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USS America (CV 66) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS America (CV 66). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 2903 crew members registered for the USS America (CV 66).

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Williams, TroyFC2(SW)1992 – 1994FOX/OEMAssigned to work on Phalanx CIWS on both the foreward port sponson and island. 1st ship. Had a great time, but can say destroyers are a better float.
Kasuske, Jason (Zeus)DC1992 – 1994fire Flying SquadServed with , steve salle, billy burton, matt pattrucie, Man what a ride, loved the years and she was good to us.we had our share of fun at Garys and the beach.
Arthur, KerryABHAN1992 – 1994V1looking to find old shipmates member of V1 crash crew.with Flo, Tito, Arias, Pratl, Barrett, White, Burns, Gardiner, Jenkins, JD, Knopp, Marlow, Freddie, Gehringer, Davis, Almeida, W hitcomb, Hobgood, Guerrero, and the ones I missed look me up.
Griffin, JosephE-31992 – 1994VAW-123
Diana, DaveOS21992 – 1996OPS/OI/CDCLooking to see how all the old guys have been!!
Sawtelle, ChrisOS31992 – 1996OIJust found out about this site from Dave D. It was great to hear from him again. I'd like to hear how everyone else is doing.
Kimble, DuaneDP21992 – 1995S-7What a tremendous time!!! This ship forever changed me for the better!!!
Hoadley, JereABE31992 – 1996V-2GEARDOGS!! Worked topside most of my time. Hard work but good times.
Linhart, Jeff1992 – 1995
Downes, DanE-31992 –
Price, RogerE31992 – 1993V-3
Mitchell, FredrickE-4/ABH31992 – 1994V-1Some of the most fun i ever had! We were family!
Menzies, MichaelE-31992 – 1995ABF
Pace, CharlesAO1(AW)1992 – 1996WeaponsWeapons Department G-5. Ammo Accountant
Florence, EddieE31992 –CrashHad a chance to meet great people and learn about the world at a young age. Thank you
Schultz, EricMS3Jan 1992 – Jun 1995Capt. MessIt was the ride of my life. Only those that serve on the Big Dawg understand what it means to Shake, Rattle and Roll! The Best memories EVER!
Kinney, KyleAS 3Jan 1992 – Jun 1995AIMD IM-4Had a great time on that ship and miss my pals Richie Shaw, Steve Haider, Eric P. and the rest very much. I teach in Wisconsin and have been out 9 years but still get questions from staff & students about the life on a carrier. Very Cool. Peace
Crippen, TimothyFNJan 1992 – Oct 1994Eng3MMR
Feliciano, Carlos OS2Jan 1992 – Dec 1994OIIn 2008, I found out that I had an illness called Paget's disease. If u have been diagnosed with this or other auto-immune disorder, it may have happened due to fuel leak into the water tank during our 1993 deployment.
Olwell, Kevin "Jackrabbit"OS3Jan 1, 1992 – Jul 31, 1995OI/OYJust wanted to say hello to everyone. I can honestly say that the people that I served with were the best. Thanks guys for everything and take care.
McCann, CharlesCWO2Jan 1, 1992 – Nov 1, 1994OX
Romph, RobFNJan 2, 1992 – Aug 11, 1993Repair
Thornton, DavidE-3 FIREMANJan 2, 1992 – Aug 1, 1993EnergingI loved every minute I was on board. I was an electrican in the engering department. I can't remember the exact dates I was on board but they are close.
Clark, TravisDS3Feb 1992 – Jul 1993OPS/OEDI screwed up and got discharged. I was good at my job, and a good shipmate. I was just too inmature at 22 yo. This is my appology to the greatest ship, "USS Neverdock" and all my shipmates. I can honestly say I treasured the experience.
Davis, DarinE-3Feb 1992 – Nov 13, 19932nd Miss the old ship. Met some good friends and would like to get back in touch with them
Graham, JohnHM3Feb 7, 1992 – Sep 22, 1994HWill never forget the two years I did on this boat.
Welch, ChadMSSNFeb 10, 1992 – Aug 23, 1994supplyAny other cooks out there?? Ward Room ??
Cottrill, MichaelDC2Feb 11, 1992 – Sep 9, 1995ENG
Reeves, ChristopherABH3Feb 16, 1992 – Feb 19, 1996V-1Some of the best times of my career were on that ship. I've still managed to keep in contact with some.
Luther, Billy W.AK1(AW)Mar 1992 – Aug 1996S-6
Meador, MikeABFANMar 1992 – Mar 1994V4Just found this site. Like to hear from the fellas',Danny Mick, Dud Dude,Ken Elliott, Randy Barnes.
Linhart, JeffLN1(SW)(E-6)Mar 1992 – Jan 1995Legal
Tilton, Walter ( Big Guy )msMar 1992 – Oct 1996cpo mess night shift baker/ cookthere isnt a day go by that i dont think about ole girl.1 st day on brd. c o w says hope you have your gear straight we pull out soon. bwahahahahaha. the best cruise was the hatian vacation.
Rivera, AdalbertoE3Mar 1, 1992 – Mar 1, 1994VA 85
Kevin, EmbryE3Mar 2, 1992 – Jul 16, 1993Personnel
Anderson, Kevin "andy"CV66Mar 10, 1992 – Aug 8, 1993S2WOW! I can't believe she's gone.
Wymer, Christopher G.YN3Mar 15, 1992 – Jul 4, 1993X
Olsen, RoyAOANMar 18, 1992 – Mar 19, 1995G-1I've never had a better group of friends. When people ask me where I'm from I say San Jose, CA. But when they ask where I grew up I say "In the hanger bay of the USS America". Now I'm growing old in Elk Grove CA rarolsen95758
Morecraft, ChrisABHANMar 26, 1992 – Jan 1, 1994V-3
Swartz, ChrisDC2Apr 1992 – Sep 1995DCSome of the wildest times were underway and crossing the equator. Miss all of you DC rough housers. Looking for E-mail Address for DC2 John Hall
Jimenez, TonyFCC(SW)Apr 1992 – Oct 1994Fire ControlA remarkable 2 years. My First assingment as a Chief. Unfortunately had to leave after family medical problems. Ended my career after 13 years.
Spannuth, TroyABFApr 1992 – Nov 1994V-4Had some great times. Remember the boiler explosion while in Norfolk. Traveled a lot of nice port of calls.
Jackson, TomDP@Apr 9, 1992 – Jul 17, 1994Supply S-7Great memories
Hudgin, RyanDC 3Apr 10, 1992 – Oct 26, 1995DCI remember a lot of drinking. Being around professional drinkers made me a man.
Genc, StevenOS3Apr 15, 1992 – Jun 20, 1995OI and OYBig Dawgs!!!!!! Bosnia, Somalia, Persian Gulf and Haiti, it was an experience I will never forget!!!!
Perkins, BillyAAMay 1992 – Dec 1993V-2Work with the Bowcats Cat 2 anybody out there on at that time in V-2 drop a line
Cutler, LarryE3May 1992 – Jan 1994V2Had a huge reality check in my life by joining the military at age 17. My life has been forever greatfull for the opportunity to serve onboard the USS AMERICA .Running the waterbrakes for catapult 1 and 2 was remarkable.
Szabo, JeffHM2May 1, 1992 – Jun 2, 1994H
Garcia, OttoMM3May 1, 1992 – Jul 1, 1995
Shortridge, TimothyEM3May 1, 1992 – Sep 30, 1995E
Boardman, Brandt ("Obb", "blackshoe")ET3/ET2May 4, 1992 – May 8, 1996IM5I never thought I'd say this then, but it was one of the best times of my life. My tour on the America set me up for a successful Navy career. Thanks to all who made it possible.
Esquivel, JosephABH3/E-3May 10, 1992 – Sep 17, 1995V1/Crash&SalvageMy time on board America left me with some of my best and worst memories in life. I can't believe I've been gone 11 years. Bravo Zulu to America's Crash crew and as always FTN!
Coddou, CharlesAO3May 18, 1992 – May 19, 1996G3, G2
Woods, JeremyIC2Jun 1992 – Oct 1994EServed during 93/94 Med. Cruise under "MAD DOG" in Forward and Aft IC Shops. After Haiti I transfered to CVN-74. (Plankowner). That ship received the infamous "Call Sign Courage".
Harman, RonEM2Jun 1992 – May 1996Hands down the best time I had in the Navy. Too many good times and memories to ever forget.
Luokkanen, Gary "Drifter"OS1Jun 1992 – Apr 1996OPS/OIAlso served aboard the fine ship while attached with VF-102 from 1982-1987. Made 5 deployments on a ship with some of the finest people I have ever met.
Johnson, JohnYN1(AW)Jun 1992 – Jun 1994STAFF - COMCARGRU SIXGreat tour. Was able to do 6 month cruise with brother PN3 Thomas Johnson.
Russell, EdAT2Jun 1992 – Jul 1996AIMD - IM3Worked in 69A for 4 years until just before decomission.
Glenn, JonathanSK3Jun 1992 – Dec 1995V-1,S-8,S-1
Tracy, MichaelHM 3Jun 1, 1992 – Jun 26, 1994HHands down the best time I had in the military. I'm proud to have served with some of the best in the buisness on the BEST ship in the Navy!
Damato, PeterE3/ANJul 4, 1992 – Apr 15, 1994Legal
Smith, SteveBT1Jul 15, 1992 – Feb 26, 19963MMRShortest shaft best screw. Hey to all you Slugs.
Petrucci, MattDC3Aug 1, 1992 – Aug 31, 1994DCI was in the AFFF shop and worked with Kasuske, Salee, and, & Leete. Had some great times.
Williams, Rob "willy"AW3&2Aug 1, 1992 – Mar 4, 1997VS-32Had some great days and some bad days on that ship. I can't stand the movie Groundhog Day to this day. I do miss pulling into Trieste though, much better than any port in the gulf. Had have over 300 traps in this ship and miss flying in S3
Townsend, ReignAN to AZ3Aug 1, 1992 – Jun 1, 1996V3 to V2 QA
Fletcher, DavidRM3Aug 11, 1992 – May 6, 1995crholla cr div
Shavis, PatrickE3Aug 11, 1992 – Nov 10, 1994V-2Bow Cats cat 1 and 2 all day all night
Shaw, Richard "richie"AS3Sep 1992 – Feb 1996AIMD IM4
Dancey, BrianFN/E-3Sep 1992 – Jun 1994Engineering/3MMRI had alot of good times onboard the America, and made some great friends. I will always remember MM3 Griffith, "MAC" MM1 McCreary, and MM3 Carlen aka HEAD.
McAllister, Mike "Mac"AE1Sep 1992 – Jul 1996IM1 + IM3Worked in AIMD QA next to last cruise and in 620 last cruise. Had some pretty good times with some good people. Try not to think of the BS and a-holes.
Henry, DavidAA UNDESIGNATED V2 DIVISIONAL YOEMANSep 1992 – Nov 1994V2 Senior Chief Beckwith/ Lt. Lohmiller
Jenkins, LarryE4/ABH3Sep 1, 1992 – Jul 9, 1996V1/Crash crew
Martinez, JaimeABE3Sep 23, 1992 – Jul 17, 1996V-2
Erben, DanielMM3Oct 1992 – Feb 1996A-Gang
Hopkins, MattABE3Oct 1992 – Jul 1994V-2 Waist Cats
Andrews, JaredMM3Oct 1, 1992 – Oct 1, 19953MMRWorked in 3MMR. Live in Florida, married with 3 kids. I was one of the shortest sailors in 3MMR. I was so short I tried to put on a fire suit and MM1 Mac told me to watch theafter spaces. Best sleep I ever got. Lol
Jaramillo, AlfredoE-3Oct 1, 1992 – Jun 10, 1994ArmoryWill never forget those memories. Good and bad, will not change them for anything.
Zirngibl, Jason (Z-man)E-3Oct 2, 1992 – May 29, 1994V-1"V-1 falleen dammit yer burnin' daylight." good times, damn good times. I didn't think that I miss the ship or the guys that I served with but I miss it all every day. GOD BLESS AMERICA and her CREW!!!
Kenney, ErikANOct 10, 1992 – Dec 22, 1995V-2 BOW CATSHad a blast! Miss the ship :-( Don't miss the crazy hours!!
Tyre, Charles DavidAO3Oct 16, 1992 – Jul 6, 1994G-3
Alicea, DannyE-4 / GMMOct 31, 1992 – May 15, 1995G-2 / ArmoryGreat Fking time! Great shipmates, and a lifetime of memories. Till we meet again!
Walker, GregoryABF3Nov 1992 – Aug 8, 1996V-4
Slater, KeithMSSNNov 1992 – Jul 1994S-2Hi All
Sweet III, Cliff "Mr. Wizard"HTCSNov 1, 1992 – Mar 30, 1996Ship's Fire MarshalThe greatest ship I served on! Make her a museum!!!
Zwiefka, MikeabhanNov 12, 1992 – Oct 15, 1994v-3Good site remember a few names here
Wright, RobertANDec 1992 – Aug 1994V2/DC
Ollison, Alonza (Ollie)MA1Dec 1992 – Dec 1994SecuritySecurity/Investigations/Urinalysis LPO
Ollison, AlonzaMA1Dec 1992 – Dec 1994SecurityThis was a great ship to Retire on. I miss some of the shipmates that I encountered while on board.
Koch`, Richard profile iconDK3Dec 11, 1992 – Sep 30, 1996Disbursing OfficeI was first assigned to Weapons Dept. G-3 Div. Magrat from 92-95 then became rated as a Disbursing Clerk until decom.
Miles, RichardABH3Dec 21, 1992 – Sep 21, 1996V-1Good Times!
Herman, JamieE-5/ABE2Dec 21, 1992 – Aug 6, 1996V-2/ BOW CATSWORKED AS CAT 1 & 2 DECKEDGE OPERATOR
King, RandallABH2Dec 23, 1992 – Sep 3, 1996SecurityToo the good times, good port visits, and good friends I met on CV-66 Thank you.
Crisp, JoeABH-3Dec 27, 1992 – Aug 4, 1996V-3I agree with Wilks that was a great day and a great Captain. I will always have some great memories of the many advantures we faced. Proud to have been part of the last cruse.

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