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USS Eversole (DD 789) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Eversole (DD 789). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 78 crew members registered for the USS Eversole (DD 789).

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Bashor, MyronET1May 5, 1946 – Aug 15, 1949Electician and ElectronicasI Came aboard the day before the ship was commissioned as a Firemen-Electrician. The next year I was sent to Electronics Technician school and came back as an ET/2c. I made ET1/c in late 1948 and left the ship in 1949.
Herlong, CliftonNov 30, 1947 – Aug 7, 1948My father Clifton Cecil Herlong passed away in 1970 He was from Louisiana, I am also trying to locate anyone that may have know him or maybe have a picture of him while aboard the USS Eversole, or even a group picture. Any info please contact me
Groot, RalphMM3Sep 1949 – Sep 1950A
Trainham, ThomasDD 789Jan 1950 – Sep 1955ENG.
Sheets, LouieOct 1950 – Nov 1951
Ladell, LenMM11954 – 1958M
Summers, RobertSC1954 –Korea
Tarrant, BillMM 3Jan 13, 1955 – Jun 1961Engineeringretired
Fifer, DougRD3Aug 1955 – Mar 1958OIWent aboard as the LPO, and left to go to the first Selective Reserve ship as an E6. A great ship and I have a calendar and picture of her on my desk.
Luneke, John RobertMM2Feb 1956 – Aug 1959MAnyone who served 56-59 contact me.
Sale, RichardJun 23, 1956 – Sep 29, 1959richard sale sa s divison cook abourd ship for 36 mounths.
Howard, RichardIC3Jul 6, 1956 – Dec 8, 1958RInterior communications electrician
Thomure, Ambrose, (Andy)SMC1958 – 1966commander destroyer squadron ninteenI am writing this on behalf of my father, Ambrose F. Thomure, DEC. He was the first SMC on board in 2 years, Nov. 16,1966.As far as I can tell, he was on this ship at Midway. God bless you all!!!
Henke, DonFT2Jun 1, 1958 – Jun 19, 1960
Holmes, JerryRD2P2May 1959 – Jun 1961
Benson, RobertMachinery Repairman 2nd ClassOct 28, 1959 – Mar 29, 1963"R"
Glover, BobSNJan 3, 1960 – Jul 18, 1963Radio / DeckMy entire stint in the service was aboard this tin can. I started out in the deck division and transfered to Radioman. After the ship went through F.R.A.M. in '62 i transfered back to Deck division for my final 6 months of duty.
Ver, JoeSM3Aug 1960 – Nov 1960OC
Mahoney, PatrickMM3Aug 14, 1960 – Feb 5, 1963M division
Koenig, Rainer (Ray,kraut)C3Dec 27, 1960 – Jan 5, 1965DeckCommissary Man 3rd class under Billy Elder during 1961-1964. Captain Pohli was Skipper.
Wages, WilliamRM21961 – 1962operationsWent to USS Charles E Brannon DE446 when Eversole went into FRAM.......3rd ship 2nd hitch
Burris, Herman David1st Class Seaman1961 – 1965DeckWould like to hear from Freeman... Menedosa..Hughes..others but this old mind can't remember the names..Would love to share stories about our times in West Pak..
Holsen, Leo/oleSNJun 10, 1961 – Jun 20, 1963deck/supplyLooking for any old shipmates from 1961 to 1963. Joey Fine, Glen Close , Bob Karls (Froggie), and any other shipmates from that period.
Wages, William H (Bill)RM2Sep 12, 1961 – May 12, 1962Operations Radioman 2nd Class
Hansen, Gary (Aka Steve)SN1962 – 1965Deckhand
Knight, Jerry (Skeemo)E-4,5,61962 – 1966SOGood times. Chechers Bar on 2 street, L.B. police, Jerry Toney (BIG-UNS), Shore bombardment, GQ in Danag, LCDR Polhi, GQ after pickled eggs and beer, "Luke" Wade Bryan, Lakewood Club, Fire control drls and diverted stors
Knight, Jerome (Jerry)SOG11962 – 1966DECK, DickCDR/LCDRAug 30, 1962 – Jul 29, 1964xomy first tour in 789. Second tour was as CO from 68-70
Garnett, SamFTG3Sep 1962 – Aug 1964FoxGreat ship and crew. Want to talk to any of the fire control techs. Are you out there Chuck Clark? How about Dan Crane or Wade Bryan ? Who remembers the Checkerboard Bar down on the Pike?
Toney, JerrySTG3Nov 1962 – Nov 1963Deck & Then Sonar GangCame aboard while Ship was going thru Fram in Brem. Wa. as SN, went to Sonar gang, took test for and pass to STG-3. Left for "A" School, then Sub. School. DD-789 was my 1st ship and a good one.served on 3 DDG's, a Fleet Tug & on ARL-23
Toney, JerrySTG3Nov 1962 – Sep 1963AS Div
Saxton, DannyMM2Nov 1, 1962 – Aug 27, 1966MIt was the most WONDERFULL Experiences I had in the Navy. The capitan was a great person, we had a great crew. My best friend i grew up with died on this ship while on duty, His name was Lester Miller. The capitan attended the funeral.
Braswell, Dave "Braz"MR 3Feb 1963 – Jan 20, 1965ASome of the best times of my life. It was a true learning experence, knowledge just there for the taking.
Drake, Jerry Or DeweyFTSNFeb 15, 1963 – Aug 6, 1966weaponsMade one westpac cruise. Played a lot of pinnochle. Best friends were Frank Flynn, Ron Nitz and Chief Glenn Barbee. Looking to contact and perhaps organize a reunion of old shipmates. Retired -- have lots of free time.
Denton, LeonardMar 1963 – Aug 1965I came on board after the Fram was completed and moved back to home port in Long Beach.Capt. Hossey was in command, Ex was Commander Pohli. I was the SK (storekeeper for commissary replenishment).
Stewart, AllanSNAug 1963 – Mar 1966
Ferdon, HerbertETCSNov 1964 – 1966OE
Allen, GlennSTG 31965 – 1968Made 2 trips to the Orient and loved it. Miss the ole gang.
McKenzie, RussSTG31965 – Aug 17, 1967ASWReleived the Maddox and Tuner Joy in the Gulf of Tonken 1965
Gennett, Gerald / JerryQM3Apr 1965 – Nov 9, 1968Would like to hear from any shipmates that remember me. Looking for Richard Florence QMC & Richard Johnson QM2. Have info on 4 other Eversole websites
MacEy, RobertBMSNJul 1965 – Dec 1966weapons
Maxwell, William (Bill)RMSN / RM3Aug 28, 1965 – May 17, 1966Communications

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