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USS John F. Kennedy (CV 67) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS John F. Kennedy (CV 67). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 4663 crew members registered for the USS John F. Kennedy (CV 67).

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Walker, John W.1973 – 1976Served in in Aimd Dept work center 710, AO Shop.
Edleman, DaveAO31973 – 1974GNever should have left
Luven, Gerald VanAMS-11973 – 1973HC-2rescue swimmer on 3 july 73. va-34 bun..152616
Rihel, Robert Or BobABH31973 – May 27, 1977V-3Some of the best times and best friends even during the times of stress like the Belknap collision.
Carrier, Dennis (Boats)ABH-1 (RET)1973 –V-3I remember very well the night of the collision between us and the Belknap.
Kienlen, Alex "Big Al"AD(J) 21973 – 1977VF-14Two (or three?) med cruises and a North Atlantic cruise. Was a flight deck troubleshoot for the squadron's engine shop for most of the time. Wow, that was a long time ago.
Albaugh, RichardADJAN1973 – 1976Helicopter Squadron 11
Langdon, Jon/bullitE31973 – 1975V1He was also on board from 1977-1981. These dates are tentative. Jon passed away in March 2003. This was posted by his son Mark.
Fiorino, LarryElectricians mate 3rd class1973 – Sep 1974EM3
Colbert, DonaldDS21973 – 1975EDS DivisionCaught the ship in Palma and finished the med cruise and then off to Edinburgh and then back to med thanks to Yom Kippur war. I worked on the equipment in S-7 division. Mr. Rotruck was in charge after Cmdr ? retired.
Etienne, Thomas/tincanBT21973 – Sep 1976BWorked in 1MMR, Catapults, Automatic Combustion Control, 4MMR. worked in many different areas and managed to experience the full flavor of the place; many characters and had many friends. we worked many long hot hours,
Pedraza, BobE-31973 –Supply -> DeckInteresting time in my life; E-2 to E-3 to E-2... The "Gut" in Palma, work party in Edinburgh (a fellow seaman got so drunk he traded his entire uniform with a foreign sailor), too many memories.
Tunis, Robert/ BobHT 31973 – 1976R There was other names we had for Big John, always had a good time in the pipe and metal shop. Never will forget after one GQ was told to open a valve up on the 07 level which was salt water wash down
Harris, John W.PO3 Postal Clerk1973 – 1974Postal MailroomI was on " Big John" when it hit the Belnap.
Balk, GarryMM21973 – 19773MMRI loved going around with coffee cup in hand saying "turn to". A frequent saying was I don't know what could be wrong with it we just painted it.
Porfiriadis, Porfiris (Porf)AE1973 – 1976VAW 125 AvionicsAssigned to VAW-125 AT/AE shop. I was on board on 22 November 1975 when USS Belknap collided with the Big John. Retired ATC.
Buxton, GlennMMFN1973 –A Gang AC&RMed Cruise, NATO Exercises (Blue Nose), Yom Kippur War Oct 73
Lambert, JohnBT21973 – 1977EngineeringOil Lab, One Main, Clark, Bodie & Rackel & Xmas in Barcalona.
Starr, RalphAE21973 – 1974VF32
Wilson, WayneE41973 – 1976S7The time aboard Big John is when and where I matured I will never forget the time aboard Big John. Remembering Scottland, Spain, Malagam, Bari Italy, North Atlantic and becoming a Blue Nose.
Bradford, Ronald StephenE51973 – 1976VA 46
Smith, CharlesEnsign1973 – 1974OperationsServed as Surface Warfare Officer in CIC. Left to train as Naval Aviator. Flew P-3 Orion for VP-10 and VP-31. Flew for Cascade Airways, Eastern Airlines and Alaska Airlines.
Vascura, DonaldE11973 – 1976Deck 2Looking for Shipmates? Let's get in touch
Murray, TimFireman1973 – 1974Weapons
Patrow, MikeIC3Jan 1973 – Jul 1976ELots of good times and some tough times - three med cruises - all extended. Was on during Belknap collision - worked mostly on telephone switch - now work for small phone company in northern Mn.
Barry, DouglasHM2Jan 1973 – Nov 1975VA-72 MedicalGreat experience two med cruises. Yes, I do remember 22 Nov 75. We were playing cards in sick bay, the chaplain was about to begin evening prayer and general quarters sounded. Great ship, air wing and crew!
Waltz, BobBT2Jan 1973 – Aug 1976Engineering- 4MAIN and ACC shopWorked in 4 Main and then the ACC shop under Chief Smith and then Chief "Archie" Sutfin. Did 2 Med cruises. Remember well the Belknap collision. Hey! to Roger "Mad Moon" Melton. Server together in both high school and the Navy
Thompson, DennisPH3Jan 1973 – Jul 1976OP
Bessette, Jr, BobAT SeamanJan 1973 – Sep 1973VAQ 130 Flight DeckI was young and stupid but I enjoyed my whole enlistment time. There are times now I wish I could go back to then
Seely, EdwardE2Jan 1973 – Jul 1973R DivisionWish I was more mature at the time.
Merc Ier, RobertE-2Jan 1, 1973 – Jan 1, 1974va-34 ordfine ship.stupid boy
Cavanaugh, PatrickMS3Jan 3, 1973 – Sep 10, 1975S-2Made 1 1/2 Med. cruises on board Big John. Meet some great guys from all over the country. Did and saw things I will remember the rest of my life. Got on board when the ship was in Boston in 2000. Waited in line for over 4 hrs. It was awesome.
Stock, RudiABH-3Jan 3, 1973 – Jun 12, 1975V-1 FLY-3 A/C DIRECTOR
McGilvary, John AE-2Jan 4, 1973 – Dec 1, 1973HC-2Remember when we got the notice that we were going back into the Med because of the Yom Kippur war. I was also on the Help that crashed during sea trials, during a Man Overboard Drill! Interesting indeed!
Pendergast, Chuckbm3Jan 12, 1973 – Sep 28, 19753rd divisioni was in boat division/transportation
Perlberg, Jim PerlbergAQ2Jan 15, 1973 – Jan 15, 1976IM3 W/C 690My first ship, and what a ride for 2 Med cruises. Didn't know how much fun I was having at the time.
Smith, David ,oil Lab SmittyBT3Jan 30, 1973 – 1975main propulsion iwas stationed in the oil lab,under chief harris ,one hell of a guy , i still live my like by some of the thing,s he taught me.also looking for best friend,mike clark of indianaplos i loved serving on jfk & serving my country.god bless all who serve
Hoover, David A.SMSNFeb 1973 – Apr 1974CRThe best of times with the best people. As a Signalman I had the best view on board the best ship in the Navy. Too bad Big John has been put to sleep. I remember Russin bears flying over & nukes on the flight deck.
O'hern, WilliamBT3Feb 1973 – Aug 19761st ship, great experience. Worked in 1MMR. Remember good friends, long hours and great times both inport and at sea.
Brooks, Jerome---tonyABE-3Feb 1973 – Aug 1976v-2 bow catsanyone remember fat jack ---lucious and ike williams crutchfield--chief dumass----dewitt dorsey--bob shearer-----willie boot----dennis blackburn ---tenpenney--- me of course i played on ships basketball team we were navy champs in 74-75
Navarro, JavierE-2Feb 1973 – Feb 1976Elevator
Lucian, LarryBT3Feb 1973 – Dec 1975EngineeringWorked the Catapults as a "CatSnipe"...we brought steam up from the main to launch aircraft off the 4 cats.
Carter, PerryE 4Feb 5, 1973 – Jan 6, 1977RMarried wth two great step-sons and two wonderful grandchildren.
Paire, JosephEM3Feb 8, 1973 – Sep 19, 1976E-DIV I MISS THE BIG JOHN. CADILLAC OF THE SIXTH FLEET.IWAS THERE . anchor loss, uss belknapt collision,i ran aft deisel,during GQ. assigned, to distribution. 3 BOARD, LIGHTING SHOP, R-DIV for vent cleaning, great men to work with.
Beitz, TomPH2Feb 9, 1973 – Oct 20, 1975OP
Shaw, MikeAT1Feb 14, 1973 – Jan 10, 1979VA-34 AIMD IM3Some of my best memories are the Big John.
Clay, DarelAO3Feb 15, 1973 – Aug 10, 1975Weapons Flightdeck, Guitar PlayerWhat an experience I had on the Big John! 2 cruises and too many life experiences and friends to list. I didn't know at that time how meaningful this would ultimately be in my life. I learned a lot on that ship. Howdy to all my old buds!
Kunard, RobertSGTFeb 20, 1973 – Apr 15, 1975Marine DetachmentTo all the great sailors during the Belknap incident and the cruises we had together
Davis, JohnnyAO2Feb 28, 1973 – Apr 28, 1976VF32Great Time: A school Jacksonville, VF 32, AIMD, NAS Cecil Field VA 174, Like to hear from shipmates
Hults, NormanMMCMar 1973 – Jun 1976MBest ship in the fleet! Retired as MMCS in July 1980.
Horton, WayneHTFNMar 1973 – Aug 1975R Engineeringserved in pipe shop. B.J. Jennings was Master chief in charge of division. Djerf was pipe shop supv. Served with a great bunch of guys.
Keiscome, RodPT-3Mar 1973 – Dec 1973Integrated Operational Intelligence Center (IOIC)I was assigned to the IOIC as a Photo Intelligenceman deployed along with Reconnnaisance Attack Squadron Eleven (RVAH-11) land based at NAS Albany, GA.
Kujat, Ron Aka SkiboMM3 - MMCSMar 1973 – Sep 1988Main Propulsion EgineeringBest years of my life...Grew up onboard Big John serving 12 1/2 years onboard. Many cruises and way too many friends to remember. Contact me
Boyden, RickHT3Mar 1973 – Sep 1975RAFT DC shop,sure met alot of good friends while on BIG JOHN
Stockman, JamesE3 AMMar 1973 – Apr 1975Crash & RescueI was about 18 years old when I can aboard the JFK. Spent two very enjoyable years on her and enlisted in the Army. Finished my carreer with 26 years in Army Aviation.
Hereld, GaryABHANMar 1973 – Nov 1976V1Member of Crash & Salvage Detail, Flight Deck. Was manning the turret of the MB5 Fire Truck on the night the USS Belknap collided with us.
Doughty, John PatSAMar 6, 1973 – Oct 31, 1974CR/CSCYN for awhile, then LIBRARY, CREWS LOUNGE Anyone have the '73 Cruise book? Please contact.
Rozek, Mark AOSMar 8, 1973 – Jul 27, 1976OIMy time on the Big Johntaught me things that I would never have learned
Cox, LarrySgtMar 20, 1973 – Jul 5, 1975Marine detachmentI still can't believe how big the boat was.And how dumb I felt running down the passageway with a shotgun in my underwater when the alarm would go off.Scraping wax with a butter knife.Simper Fi
Austin, RichardE3Mar 22, 1973 – Feb 21, 1974V-1Blueshirt working the flight deck, operated topside #4 elevator then moved into division office as training aides.
Colson, AlCV 67Mar 23, 1973 – Nov 18, 1973va 34 aimd electronics shop really miss some of the old times and friends i made while serving on the BIG JOHN.
Simoneau, JamesE-3Mar 30, 1973 – Dec 21, 1975I got off the boat in Italy,never looked back.I stayed in Rhode Island.I have been a machinist for 30 years.
Swayer, RandyMM2Apr 1973 – Mar 1976A6 (Aft O2N2)3 of the best years of my life. 2 Med cruises. I worked alot, traveled alot, learned alot & met alot of characters. Some of the lessons I learned have helped me all through my life. May Big John sail on for many years to come.
Melton, Roger "Mad Moon"OS3Apr 1973 – Jul 1976OII stood the frigging Mail Bouy watch! Good Joke. Remember Edinboro, Montego Bay and Palma. Good memories of interesting times
Haughton, Jim (Hoot)A03Apr 1973 – Dec 1973VA-34i'll always remember the good time in the ord. shop. great memories
Dubbert, Robert L. - Gunner BobGMG3Apr 1973 – Sep 1976ERBest times of my life! Loved working with the Basic Point Defense Surface Missle System (The Mankiller) and the Chaffroc rocket system.
Sevigny, AllanE3Apr 1973 – Jul 1976elevator shop
Martin, JohnABE2Apr 1973 – Aug 1976V-2WAIST CATAPULTS-# 3 Cat-How old is John Little now? 73 Fire in Edinburgh-75 Belknap Collision-Portsmouth Yard Period-Albert Newmeyer-Peecher-Peaches-Yurtle the Turtle-LT McGOWAN-John Halderson-Nista-Scherer-Stone-Silvasi-MCPEAK-CHIEF DUGGAN
Backun, MarkAT2Apr 1973 – Dec 1973VAW-125 AIMD
Walsh, BillyHT3Apr 1973 – Dec 1975R
Thibault, Louis GADJ3Apr 1973 – Aug 9, 1976VF 14 power plantswas there that terable night, saw the impact, We lost a friend David Chevaletti that night He had 14 days left . Wheres Herdman ,Torbet, Fergason , G. Guiel would like to here from the old tophatters
Cheek, JimANApr 1973 – Dec 1975V2-AG
Daniels, PaulBT3Apr 1973 – Dec 1975EngineeringI had a great time on board and when we went to the Med.
McGilvary, John profile iconAE2Apr 1973 – Dec 1973HC-2A life changing experience for sure!
Gates, Bruce/gatorAO2Apr 1, 1973 – Aug 30, 1976VA 46Yes I remmeber Nov 22 1975 and the 73 cruise. It was a time....hard to believe it has been 30 yrs. Miss you all.....I will never forget the times.
Blackmon, MichaelE2Apr 1, 1973 – Dec 20, 1973VA 46Talk about ancient history. Even though I was the biggest f__k up in the navy, I have fond memories of my Med cruise on big John. I do thank the Navy and the DOD for financing my education afterwards -- BSEE Auburn University.
Goodman, Gene (Awful Al)CORPORALApr 2, 1973 – Dec 2, 1975marie detachmentEnjoyed serving on the JFK but the liberty was a lot more fun.
Huffman, Charles W. Jr.SGT USMCApr 4, 1973 – Jul 6, 1976Marine DetachmentI am proud to have served aboard "Big John"with the Marine Detachment. Would like to hear from any Marine that was stationed aboard. Semper Fi
Reese, DouglasAE 3Apr 4, 1973 – Dec 20, 1973VA 46 TIME OF MY LIFE
Murrisky, DennisABH2Apr 5, 1973 – Aug 15, 1977V-0Had the time of my life.
Burkins, GordonJO3Apr 10, 1973 – Jul 15, 1974WJFK TV/RadioDid the news on WJFK and a morning talk show. Late night radio. Ship's newspaper and magazine. Still dream about Palma and Barcelona.
Magee, BillE4Apr 15, 1973 – Oct 10, 1973
Mike, DownsABE3Apr 17, 1973 – Nov 11, 1974AG V2Hope all the guys a re still with us: Cowboy , Possum etc.. Im alive and well and have worked in oil and gas offshore for a decade. Never could get the smell out of my system. Deck edge operator ...What a job!
Golojch, JohnEM-2May 1973 – Nov 1976Catapult & ElevatorsLooking back, I enjoyed some of the best times of my life, all while proudly searving my country along with 5000+ other men. If one were given the chance and could be asked again and again, I'd do it a million times over.
Clements, EdPN2May 1973 – Dec 1977Admin and Weapons YeomanGreat Ship, Great Crew, Great Memories. Will never forget my time on "Big John", especially the collision with the USS Belknap!
Egan, KennethEM-3May 3, 1973 – May 5, 1975Main Lighting Awesome time growing up on Big John. Best job on the ship, getting to meet almost every sailor while chasing grounds, changing lights and PMS. My shop was right under the flight decks aft end. Hated the long chow lines!!!
Sanford, Dana3May 22, 1973 – Sep 20, 1974hangar deckwas a blue shirt moved planes on the hangar deck had great time on 1973 med cruise stayed till nov22 back to pier 12 dec 1st 73 then we went into the ship yards for an overhaul.
Gorham, JohnEM3May 25, 1973 – Jun 25, 1975EA great old ship, a great experience, and for a fitness freak like myself, it was made to order. My wife asks to this day why the letters seemed to stop during the 2 week stay in Palma in 73. I say, just doing my duty!!
Bridges, GeorgeEM2May 26, 1973 – Nov 26, 1976EGreat ship, although we didn't think so then! It was the beginning of a great 26 year career for me. I'll miss it.
Keller, Carl W.EM-2May 30, 1973 – Oct 20, 1976ELECTRICALMet some real good people, and a few of the others also. Belknap, Bordelon, extensions... Safety shop, power shop, Rip Van Keller my last month in Distribution 1 board.
Wermuth, EdwardAQ2Jun 1973 – Jun 1976VA-72Weapons and radar shop. Watched Belnap strike JFK from hanger deck 25 feet away. Enjoyed my stay at Ceil Field Fl.
Landreth, LarrygmtsnJun 1973 – Jan 10, 1977w
Hewitt, MacKDS2Jun 1973 – May 1976EDS
Weaver, RaymondGMT1Jun 6, 1973 – Oct 6, 1979W
Lemezis, FrankGMT2Jun 15, 1973 – Jan 3, 1977WLooking for info on some of the old W division salts.
Hewitt, Mack D.DS2Jul 1973 – May 1976EDSFlew aboard in the Mediterranean. Was aboard during the Yom Kippur war of 1973 and the collision with USS Belknap, 1975.
Goodwin, RussellCORPORALJul 1973 – Jul 1975USMC
Rohlfing, GaryAT2Jul 1, 1973 – Jul 4, 1975AIMDGreat Experiences, Never wish to do again, but think about it and the super people often.
Hernandez, DavidE-3Jul 24, 1973 – Feb 13, 1975V-1I was an aircraft director (Yellow-Shirt). Worked both the fan tail and the bow.
McGaughran, James / SpudE 4Jul 29, 1973 – Jul 7, 1976eI was assigned to 2MMR as console board operator during the colission
Johnston, BobMM#Aug 1973 – Jul 19762MMRHad a great time in 2MMR, made the 73 and 75 med cruises. I was on throttle watch when the Belknap hit us, that was a night I will never forget. I also will never forget the great times we had at the apartment in Ocean View.
Bode, TimBT3Aug 1973 – Mar 1976BOil Lab, Catapults. Chief Harris, and Nance
Seaman, TimothyCTO2Aug 1973 – Jun 1975navsecgrudet
Lapan, Don profile iconLTAug 1973 – Nov 1976OIDivision Officer for some of the best OSs in the Navy.
McAleer, Hugh3rd classAug 8, 1973 – Jul 28, 1976V1Great time,remember the collision with belnap was up in fly 1 at the time.that was something.
Schmitt, PeteDS 2Aug 21, 1973 – Feb 21, 1977EDSPicked up the ship in Barcelona. Served during Yom Kipper war and the Belknap accident (my duty station that day was down in SINS (very hot down there). Worked in NTDS, SINS and CVIC. Visited ship in Boston on March 1st, 2007 with my son
Alberry, GeraldSH3Sep 1973 – Aug 13, 1976I had a great time on board the big John. I met and worked with alot of super people.
Walker, PaulSGT.Sep 1973 – Sep 1975Marine DetachmentLooking for any of my old buddies. If anyone knows the whereabouts of Tommy Ellis, Bobby Kunard, Dorsey L. McVicker, Donny Crosswait, have them e-mail me.See who can name the most buddies !?
Bryan, DonDS1Sep 1973 – Jun 1976EDSAs the character Max Klinger once said about the Army: "I'll remember the good times - I think there were 3." That about describes my feelings about the time I spent aboard Kennedy. Never regretted getting out in 1976.
Gatlin, Marcus SAO1/AOCSep 1973 – Jun 1977G DivisionGreat ship and crew.
Mejia, Jose {ho}ABE3Sep 29, 1973 – Mar 15, 1977v2 waist cats deck edge vanzelmive been in touch with russel morris since 1977 .where the heck is everybody at. freddy, meeks, kevin[usmc].,smitty,nista, and all you guys.
Ennis, Richard ( Rb )IC3Oct 1973 – Jan 1977I remember many things about the Big John, the collision with the Belnap, when we lost and recovered the phoenix missile. I remember the 73 cruise ( that's when I met the ship when it was redeployed during the 73 Eygyt / Israli war.
Morris, Russellabe e-3Oct 1973 – Jan 9, 1977v 2-waist catsHad a great time touring the world & making friends. met alot of great people,,,,,I miss all you guys,still. I'd love to re-live those days ,,,not a care in the world & running free.
Marden, MichaelAG2Oct 8, 1973 – Jan 6, 1975OAThis was my first dutystation in the Navy. I had previously spent seven years in the Air Force. Sure was a cultural shock.
Boerema, SteveABE E-4Oct 11, 1973 – Feb 1977V-2Would like to hear from anyone from the bow cats crew.Dennis Blackburn,Mark Simone,Sarge. Etc. Get in touch.
Blake, DonCTRSNOct 12, 1973 – Nov 22, 1973SupRadFive of us CTs from Edzell Scotland joined the crew a few days after the 1973 war began. I'll never forget the words of the Captain a few days later when he said "the Big John has a rendezvous with destiny" and then we headed into the Med.
Greaves, BillE4/SIGOct 15, 1973 – Mar 15, 1976Com/SigsThe time on board was the worst and best. Good memories of division crew mates and Liberty. We road liberty boats our support ships docked. Days and days at sea. Nasty weather. Living the Belknap and other tragedies.
Ennis, RichardIC3Oct 15, 1973 – Jan 10, 1977EngI was recently reminiscing about my time onboard and thought about a good buddy, Tim Granfield. While searching for him on Google I found he died back in 2014. I thought it's time to reach out to old friends.
Evenson, Jerryrm3Oct 17, 1973 – May 26, 1976comm/crgrew up fast, tks for the good/bad times..
Redden, AlRM3Oct 18, 1973 – Jul 12, 1974Operation
Hulvey, MikeHTFNOct 28, 1973 – Jan 1975Member of the Pipe Shop
Card, DavidDS1Nov 1973 – May 1977EDSRemembered the collision with the USS Belknap in 1975.
Siedow, SteveAKNov 1973 – Nov 1977S-1There's got to be alot of you S-1 guys out there! E-mail or list to contact!
Chmelik, JamesAK2Nov 1, 1973 – Jun 15, 1977S-1Seen alot with her, onboard with collision with Belknap and Bordelon, saw F14 "go over" in the North Atlantic. Seen alot of friends come and go, but she was a good ship, will remember her well!!!
Guidry, DaveEM-2Nov 3, 1973 – Oct 31, 1977I grew up in her haze grey cathedrals, Nov 22, 1975, USS Bordelon, 3 Med cruises, Gitmo, NAPLES, and countless weekends off the VIrginia capes, It was all the Navy Promised- time to get a foothold on life.Thank You Big John!
Nista, DominickABE2Nov 15, 1973 – Jun 10, 1977V2Waist Cats
Hamilton, AndrewBT3Nov 29, 1973 – Nov 29, 1977Cat ShopIf any of you guys remember me, please send an email. My best friend was Brad Kissack from Youngstown, Ohio. I was on watch in Catapult # 2 when we had the collision in 1975, had my headphones on when I felt a bump and the lights went out.
Costello, JosephMM3Dec 1973 – Dec 1975M AMRGot on board just in time for dry dock in 74. Went to gitmo and Jamaca. Then the Med cruise when we ran over the Belknap, What a bad night ha.Got shipped out on that cruise to go to the USS Puget Sound AD 38
Twigg, Timothymachinest mate E3Dec 1973 – 1976machinest
Jeffries, Charles Cole profile iconLTDec 1973 – Dec 1975JAG-Legal Office
Chmelik, JamesAK3Dec 1, 1973 – Jun 15, 1977S-1One of my foundest (and dreaded) memories was hearing "we are anchored in the Bay of Naples!", Since when was the KENNEDY homeported there?!? *L*
Lansing, MarkGMT3Dec 3, 1973 – Jul 15, 1976"W"Would like to get in touch with shipmates that served in "W" division during this time frame. It would be great to see how there doing now!
Roberts, RegSMC RETIREDDec 18, 1973 – Sep 13, 1975CS Serving aboard "Big John" was a very rewarding experience for me! I came aboard as SM2 and was promoted to SM1, thanks to the very talented, but crazy "Skivvy Wavers" I had working with me.. Thanks gang!

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