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USS John F. Kennedy (CV 67) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS John F. Kennedy (CV 67). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 4663 crew members registered for the USS John F. Kennedy (CV 67).

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Welton, PhillipE-41969 – 1971Served on JFK's maiden voyage to Mediterranean theatre as an Avaiation Structural Mechanic. Enjoyed Barcelona & Rhoda, Spain, as well as Italy.
Peyton, TerryAZ31969 – 1971aviation maintenence administration ship companywould like to talk to some one who was on the ship at the same time I was and how to get the med cruise book for 1970-1971.
Bishop, RobertABE-31969 – Nov 1971V2Bow Cats
Tirico, FrankABE21969 – 1971V2Worked in catapults and gear. Made incredible friends and still talk to some after all these years. Truly the best years of my life but I would'nt have thought that back then. Hard, dirty, dangerous work.
Cognac, Roland (Rollie)1969 – 1971Bosun's mate
Hennan, ChrisYN31969 – Dec 12, 1972Started out as a yeoman in the Operations Office in 1969 and then transfered to the Captain's Office. Boarded in Naples, Italy and then made to two full Med Cruises after that til 1972. Enjoyed the time aboard. Even saw Bob Hope perform.
Cornelius,jr, Gerald R. (Jerry)ADJ1969 – 1970VA-34Best wishes to all who serve in the defense of this great country. Support Our Troops.
Tompkins, MikeE-31969 – 1973W,1st
Stely, JohnE-31969 – 1972VA-46
Peyton, TerryAZ31969 – 1971aviation maintenence administration ship companylooking for cruise book 70-71
Greenhalgh, ArtEM-11969 – 1972 C&E Shop
Sanders, Ron "Sandy"HM31969 – Oct 15, 1971Medical
Carlton, Byron JerryAK31969 – 1970S 6
McCallum, MarkAMH21969 – 1970RVAH-14Anyone in this squad please contact me at, would like to hear from you, we went out 6 months, on a Med. Cruise
Picard, JohnABF-31969 – 1973V-4Wow! Three Med cruises....worth it with lots of memories.
Herholtz, DickAMSN1969 – 1970V4Days at sea seem to last forever. A 9 mo. Med cruise a life time. Great memories of the ship and shipmates. Long live Purple Shirts. Go Grapes
Smith, Carl profile iconHT31969 – Nov 1973Rworked in pipe shop--high pressure pipe welder
Ranz, MikeQM31969 – 1971NavigationGreat experience working with all of "The Brass" on the bridge keeping the ship headed in the right direction. Would not trade this time for anything.
Burton, John EeeeeeeeeeeeE 31969 – 1973!st division deck / Boatwaine lockerWondering what the old crew is,EEEE, dog ,hobokenand ratso got together in philly 2008.went to see the old JFK CVA 67 now marked as CV67
Johnson, SylvesterBT11969 – 1974P1 P4. Oil labWas Dj Dr Feelgood 2 med cruises miss the ship and all the great shipmates and airwings
Kranz, LawrenceE21969 – 1971E-division
Meyerson, George profile iconPN21969 – 1971RVAH-14 PERSONNEL
Maynard, Roy profile iconSA1969 – 19712nd divI really enjoyed my time on the JFK, and all the friends I made.
Earn, Carl E.AO 31969 – 1971G DivisionGreetings to my former crewmates. Made the first and second Med Cruises and have many great memories of friends and adventures there.
Wilson, David RADJ31969 – Dec 1971IM2 Jet shopLoved Spain, anyone remembering me while I worked in the Jet Shop please feel free to contact me @ enjoyed working out in weight room with Smitty can't remember his real name
Toran, Charlese21969 – 19713rd division
Strader, LarryAMS-31969 – 1971C1A crew ( COD crew )Had some great friends on board. I was on the ships 2nd Med. cruise. Worked AMS shop then volunteered for the COD crew (C1A crew).(Air Crewman). Scary Duty. Flew day & night. Send me a
Foro, JohnEm-31969 – 1970E Division
Yurcisin, George (Yurk)AQF-2Jan 1969 – Dec 1969VF-32Big John was a great ride, especially after just coming off the FDR (CVA-42).
Austin, KenABE- 3Jan 1969 – Dec 1970V-2 Cat 4Loved every minute of it. [Didn't then] Looking back, it was a great time.
Reed, BuckAviation Ordnance Second ClassJan 1, 1969 – Aug 6, 1971AMJust wanted to say hello to all the guys that I served with in the Missile Division 1969 to 1971.
Maltman, SteveABE3Jan 5, 1969 – Aug 7, 1970V2 Waist Catapults I started working in the arresting gear. That lasted a couple months then went to work as the centerdeck operator on the waist cats.
Davenport, LeeABE3Jan 12, 1969 – Feb 4, 1970V-2Arresting Gear Crew
Wynkoop, JamesAO2Jan 15, 1969 – Dec 21, 1969CVW-1served TAD 1/15/69 to 5/1/69 then returned to VA-83
Repicz, GeorgeAQ2Jan 16, 1969 – Dec 20, 1972VF-14worked in AMD
Thayer, RichardAG3Jan 25, 1969 – Jan 10, 1971OAEven after 35 years in the Navy, E1 to O5) the 2 years and 2 MED cruises on the Big john were the best ever.
Edick, WilliamAO2Feb 1969 – Dec 23, 1969VA 95 A4E'SGreat Cruise, returned home on Dec. 23, 1969.
Conley, Charles / BobABE-1Feb 1969 – Jul 1971V-2I started out as rotory retract engine operater, jet blast deflector operater, hook up, catapult captain. Enjoyed all of it. Stayed 10 years in the Navy. I work for NASA now. Enjoy it more.
Hollis, PeterE-4Feb 1969 – Oct 13, 19721st Division - 2nd to NoneGreat to have heard from McHugh, Buton ,Paz and Cognac...anybody know how you spell Dan McCusak?? last name. Thanks for getting me going you guys. Can you guys still fit in your jumpers??? L.O.L
Burns, JohnABE-3Feb 1969 – Jan 1970V-2 div. bow catsbest of 3 carriers I was on. the shipmates made it great. re-unions are great for my little group. wished I could do it again. supporter for the museum.
Thayer, RichardAG2Feb 1969 – Feb 1971OAWe saw Europe!
Bishop, RobertE-4Feb 2, 1969 – Nov 17, 1971V-2Members of the Cats and Arresting gear from the first four years of the JFK get together every couple years, Get in touch if you are interested, 814-221-3104.
Munsch, DwainADJ3Mar 1969 – Dec 1969Heavy Attack Squadron 10/VAH-10Loved every minute on board.
Wolk, Bob MUGSAQB-3Mar 1969 – Dec 1969VAH-10Made maiden cruise in Heavy-10 as AQB-3 Plane Captain assigned to KA-3B Tenpin 650 BuNo 142253. Got Aircrew wings while on cruise. Am one of the guys who has no idea how the palm tree on quaterdeck wound up in the Ocean during workups.
Pritchard, William PritchardADJ2Mar 1969 – Dec 22, 1969RVAH14 tad to jet shopWorked in jet shop 1st med cruse
Skrivan, Joe (Gramps)ABE3Mar 1969 – Dec 1969V2Made first Med Cruise on JFK, worked as sheave dampner PO for month then asst topside PO until discharged when ship returned in Dec 1969. Made some good friends working back in arresting gear.
Taggard, Terry AMH3Mar 1, 1969 – Dec 23, 1969VAH-10
Dogan, EthanAA -E2Mar 3, 1969 – May 22, 1970SHIPS COMPANY
Richards, JimAO-2Mar 10, 1969 – Sep 20, 1969Flight & Hanger Deck OrdnancePlank Owner
Leclerc, Sylvio Or SylMM3Apr 1969 – Mar 1971A3-4Just sentimental about my brand new Aircraft Carrier that's already wore out. It will always be brand new to me. Didn,t love then, as much as I do now. Great experience. Thanks JFK
Sherry, Vincent/vinceYN3Apr 1969 – Nov 1969HC-2Astounding and thrilling. Great bunch of guys - especially Mac. Had to leave early but enjoyed the Med cruise through early November 1969.
Miller, SteveANApr 1969 – Dec 1969VA-95
Hoffman, Fred profile icone-4Apr 1969 – Sep 1972Rworked both in dc shop and carpener shop enjoyed playing basketball on hanger deck with the guys. I made three med cruises remember the bob hope show?
Chitwood, TerryPO 1 E6Apr 1969 – Dec 1972V2Great experience with a great bunch of guys!
Muehling, LanceAO3Apr 1, 1969 – Dec 23, 1969VA 83Plane Captain with VA 83. Saw Bill's name here so I had to sign up. Doing research for a niece's HISTORY CLASS, if you can believe that!!!
Whitley, DonaldE-4Apr 1, 1969 – Oct 27, 1972V-4Would like to hear from any of my old shipmates who served during this time.
Freitas, WilliamAO2Apr 4, 1969 – Dec 22, 1969VA 83Made first Med Cruise with VA 83 Ordnance. We were located in a very small shop, port side forward, with AE's, AT's. Our berthing was between the number 3 & 4 wire, just under the flight deck. It was VA 83's last curise with the A-4.
Arnold, Jo LRD 3May 1969 – May 1, 1970OIi only remember the good times. isn't that the way it should be? to much previous time in far east, but i remember jfk bb what a diff than what i was used to
Lacoe, KeithCPLMay 1969 – Jul 1, 1971marine detachment
Robertazzi, DominicMay 1, 1969 – Dec 2, 1972V-4
McKinney, RaymondABH-3May 5, 1969 – Nov 19, 1971V-3
Fielder, TerryFNMay 15, 1969 – May 15, 1970DCI was on the first med. cruise
Kitchen, ArthurE4May 15, 1969 – May 11, 1971
Walls, Hugh "wallsy"FN, SHIPFITTERMay 29, 1969 – Mar 1, 1971R
Robinson, RogerE-5/DC2Jun 1969 – Dec 1972RAft DC Shop
Hoffer, WoodyADJ-2Jun 1969 – Oct 1971VF-14Worked in the Jet Shop and AMD. Chief woodcock was the CPO in charge of the AMD division.
Glaab, JimDC 2Jun 1969 – Mar 1971R DivisonWorked in the Carpenter Shop. Fixed the liberty boats, made cruise boxes, ships plaques and Plank Owners Plaques. Worked on building the stage for the Bob Hope Christmas Show.
Mitchell, Bob profile iconEM 3Jun 4, 1969 – Apr 14, 1972EWorked in the C&E shop on the Aircraft, Weapons, & Captains elevators. Worked with a great bunch of guys including Dennis Hoeffer.
Carroll, NathanBM3Jun 15, 1969 – Nov 3, 19713rd, and 5thIt's hard to believe Big John is being replaced by a new CVN. It seemed like only yesterday we were on our first med cruse. I reported aboard in Athens Greece. I could not believe I was assigned to Big John.
Crane, William (Bill)DS2Jul 1969 – Jul 1973EDS / NTDSJoined the Kennedy at Trieste on first med cruise and enjoyed all my time aboard even if we spent more time at sea in the Med than we did in the States. If I remember correctly, I left the ship in July 1973.
Raymond, Andy/"Boot Camp"EM3Aug 1969 – May 15, 1971EWorked in the C&E Shop. Firstworking on starting and fuels sys. then on Catapults. Knew Keith Hansen,Dennis Hoeffer, and Ken Pitkin. BYTW they were right I did shipover to the Army and retired later. There is nothing more memorable the JFK.
Casiano, JaimeE-2Aug 1969 – Mar 1971
Moynahan, EdwardE2Aug 1969 – Mar 1971Supply S3Maiden voyage, crews barber shop, did a oldies radio show, I now live in Orlando, FL for the last 28 years. Trying to move up to Martinsville,VA this year.
Ball, JohnYN2Aug 1, 1969 – May 1, 1971AdminI served as Captain's Writer to the Commanding Officer, Julian S. Lake. I am an Episcopal priest serving in as rector of Trinity Episcopal Church, St. Mary's City, Maryland, in the Diocese of Washington.
Muir, Patrick, PatSNAug 10, 1969 – Dec 14, 1971erBest time of my life. Made new friends and made a med. cruise.
Willis, ClintonAE1Aug 18, 1969 – Aug 1971IM3I enjoyed my time on Kennedy. When Bob Hope USO show came aboard I had the After Brow Watch When I got to the flight deck I was way in the back. I made the last half of the first cruise. To late to be a plank owner.
Ferrarini, LarryABHANSep 1969 – Apr 1973V-1Remember being back stateside after two cruises. I couldn't imagine an aircraft landing without a tailhook.
Pauly, BurtonSep 1969 – 1971
Sheehan, RobertE3Sep 1969 – Jul 1971
Hoke, LarryE3Sep 1969 – Mar 1971SK1I enjoyed my time serving in the Navy and very proud to have served on board the Kennedy. While I have not stayed in touch with my ship mates, I often think of them and wonder where they are and what their doing.
Frinzl, Dennishm3Sep 1969 – Sep 1970MedicalHey Archie Crump, how are you doing?
Cochran, TerryAZ2Sep 15, 1969 – Dec 21, 1969VAH-10 Data AnalystI just got back from Vietnam aboard the USS Enterprise with VA-145. Transferred to USS Kennedy with VAH-10, as Data Analyst (AZ2). The ports of call were Barcelona, Malta, Naples, Treiste, and Athens. It was my last cruise in the Navy.
Pauly, BurtonMMCSep 15, 1969 – Apr 15, 1971mI was lost for a while, since I was a tin-can sailor for about 13 Years. But I wouldn't trade the experiences I had on JFK for any other thing. Mr.Johnson was one of my favorite Div. officers.
Kopf, JamesYN3Sep 20, 1969 – Apr 19, 1972NAVStarted out as a CYNSN in the CR Div. Made YN3 and moved to Navagation. Made three Med deployments.
Toran, CharlesE2Sep 29, 1969 – Oct 27, 1970
Willms, Edward (Smiley)E5/SFPOct 1969 – Jan 1973Repair
Crain, Patrick (Skip) IchabodABEOct 1969 – 1973waist cat # 4Safety P.O. on cat 4 with Dave Hamon on cat 3
Emch, Ron "Emok"RM3Oct 1969 – Apr 1972CRLoved the fresh baked cinnamon rolls during mid watch while at sea.
Messer, GaryETR3Oct 1969 – Jul 1974Communications Repair Electronic ShopI reported on board in Triest Italy in the fall of 1969. I believe this was the Ships first Deployment to the Mediterranean. My rate was ETR, but actuallly worked in the communications shop due to my "C" school.
Elder, JohnE3Oct 1969 – May 1, 1971C Div ADPLooking for any of the guys in C Div ADP from 1969 to 1971
Kofsky, IraAE3Oct 1, 1969 – Nov 1970
Coleman, Randall (Randy)AE3 & 4Oct 1, 1969 – Jan 11, 1971V2, CAT 2Worked CAT 2 holdback, bridel hook-up and conograph operator. Went aboard while the ship was in dry dock 1969. Left ship in Athens, Greece for discharge in 1971. This was the best duty in the Navy. I am the Provost Marshal at Lone Star AAP.
Pierce, OrinAO3Oct 20, 1969 – Feb 3, 1973WeaponsDidn't like the Navy much at the time but looking back I had some great times. Joe Barzcs (spelling?) from Hartford Connecticut, are you still out there? Anyone else from Weapons during this period - email me.
Coleman, Randall "Randy"ANOct 20, 1969 – Jan 11, 1971V2 Catapults
McGuire, J. BrianCS3Nov 1969 – Aug 1971S2 (Commissaryman)Great Experience right out of H.S. Med Cruise was fantastic. Friendships memorable forever. Wouldn't be where I am today w/o having done this.
Wiech, BenjaminYN3Nov 1969 – May 1971Admirals StaffBoarded in Athens. Served with RADM William Hauser's staff. KENNEDY and AMERICA were the best. Loved the Acropolis. Watched a Super Bowl in the Admiral's cabin (he wasn't around). Zumwalt's Z-Grams made things easier for the crew.
McGuire, J. "brian"CS3Nov 1969 – Aug 1971S2 Commissaryman (incl CPO Mess for 6 months)Great Experience right out of High School. Made 2nd Med Cruise. Met some great friends - hope all are well. Please e-mail me if your memories are as good as mine. Take Care, Brian
Keegan, Barry (Chooch)AZ3Nov 1969 –VA46 Maitenance4 Med Tours till73. What a Ride!
Profit, SamDT 3Nov 1969 – Jun 1970DentalI severed a very short time on the ship. Most of the time it was in dry dock. We did make a couple of short test cruises though. I received orders to go to a C school for prosthetic's the day the ship sailed for gitmo.
Tramuto, SamOS3Nov 10, 1969 – Sep 4, 1971OI
Milko, Robert (Bob Or Milton)E-3Nov 10, 1969 –C -Division (ADP)Just found this site and spotted 2 names already! All from C-division welcome to contact, especially ADP personnel L.B., "Pecker" Russ, Wes, Roger, Sal, Davis, Sheehan and all others!
Farabaugh, DaveYN3Nov 15, 1969 – Jul 15, 1972ElectronicsWorked for LCDR Wynn and LT Merton and an E9 Chief Priest. Have very fond memories. Loved Athens, Barcelona, Naples, Malta, and Palma the best. Played for the ships basketball team in games in Athens where a kid asked for my autograph!
French, FredEM4Dec 1969 – Feb 1972enjoyed 2 med cruises- loved Barcelona, spain and naples, especially Momma Ceta's.
Fell, DavidAE-3Dec 1969 – Aug 1971AIMD COD CrewI served on the Kennedy's COD Crew from 1/69 to 8/71 with Crew Chief Dan Hardison, Jim Bever, Woody, Barney Barnes, Gary Wright. Went on the JFK's second Med cruise 9/70 - 3/71.
Kruzlik, JosephGMG3Dec 1969 – Sep 1971ERa great time of my life.
Larson, KeithE4Dec 1969 – Feb 1973IC DivisionLooking for anyone who was attached to the IC Division that served during that time.
Roth, RickGMT 2Dec 1969 – Jun 1973XI served with several great men and learned a lot about myself during those years.
Smith, Robert R. SmittySNDec 18, 1969 – Feb 28, 1971DECK 1st First Ship and was assigned to1st Division Deck Department seaman, I made one Med Cruise in 1970 and qualified helmsman on the bridge. I Made a lot of great friends and seen a lot of the world in a short time.
McLaughlin, Joe (Mac)EM3Dec 26, 1969 – Feb 1973EWorked the power shop, safety shop and deck gear. Friends of Dennis Kobylarz and Wayne Fiscus.
Armstrong, Dean /jdE-3Dec 28, 1969 – Jul 12, 1972Air Ops

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