the wepons elevator shop. Saw the world just liked they said, met the widest range of people, learned all about drugs, sex, and rock n roll. Glad I was there, miss the good old days.
Thomas, Donald (Don)ADJANSep 1975 – Jul 1977VF 14I had alot of good times on that great ship.Does anyone know Calvin Dukes? I miss working on the F-14
Brown, Steven "babyface"DS3Sep 1975 – Oct 1979There for Belknap and Bordelon, miss all my old buddies in EDS div. Good times in the IOIC. Retired now after 29 years in Navy and Army guard and reserves.
Coyle, DanielANSep 1975 – Jun 1976V2 Arresting GearDid my S2M time for V2 then went to Arresting Gear working for AB1 Bob Manning. Left for A school in June of 76; ended up with VA-37 on the USS Saratoga
Thomas, RalphSep 1975 – Nov 1978VASTGreat memories
Drusedum, JohnDS1Sep 1975 – Feb 24, 1980EDS
Fernandez, Anthony P.CWO-4Sep 1975 – Sep 1977EDSGood memories of "Big John," especially of my shipmates in EDS Division who gave me their support and friendship. Retired from the USN Dec 1979, and from DOE contracting in 2004...Enjoyed as much as I could stand!
Cable, JosephAMHANSep 1, 1975 – May 15, 1977VA-72Recently revisited the ship, not much had changed. Went Navy Reserve in 76 and retired as AMHC. Currently teaching NJROTC.
Noble, ArcherMM2Sep 1, 1975 – Jul 1, 1980A
Strum, DavidABHANSep 1, 1975 – Feb 18, 1978V-1
Nicholson, Randye3Sep 15, 1975 –VS 21 Fighting Redtails. age 17 . 75 Nov 22nd, recall it well. 2200 Flight ops and GQ's
Gundersen, EdwardCWO3Sep 15, 1975 – Aug 31, 1977S-6It was an interesting 2 years. Endured 2 collisions: one that should never have happened and one due to mechanical failure.
Torres, JoseABH 3Sep 22, 1975 – Jan 6, 1976v-3I served on the JFK 75-81. Lot,of fun .great ship.Hope to see more guys who served during those years on the board.
White, JackABE Sep 28, 1975 – Sep 28, 1978V2 - Waist Cat ThreeHello to the crew of Cat 3 !! Chuck Martin, Chuck Sapp, "Sweat", Weeks, Jose, Jeff. Way too many names to remember but I will never forget our time as shipmates. Remember Sept. 14th 1976, I was under that Tomcat !!
Houck, DanRM2Oct 1975 – Apr 1979CRProud to have served aboard such a grand ship!
Litogot, GaryABF1Oct 1975 – Dec 1979V-4
Pugner, MarkBT2Oct 4, 1975 – Mar 17, 1980pit snipe
Barnes, Victor profile iconSK3Oct 15, 1975 – Jun 26, 1979S-1Was in charge of 13 Storerooms for about 2 yrs. Wondering where some shipmates are from that time. Randy Moss V Div? or Bob Wagner? Write me at or call my cell 630-776-8118. Lived in the Chicago area
Pultz, Barry profile iconMM 3 busted to ( MMFN)Oct 15, 1975 – May 15, 19792 MMR and AMR SO2: BUTT/ Butterly,CRANK Caldwell, Marc Tobey,ROCKO,SKIBO,RADAR,TACO,WOLFMAN,jeff Besaw Jim Peele,WILLY,Eric Frobom,BREEZLY,PEEWEE Henslee,Hornsby, WOODY,Lee Roth,Bill Carrol,Hooker,BT's J Bachman,Jimmy Rector,LUGS.
Kennedy, HowardRM3Oct 20, 1975 – Apr 24, 1979CRRaised some hell, had some great times and made some great friends. Big John, you deserved better!
Patton, Duane / Generalemfn/em3Oct 21, 1975 – Sep 10, 1978E-divhey to laubscher and copeland. I see vanmenter and can get in touch with herberger and fritts. Where is pin?
Mince, MikeE-3Oct 22, 1975 – Mar 18, 1978AAC&R shop. Much love and respect to Paul roberts, Sully Sullivan,Willie Wangonstein,Turdbird Tarman, Randy Camillari, and the kanook brothers. I didn't know it then, but it was one of the best times of my life!
Withee, DavidAO3Nov 1975 – Aug 1979G (G-2)The best of memories! Sad to see her out of service. Anyone who served with me, I'd like to hear from you.
McNamara, James NathanAANov 1975 – Sep 2, 1976Aviation Bosun Mate
Turner, CarlABF2Nov 1975 – Aug 24, 1979V-4Anybody remember the jam sessions in sta.16. Good times! Best wishes to all that served on Kennedy. There will always be a special place in my heart for those years. I hope.every one is well.
Young, JohnFa-mm3Nov 1975 – Aug 1977m 4mainFantastic 4main Yea Willie, Furman,how bout ya john boy, P J, BU BU BU Benny and the jets Ens. Boogie Boogie Joe Doll, Crazy Clyde the bearly trainables
Lewis, John Mountain ManMMNov 1975 – Mar 1979A2 Steam HeatReaching out to Rob Brost, the big nut, Greg Eames and Mike and Dick St Pierre, Carol "Fuzzy" Bland
McPherson, PaulskcNov 1975 – May 1979s-1There was a great bunch of sailors in that division. I enjoyed each deployment with all of them. Thanks to them I was promoted to SKCS when I departed the ship.
Nicholson, RandySNNov 5, 1975 – Feb 5, 1976VS-2117 years old ,flew in from Los Angeles,Ca. Worked in the Galley ,Collided with the Belknap and steamed back to Norfolk. What a ride it was. I'll never forget the smell of JP fuel or those 8 who died on the anniversary of JFKs death. Nov 22 1975
Martin, SteveLTNov 10, 1975 – Aug 30, 1977IM-2
Placzkowski, Anthony (Ski)SHSR TO SH2Nov 14, 1975 – Jan 6, 1980S-3Reported in Dec 75 transfered in Jan 80. Never forgot the times or the friends. Looking forward to catching up with old shipmates. Drop me an email. I live in Jacksonville, FL now.
Williams, TerrySeamanNov 19, 1975 – May 26, 1976WeaponsOrdered to the fleet before I went to A school at Great Lakes. Served in the weapons division while aboard. Caught the ship during the Med cruise and got to go to Barcelona and Palma before the ship returned to Norfolk
Miller III, Howard ARM3Nov 22, 1975 – Apr 15, 1979RadiomanAfter leaving USN I went to work for AT&T and retired after 32 years. I had a fantastic time aboard the JFK as a radioman. The memories of those Med cruises and the people I met will remain with me forever.
Kelsay, TomICCSNov 23, 1975 – Feb 27, 1977E
Adams, DannyDM2Nov 23, 1975 – Dec 10, 1979G-3I worked as a Mag rat in G-3 Div as a striker...when I crossed rated to Illustrator Draftsman I was transfered to The Washington Navy Yard in DC There I was transfered to the Navy Annex.
Vanmeter, Jdem3Nov 25, 1975 – Nov 21, 1979e_divisionlooking for old friends.the navy basically was a drag but i met a lot of good people. it did help open some doors for a career after i got out. I'm currently an electrician in local46 .hoping to retire in another in one
Cummins, TimEM3Nov 25, 1975 – Nov 25, 1978E-Divisionhey JD,General Patton, we made the best of a bad situation now didnt we, gotta admit there was way to much clorine in the ships pool every morning, our eye were always red.LOL...want to hear from Herberger or Cerbasi
Butterly, JohnMM2Nov 26, 1975 – Jul 13, 1979MMiss the big crash but had to clean up he mess.The Med & the North Atlanlic were great.Work in 2MMR & AMR.Shine those brass buttons & deck. Oh ya don"t forget about the bilges.Party hard too.
Flynt, BobGMT2Nov 26, 1975 – Feb 14, 1979WBest W Division in the NAvy
Goodinson, Ron profile iconAO3Dec 1975 – Sep 1978G DIV.Some memories fade with the passage of time. Not the ones spent with my shipmates. God Bless the Peacekeepers.
Mancini, RobertE-4Dec 1975 – Sep 1977G-Division Mag ShopLONG MAY IT WAVE. Can't believe the names that are showing up. Somehow we all survived crashes, fires and collisions while refueling. Worked hard, partied harder.
Diot, TomASM3Dec 1975 – May 3, 1979IM-4 AIRSTARTI learned a lot about Gas Turbine Engines (APUs) but hated going to sea and living on the ship. Got to visit the North Atlantic, Egypt and other countries.
Lanigan, Patrickbm3Dec 1, 1975 – Feb 10, 1979first
Friend, JimET-1Dec 3, 1975 – Jun 21, 1979EC/ER SINS Work CenterGood Shipmates!!!! A long 3 1/2 years... Great liberty!!
Stribling, CharlesLTDec 5, 1975 – Apr 27, 1980V-0I served with the best sailors in the Fleet. Long Liive "Big John"
Norton, Trell WillybootABE-3Dec 5, 1975 – Aug 15, 1978 V-2 Bow Cats/Flight DeckHey,Most dangerous job that I ever had .Was young and dumb.Found 3 friends,Scott H, John Baldiizzi and Guy Nowatka(SKI). Had a BLAST !!!Who else from V-2 or Waist is out there? God Speed.
Pierce, Dalerm2Dec 7, 1975 – Jun 25, 1980cr
Barlow, MikeQM2Dec 15, 1975 – Dec 15, 1981NavigationGreat Shipmates and ship
Payne, JeffAO3Dec 20, 1975 – Jul 1, 1979GWould like to hear from shipmates. Planning a trip to Boston on motorcycle this summer.

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