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USS America (CV 66) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS America (CV 66). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 2903 crew members registered for the USS America (CV 66).

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Wothke, TomDS21984 – 1988OE
Nieves, Jose H.AO31984 – 1988lM-3America had the best crew ever, l am sad t see her go. What a fabulous ship, l am so proud to been part of her live, ventures and perils at the sea.
Strzalkowski, FrankATAN1984 – 1985AIMD 610/640Great times
Curley, George W.ATC1984 – 1988AIMD IM3
Luna, PaulE-4 YOEMAN1984 – 1986Ship's Company: Capt's Office/Admin
Lieb, Robert JDP31984 – 1986
Ertter, ScottEM21984 – 1988EI have fond memories of my time onboard, lots of great guys and lots of hard work. If you want to contact me, send an e-mail to
Bill Howard, BillAMH31984 – 1985VF-102was there when I was 18, man did I grow up quick, worked the deck both days and nights, seen alot. saw one of our birds roll OFF THE DECK, saw an EA-6B take a cold cat, the list could keep going.saw THANK YOU AMERICA
McKenzie, MacQMC1984 – 1985NAV
Junke, BobAT11984 – 1985VAW-123 / IM3Last sea duty tour before getting out in 1987. It was a sad day in history when she was scuttled.
Bolton, DavidMS31984 – 1985CO's Mess
Bentley, BrandonAC11984 – 1987OC
Kenney, BryonBM31984 – 19862nd Div
Fairfull, ThomasABF 21984 – 1988V-4
Travis, Markbt31984 – 1986b3 mmr
Courter, KennethABE31984 – 1988V2
Chohany, Tom profile iconCAPT, MSC, USN (LTjg while on board)1984 – 1985H-DivisionServed as Medical Admin Officer for the carrier battle group. CAPT Jerry Rodgers was SMO and later was LCDR Stewart. My daughter was born while deployed and was baptized while in port. Great crew and memories. KAPO!
Judd, Philip A.ABF-41984 – 1988V4Had the greatest time on the ship and with my V4 family.
Barber, AustinEM21984 – 1989EngLike most I had some good and bad times. Made a few friends. I am doing good and hope everyone else is too.
Griboski, StephenSA1984 – 1986Deck 4thThe short time I was aboard I meet alot of new people and seen many ports. Spent majority in S-8 while trying to be an MS.
Cohrs, FredLCDRJan 1984 – Apr 1986Safety/3MTwo years on a fine ship with two outstanding commanding officers, and I made some lifelong friends. The most rewarding and enjoyable two years of my 24 year Navy career!
Verbanik, RobOS3Jan 1, 1984 – Sep 1, 1986OPS/C1
Verbanik, RobertOS3Jan 1, 1984 – Jun 1, 1986CIC
Pennybaker, JamesMr2Jan 1, 1984 – Jun 1987A divisionI will never forget aft steering watches! I can still here those pumps running. Auxiliary division machine shop, our motto was we turn and burn.
Coleman, RobertJan 4, 1984 – Oct 22, 1987CVW1
Hodges, JoeBT2Jan 7, 1984 – Jan 9, 1993Eng. 3MMRUSS America rest quitely off the coast of North Carolina, a piece of me rests with her. my email Boilers are my life! I work in the industry still today. To all my shipmates here's to you.
Bohin, SteveASM3Jan 14, 1984 – Mar 10, 1986AIMD - IM-4 - GSE - AIR STARTGood Times, Bad Times...isn't that a song? Met some great guys who liked to have fun. George, HD, Dukes, Tremblay, Whitney, Chris, Smitty and more. Fun Time Navy!!!
Sanders, Brianabh3Jan 20, 1984 – Jul 14, 1987v-1some best days of my life were spent on the upper 41/2 acres, I will always remember and cherish the time i spent on cv66 .
Combs, DouglasAO3Jan 21, 1984 – Jun 18, 1986Weapons G-3 Fwd. Nx.1986 Libian Excursion, Worked For Adrian Lord, his un-timely death occured shortly after I left the ship.
Husson, GaryMM1Feb 1984 – Sep 1990AWas Engineering Dept. Career Counselor. Good enough command that I spent 5 1/2 years on-board!
Peterson, James " Pete"AEFeb 4, 1984 – Jan 10, 1987VA 72 BluehawksI was only 17 but I was having the best time of my life. Worked nite ops on the flight deck, I now work qt the Del. Mem. Bridge and was able to see her come up to her spot in Phila. shipyard bittersweet but as Capt Snuffy said "Kick ass and press
Morgan, Bob (Moondoggy)CV66Feb 12, 1984 – Oct 22, 1988VA72 i was a plane captain most of my time on CV66 i seen the world from the deck of that ship things i will never get to see or do agin
Wawrzonek, TonyMM3Mar 1984 – Oct 1988MGreat Ship Living in North Carolina now !
Bethke, DaveAE-2Mar 1984 – Sep 1986VA-72 I level Jet shop & elect shopJust think we could be retired if we stayed in.
McCoy, DougAZ3Mar 1984 – May 1987S1-M, S-9, AIMD-IM-1Started in Supply-moved to AIMD last year of tour. Great life experience!
Mc Crory III, RobertHT-E4Mar 10, 1984 – Oct 3, 1986I worked in the shipfitters and pipe shop as a welder. 4-5 forward for G/Q always has a camera in my hand. OWN A mobile welding business in california called MR RPM single (no little people)
Haney, CurtisMS3Mar 12, 1984 – Nov 25, 1987S-2/S-8
Miranda, NoelDS2Mar 15, 1984 – Feb 3, 1986OE
Dukes, Thomase-4/aBFMar 17, 1984 – Mar 17, 1987v-4
Kidder, DerekE-3Mar 23, 1984 – Apr 19, 1985VX - Tower CrewIt is sad that they had to turn such a carrier into a target instead of a piece of history. I worked with four other crewmembers in Pri-Fly under Commander Richard Davis and Lt Commander Saga. I served for one tour. Here's a salute to the Americ
Devlin, JamesRM3Apr 1984 – Nov 1987CRLots of great times overseas with shipmate on liberty. We never got in serious trouble but our fair share. Sorry to hear they sunk her this week.
Heiser, BradleyYNCS(SW)Apr 1984 – Oct 1984COMCARGRU FOUR - EMBARKED STAFFRetired YNCS(SW) (Oct 2005). My first ship and deployment was aboard USS AMERICA (CV 66)... You can't beat that! Great deployment... met some lifelong friends during the deployment! What's up Bateman and Jorge?
Coomer, DanMM3Apr 1, 1984 – May 5, 1988MWOULD'NT DO IT AGAIN
Rivenbark, J.f. (Bud)AT2Apr 1, 1984 – Jul 1, 1985IM-5I was assigned to the Calibration lab in IM5 division in 1984 & 85. Any fellow shipmates may email me and let me know you are doing. I hope everyone is ok. My email address is
Provost, MichaelAE2Apr 23, 1984 – Apr 23, 1987HS-11I learned valuable lessons of character, organization & attention to detail during my time with HS-11 & CV 66. What I learned, has excelled my future outside the Navy incredibly. The time in the Navy was perfect for me. As well as many others...
Kress, LouisHM2May 1984 – Oct 1985HI served aboard this mighty ship, Assigned to VA-34 as squadron Corpsmen with CVW-1, Had the best time of Navy career while on her. Great shipmates and the BEST SMO Capt Jerry Roger's I ever had the pleasure to work for. GODS SPEED AMERICA!!!!!!!!
Morales, PaulABH-3May 1984 – Apr 1, 1988v-1best lady in the sea also great crew long hours but worth it, with the name after the best country we where always on the go V-1 best div on the ship, getting those a/c off the deck to kick ass in libiya
Villerot, JeffreyIC2May 14, 1984 – Jul 14, 1987V2Plat/Lens crew that kept the Frasnel Lens Optical Landing System running, guided in the aircraft. Kept the LSO platform running. Excellent overall leadership and command. We were lucky to be there lads...
Hamrick, WilliamAK3May 23, 1984 – Dec 6, 1986VF-102 TAD S-6
Washington, DarrylE-4May 26, 1984 – Nov 9, 1986Cr/Div Communications dept.Great Ship! Lot of Goid Memories...we did a lot of sailing back then...Rm3 Washington..over and Out!!
Caldwell, RickyAO2Jun 1984 – Oct 1986G-4I was sorry to hear she was sunk. I learned alot and enjoyed myself. I hope all my shipmates are doing well.
Singletary, James (Andy)E3Jun 1984 – Sep 1986V2V2-DC, worked with Lambert, Martinez and Jonesy.
Mike, Michael PoirierDCCS (SW/AW) RetiredJun 19, 1984 – Jan 1, 1988Fire DepartmentI love this ship, miss the guys from the fire department. Miss the old fire house
Bodley, ChetFC1Jun 21, 1984 – Nov 10, 1988FOX OEMLong days Long nights. Don't miss it, but glad I did it.
Nicholas, William (Wild Bill)AN/MS3Jun 25, 1984 – May 6, 1988V-4/S-2/MAAHello! to all my shipmates who served during the Libya Crisis, Gentlemen we made history. Our service aboard the USS America was the first deliberate action against Global Terrorism; twenty years later that decision kept Gaddahfi non-active. Godspeed
Blackwell, Tim "blackie"LCPLJul 1984 – Apr 1986Mar-Det I'll miss her when they sink her. That'll be sometime around Feb. 2004 I believe. Hope to see her one last time before then. I've added a picture of her in the Philly ship yard.
Kenneth Stanley Courter, StanABE3Jul 1984 – Apr 1988V2 Arresting Gear
Schultz, AllenEM3Jul 1984 – Jul 1985E DivisionWoked in Distribution Shop EE04
Provance, DavidIC2Jul 1, 1984 – Dec 15, 1987ELooking for IC Gang Members
Blakeley, RobertE-4/DC3Aug 1984 – Apr 22, 1988Fire Department
Rogers, MichaelCPLAug 1984 – Mar 1986Mar Detmiss those days and the crew.
Holt, BrettEM3/EM2Aug 1984 – Nov 1988E-Div / Fire Dept.
Rathbun, Bob ( Rat )BM3Aug 3, 1984 – Apr 27, 1987Deck 4th
Perdue, RonnieMRFNAug 10, 1984 – Dec 7, 1988A GANGMachine Shop ,,,,, WE TURN AND BURN
Dukes, ThomasABF3Aug 20, 1984 – Mar 15, 1987V-4
Holt, BrettEM2Aug 22, 1984 – Nov 20, 1988E / FireWas my home for many years. Miss all my F/D shipmates. Some of the best days of my life, just didn't know it at the time.
Kratts, StephenMM1Aug 24, 1984 – Oct 24, 1986A/MMA
Duncan, RogerBM3Sep 1984 – Apr 17, 1988Deck, 1st
Collins, JimET3Sep 1, 1984 – Oct 7, 1988OERSINS tech stationed in AFT IC.
Pritchett, JohnEM2Sep 4, 1984 – Nov 30, 1988E for 5 months, G2 changed to G4 Weapons ElevatorsWow, I learned a lot onboard America. It is good to see other names I recognize from a place I called home for over 5 years.
Tilley, Bobby profile iconABH3/E-4Sep 4, 1984 – Aug 12, 1988V-1Brian Sanders hit me back.
Ptack, Paul (Petey)E-4 ABE3Sep 6, 1984 – May 21, 1988V-2 AIR DEPT. WAIST CATS
Searle, StephenFC1Sep 16, 1984 – Mar 19, 1989FOX/OEMYour first is always the most memorable. As Snuffy used to say..."Kick ass and press on!"
Kamenar, MartinADANSep 19, 1984 – Sep 14, 1988CVW-1 STAFFI was staff of the embarked air wing one. I was one of the board writers up in flight deck control. Would love to hear from people who remember me.
Nicholas, William (bill)PO3/ ABF-MS-MAASep 20, 1984 – May 5, 1988V-4/ S-2/ MAABecause of my experience on board the USS America, my life has been full of various adventures much like what was when I was a sailor on the best carrier in the fleet. The leadership helped change my thoughts and the way I looked at the world from t
Wadlow, RichardHTOct 1984 – Dec 1986RAnyone who knows me send me an email.
Saenz, BobBT1 Retired (BT3 while on the America)Oct 1984 – Jan 1987B
Rushing, JeffAO 3Oct 10, 1984 – May 20, 1987G 3
Gonzalez, DavidSNOct 10, 1984 – Oct 12, 1988Striking Yeoman (Navagation/Safety/Executive Admin Offices)I came onbaord America a young boy and left there a man. Some of the best friends and good times that I have had in my life. Went trough some trying times from the Line of Death Libyan Conflict other campiagns.
Matuszak, JamesAKANOct 11, 1984 – Apr 15, 1986tad from va-72 to supp;ymiss the good old days
Bressman, JoeldpsnOct 15, 1984 – Oct 18, 1988S7
Fuhrman, Andrewax1Nov 1984 – Aug 1988oed
Holland, DavidETSN - ET3Nov 15, 1984 – Nov 21, 1986OED
Aune, DavidASM3Nov 16, 1984 – Nov 16, 1986AIMD
Morris, Kenneth (Mo)GMG2Nov 18, 1984 – Feb 6, 1989G-1 / G-2Lot's of Great times while on board the America. I hope that all my former Shipmates that I served with are doing well.
Beebe, SeanAC3Nov 19, 1984 – Nov 29, 1986OPS/OCGold Star recoveries, Northern Wedding, sliders from the CPO mess, Line of Death, missles inbound and true Shipmates.
Tripp, PaulGMG-1Nov 19, 1984 – Dec 15, 1989G-1Great Ship!
Binz, MaxAO3Nov 23, 1984 – Nov 23, 1988Weapons G-4
Harris, TimothyAK3Dec 1984 – Nov 1988S-6
Shelton, JimmieE-3Dec 1984 – Mar 1988R-Div/ Fire DeptJust looking for old friends
Flores "Flo", RandyABE3/E4Dec 5, 1984 –V2/AIR Waist CatapultsI was the only guy on the flightdeck that could sit on my ass,I was centerdeck operater for cats 3 and 4. We worked some long hours. Lots of good people in the waist,plus a few wimps that could not handle the work,Email me at
Bonetti, Marcem3Dec 12, 1984 – Mar 6, 1988electrianhey all guys that were on board during my tour i say hope all is well with u never new this web site was out there but maybe i will here from some of u who remember me EM3 me and russ sovek best buds the tan brothers
Etris, LeeABH2Dec 18, 1984 – Dec 17, 1988V-1CRASH AND SALVAGE LPO

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