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USS America (CV 66) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS America (CV 66). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 2902 crew members registered for the USS America (CV 66).

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Kittman, MikeABF31983 – 1986V-4
Runion, JerryAQ1983 – 1986VF-102 / IM-3First ship.. one that will be remembered.
Boyer, Franklin AllenPN21983 – 1986ESO
Lowry, SamAKAN/AK31983 – 1985S1-C Stock ControlFirst ship. Went to OCS after 2 and half years. Lots of great memories. Anyone heard from SKC "Rotten" Ralph Neseson? Worked for him and now Retired CAPT Stanczak. Looking for Ruggs
Stein, JimHT31983 – 1986R
Henning, Edward profile iconABE11983 – 1985V-2
Jackson, Dave (Jack)HT21983 – 1987Engineering R-Div Pipe ShopA shout out to all my fellow shipmates in R division, it was an honor to serve with you. Pipe shop personnel. What's Up!
Campbell, Donald SmurfMMFN E-31983 – 1985M 2 AUX Machinery Room 3 & 6 stage distillery plant operator I really enjoyed the time I was on board USS America I miss a couple shipmates like Richard Jones and Noel Lusung I learned a lot from Noel which I'm grateful.
Uehling, MelvinMs31983 – 1984S2Retired enjoying the quiet life , thinking about some of the best times of my life on that beautiful ship !
Collins, TommyMM1Jan 1983 – 1986AWorked in Galley Maintenance dug the ditch to many times
Jackson, PaulHM3Jan 1983 – Apr 1985MedicalHad a great time, met a lot of friends. Got to visit a lot of places. Definatley boarden my medical skills.
Hines, ScottTM3Jan 5, 1983 – Jan 5, 1986Weapons G-3A time and friends I will never forget!!!
Padilla, BlaneABF1Jan 10, 1983 – Jun 12, 1986V-4 "The Grape Apes"
Parrish, AnthonyFeb 1983 – May 1989A
Gardner, Bruce profile iconOS3Feb 1983 – Sep 1985C-1 CIC
Lehocki, SteveE-6/AD1Feb 8, 1983 – Nov 23, 1986claw1did Med-IO 84 cruise and the 85-86 cruise with VA-46 Clansmen, returned to America with VAW-123 for 93-94 Med/IO cruise.
Miller,jr., WallyOS1Feb 11, 1983 – Nov 7, 1986C-1A Great ship! I was so sad to see her used as a target,why couldnt they make a museum out of her. She was our namesake after all
Nicholas, Mitch (Nick)BMSN...BM3...BM2...BM3...BMSNFeb 12, 1983 – Jul 27, 19872nd
Berry, WilliamABHCMar 1983 – May 1985V3/V1HANGAR DECK CPO/CRASH & SALVAGE CPO
Carver, MikeAT3Mar 1983 – Mar 1987AT
Charlie Tuason, CharlieEM3Mar 1, 1983 – Mar 1, 1985EMy first ship. I first went to the lighting shop and then to the distribution. My first class at the time was EM1 Giron. I learned a lot about motors in this shop which I can still apply to my hobbies now.
Droll, RonEM1Apr 1983 – Jul 1987I was in the C&E and flight deck lighting shop, I met alot of good guys on that boat.
Rogers, Robert profile iconE-1 / BT2Apr 1983 – Apr 19873 MMRAs I progressed to Senior Chief I never forgot the America and the lessons I learned while serving with those engineers. What great memories, though some are still a little foggy.
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Hull, MikeE4/MMApr 1, 1983 – Mar 17, 1987AServed in the on board fire department
Jackson, PaulHM3Apr 1, 1983 – Apr 27, 1985MedicalWas a great joy to serve on board the America as my first sea duty. Worked with a great medical staff.
Earl, TaylorCV66Apr 15, 1983 – Aug 18, 1985aimd/vaw-123 65-aI was in charge of the shop. I had a great crew of men working for me. We got a letter of comendation from the ship's captain for our fast turn around time and our RFI out put. I'll sure miss the ship and crew. I retired in Dec 1987.
Adams, DavidPH3Apr 20, 1983 – Sep 23, 1987OP ( Photo Lab )I loved my tour on the America...made a lot of friends...saw some really cool places...would love to reconnect with anyone who served onboard from April, 1983 to September, 1987. I was a photomate from Tennessee.
Pisano, Dennis J.HM2May 1983 – Nov 1984MedicalThe most "Wonderful Life Learing Experience" I have ever had and will ever have in my life. "Have A Fine Navy Day" and GOD BLESS!
Gifford, KeithSM1May 1, 1983 – Mar 1, 1987CS
Napoli, MichaelAT3Jun 1983 – Aug 1986VA 46
Harris, Harry-oE-4Jun 1983 – Aug 1986Medical Dept.I served under the Command of Capt/Adm. Jerry Rodgers, the finest Med. Officer in the navy, under the command of Admr. Leighton{"Snuffy"} Smith . and the medical crew of Pickens,Velasco, Senior Chief Clipson, Chief Nic.
Price, David profile iconSNJun 6, 1983 – Sep 10, 19852ndFirst command. Had the best time on my first deployment. Great people and command. Sorely miss it.
Velasquez, DavidE-4Jun 13, 1983 – Jun 12, 1987Fire DeptI need to contact all my brothers from the Fire Dept.
Bancroft, PatrickAMS-3Jun 20, 1983 – Jun 20, 1987VF 33Hope to see some more of anyone from the Starfighters.
Arroyo, EddieAE1Jul 1983 – Sep 1, 1986VAW-123You guys are son's of guns, you guys are the best! Rem the the library, Earnest Hem was the Best! The Cooks too! Sorry about my tood guys, miss you, hey joe! VMAQ2 Playbou Bunny'ies you guys were solid, silly squid ships are for Squids! Hey Joe
Smith, FrankIC2/E5Jul 1983 – Jul 1984IC2
Dubose, PatrickABH2Jul 1983 – Oct 1986A/C Crash Crew
Chute, William E.ABHANJul 2, 1983 – Nov 26, 1985V-3
Norris, MikeFC1Jul 3, 1983 – Nov 2, 1988FOX
Bateman, JeffMS3Jul 6, 1983 – Mar 3, 1986V-3 / ComCarGru4 / S-5Reported aboard as an airman attached to V-3 division. Ended as an MS3 in S-5 wardroom. Good meals, better quarters, but should've stayed an airdale.Disappointed to see the old girl was sank as target practice.
Burch, Gary profile iconOSCSJul 8, 1983 – Jul 18, 1985C1
Morak, MikeDS1Jul 15, 1983 – Oct 28, 1986OEDRecently retired as ETCM from the Navy Reserves
Hull, MikeE4/MMJul 19, 1983 – Mar 15, 1987AWorked on board the ship in the fire department.
Hunter, MichaelAO1Aug 1983 – Dec 1988VS-32My last carrier and my last tour. The best of the best served on her decks.
Wentworth, James "duke"AD3Aug 1983 – Aug 1987VA-34 PowerplantsI did several cruises while attached to the America airwing. I will really miss the ship, it brings back some great memories. Sorry to see it sunk, but glad the old girl could be used for a worthwhile purpose. Love to hear from shipmates.
Peters, ToddIS1Aug 1, 1983 – Nov 18, 1985OZAny OZ Division Shipmates attending 2010 USS America CV66 reunion in Erlanger, Kentucky this June 22-26 e-mail me at:
Scribner, GaryBTCSAug 1, 1983 – Aug 16, 1987B
McPhail, RichardABH2Aug 5, 1983 – Jun 5, 1986V-3
Jackson, Craig/jacke-4Aug 12, 1983 – Mar 1987e engwhats up to all the e gang main lighting
Connor, JeffDPAug 15, 1983 – Mar 3, 1985S7
Lafreniere, HenryHT3Aug 20, 1983 – Apr 1, 1987Ranyone that knows me can email me would like to hear from you
Davis, Bobmm3Aug 22, 1983 – Feb 20, 1987M DivAlways had a great time on this great war ship. Hated to hear they sank her. Should have made a museum out of her since she had her countries name.
Martinez, Artabe/e-4Aug 23, 1983 – Sep 20, 1987catapult bowcats
Donaldson, Daniel "Reb"ASM2Sep 1983 – May 4, 1987VF-33 83 - 85 IM-4 85 - 87Have lots of good momories from both VF-33 and IM-4 Wish they had respected her more and kept her afloat. Hopefully we can get the new carrier class named after her. Help us fight to have CVN-78 named USS America not USS Gerald R. Ford!
Shier, JohnBT3Sep 1983 – Jul 1987B-worked in 1 mmr would love to here from anybody
Baker, StanAD/E-4Sep 1983 – May 1986VF-33Trying to find some other airdales from this time frame, who served with VF-33 or VF102.
Liebig, JimEN2Sep 9, 1983 – Dec 15, 1986EA07
Ivory, JerryHTFA TO DC2Sep 9, 1983 – Jan 6, 1989Fire DCPOI retired as a DC1 in 2003, I live in Jacksonville FL. Was the best ON scene Leader for 4&5 fwd. For those who remember me, its been over 18 years since I had a drink.
Greene, MinterCSC (SW/SCW)Sep 15, 1983 – Feb 7, 1987S-5While I was onboard the Wardroom cooks killed butt. Great group of guys.
Magno, TomENS TO LTOct 1983 – Oct 1986CVW-1I was a Naval Flight Officer assigned to VAW-123, the Screwtops, part of Carrier Air Wing ONE. Got my first taste of navy life at sea in America, I'll never forget her.
Baker, StanE-4/ADOct 1983 – May 1986VF-33 StarfightersLooking for more Starfighters from this time frame, to catch up.
Terry, CharlesAK3Oct 1, 1983 – Aug 1, 1985S6
Spriegel, CraigMACHINIST MATE THIRD CLASSOct 2, 1983 – Dec 24, 1983After serving on the USS Plymouth Rock for 4 years I spent my last 110 Navy days aboard the USS America. It was a great ship to finish my tour of duty.
Patriarca, LarryE4Oct 2, 1983 – Aug 30, 1986VAQ-135
Ellenby, JayAG2Nov 1983 – May 1986OA
Voorhees, JamesABE2Nov 1983 – Jan 1988V-2Trying to reconnect w/V-2 div shipmates. Looking forward to hearing from anyone who is out here.
Newland, JimAD2Nov 1983 – Jun 1986IM-2Capt. Snuffy Smith: "What is it you're doing Sailor?" Young Airman Newland: "Pulling up non-skid HAND" Capt. Snuffy Smith: "Carry on Son" Anyone remember "Straws" Hartley? ADC type
Hauserman, MarkAW2Nov 1, 1983 – Nov 17, 1985HS-11What a great time and memories of all who served aboard her. I got to eat lunch with Nancy Reagan. I flew countless hours doing plane guard watching out for all the sailors. What a privilage it was to serve under Capt. Smith
Miller, BrianFTG2Nov 1, 1983 – Jan 20, 1986FOXThe memories, the Phalanx gun gorillas, Mr. Dodds, Master Chief (Hey Bud) what's-his-name.
O'Neal, JoeE-5Dec 1983 – Oct 1986VS-32 MAULERSI made serveral cruises, best Carrier to ever put to sea. I served in the Airframes Dept. and was a Final Checker and CDL. Go Navy! Sure would like to hear from some of my old buddys.
Pickens, CharlesHM2Dec 1983 – Jun 1985MedicalServed with Massengill, Higgins, Harris, Thomas, Betancourt, Velasco and the butt Glen Nicholson
Guidish, SteveGMGDec 14, 1983 – Dec 22, 1989G-1Shipmates and Spirits live FREE
Horne, BrianIC2Dec 15, 1983 – Jan 15, 1987V-2Had some memorable times on the great ship, America. Air Dept, Visual Landing Aids (PLAT and LENS) Set the Lens in the Flight Tower behind the Air Boss one cruise, and worked on the LSO platform on the other. I was lucky

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