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USS John F. Kennedy (CV 67) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS John F. Kennedy (CV 67). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 4662 crew members registered for the USS John F. Kennedy (CV 67).

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Carlstadt, WilliamEM-21974 – 1977E- divisonMy departure from "Big John" by being catapulted from the flight deck in a C1-A aircraft was so exciting,I became a private pilot
Young, SteveAO1974 – 1977G3Retired as an AOC. Living in Roselle, Illinois. Also served on CV 41 and many P-3 squadrons at Moffett Field California.
Bullins, Steve/kozmoSMSN1974 – 1976comm.It was the best and worse time of my life. I miss all the guys from the signal bridge. Remember the Belknap.11/22/1975. skullbones,gribbo,macado,gilles,buger,wildman,brock,shitoutski,greeves,rob,hogge,beck,tony,erv. i miss you guys.
Langberg, JonAT31974 – Aug 1977VA-34 Line CrewI was truly changed by this ship. I loved and hated it at the same time but Big John was home. Serving on CV-67 was possibly the greatest adventure of my life.
Blackburn, DennisABE-AN1974 – 1976V-2 BOW CATSJerome where you at ? Good times on the BIG J. We should of kept in contact!! Any one from V-2 Div. give me a call !! 740 482 2902
Finckbone, DwightETR31974 – 1975ER Div.
Caldwell, Rick (Freak)AC41974 – 1977OC (CATCC)I had a great time on the best ship in the Navy. The med cruise was a blast with the exception of the Belknap incident. Still remember telling the pilot to go around when I looked at the monitor and saw the flames!
Argentos, GeorgePH31974 – 1979OP Division The guys my age and rank were great.
Pigott, DavidAO21974 – 1976VF-14 Ordnance ShopDidn't realize how ,much I would miss the Flight Deck and the people I nserved with. Today is Nov 22nd, remember the Belknap! And remember my old friend Chevy PN3. We were the best damn squadron in the Navy!
Hargraves, MarcPH31974 – 1977OPWhat a good time to be in the Navy. So many great places to explore and interesting people to meet. I feel very lucky to have been part of such an amazing experience. Hope to hear from some of you.
Shelton, RickeyE31974 –V-4Have some great memories! See some guys I remember on the site! Hope everyone is well!
Pennell, BrentAE31974 – 1977IM3I worked in work center 620 which was in the tunnel all the way forward. Was on board when the Belknap incident occured.
Edwards, FrankRadioman 3rd class1974 – 1976CommunicationsMy brother and I were stationed on the JFK in 1975. He worked in personel and I worked in the Radio Shack.
Trosclair, David (Grave Digger)E-31974 – 19773RD
Woolheater, Mikems31974 – 1977S-5I will never forget Nov.22,1975, I will also remember the good times . Learned to play harmonica aboard "BIG JOHN" and am still playing 39 yrs later. I look forward to hearing from crewmates.
Fike, Terrymssn1974 – 1978S-2I first worked in the galley supply, then worked in the spud locker and the butcher shop. had a lot of fun meeting new friends and seeing [art of the world.
Schaub, Jamesmmfn1974 –engineeringI look back on the time I spent fondly
Holmes, RickBM31974 –1st Div
Hoffman, JonAO31974 – 1976GDid A lot and Learned A lot. Most Times Were Good, Some were Bad. 11-22-75. Just a bad night all around. David A Chivalette, We all Lost a Shipmate, He Was My Friend, He Was My Brother. Yeah Dean, That was me.
Greenberg, MarkE21974 – 19761MMR
Mazur, GaryIS1974 – 1976OZDidn’t know it at the time but my time in the Navy shaped my future career, life and Love of God.
Starnes, PhillipRetired Commander1974 – 1976USS KENNEDY 67Phillip V Starnes is my deceased father. I would love to hear from anyone who knew him and was on the Kennedy with him around the time of the fire or anytime. Please email me
Hildebrand, GaryFirst Class1974 – 1979Too old to rememberGreat times with great people. Was fortunate enough to see the med three times.
Scott, Theirn (Scotty)ETR2Jan 1974 – Jul 2, 1976ECOperated and Maintained the SINS in Forward IC. I hope to make the decommissioning in Sept if it happens
Klemm, BillLtJan 1974 – Dec 1976M DivMain Engines Officer, Boilers Officer. Engineering Officer of the Watch during USS Belknap collision and Ship Fuels Officer during USS Bordelon collision. 10 years later became Chief Engineer.
Hayes, RichardDS1Jan 1974 – Jun 1977EDSThe 3.5 years I spent on the JFK were some of the best times in my life. Made good friends and learned so much about life, leadership, and systems
Spicuglia, TonyET3Jan 1, 1974 – Jun 1, 1978EC / Television StudioA poignant Look at a fine time. What was found aboard the USS John F Kennedy will remain special. Moments too valuable to leave behind.
Kincaid, MichaelAE-2Jan 1, 1974 – Aug 15, 1977VA-34 AIMDGreat times. Served under Cpt. Tuetel (not sure about spelling) aka sluff. Belknap collision burned into my memory.
Wiede, Michaelmm3Jan 1, 1974 – Dec 5, 1975mlooking for shipmates who was in Norfolk va. shipyards. looking for Donald russo, my bronks conn. iworked in 1 main during the repairs went to cuba for carrier qualls, I was on throttles.
Lavery, JimABE3Jan 1, 1974 – May 15, 1977V-2 DivisionServed at FWD Catapults and then transfer back to arresting gear where I was the flight PO for two cruises. I have retired from the US Army as an 0-6 with deployments to Iraq and Afghanistan.
Lett, FredE4/ABEJan 3, 1974 – Feb 4, 1977V2Where is everyone? Jose, Smitty, Russell, Martin, Sapp, Abad, Delziet,Brewer,Nista,Frenchy,Peaches,Meeks. Man I just relived some old memories. Hope everyone is fine. I am living in Crosby Texas just outside of Houston.
Moss, MikeE-5Jan 3, 1974 – May 1977VA-72I worked in the avionics shop of VA-72 specialized in ECM. I grew is Jesus with many of my crew members. Still have my wife of 40 years, 3 kids. Retired USCG after the Navy and have served Jesus as a missionary since.
Smith, John Truitt "Jt"E-5Jan 4, 1974 – Jun 14, 1974HM-12Embarked on the JFK which was the AMCM flagship in 1974. Operated off the Suez to clear the minefields in support of Nimbus Star. Would like to get in touch with any aircrewmen and shipmates/ship's company who served aboard CV67 & LPH-12/14, 73
Goulet, TomE-3Jan 6, 1974 – Apr 4, 1975V-4I worked below decks in the pump and filter rooms and lived in the lower forward compartment. I had a great time, I only wish I would have stayed in the Navy. Would like to hear from any shipmates that remember me..
Bartlett, Jay "black Bart"AO2Jan 8, 1974 – Mar 8, 1978VA-46 & AIMD Ord ShopHad a lot of good memories on and off of Big John. The sailors that i worked with were the best the Navy had to offer. Like to hear from old friends.
Clark, TomHT-3Jan 12, 1974 – Aug 8, 1976R-DIVGot stuck as Office Guy with Lt. Manvel, Ens. Lurchbacker, and Chief Johnson. Worked in Pipe Shop with HT-1 Phelps. Worked the DC Desk and NFP. Had fun on the MED Cruise. Italy was excellent.
Frei, AjascJan 15, 1974 – Jul 15, 1976aimd ground support shop chiefHad the best support equipment men working for me they never let me down. Everyone in the shop gave everything they had and more. Its been a long time coming, but thank you all. senior chief frei retiredGvQn9
Trosclair, DavidBMSNJan 20, 1974 – Mar 15, 19773rd
West, Michael (Cheaster)BT3Jan 29, 1974 – Jan 6, 19773MMRJUST WANTED TO SAY HI TO ALL MY BUDS
Post, AlanEN3Feb 1, 1974 – Dec 20, 1976A Gang Boat ShopAlot of great memories and alot of good buddies. Still alive an breathing out here in Washington. Still working on boats
Wyatt, Dennis profile iconMM3Feb 1, 1974 – Aug 3, 1977A-gang Auxilliary DivisionMost memorable years of my life. Only regret is not re-enlisting! Most memorable comrades were Eddy Kelly, Carol Bland, Dick St Pierre, Andy Huneycutt, Randy Nelson, Clark and MIke St Pierre.
Dye, Dennis profile icone2Feb 10, 1974 – Nov 16, 1976Deck 2Would like to see how is around. That was in Deck 2
Burkett, BuckTmSnFeb 10, 1974 – Dec 18, 1974WeaponsTime aboard was enjoyed and productive. Good Officers and crew. We all felt proud to serve on the Kennedy.
Donnelly, TomBT-3Feb 20, 1974 – Jan 1, 19772MMR Qulified Top watch I remember the night of the collision, with Belknap. smoke and fire everywhere.I thought it was over, If not for the training we all recieved it would have been.Hello to Spuds,Kirkland, Leval Chiefs Sarazen&Acel.
Clark, PleazAirman/E-3Feb 22, 1974 – Oct 8, 1976G-DivisionOver all I had a good ride on the Big John. I had some great sailors buddies. I was the Suppy PO for our G- Division. Really bad night when we ran into the USS Belnap. Hope to here from something from you guys.
Brewer, Daryl/ Tennessee Hit ManAD-3Mar 1974 – Mar 13, 1978VS-32 VikingsI was a AD on the S2 and then the S3-A Viking. I made med cruises on the JFK. Saw a lot of Italy,Egypt,France,Scotland ect. ect......
Johnson, Mitchelph3Mar 1974 – Apr 1978opbig john was cva 67 when i reported on and in its first overhall no screws and it sure looked big in drydock at pnsy wnet through belknp and all the rest of our frightening nights and losses of good men and equipment
Hopkins, GarycorporalMar 1974 – 1976MARDETI worked mostly in the brig and the press shop. I was glad to serve on the big John. I haven't forgot about the Belknap collision. Wishing well to the Navy and Marine crew.
Fowler, RichardSNMar 1, 1974 – May 1, 1976OI
Brewer, RoddyE-3Mar 9, 1974 – Mar 9, 1976A-3i worked in A/C&R shop...looking for old bro's call me @ 386-675-3805
Brazil, JamesE3 Mar 13, 1974 – Feb 3, 1976V 1Great time good men
Evans, Terry W. (Twe)E3Mar 14, 1974 –Flight Deck CrewI'm looking for any of the crew members that served with me on the flight deck of the JFK through December of 1974.
Crownover, RogerE-5Mar 18, 1974 – Mar 10, 1978I served with the Radio/Television Department. It was alot of fun keeping our crew informed and entertained 24/7 (way before cable/web. We even had Casey Kasam's weekly Top 40 on tape along with live Football/ Baseball live.
St. Pierre, RichardMM2Mar 25, 1974 – Mar 25, 1978A-Div.Just looking to see who's still around from A-div. Do you remember the St. Pierre brothers?
Howard, Johnnyabf2Mar 27, 1974 – Mar 26, 1978v-4Hi all you abf's guess we are all getting old but still a crazy bunch...hope all of you are fine.....Best wishes to you all..
Eames, GregENFNApr 1974 – Nov 1977A Worked in A-2 shop as a Machinist's Mate. Always wondered about where the guys I was in with are now.
Butcher, MichaelElectricians MateApr 1974 – Jan 21, 1978E DivisionI would dig it if I could hear from shipmates.
Dieguez, Manuel/ MannyBT2Apr 7, 1974 – Apr 7, 19784 MMRThis is a great ship, with a great crew..remember the Belknap..I went to Big John on the dry docks right after school from Philadelphia..the d/d suck. once out nothing but sea...I got to be a Blue Nose..
Boelen, SteveASH 3Apr 15, 1974 – Oct 22, 1977AIMD GSE . Wish I would have stayed in . loved working on yellow gear even the sd1d spotting dollys would like to hear from old mates
Bancroft, A.w. (Chic)BM1May 1974 – Oct 1975LPO DeckWas on board for the collision @ taps w/ Bellnap. Repair Party Chief & fought fires for 18hrs. I had 3rd. & 1st. Divisions Retired BMCS in Fort Myers, Fl
Young, RickYN2May 1974 – Aug 1976OZOften have wondered where the men I served with ended up...Lot a great memories of good times. And will never forget 11/22/75......
Brewer, Daryl/ Tennessee Hit ManAD-3May 2, 1974 – Mar 13, 1978VS-32I was a jet mech. on the S3-A Viking and I was with VS-32 at Cecil Field. We made a med cruise in 1976 and saw the world. Great ride and memories.
Fontaine, RaleighAOANMay 20, 1974 – Sep 27, 1977GWould love to hear from shipmates.
Pauly, Dennis W.AG2Jun 1974 – Apr 5, 1976Metro
Keene, Chris (Keener)Jun 1974 – Mar 1977s-1looking for old garrett,kurt mutter,steve muller,roscoe harris,danny mac,anyone who remember's me,send a e-mail.i miss the shit out of the big john,going to try to make it to philly,when they put her to rest,
Hudson, RobertAECSJun 1974 – Apr 1977AIMDIM1 Production Contral, worked with some of the finest Sailors that every sailed the sea.
Young, JamesASEAA TO ASE3Jun 1974 – Nov 1976AIMD IM4 GSEWorked in GSE shop under Chief Frei et al & Flight Deck Troubleshooter with Ozzie Pryor. Shipyard for F-14 retrofit, too many shakedown cruises to count, Carrier Quals & GITMO, Med Cruise & North Atlantic. Belknap collision was a lowlight.
Grice, ClintonADJ3Jun 1974 – Apr 1975madon98@msn.comNight time flight deck power plants troubleshooter. Launch em,and trap em. The sounds & the smells stay with you for life,there's no place like it on earth. Squadron VS-21, Starboard-up , Port-down. Ladders everywhere.
Eterno, StevenABH3Jun 1974 – Mar 1977V-1 Crash & Salvage Crew memberBoarded JFK in shipyards- flight deck prepared for the F-14 Tomcat's. Made one full Med. cruise and Carib, cruise. Last saw Big John anchored off Naples, Italy. Lots of memories!
Bolen, Basilabe3Jun 1974 – Jan 9, 1978V-2I worked on the Bow catapults, flight deck.
Tims, ReginaldAD-3Jun 1, 1974 – Jun 3, 1976Air Wing VA-34 Blue BlastersLooking for other air wing Salors
Moss, DilbertRm2Jun 1, 1974 – Jan 27, 1978communicationreally enjoyed my time aboard the jfk, best ship the navy ever had. im 63 years old and still talking about the experience. shout out to all the rest of my great shipmates, god bless from houston texas,
Pahl, MichaelETN2Jun 4, 1974 – Jan 28, 1978EDSHad some great times aboard Big John. My only big mistake was checking onboard the Kennedy without getting a haircut first, after being stationed four months at Keesler Air Force base. Other than the OOD, I made a lot of friends that first day.
McGinn, Charles F./ FrankLTJGJun 10, 1974 – Jul 2, 1976MedicalWas Medical Admin Officer on that fateful night.
Bell, Walter (Sir. Walter) profile iconSKJun 10, 1974 – Mar 10, 1978S1Visited many countries during my tour on Big John. Also remember collision with the Belnap. The explosion, fire and smoke was frightening. Fought the fire a long time. How are my old freinds surviving these days?
Smith, MichaelIC2Jun 12, 1974 – Jun 12, 1978E
Russell, Steve (Plumber)AIRMAN 3RDJun 15, 1974 – Jun 26, 1975VS 21 VickingI could not belive that a ship that size could flot. I still thank of all the guys that I worked with in the hydraulic shop for VS-21.
Paniagua, AbelE-3Jun 15, 1974 – Jan 25, 1978v-4 fuelsConnect with any ABF during 1974-1978
Williams, RobertAN E03Jun 17, 1974 – Jun 2, 1975AviationSeeking to connect with anyone who knew my uncle, Airman, Gilmer Williams. He was assigned to the JFK in 1974 and disappeared on June 2, 1975 while the ship was approximately 50 miles Southwest of Wilmington, NC.
Goodwin, RussellUSMCJul 1974 – Jul 1976USMC DetachmentLooking for some of my old friends that I served with on the best ship in the fleet....
Skaja, DonAW-2Jul 1974 – Jun 1977OXJoined just before leaving Portsmouth Shipyard and left just before the end of the '77 Med Cruise. Skippers were Gureck, Mitchell, and Tuttle.
Mocniak, Marty (Moe) profile iconSgtJul 1974 – Jul 1976Marine DetachmentI am very proud to say I served on the Big John. We had some good times. Semper Fi
Mazzoni, PeteMR2Jul 1974 – Jan 1978A4
Mercer, GaryAAJul 1974 – Nov 1974AAOutstanding crew and I was very proud to be a crew member on one of the greatest Carriers of all-time. CV-67 USS JOHN F KENNEDY....WOOOOOW... Massive.....I received my order to NAVY SEAL SCHOOL BUDS CLASS # 87.
Ross, RichardDK3Jul 1, 1974 – Mar 29, 1978S-4Served in the Disbursing Office with Larry D, Joe O, Romeo F. Larry C., and others. Would like to hear from anyone serving during the 74-78 period. I don't remember a lot, but the night of the Belknap collision is unforgettable.
Madden, WalterBT-3Jul 7, 1974 – Aug 12, 1978CatsAre any of the old cat gang around
Rodríguez, RodE3Jul 10, 1974 – Jun 11, 1975AbhDid a training caribean cruise in 1974, interested in ffinding people in that cruise, it was a 3 month cruise
Wallace, Steve Pigpine 3 airdaleJul 11, 1974 – Mar 28, 1976deck second
Beraud, LeonardOS3Jul 22, 1974 – Jun 28, 1977comIam looking for any OS who served with me. please email me at
Shortridge, Jamesos3Jul 28, 1974 – Jul 1, 1975OIWas the first -first termer to OS to ever re-enlist on THE BIG JOHN AND JOIN THE KENNEDY CLAN!
Kalish, MichaelMM3Aug 1974 – Jun 1977I remember how we stayed at sea for extended periods, with no liberty. The Belknap and Kennedy fires. Standing watch on Throttles and Generators. Meeting buddies from all over. I remember long hours and parties at different ports.
Follick, Martin (Butch)GMT2Aug 1974 – Jun 30, 1978weapons divisoni would like to find Bob Pajack or Tim Gray or George M from weapons during that time I cant remember Georges last name but we worked out together
Elliott, Ray profile iconE-2Aug 1974 – Aug 19773rd div.What a time we had. Too young to do anything right. Kick off capt. boat not 1 but 2 times. If I only knew then what I know now. An the Bel-nap was not a good time.
Forester, KevinAO5Aug 1974 – Jan 1978"G"Had some good times....Did a lot of growing up while on the "Big John". Met some good people and saw a lot of far away places.
Hilderbrand, LeonardBM3Aug 1974 – Jul 19781st division/Bosn detailFirst four years aboard big John was the hardest in my Naval Carrier. Collisions with the Belknap off Agusta Bay Sicily was scarey. Collision with the USS Borderlon in the North Atlantic was the pits.
Johnson, JereAMH2/TECH REPAug 1, 1974 – Feb 1, 1976VRC-40/ Grumman LSRmade many a landing as crew member in VRC40 and made the North Atlantic and Med cruises of 1976 as Grumman LSR
Fike, Terry profile iconMssnAug 8, 1974 – Jun 26, 1978S2Trying to reconnect with shipmates
Brake, Dennis (Denny)DP3Aug 12, 1974 – Nov 5, 1977S-7
Cruz, VictorE3Aug 22, 1974 – Nov 29, 1977R- DivisionJust wondering if any of the guys are still around?
Hale, ChrisADJ3Sep 1974 – Jun 1976AIMDWas onboard for the collision. Worst night of my life.
Bybee, GaryAMS2Sep 1974 – Nov 29, 1976VF-14 AirframesNov.22,`75. Can Not forget it. Loss of a friend; Real GQ / Smoke / Fire / Explosioions (Broken Arrow). Men jumpin from the Belknap. Naples Poster "Ding-Ding Belknap Arriving" was cruel. Then in `76, the Collision with the Bordelon. 30 years ag
Bybee, GaryAMS2Sep 1974 – Nov 1976VF-14Partied w/ Italians / Brits / Scots / and even Russians. Spent night with Scotish Royal Dragoons, when storms kept ashore in Edenburg. Awoke to sound of Bag Pipes. (Arreating Gear failure / Belknap / Bordolon Nightmare Hell Nigtights) WOW!
Smallegan, GeneABH3Sep 1, 1974 – Jun 1, 1978V-1Big John - One great ship, served with some great people on board. had some great times and a few not so great. all in all , I'll never forget any of them.
De Leon, Danny Aka TacoE-4 / MM3Sep 2, 1974 – Sep 2, 1977MHello to all the Guys who served in the Engine Rooms from 1MMR,2MMR,3MMR,4MMR an AMR. This Greeting goes out to the Guys in AMR "Butt" Butterly,Marc Tobey, Sam Caldwell, Rocky, Mick, Robert Coker, Ron Kujat, Scott Moore an Shorty.
Bausman, DeanMM#Sep 9, 1974 – Aug 24, 1977G and A
Pixley, Jonmm3Sep 12, 1974 – Mar 28, 19764mmrgreat guys great times wish we could all get together one more time.
Brewer, RoscoeABE3Oct 1974 – Jun 1977V-2Waist Catapults
Coryea, GeorgeBR1 - BTCMOct 8, 1974 – Oct 1, 1979BSpent the best five years of my 26 year naval career on board. No other experience can match the years serving with the navys most professional engineers. SLUFF hope you are still out there.
Mills, Bobby L (Big Jaws)ABF2 Damage Control Petty OfficerOct 15, 1974 – Jun 20, 1978V4V4 upper decks was better known as Chocolate City. I remember my main hang out partner "William Cotton IV'. Also Mr. T (K. Taylor), always singing. I still talk with Kelley Shiels. I'm looking for some of the others.
Seavert, Dennise2Oct 20, 1974 – Oct 22, 1975V4Hit huricane 2nd day out . Never had so much fun!
Kirkland, SteveBTFNNov 1974 – Dec 1977
Seely, BarneyGMG1Nov 1974 – 1976G
Scioli, MikeYN3Nov 1974 – Apr 1978VF-14Was a Yeoman in the Admin Office. I remember all the crazy YNs & PNs working there, especially David Chivalette whom we lost during the collision with the Belknap in Nov 75. He & I were great friends!
Kirkland, SteveE-3Nov 1974 –B Division 2MMRI was on JFK during the "unpleasantness" with the Belknap. In charge of a fire party and fought fires.Thought we were heading to Norfolk! Wrong again! 2MMR was covered in soot and we had to clean.
Brantley, DeanAO2Nov 1974 – Apr 1976GI can't believe I've lived this long. There was a guy with a Honda 750 I think his name was Hoffman. 90 mph thru the tunnel weaving in between cars, laughing all the while with me on the back. Should of died then.
Petsche, SteveABF2Nov 1, 1974 – Jul 10, 1977V-4These names bring back memories. Steven A "Indian" Brown - email me...
Frazier, JimEm-3Nov 7, 1974 – Jun 28, 1978E-Div.Lots of great memories, lots of great friends! Really miss you guys.
Dorsey, DewittE-4/ABENov 13, 1974 – Jul 11, 1977V-2
Walker, BillMS2Nov 15, 1974 – Apr 7, 1978S2The Kennedy was my first ship out of A school. I liked it so much that I went back again in 1982. Being a cook on the kennedy was great.
Godfrey, EarlBT2Nov 15, 1974 – Nov 1980P4. 4MMRWondering how many of you are still alive ?? Mike Fahey was MPA think he may have worked everyone to death what a lifer !!
Kirkland, SteveE3Nov 15, 1974 – Dec 21, 1977BI was a BT in 2MMR. I was in a Fire Party that responded to the USS Belknap collision and the Bordelon collision and F-14 cold cat shot.
Samuelsen, Roger ( Sam)HT5Nov 20, 1974 – Jun 19, 1978R Just found this page not good with computers.Had run foward dc shop. I was thinking if 2 gun, srimp face, tucker, cobby,joe and any more are out thier it has bin a long time since I got out in 78 over in the med.
Kirkland, SteveBTFNDec 1974 – Aug 19772MMRRemembered the collison with the Belknap 11-75 in the MED. Any one else from 2MMR remember?
Shiels, Kelly (Conrad)ABF2Dec 1974 – Sep 1978V-4I was on the Big John for the Belknap and the Borderlon collisions! I made some really good friends in the 4 years that I served.
Gerlach, GarryLTJG/LTDec 1974 – Dec 1975ElectricalPlenty of Engineering watches and the collision with the Belknap made for an interesting year.
Medearis, TerryAK 2Dec 10, 1974 – Jun 15, 1978Supply? AIMDHi, to all my old friends. Email me, I would like to hear form you.
Ventura, RalphBT3Dec 10, 1974 – Jan 28, 1978"B" (Oil Lab) Oil king
Medearis, TerryAK2Dec 10, 1974 – Jun 15, 1978SUPPLY/AIMD
Velletta, StevenRM3Dec 20, 1974 – Aug 30, 1978CR (Comm)I enjoyed my time onboard BIG JOHN. This was my first duty station. Made lots of friends. Re-enlisted onboard. Wish we could have a reunion for Big John, would like to see of of the old shipmates

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