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USS America (CV 66) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS America (CV 66). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 2903 crew members registered for the USS America (CV 66).

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Wright, RobertAO31988 – 1991G-4
Huntington, Jerry1988 – 1992Served aboard as a Damage Controlman during the Pump Room Fire.
Burns, RickABE E41988 – 1991v2work in the tool room v2
Curry, RandyAMS11988 – 1989VAW-123 I served on board for the Noth Alantic and IO cruises of 1989. Several times over the years while being with NATC out of PAX River I was aboard her too. She was a good ship. I was proud to serve on her .Her sinking helped make future ships stronger.
Hernandez, JoseE-31988 – 1992V-4 QCHI SHIPMATES!
Richard, Matt, RoosterBT31988 – 1989MPServed in 1MMR. Loved my time on her. Hurts to know how she ended. Contact me at
Whitman, DennisABF/AN1988 –
Aberle, StephenABF 31988 – 1990V-4 below decksi have a lot of fond memories of back then. we had some good times and bad. but i would not traded those memories for anything.
McFarlin, Eric/mickWT31988 – 1990Weapons - "W" Division
Flinn, RodneyBM31988 – Aug 19914th and 2nd
Beltle, LenAS21988 – 1990AIMD / IM4
Budd, EldonETC1988 – 1991OEC/ OPSStarted in OEC then went to OPS as 3M coordinator
Payne, CharlesIC31988 – 1991E-DIV.I was the Communications Coordinator for the Nucleus Fire Dept. during the #2 Pump Fire.I will never forget that day!!!! Other than that,I had many great Friends(Shipmates whom I worked with).
Harker, BrianIC-31988 – 1991E DivisionWhat a great time it was working with Shane, Shannon, Gonzo, Rob and every one else. Hard to believe all this time has passed by and the ship is gone. Thanks for the great memories.
Watson, WalterEM31988 – 1991E-DivisionServed in the Fire Department Division as TAD, MSC, and worked in E-Div with the lighting crew and Motor Repair Crew. EM3 Seagraves was my best buddy. EM1 Bundley and EMC McDade were my favorite bosses.
Thomas, DerrickE11988 – 1992V-2 Division Arresting GearLot of good friends
Coyle, Brian PatrickHMC1988 –H-Division
Reynolds, ArtOS2 (SW)1988 – 1991OIHello shipmates!
Cruz, Thomas profile iconE5/HM21988 – Nov 1990MedicalServed with Capt .Rogers CMO, Lt Mathieu, and HMC Meehan, known as Maverick of aviation medicine department.
Jack, RaymondE4/MMJan 1988 – Mar 15, 1991G4/EA4It was real, it was fun, but it wasn't real fun! Would like to here from you.
Tullis, JimET1Jan 1988 – Jul 1990OECEnjoyed this tour, worked in the MAA div for six months. Great bunch of guys in the shop. To bad she was sunk, would have been a great museum ship!
Jones, FranklinMS-3Jan 1988 – Mar 1991S-5My fondest memories were when I was aboard the "America ". I will never forget her. My ship, my country. Wardroom boys.
Taylor, Timothy profile iconSK3Jan 1988 – Dec 1991S-14 great years about this ship, made many friends, seen many places. I worked DLR's and maintained Storeroom 36, a DLR and Level 1 controlled mat'l storeroom. Participated in Desert Shield and Desert Storm.
McMahon, BillE-5/MS2Jan 1988 – Nov 1991S-2Best years of my life. Med/IO cruise and Desert Storm
Harrold, LonnieSH3Jan 1, 1988 – Jul 17, 1990S3Best wishes to the "gang". Let's get to the "gut"!
Schneider, JohnE4/BT3Jan 1, 1988 – Oct 14, 1989MP 2MMRI was on the America in 2MMR if anyone remmembers me send me an email.
Wiedenbeck, GeneAT2/ATCJan 1, 1988 – Dec 1, 1992IM3/670SEA OP DET CECIL.
Duncan, LeonE4/AO3Jan 1, 1988 – Aug 13, 1991g-3
Fitzgerald, DaveMM3Jan 1, 1988 – Sep 30, 1990MP
Schneider, JohnBT3Jan 1, 1988 – Oct 31, 1989Main Propulsion
Leatherman, DavidMM2Jan 4, 1988 – Apr 20, 1991Engineering - Boiler Repair Shop and Eng Rms 1, 2, 3, 4.I was in the boiler repair shop and stood watches in MMRs 1-4 and DC Central.
Fillingim, WaltACCJan 7, 1988 – May 9, 1991OC
Hodges, JosephBT3Jan 7, 1988 – Dec 22, 1992MP Division EngineeringThe America will always be with me. Great ship, great memories, good fiends. Peace be with you all.
Gunn, StephenSNJan 17, 1988 – Jul 19892nd Deckwas only on America short time before being transfered to Bermuda
Jackson, JamesE-4 MS 3Jan 20, 1988 – Nov 8, 1991Some of the best years of my life
Kuipers, BrianE4Jan 22, 1988 – Jan 22, 1992V2Feel free to drop me a note..
Picio, MatthewANFeb 1988 – Oct 1989V-1
Zinsmeister, Ed "Zinny"AKANFeb 1988 – Feb 1990S6
Jenkins, MichaelTM3Feb 1, 1988 – Oct 10, 1990G3 WeaponsTo all of Mag Rats in G3 Weapons Division. We had some hard times, but the great times out number the hard times 4 to 1. Hands down, you guys are the greatest. Who believes in the ghosts of the mags? Love to hear from the Mag Rats.
Belcher, TomAK3Feb 2, 1988 – Nov 21, 1991S-6It is hard to thank that after all these years the ship still has a big part of my life as I am sure it does many of her crew members. Special hello to Tony, Don, Joe, and Rob you men have a very special place in my heart.
Gebhardt, MikeBM2Feb 13, 1988 – Aug 20, 19922nd/Deckremember Riding out the Hurricane off the East Coast, and the Rescue... JP5 pump room fire Fresh water rations in the Indian Ocean Singapore, until the recall.. Fun on the CO's GIG..
O'Shea, TimE-4Feb 17, 1988 – Nov 22, 1990DC
Smith, GlenSK3Feb 20, 1988 – Jul 15, 1989S 8Have run into some old crew mates lately, great memories
Titus, MarkDP2Feb 28, 1988 – Sep 23, 1992S-7Loved my time on board, was glad to get out when I did.
McMahon, Bill 'Mac"MS2Mar 1988 – Nov 1991CO's Mess and S-2
Thigpen, ArthurMM3Mar 1988 – Mar 1990MPSorry to see her go. Anyone who was a SNIPE during this period contact me
Garcia, DavidCORPORALMar 3, 1988 – Mar 3, 1990MarDetanyone from mardet send me an email
Godshall, RickABH1/ABHCMar 9, 1988 – Jun 12, 1991V-1This being my first big deck was a bit overwhlming after LHA's. Thank you Pete Weaver, Senior New, and Lt/Lcdr Shirley!
Margerum, LarryAZCS (AW)Mar 11, 1988 – Feb 1, 1991IM-1Production Control SCPO
Tambe, SamAE3Mar 15, 1988 – May 15, 1991VF-102
Lawson, AlMS3Mar 22, 1988 – Nov 1, 1991S-5
Barnet, DocHM3Apr 1988 – Oct 1989VAQ137/ Ships Medical
Mcintosh, GerelLCPLApr 1, 1988 – Aug 30, 1990Marine DetA very good time in life. Looking for any other Marines or Sailors that I got to know during the time.
Horvath, MikeMM3Apr 1, 1988 – Dec 1, 1991MP 1MMRServed 1MMR with 1st Class Bob Martin. Great bunch of guys. Fitzgerald from MI how you doing? If you worked in the MP Div drop me a line.
Dillard, JohnnyAO2Apr 3, 1988 – Mar 10, 1992IM3Didn't know how much the Ship ment to me till I heard they intended to put her down! If this happens thier should be another! She'll live forever
Callahan, ToddE3/YN3Apr 4, 1988 – Jul 7, 1990personnel/tad-dentalwas an excellent experience, wouldnt have traded it for anything, she will be missed!
Ebersole Jr., RobertAC3Apr 10, 1988 – Oct 29, 1990OPS/ OC
Morgan, PaulAS3Apr 15, 1988 – Sep 30, 1991AIMD/IM4Good times
Zeske, JoeE-4Apr 15, 1988 – Dec 1, 1992S-5 and S-2Memories made to last a lifetime........miss the ol girl....simple times......
Riley, RonaldAS1(AW)Apr 30, 1988 – Nov 27, 1991IM-4I have many fond memories from the America. I retired from the NAVY in 2004.
Coffey, RaymondAKANMay 1988 – Nov 1991S-6
Barron, CraigRM3May 1988 – Oct 1991CRPart of the Four Horseman, Griffen, Courtney, Hoop, and myself. Sad to see the Old Girl go down like that, hard to remember all of you guys, but I do remember some, Broke my foot day before Shellback so I was a walking Wog lol
Jefferson, RobertLI3May 1988 – Nov 1991Personnel
Richard, PhillipsAZ2May 5, 1988 – May 5, 1990VFA-82Seemed like work at the time, but looking back it was some of the best times of my life. 1988-1990 deployed to North Atlantic, South Atlantic, and Mediterranean. Arctic Circle, Suez Canal (I ran the ditch!), Shellback.
Underwood, DarrinSKMay 7, 1988 – Feb 4, 1992Spent four great years onboard the America. Memories that I will never forget. Currently stationed on another great aircraft carrier USS John C Stennis. Worked in Stock Control my whole four years there
Ruiz, WillieABH2May 10, 1988 – Nov 27, 440-258-8046
Helt, ScottAE2May 14, 1988 – May 11, 1991VF-102Med/IO 1989, Desert Storm 1991. AE Shop Troubleshooter. Great Memories!
Brinson, DavidABH-3May 15, 1988 – May 15, 1990V-1TAD to FD 6/89-12/89
Pace, RobertRMCJun 1988 – Aug 1990OC
McWilliams, BrianmssnJun 1988 – Sep 1990s-2had a great time with my fellow s-2 div. did north alantic , med, Indian ocean, cruises. liberty was killer. i remember all those ports of call.
Kangas, BrianDC3Jun 1988 – Jun 1992Damage Control DivisionReported aboard as a MMFN and was assigned to A gang. Was sent TAF tp fire department and like it so cross rated to DC as a DC3. checked out as a DC2
Longley, KeithE5Jun 1, 1988 – Sep 1, 1992OEDServed on and with the greatest ship and crew ever!!
Haymore, Chester (Leon)AO 3Jun 3, 1988 – May 25, 1991HS -11Now that I look back things wasent that bad, because all knew that i hated going out to sea. I had a great time on this ship working with the dragon slayers AO 2 Thomas AO 1 Green AO1 Lennix AE 1 Bird I hope that all who served on this ship are well
Young, Rickyabhan/e-3Jun 21, 1988 – Jun 30, 1990air dept v-3great ship,greater crew v-3 rules
Palmer, DavidAME 3Jun 28, 1988 – Jun 28, 1992VAW123
Williams, RohanABE2Jul 1988 – Nov 1991V2Worked in V2 Aresting Gear. Was VBO5 supervisor before I left.
Smith, RalfMMCJul 1988 – Dec 1990MP 4MMR LCPOThe USS America was one of the most challenging tours of my career. It was also one of the most rewarding. I learned a lot due to up tempo of our operations. This Ship served its country very well and I am proud to have been a member of its crew.
Ruston, GaryAT1Jul 1988 – Nov 1989IM-3I was with Sea Op Det attached to the ship during workups and the 1989 NATO and Med cruises. The explosion onboard still haunts me. Send me an email!
Brown, Sheldon Aka Big BrownPN3Jul 1988 – May 1992admin/personnel/XO officeThe greatest time of my military career was in this ship with the guys I was blessed to serve with. Thank you all for being apart of the journey. Email me at
Backlund, DaleE-4Jul 3, 1988 – Dec 30, 1991Captain's mess, S-2 cargoAmerica was a great ship. Met alot of good people I have not forgotten. Best experience of my life.
Hunter, SeanAC2Jul 5, 1988 – Dec 5, 1990CATCCGreat Ship, Great Crew, Great Times. Hear Hear I salute the Big Nasty.
Wright, RobertAo3Jul 14, 1988 – Dec 19, 1990G-4geez......20 yrs later and i still regret leavin my ship and my friends
Brown, Lee profile iconMM1Aug 3, 1988 – Nov 29, 1990MPI enjoyed the ship and the Med Ports of call
Timme, GregRMCSep 1988 – Jun 1991CRSome of my finest memories while in the Navy (23 years) were onboard the USS America.
Lambert, JasonPH3Sep 1988 – Mar 1993OPS/OP Spent 2nd half of my tour aboard TAD to MAA & Brig. Liked people in photo lab, but didn't have a knack for photography. Would love to hear from some of the fellas....
Seals, ChristopherAO2Sep 1988 – Oct 26, 1993G-3 WeaponsOur business was death, and business was good. I will forever and always remember my time aboard the America. She will not be forgotten.
George, WarrickE4/MM3Sep 1988 – Feb 1992MPWorked in 2MMR.
Fay, DanoAE3Sep 1988 – Apr 1991IM-3I think all of us will miss the days past, 620 and the AIMD Hilton was home for along time. I miss all my brothers & the Heartbeat of America !
Esten, GuyLtSep 4, 1988 – May 29, 1990V2Shooetrs Union, Local 66. "We guarantee excess"
Joseph, EyadABF3Sep 10, 1988 – Oct 3, 1991Aviation Fuels
Eilts, CoreyE-4Sep 12, 1988 – Jun 6, 1992G-2
Webb, RickBT1Sep 15, 1988 – Feb 19, 1993MP - BHello to all fellow "Americans". Too bad they did what they did to the grand old lady!
Rook, AaronABFCSep 15, 1988 – May 4, 1992V-4
Castanon, JoeAO3Sep 26, 1988 – Jun 26, 1992G-1 flt decki would do it all over again
Carter, Mark (Sarge)ACANOct 1988 – Jul 1991Air Operations/OCMy ship My Country! Grew up on this ship, thanks to some fine CATCC leaders..Thanks!! Long Live the Big Nasty!!
Nugent, John Terrible TedEM3Oct 1988 – Feb 1992EI'll always remember my time on my little house boat and all the good times. Farwell America.
Gonzalez, Jesse "gonzo"SKOct 1988 – Mar 1993Have a great fondness for my first navy ship. Was sad to have found out what happened to her. Hope life has treated everyone fairly...
Amadasu, Joseph "The Nigerian Nightmare"BT2/E-5Oct 1988 – 1991Engineering, Gage Calibration LabEnlisted after college, had the best time of my life on board.Remembered President H.W. Bush had his 1st State of the Union Address in the Hanger Bay. Boiler room was hell, but I enjoyed it. Currently with DHS-US Customs
Anzelde, JohnBM1Oct 1988 – Jun 1991Deck
Conley, Glen profile iconYN2Oct 1988 – Nov 1991Engineering / Air Dept
Brown, Willie/lil B  NEWE-5/ABEOct 10, 1988 – Mar 5, 1992V-2
Minor, RubenRM2(SW)Oct 20, 1988 – Apr 2, 1992OPS
Greger, JamesASM2/AS1Nov 1988 – Mar 1993IM-4/GSEWe worked hard and played even harder. I will never forget the night of the bad storm and the tractor falling off the jack stands, jacks rolling loose and all the puke in the passageway. ASC Haberer was awsome and taught me alot! I retired in 2001
Sofka, StephenAS3Nov 1988 – Jun 1992AIMD/ IM4Names Sofka I remember you, I was just a kid back then. Glad to know some of the old crew is still around. Happy Thanksgiving.
Weber, RonABF1Nov 1988 – Aug 1992V-4
Perkins, RexWT3Nov 2, 1988 – Sep 10, 1992A WHOLE LOT OF BACK STABBIN
Wisyanski, EricABEANNov 4, 1988 – Jun 13, 1991V-2It was a time that i will always remember.
Bahr, DonaldQm3Nov 10, 1988 – Jul 5, 1991NavThe America was the best time of my life. I recommend every young person to experience what the America has done for me.
Ritchie, WendellABH3/E-4Nov 10, 1988 – Jul 10, 1992V-1I did Nirth Atlantic cruise ..desert storm shield seize fire .boznia somolia ..I was in crash and salvage loved it we were the best crew on east coast it was an honir to serve with a awesome group of men ..
McMillan, JamesDC 2Nov 12, 1988 – Jun 6, 1992FireWorked in AFFF shop and repair lockers. Worked under CWO 2 P. Stevens and Lt Cdr Goshenour
Simpson, DavidRadiomanNov 15, 1988 – Jun 3, 1991CR
Kidder, MikeairmanNov 20, 1988 – May 20, 1991S-10/ S-6
Karl, TimsksnNov 21, 1988 – Jun 21, 1991S8 andS1It was great experience. Met some good friends, it probably was the best time in my life. Would do it again
Calloway, Tim Aka Bee RusselE-3Nov 29, 1988 – Dec 2, 1992V-1Was very proud to serve my country and to serve aboard the USS America,had some greatest shipmates.Them was the good ole days i miss them days a lot.
Caprood, ChristopherBOILER TECH/FIREMAN APPRENTICEDec 1988 – Nov 1989Engineering
Schmidling, MichaelABE1Dec 1, 1988 – Feb 15, 1991V-2 Division
Morton, Michael profile iconE3/ANDec 12, 1988 – Sep 18, 1990Air V-3Director/Tractor Driver/ EO /CRASH Can hit me up at
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Kidder, MikeE-1Dec 26, 1988 – Jun 2, 1991S-6
Riegler, DavidEM3Dec 26, 1988 – Jun 6, 1992EIt was the best of times, it was the worst of times. Desert Shield/Storm was our longest deployment (to my memory) at 8 months. I actually got a little misty-eyed when I heard they sunk the old girl.
Kidder, MikeAIRMAN E1Dec 27, 1988 – Jul 2, 1991s-6
Mathis, RodneyE3Dec 28, 1988 – Aug 23, 1992V-1 air department/flight deck
Erskine, IanBT3Dec 29, 1988 – Feb 16, 1991Eng.. 3mmrWorked in 3main would love to hear from anyone...

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