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USS Richard B. Anderson (DD 786) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Richard B. Anderson (DD 786). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 98 crew members registered for the USS Richard B. Anderson (DD 786).

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Nabors, ObieSAJun 1969 – Sep 19701ST
Sain, WarrenSAJun 15, 1969 – Feb 16, 19711st
Webb, Larry Wayne profile iconYN3Nov 1969 – Sep 1971NXReported aboard as YNSN and worked in ship's office entire time on the ship. Great bunch of guys - made lots of friends and lots of memories. Truly the 'Best in the West'. Returned to my home town - Port Arthur TX. Still reside in P.A
Stanton, DonSF31970 – 1972RAlot of good memories/alot of good friends.
Crews, DavidMM21970 – 1972Engineering
Dwyer, RobertBT21970 – 1975B DivRetired: Should have done this right after high school!!!
Dwyer, Robert "Mother"BT21970 – 1974B Divison
Shoemaker, FredrickBT2Jan 1970 – Nov 1973B A wonderful expierance I would not trade for anything wish I could do it again
Lund, BillQM3Feb 24, 1970 – Oct 15, 1971N
Fuglaar, RudyBT2May 1970 – May 1973B Division After Fire RoomGreat times and Bad Times, more Great than Bad
Sar, BoyTNJun 20, 1970 – Jan 28, 1972supplythis is my second ship and i enjoy every moment of it especially the tour in vietnam where all of that commotion going on refueling,working party,gunfire support loading ammo and unloading by I learn a lot from this ship. thanks
Harn, WayneBT2Jul 1970 – Apr 24, 1974b
Schneider, TimothyOS3Oct 20, 1970 – Jul 14, 1973operations inteligencegreat memeories of ports of call,great shipmates and harrowing missions. Proud to have served on "the best in the West"
Beck, PatrickBT3Nov 18, 1970 – Aug 20, 1973B Div
Hansford, FloydSFFN1971 – 1971RHad Great Friends
Stewart, NormanHMC1971 – 1973NXI am the son of the above mentioned.He always said the Dickey B was the best duty he ever had.He is now deceased.Lung cancer
Stewart, NormanHMC1971 – 1973NXI am the son of the above mentioned.He always said the Dickey B was the best duty he ever had.He is now deceased.Lung cancer
McKenney, Craig MacSN1971 – 1973NXgreat time with a great crew
Redmon, Philip S. (Stan)OS3Feb 1, 1971 – May 15, 1972Radarman in CICDickie B, a great ship with a top notch crew. Nothing but great memories of my time aboard.
Milam, Robert (Bob)CS2Mar 1971 – Jul 1973SUPPLYWould like to here from any supply crew members from this same time frame. GREAT ship.
Morris, JoeBTFNMar 1971 – Sep 1971B-Division1st ship out of BT"A" school w/Sammy Stewart. We were in FFR. Both from Tenn. I transferred off to DD851,before ship left for Japan. Sammy stayed. Meet him again in Singapore (WestPac 72-73) Wonder where he is now?
Hartigan, PatrickFTG3Apr 1971 – Oct 1972GJoe Felt was a great Captain!
Graham, JanHT3Aug 1, 1971 – Dec 1, 1973R
Vegazo, ClarkBT3Aug 3, 1971 – Oct 30, 1971BJust my luck, after nearly 3 years on a gung-ho CG-11, I come aboard the RBA & get pushed off after only two months because anyone with less than one year service left (I had 11 months), can't be moved to RBA's new home base in Japan.
Sammel, Jim "sam"BT3Sep 1971 – 1975as one person said " a love hate" realationship BUT I had the best times of my career on the "tricky dick". Got on it in "71" in Yokosuka. Great bunch of guys, way too many ammo handling details. God Bless to all
Felt, JoeCDRSep 17, 1971 – Jul 13, 1973The whole shipVery nice site, but you can visit mine for those years by typing my name into Google. Happy to hear from my former crewmates!
McCabe, RichardSK3Oct 15, 1971 – Aug 5, 1973SupplyJoined Navy 10-15-69. Went to SK A School in San Diego. Assigned to USS Kitty Hawk June 1970. I requested a transfer to USS Richard B Anderson (DD-786) in Oct 1971. Got out of Navy 8-8-73. Now retired in CA.
Griffith, EarlIC2Nov 18, 1971 – Mar 29, 1974RGreatest can in the Navy, RB Again! remember the evasive laughing Box.....ralph......remember the emergency break remember crazy Joe felt, eh captain rember to duck when you fire all 4 guns!
Uranga, Joe LouisEn2Jan 7, 1972 – Jul 25, 1974EnginerringOne command I will never forget or regret being a part of
Bloomfield, JamesMMCJan 21, 1972 – Jul 7, 1975MGreat ship Great crew. Loved the old Dickey B. I know we did a whole lot of operating but not much record of all our action.
Witt, JimTM3May 1972 – May 1974ASWBest ol' tin can in the US Navy, it was a love/hate relationship that I'll never forget.
Barriger Jr, Harold (Satch)E-5Jun 1972 – Jul 1974Hull tech-enginman-cook Home ported, yokuska, japan Loved the old can,she was a great ship,she was in moth balls when i reported aboard.
Thornton, JackieTM2Sep 15, 1972 – Sep 10, 19753RDOF ALL MY AT SEA COMMANDS THIS WAS THE BEST
Marks, RickEW3Oct 1972 – Nov 1974OE
Billo, RickBT3Dec 1, 1972 – Jun 30, 1974B Forward FR
Erickson, DonRM21973 – 1975OperationsIt was quite a ride with the Masked Rider wasn't it shipmates? Those were my glory days. Been in touch with a couple from the Signal gang (Cronin and Hosco) and Good from radio. Reunion is SD this year. C U there
Donofrio, Bill /"dono"ENFNMay 15, 1973 – Sep 26, 1975R/A-Gang Had a great time on the ship......and as a proud member of A-gang, I never had to work very hard at all. Plus we were always first in the chow line.
Glover, SteveSM2Jul 1973 – May 1975CS Reported on board, no one on the Signalbridge aboard, bought a case of beer from the roach coach, sat on the pier and drank it and went to bed! Such a long time ago. To the other members of the "Unholy 5", I salute you!!
Wade, SteveGMG3Jul 7, 1973 – Oct 16, 1975G
McGee, LarryMM3Aug 1973 – Dec 1975MIt was a long 2 years of hard work and many "love me long time" a wild ride we had in that last storm before reaching the coast of Vietnam for the last time. Should have stayed in Asia!
McAlpin, JamesRM1Aug 1973 – Nov 1975OC
Barefoot, JamesSTG3Sep 1973 – 1974Sonar WeaponsHome Ported Yokosuka Japan. Sailed South China Sea, Subic Bay, Taiwan
Eubanks, RogerE4Sep 7, 1973 – May 1, 1975OI
Madden, Hugh (Rex)em3Oct 10, 1973 – Nov 10, 1975rHad a great time on the Dickie B. Made many friends and memories. Fond memories of Goldie, Robbie, Kent, Tommie, Eddie, Sam and the many trips to Subic Bay, Hong Kong, Taiwan, etc.
Balding, Clyde Neal profile iconMM2Dec 16, 1973 – Sep 30, 1975M DivisionMy first ship, great experience. I went on to make MMCS (SW) then CWO2. I retired at 21 years in 1995. I am presently a manager at a gypsum mine and drywall manufacturing plant outside of Las Vegas Nevada.
Sterling, TimSTGSNJan 1974 – Dec 1975Weapons
Golden, PatrickEM3Apr 1974 – Dec 1975RPart of crew that brought the ship back from Japan in October 1975 and decommissioned the ship in December 1975. Still have my one-foot section of the decommissioning pennant.
Sholly, PhillipFNJul 14, 1974 – Dec 20, 1975-I am looking for shipmaters that might have known my husband. He took part in Operation Frequent Wind (the evacuation of Vietnam) Any help would be greatly appreciated!
Shaffer, ChuckENFNOct 1974 – Dec 1975
Berumen, GerrySNSMJan 5, 1975 – Dec 19751st DivisionGreat times in Yokosuka, more exciting times tying up the Midway in the wind
Haddad, HenrySNFeb 1975 – Dec 19751st div, BM/SMBest time of my life! I think? At least that's how I remember it now. Remember many in 1st division. Kennedy bros, Shorty, Azavedo, Barumen, BMs, SMs, GMs and the rest of you. Just got together with Joe Hernandez 2012

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