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USS John F. Kennedy (CV 67) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS John F. Kennedy (CV 67). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 4663 crew members registered for the USS John F. Kennedy (CV 67).

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Moore, DavidRMSN1971 – Sep 1972CRWorked in radio shack, also D-J for ship\'s radio station WJFK with Fritz Coleman. CO was Gormley; Comm Div Commander F-C Holt. 71-72 Med cruise included Naples, Cannes and Palma. Those were some days!
Wilmoth, Roger WilmothADJ-31971 – Dec 1973VA-72
Mickel, Robert (Bob)GMT31971 – 1972WeaponsGood Crew, Good Parties, Good Cruise
Curtis, John (Jack Or Curt)MM31971 – 1973A-2Great times. Hey Doc are you out there???
Van Doren, JohnMM21971 – 1975Engr-ALots of good memorys, would love to hear from shipmates.
Baber, StephenAQB31971 – 1971RVAH 14
Barron, BertGMT31971 – 1971WeaponsSpecial Weapons
Cutlip, Earl1971 – 1975V-4
Wilson, TroyADJ21971 – 1973vaw 125
Shirley, Mack "shirl-eye"ABE41971 – 1975V-2Worked in Waist Cats, PLAT shop. Wild times on "Big John". Saw the world for free. What a crew, "Wop, Peaches, Horn-Eye, Uncle Blob, Chief Speta,Yurtle the Turtle,Bob Shearer,Big Ski, Little Ski,Atoe,Rick, Dave, and Leo Baker in the PLAT
Roberts, DennisE31971 – 1974"A Division"miss the ports of call
Carter, BudADJ31971 – 1974VA-46Don't remember alot but what a journey.Served with some good men worked hard played harder.Never thought I'd out live the ship. God Bless America, my brothers from VA-46 and the USS John F. Kenedy and Crew.
Weaver, Dalee41971 – 1975v2Hey Sweat. I'm trying to find shipmates who saw me get snached up by an A4 with Guzman holding my legs. My neck was severely injured and I'm having trouble proving the incident to the VA. for disability. 423-300-2844,
Kocsis, GaryRM21971 – 1974CR
Whittaker, DavidE31971 – 1973Engineering HT
Grimes, Ricky (Woodstock)AE31971 – 1972Reconnaissance Attack Squadron 14 (RVAH 14) & IM3
Huffstetter, MickCTR21971 –CommunicationsTemac From Rota Spain during one of the Med Cruises. Saw the Bob Hope show with Lola Falana. Remember the Slack Jack fondly. Seems like yesterday not 40 years ago.
Johnson, Russell ( Johnnie)e31971 – 1973a divisionderrick Bronson, webb, john fitspactric
Stafford, Kenneth, David (Ace, Slick)?1971 –?I am posting on behalf of my Father who has been deceased for 15yrs.I thought it would be nice to make sure he was here. He was on deck as an airplane mechanic I believe in 71-72 and possibly 73.
Whitney, Jack Elimm31971 – 1974a gang
Giannotti, Vincent Jseaman1971 – 19733rd div. & 5th divlike to connect with shipmates. 72 med cruise I was one of the guys running the liberty boats
Karinska, Fredrick JSeaman E31971 – 1975Deck Department
Roth, RonYN51971 – 1974Admin/Captain's OfficeServed on the JFK for 3 years & 4 months. Made two Med cruises. Made a lot of good friends and had a lot of fun.
Simpson, Ed profile iconAMS31971 – Sep 1973VA-34What a life experience!
Mayer, KenMM21971 – 1975A/A-2
Moses, PhilAO21971 – 1975G divisioI look back at my experence as a good one.I meet a lot of good people and soom not so good,saw places I would have never seen. Hi to everyone I served with
Hay, RichardRM31971 – 1973CRRemember the 2 1/2 Med Cruises I was on. The last cruise was short because of early separation. The war was winding down. Palma, Cannes, Rhodes, Athens, Naples; all great places to visit, even for a boy from Illinois.
Hobbs, Jerry W.YN3Jan 1971 – May 1973CRShip's company. Three Med floats. Capt. was R. H. Gormley Div. CMDR was Fred C. Holt
Minor, RichardABH-3Jan 1971 – May 1974V-1Crash rescue
Kinyon, Robert "bob"AMS2Jan 1971 – Jan 1974VA 72Made two great Med cruises and some friends from not only VA 72 but VA 46 & VA 34
Miller, JackE-4 MR-3Jan 1971 – Dec 1972A-4I worked in the Machine Shop.
Reed, JonCVA 67 JOHN F KENNEDYJan 1, 1971 – Sep 20, 1974G
Smith, TedIC3Jan 3, 1971 – Dec 18, 1972ESorry to see Big John decommissioned! I remember when he was just a kid! Did an extended Med cruse Dec1 1971 to October ? 1972. It was a great ride! Sorry I never got back aboard. RIP USS John F Kennedy CVA67
Cadwallader, RobOS 2Feb 1971 – Feb 14, 1975Operations - CICSurface Superviser - Ops Specialist 2nd Class when discharged in 1975.
Fullerton, Tom/fullyYN3Feb 1971 – Dec 8, 1972V2Worked in V2 office with some of the best guys ever. Harvey Nutter, Terry Chitwood, Eddie Moore, Kenny Gammill & Bob Donahue. Of course there were no females aboard ships in those days...don't know how that would have turned out.
Ritchie, JimmyAC2Feb 1971 – Jul 1974OC
Krumpek, JohnABE3Feb 1, 1971 – Jan 6, 1975V2 Arresting gearI was the deck edge operator for 3 years retracting the cables. Lots of memories...
Campbell, DennisABE 3Feb 8, 1971 – Jan 3, 1975V-2Seeking info on a twin jet airplane in which the engine exploded aboard USS JFK V-2 Division. approx 1973. Air Wing either VF-14, VF-32 or VA-34. contact Capt_Dennis @charter .net. Any info would be appreciated.
Usher, DavidGMT1Mar 1971 – Jun 6, 1973WeaponsFrom the Shangrila & WestPac to the Kennedy what a difference last cruise I made enjoy it a lot.
Dixon, Gary--nickname "cowboy"ABE 2Mar 1971 – Oct 1974v-2Worked on flight deck as hook runner then later as gear topside P.O.. Lots of hard work and little sleep..for some reason , I was given the nickname of "Cowboy"..Very proud to have served aboard the Big John....
Whitlatch, John / Snydlye-2Mar 1971 – Dec 1972V-2 Aresting GearEngine #2 ,Hook Runner ,Spin 12 Mjke Tyger & I both had the key to Coke Locker, I think that most will remember I gave hair cuts in the shop!!
Moody, TomAbh-anMar 1971 – Jan 1975V-1Was a fly 2yellow shirt. Met so many great shipmates. Loved those med cruses.
Makris, Jim3rd class petty officerMar 1971 – Aug 1972sam division
Turner, RickOS3Mar 1, 1971 – Dec 2, 1972OIThey were great days on the Big John. The One year Med Cruise was a killer.
Dickey, Billpo3Mar 1, 1971 – Jan 1, 1974engineering mmr4I have a lot of good memories of the med cruises. Memories of chief chase, ronni ward, lyrch, danny orr, and many others.
Jenkins, Robert "Bob"MM3Mar 10, 1971 – Jul 19, 1974P2 Division; #2MMRThank you to all my old buddys and the fun we had during the 2 Med cruises especially the auto safari, sight seeing and the mopeds.
Callicoat, CatEMFNApr 10, 1971 – Jun 3, 1974ewas employed by nnsy for 5 yrs following my navy time.transfered to psns and still work at shipyard for various contractors
McVey, MikeMR3Apr 24, 1971 – Dec 1, 1973A-4Have been doing a lot of thinking about the good old days. Made two Med cruses, had a blast (Palma). Would like to hear from any one who served. In 1991 I got my wife and kids on for a tour. The JFK set the pace for the last 30+ years. Reunion?????
Lloyd, GeorgePH2May 1971 – Dec 1972OP - PhotographyWas in charge of the "shooting crew" for the photo lab. Endured one Med cruise from 12/71 to 10/72. Spent most of the summer of 1971 in drydock in Portsmouth, VA.
Benton, Dave (Stach)OS3May 1971 – Aug 28, 1974CICAir warfare team, 2 extented Med cruises, best times!
Marchese, MichaelAK3May 1971 – Jan 1973SupplyGreat memories of the 11 month med cruise.
Worthington, BruceABHMay 1971 – Oct 1974V-1Good times on Big John. 2 med cruises. Fond memories. I want to thank Chief Brown for the tough life lessons. I've made my life in Denver CO.
Fleming, Preston (John)EM3May 1, 1971 – Aug 22, 1972Electrical E DivI live in Playas del Coco, Guanacaste, Costa Rica, I own a bar/restaurant called Monkey Business Pizza Bar & More.Mention you served and get special deals.. Maybe put together JFK reuinio if enough interest email me
Hutchins, Dennis (Mad Dog)E3May 12, 1971 – Dec 8, 1972V-4Loved my time aboard the JFK
Borelli, GenoFA-BT2May 15, 1971 – Jan 9, 1975P-2Reported aboard FA transferred as BT2. Worked in 2MMR. Great ship and great times. Got tired of pulling 3 main and pushing the forward group
Robinson, Jon P.( Robbie Or Robinski The Jew)MM3May 15, 1971 – Feb 11, 1975R then A3I started off in R division in the plumber shop but transferred to A3 shortly afterward. I remember Mike McLaughlin, Cheif Waddell and Cheif Bolton. Also Roger Barkley, Thomas C. Wood,Glenn Foster, John Schatz,
Gennaria, JeromeAT 2May 24, 1971 – Apr 10, 1975Test Equipment Lab - Ships CompanyMade two Med cruises - "you've been extended" On board for Nato Operation to the Artic Circle - Part of drydock operation in 1974. Survived the Belknap incident and the lost anchor in Cannes, France. Had wife over for ten days in Athens.
Pritchett, Robert Leo "Fred"mm3May 30, 1971 – Feb 14, 1975engsome of the best years of my life,
Nijakowski, Jerry(ski)GMT3Jun 1971 – Jan 1973w1971-72 med cruise,new years in barsalona,film festival in cannes ,who could ask for more. all i wanted was out at the time but isnt it funny that i would not trade those times for anything.
Cartaxo, GlennRD3Jun 1971 – Oct 1974Operations IntelligenceThose were the days.
Quick, TerryAMS3Jun 1971 – Jul 1973
Manley, DaleE/3Jun 1971 – Feb 14, 1975v1I would like to hear from crew members from V-1 division.I was onboard the Kennedy from 1971-1975 I worked on the flight deck & later worked in flight deck control
Keiser, JamesEM1Jun 1971 – Jun 1974E DivIt's been quite a number of years since I was on the BIG JOHN but I have never forgotten about my time onboard.
Leslie, JohnANJun 1, 1971 – Mar 1975
Cox, GaryAO3Jun 1, 1971 – Nov 23, 1974AM/GFoxy is bald-headed now. Let's load bombs.
Sams, Frank (The Kid)bt3Jun 12, 1971 –p2 (catapults)just wondering what happened to some of the greatest guys I ever knew
Robinson, Douglasfireman E3Jun 12, 1971 – Apr 14, 1973engineeringbabcox & wilcox 1200 lbs boilers extended firesides.,smoke watch, forced draft blowers.
Johnson, FredAT-3Jun 13, 1971 – Sep 10, 1974VF-14Still remember Mo, GD, Greenbean, Castillo, Sherman, Fifi, Elliot, Gray,listening to Led Zepplin and rockin and a rollin
Cartaxo, GlennRD3/0S3Jun 15, 1971 – Oct 24, 1974OI Division
Ault, CharlesRD3/OS3Jun 15, 1971 – Aug 23, 1974OI DivisionLeft Active Duty in '74, joined the Reserves in '84. Recalled to active duty in 1999 for a 1-year cruise on the "Big John." Earned the ESWS on that cruise and promoted to Chief in '01.
O'sullivan, EdE5Jun 20, 1971 – Nov 10, 1972VA 46 A7 squadron from Jacksonville FlaLeaving the flight deck for the last time after securing flight ops I sat in the port catwalk and realized just how much I would miss this place. I'm very happy to have been allowed to be there.
McFadden, Tony BT3Jun 21, 1971 – Feb 14, 1975ENG.Was in #1MMR and last two years in catapults. Was known as MAC.
Seymour, Donald B.BT3Jul 1971 – Dec 1974BServed in 4MMR and the Engineering Stores
Melehan, GeorgeGMT2Jul 1971 – Dec 8, 1972w
Petrangelo, NickAG2Jul 1, 1971 – Dec 12, 1974Weather OfficeHad a great time on the Kennedy - sad to see her decommissioned. Met several wonderful guys and their wives ... Paul, Steve K., Jim, Ray ...
Shuemake, DonnieE-3 V-1 DivisionJul 1, 1971 – Jul 4, 1973V-1 Flight Deck DivisionI am now a disable Vet. living in my home state of Tennessee. I am from the Livingston,Tn. area and are now living in the Baxter, Tn. area.
Caswell, MikeDP2Jul 1, 1971 – Mar 1973SupplyLong cruise with good friends
Demers, Jerry "Jerry Jive" ( Thanks Brandon Lucas)E-2Jul 2, 1971 – Sep 24, 1974G Man oh Man the years have been good and I want to shout out to Scott Bowes, James Rudd, Micheal Boldman, Gibson The" Gibby", Mearle, Bill Lockhart, And the Lang. Remember the 80 man kickball game? Thanks to all of you.Hey Barnes
Bewell, JamesAO2Jul 3, 1971 – Jan 25, 1973G DivisionWant to say Hi to G Div. Flt Dk Ord Crew, Rich Wiseman, "Mouse" DeCamp, Rich Widmark, and Bomb Assy./ Mag. Crew, "Bubba" Margain, "Butch" Malty, Mike Ripp, and "Fly" Iannaconi. Take care, JB
Giangreco, Ralph GreekGMT 3Jul 10, 1971 – Jul 19, 1972Wa cruise to remember for the rest of your life
Lee, RogerRM3Jul 11, 1971 – Nov 27, 1974CRMy time aboard the Kennedy is still to this day one of the best experiences of my life. It was truly an adventure for a small town kid from very rural Nebraska. Saw places and things I had only read about.
Masangya, Albertsn/bmJul 12, 1971 – May 19743rd division boatswainmateit was a very interesting adventure during that time of my life got to see the med 3 times only bad part was we got extended three times over seas but it was a great time
Amgott, GordonYN3Jul 22, 1971 – May 10, 1973VAW-125
Maier, BradIC2Aug 1971 – May 1973EngTwo fantastic years of my life. saw many places that I would probobly never have seen. made many friends and as I look back now really appreciate the time I was aboard.
Mayer, KenMM2Aug 1971 – Oct 1975A /A2 work centerWorked with a great bunch of guys. Proud to have served on the Kennedy.
Crowley, RonRM3Aug 1971 – Dec 1972CRI was a teletype repairman and operator. Made one cruise on the JFK. Transfered in from the FDR
Bowman, RichardGMG2Aug 1971 – Jan 1973G - Weapons
Schmitt, DanielE5/GMT2Aug 1971 – Feb 1975W
Hauser, GeorgeMM3Aug 1, 1971 – Nov 1, 19743MMRGood ship, good friends, long cruises, great poker games, it was all good. Miss it all!!!!
Greenley, RossET3Sep 1971 – Sep 1973ERI kept the radar repeaters running.
Russell, MichaelAR3Sep 1971 – Oct 5, 1974AIMDMade 3 Med. cruses, held over for 18 months or so. remember loosing an anchor, collision between our F-4 and a Bear bomber, a loss of 2 a-6's and a north atlantic trip....
Malerich, JamesMR1Sep 1971 – Jun 1974A-4served on active duty untill June 1978. Retired from Naval Reserve in 1996 .
Corona, Mark / ToyotaETR3Sep 1971 – Apr 1974ERI maintained all the radar repeaters. I was aboard during the 73 Israeli crisis and the buzzing of Gadafi's Independence Day parade. Sadly I never kept track of any of the people I served with.
Gambescia Sr, Gregory J.AMH-2 -SAR CREWMANSep 1971 – Aug 1972HC-2This Med cruise was to returm in June. Got extended until August. Flew home and got married in June and returned to finish the cruise. I believe this was the last MED cruise of HC-2 from Lakehusrt before moving to Fl.
Forster, DaveAO-3Sep 1971 – Jan 23, 1973G DivisionHello to all the boys in the hanger deck crew! Look me up if you have time or feel like it.
Manning, Greg (Archie)AT2Sep 1, 1971 – Sep 1, 1974VAW-125/AIMDHad lots of fun messing with the crew with a wireless transmitter! Was thankful to visit ports of call I may not have seen without this opportunity.
Cobb, RichardSep 1, 1971 – Dec 18, 1974OCSorry to see her go. Big John was the show piece of the fleet
Hay, Charley profile iconEM2Sep 1, 1971 – Jun 6, 1975E- electrical e-division No comment
Maranian Jr, ArthurAO-2Sep 5, 1971 – Mar 25, 1973AM'WOW" 35 years and still looking back at the great times in weapons with all the BB stackers. 2 Med cruises and those crazy libs in Naples and Barcelona Spain. AO's Kick Ass IYAOYAS!
Herring, Robert,boatssnSep 5, 1971 – 1974deckhard to remember those days med cruise that lasted for 2 years
Lawrence, JerryE-2 - AASep 19, 1971 – Feb 22, 1973V-1I was a flight deck director, fly2
Myrdahl, HaroldDS2Sep 25, 1971 – Sep 15, 1975EDS/OPSToo long ago. Lots of good memories from MED. Had a great time in Palma.
Hicks, RudyCT03Oct 1971 – Aug 1972OS
Osborne, AllanABE 3Oct 1971 – Aug 1974V-2Tower flower V2
Cook, MikeFN TO BT2Oct 1971 – 1975P2 3MMRFOUR OF THE BEST YEARS OF MY LIFE.CHESTER,H.P. bucketman ADAMS, Rodger from miami ok. George hardwick. M. Gisel. Rip Smith Bailey, John Wayne Hicks, Stapelton, Mike Finn are you guys still out there?
Mayer, BillMM3Oct 1971 – Jun 1975M
Parada, VinnyMM3Oct 1971 – Jul 1974P DIVISION 4MMRCould'nt wait to get out and for 35 years can't stop thinking about it, It was really a great experience.Merz,Aikers,Chase,Sims,Barret,to mention a few.
Hicks, RudyCTO3Oct 1971 – Aug 1972OS DivisionThe cruise to the Med was a lot of fun. I enjoyed my time on the was time well spent.
Jackson, James (Jack) profile iconE3Oct 1971 – Aug 1973S2Great times. I was there for the entire 71 to 72 Med cruise that was extended 3 times. Back to Norfolk, short stay in Portsmouth and then back to the Med after WestPac cruise was canceled. Great ports of call.
Herring, RobertbmsnOct 6, 1971 – Sep 8, 1975deck
Updyke, Michael\mikeE-3Oct 8, 1971 – Jul 13, 19751stWas 1st division company Yeoman for a couple of years,(1973-1975) Also on the bridge watch crew. Any of you like me, lucky enough to become a helmsman and steer the old Ship? Bridge watch's Stood a lot of them.
Kilroy, DanABE2Oct 10, 1971 – Jan 10, 1975V2 - Bow CatsBow Cats Supervisor with Jim Boyd
Villarreal, ErnieRM2Nov 1971 – May 1975CRdid one med. cruise. cruised up to edinburgh, scotland. spent a year in portsmouth drydock. was a radioman, but spent time aboard as comm.dept. yeoman
Murray, Ray (Baby Doll)E3Nov 1971 – Sep 1974deck divhad a great time on the sea and anchor detail young at the time but grew up with a lot of great buddies had a GOOD Time in the Med (
Kehler, GlennAirmanNov 1971 – Jan 26, 1973S1/S6I enjoyed serving aboard the JFK and I enjoyed going on the Med Cruise. I liked working as an aviation storekeeper in the S1 division and made friends with people who I am still in contact with today.
Martin, RichardHTFNNov 1971 – Sep 1973Engineering
Anderson, JimAT-3Nov 1971 – Feb 1972RVAH-14was on the 1971-72 med cruise
Becker, Ben (Benny)EM-2Nov 1971 – May 1975E-Div, C&E shopThis was the start of many world travels. Lots of fond memories on the JFK, and a few hangovers.
Alvord, JohnPH2Nov 1971 – Nov 1972OP - Photo LabI too was on the Mediterranean tour that lasted most of the year that I was aboard.
Boschi, FrankYN3Nov 1, 1971 – Sep 1972ComCruDesFlot 8 StaffI served aboard the Kennedy for the 1971-72 Med cruise under Rear Admiral Harry D Train and Rear Admiral Bob Welander as the mail control yeoman.Would like to catch up with officers and enlisted of the staff
Voight, GeorgeMM2Nov 2, 1971 – Mar 16, 1975FORWARD )O2-N2 plantBest years of my life,but I did'nt realize it Looking for anyone from "A" div
Hicks, SteveE-4Nov 5, 1971 – Mar 1, 1973G
Ray, Frank (Thunderbutt)AE2Nov 9, 1971 – Jan 29, 1974VA-46 AE Shop-Night Shift SupervisorWas on board during the mid-east crisis in 73, had a fire in a gear locker while ported in Edinburg, I earned my nickname, Thunderbutt, on the 73 cruise.Got extended twice due to the Forrestal fire at Pier 12, and the Sara and America tours
Davis, DavidABH-3 Nov 18, 1971 – Jun 5, 1975V-1 DivisionMade a lot of friends 2 med cruises was in the north Atlantic and the Caribbean
Hughes, DaleNov 19, 1971 – Sep 15, 1973ECrew Member in Power Shop for about 15 months, and transferred to Electrical Safety Shop for the remainder of my time.
Davis, MichaelAE3Dec 1971 – Jul 1972IMI was aboard for the 71-72 Med Cruise. I was a part of VA 46, an attack squadron out of Jacksonville, Florida. and was assigned to Intermediate Maintenance. Of all the guys I knew while on board, I am only aware of where two of them are located
Daniel, Tom/ DanADJ2Dec 1971 – Oct 1972VAW 125Was in charge of the line crew on the Med Cruise of 1971-1972
Gray, KevinE3Dec 1971 – Oct 1972VA34
Watchorn, PaulPR-3Dec 1971 – Sep 1974VA-46Made two cruises aboard "Big John". Thought the Med. was our home port and only made port calls in the states. She was a great ship.
Backun, MarkAT3Dec 1971 – Oct 1972VAW-125 AIMD
Gurski, TedAE2Dec 1971 – Sep 1972HC-2Was a member of the Helo Crew.
Auger, Jean "peter"ADJ3Dec 1, 1971 – Oct 6, 1972VA-34 LineHi, I served on the JFK while in VA-34. I was a plane captain for KA_6D #532. First to launch and last to recover. Flight deck! Got to board in Boston 3-4-07, the smells, sights, old shop, & passage to F/D. What a great experience! Thanks
Parker, RobertADR3Dec 1, 1971 – Aug 12, 1972HC-2Longest Med-Cruise ever. But what a trip!!
Herron, ForestAC2Dec 1, 1971 – Dec 12, 1974OCIt seems like yesterday. Playing for the ships basketball and fast pitch softball teams made for some great times. I am proud to have served aboard JFK and honored to have served with great shipmates in the OC division
McGarrah, Roy "Mac" "little Mac"AC-2Dec 1, 1971 – Dec 15, 1972OCI was sometimes called "Little Mac" because there was already a "Mac" in the division.
Cascone, RoccoDP1Dec 1, 1971 – Dec 10, 1974OZ Division - IOICGreat Time, with some great People
Ely, LaneE3Dec 1, 1971 – Mar 17, 1975V4
Dutton, DennisSH3Dec 3, 1971 – Jun 9, 1975S3Best time of my life.
Fraser, Adrian S ( Walt) profile iconABF3Dec 7, 1971 – Oct 20, 1975V-4living deep in the woods making it in Maine. talk to Larry Hoglund ( smooth)every month to settle my nerves.LIFE IS GOOD
Drake, BillRM2Dec 7, 1971 – Dec 7, 1972COMMUNICATIONSMan, it seems like yesterday, I use to write as sports paper for the ship called Ducky's Sporting News, had it posted delivered to the other div. everyday. Got in touble for it, Comander Gormley interceted and got it back on line.
Hannas, AlanCS3Dec 15, 1971 – Oct 25, 1973S-2I spent nearly 2 years on the JFK. I can't say I really enjoyed it but it was interesting; I'm glad I did it. I saw lots of places I'll never see again. Oddly, I flew home from Saudi in 91 on a C-5 with about 50 JFK guys
Riedel, HerbertRM2Dec 20, 1971 – Feb 10, 1975CR2 med cruises one 11 months long had a good time on the JFK will always remember it would like to hear from crew members who served with me on the big john

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