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USS America (CV 66) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS America (CV 66). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 2902 crew members registered for the USS America (CV 66).

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Worley, DaveE-41981 – 1984VA-34
Gunnison, AlexanderE/21981 – 1982Waist CatsOMG! I just found out about the decommision and am blown away. Although I left the U.S. NAVY under awkward circumstances, I still look back at that time as a growing period in my life where many critical lessons were learned and many friends were mad
Hersey, TrentAZ31981 – 1983VF-102
Berardi, James (Bagnardi)AS11981 – 1984AIMD / IM04Best tour of my career. Great division. Good ship and good crew. Many, many good memories.
Brzozowski, SkiCPL1981 – 1983mardetGordon, Hillestad, Travis, Frye Where are you?
Butler, ScottAK31981 – Aug 1984VF-102Fond memories of several cruise's aboard her!
Boyle, PatrickYN31981 – 1984VXWhat ever happened to Mr O?? Got shot off and flew to Rota at separation...what a rush!!
Simmons, JoeE31981 – 1983mar-det
Wilson, Randy " Fastaction Willy Will"AE21981 – 1984VS-32"Helmets on, Googles on, Life vest securely fastened. Check your pockets for FOD, Check for loose gear about the deck. Start 'em up! Start ALL GO AIRCRAFT!! wow nothing in life will ever compare to working the deck.
Passmore, JeffE-5 ABE1981 – 1983V-2Love the America and wish she was still around
Konkel, JamesE-31981 – 1982airwing A7 squadron
Barr, Larry (Doc)HM31981 –Medical (AVR)
Enders, Rob "Scanners"ABEAN1981 – Aug 20, 1984V2 Arresting gearlooking for anyone who witnessed a RF-4 crash on the USS America in 1984
Sigler, DouglasPH21981 – 1983OP
French, Daniel profile iconE3/Airman1981 – 1984V-1I'll never forget ,or regret the experiences ,and wisdom I gained. Especially the places I went. Thanks to the friends who stuck by me,
Sisco, Dannie DanEM1981 – 1983Electrical
Chaiser, MatthewAX21981 – 1982C2Worked in CIC in the ASW module
Harris, EricE-3Jan 1981 – Sep 1981
Baca, JoeBT3Jan 1981 – Apr 1984B / 4MMRI was a BTOW 4 MMR, looking 4 any and all BT's & MM's. I served 14 years in the Navy. I was medically Discharged in 1993 as a BT1
Nash, RichardMM2Jan 1981 – Nov 8, 1984ENG/M/4MMR
Miller, Steve "yukon Miller"E5/ PR2Jan 1981 – 1985VA-46 THE CLANSMENBest airwing & ship in the fleet, God bless the USS AMERICA "kick ass and press on" Don't let anybody tread on you who sailed aboard this counties greatest namesake CV-66 USS AMERICA our memories will live on
Mitchell, Roger "mitch"AD-3Jan 1981 – Oct 1981VA-195The memory will live on
Johnson, KevinE5Jan 1981 – Feb 1985XO AdminServed in Executive Officer's Office - Yeoman Served in CMC Office - Yeoman Indoc Division Officer
Stille, LarryAME3Jan 1981 – Jan 1985CV-66I had a wonderful time, 1/81 - 1/85, with the VF-102 Diamondbacks and aboard CV-66. I Met a lot of talented men while I was there. Great job men and remember to "KICK ASS and Press ON"!
Serafini, FrankAMS3Jan 1, 1981 – Nov 1, 1985Looking for old friends,dumpster baby 'MIKE CLOWARD". TIM SWEEENEY, MIKE SANDERS AND MANY MORE 3 MED I.O. CRUISES
White, DougMS3Jan 3, 1981 – Jan 9, 1986S-2 Cargo1st Ship and best ship I ever rode!! many good friends were made here, now CSCM because of what I was taught on this great War-Ship, Kick ASS and Press on!!
Trujillo, TomAW2Jan 5, 1981 – Aug 12, 1983C2 ASWMOD CICMissed it and my friends not long after leaving!
Patton, Robert (Butch)RMSMJan 14, 1981 – Feb 14, 1982CR/Main Comm
Dowd, WayneE-5Jan 26, 1981 – Jun 26, 1985V-1 Crash and SalvageHad some great times. Will always remember the days i spent on her and the impact she had on my life.
Neiswonger, JamesRMC(SS)Feb 1981 – Oct 1982CommunicationCOMSEC Custodian
Hubka, DavidLCPL HUBKAFeb 1981 – Jan 1983MarDetSemper Fi! Sad to see the ship put under. Had a lot of good times and memories. God Bless the America.
Blackmountain, PhillipAMSANFeb 15, 1981 – Nov 10, 1981Airwing,Va-192 Golden DragonsLong cruise,but I will always remember Spain and Australia.And also wog day!!
Brower, ThomasBTCMar 1981 – Mar 1986B
Upp, RussellAW3Mar 1981 – Oct 8, 1983ASWMODDid not realize just how much fun I was having or all the great places we went until after I was off her. I knew alot of really great people on that ship and some of it seems like yesterday
Dunwody, DeanPH3Mar 1981 – Apr 1985VF-102Truly one of the best experiences of my life. As long as we remember she will never pass.
Sauer, William profile iconAS1 SS/AWMar 1981 – Mar 1984AIMD IM
Tuckey, Joseph C.MS2Mar 1, 1981 – Jun 8, 1985S-5A great ship and crew. Some of the best years were spent onboard the America
Conzalina, PeteIC2Mar 12, 1981 – Jun 20, 1985EI'm just looking for people from my old IC gang.
Rhodarmer, John DavidE-5Mar 18, 1981 – Sep 12, 1984I was a yeoman in VX Division, Air Office for 2 years, and the Captain's Office for 1 1/2 years. Did 3 complete Indian Ocean cruises. Left the ship for separation in Naples, Italy-Sept 1984 (Sweet Home Alabama-here I come!!!)
May, Byron (Maddog)ABECMar 24, 1981 – Aug 27, 1983V-2 WAIST CATAPULTS CHIEF
Jones, Donald (Jonesy)HM2 E05Mar 31, 1981 – Apr 10, 1984Medical HHad a pretty good time onboard. Made some good friends. Got to see some places I never would have seen if I wasn't in the Navy. Made rank. Learn some things from a old country doctor. Dr Jerry Rogers Capt/Ret (RIP)
Torino, Victor "chevy"E3Apr 1981 – Jun 1984VA 34Some of the best and craziest times of my life! Would like to find Hodaddy, Jim Colley, Baldy, Cimi and Smitty. If you know whereabouts, please email me at Now married with two stepsons, living in FL
Sisco, DanEm1Apr 1981 – 1983EP0 I charge of distribution shop, retired electrical contractor , enjoy traveling and riding trike motorcycle,
Starkey, PhilABCSApr 8, 1981 – Jul 30, 1983V-2Maintenance Chief, V-2 Div. Had the best crew in the Atlantic Fleet. I'm proud to say that all the men in all the V-2 Divisions are the greatest in the world.
Clare, MichaelAT3Apr 9, 1981 – Nov 21, 1981VS-33
Edgren, JohnAMEANApr 12, 1981 – Nov 1981VA-195 Line/AME Work centerTAD to aft galley break out for 90 days, have lost all photos of the suez canal trip anyone have them..
Willey, FrederickCWO4 RETIREDApr 20, 1981 – Nov 1983fire ships fire marshalli would like to hear from any one who knew me during my tour aboard.
Conklin, RobertE3Apr 21, 1981 – May 27, 1983VA-34Was an experience never forgotten
Bennett, PaulE3/DSSNMay 1981 – May 1984V2/Training/OEDThis was my first ship. Worked on Cat 1, mess cooked in the galley, and finished my tour working out of NTDS.
Posner, Richard "rick"ABH-3 E-4May 1, 1981 – Feb 10, 1984V-1I was in Crash/Fire Rescue it was some of the best times of my life. I am looking for my shipmates.
McGovern, PatrickBT2May 10, 1981 – Aug 1983Boilers Division
Eichelberger, William / IkeBT2May 15, 1981 – Jul 15, 1985B 4MMRWhat a great first ship. Learned a ton about running an boiler room.
Cooper, RonAWCMay 31, 1981 – Sep 30, 1983C2 Div, ASWMOD, CDSI think of my time served aboard America and of the men I served with. Had some really great times on the two cruises to the IO. They were long but friendships were forged under stressful conditions.
Kaplan, LarryE-9/ABCMJun 1, 1981 – May 14, 1985V-2Also served October 1988 thru May 1991.
Putman, DavidAT3Jun 1, 1981 – Nov 1, 1981VA-195
McLemore, Mark ( Big Mac )E-1Jun 6, 1981 – Nov 13, 1983Weapons DIV (G-1) Ships ArmoryI have a concern and need your assistance. If any of you, have details or pictures of the SHIPS BRIGG I would appreciate that information forwarded, signed or a notarized statement. That Describes the BRIGG in detail.
Smith, WilliamE-3Jun 15, 1981 – Nov 14, 1984V-2Waist Cats, assigned to Cat 3, the "War Horse".
Dana, Gerard/gerryASM3Jun 15, 1981 – Jun 14, 1983AIMD/IM4Cryogenic tech/hydraulic mechanic. Gonzo Station! What a great time. Miss it sometimes. Sauer and Bagnardi on this site. Pretty cool to see names of the guys I served with.
Hudson, KennethMM2Jun 15, 1981 – Jun 15, 1997M and A-gangDid TWO (2) tours came on FR LEFT MM2 during the tours. Decom the old girl then left for sima till retirement.
Fiorentino, BruceICFNJun 16, 1981 – Nov 22, 1983E/ICIC electrician... always got asked "Hey man, can ya hook up a telephone to my rack?" Sure!!! It'll cost ya 2 pair of flight deck boots, 7 pair of coveralls, 3 ammo bags, a case of beer, oh and all your porn.
Pietranczyk, GeraldE-5Jun 21, 1981 – Jun 18, 1985V-1 AirBeing on her was the best. I will miss her
Pietranczyk, GeraldE-5Jun 21, 1981 – Jun 18, 1985V-1SHE WAS A GOOD SHIP I WILL MISS HER. MAY SHE SERVE ON SILENT PATROL
Blake, JeffreyE1Jul 25, 1981 – Jun 2, 1982G3
Johnson, PaulOSSN-OS3Aug 1981 – Jun 1984OIGONZO Station.. blaaa.. The only good memory was sitting on sponson-6 having a smoke watching plans land and the day I walked down pier 12 for the last time before getting aboard the Mississippi.. a real Navy ship.
Oliver, Harold (H.d.)ASM2Aug 1981 – Jul 1983IM-4 AIMD I had a blast I still remember GSE TRouble Shooting on the Flight Deck, Also remember securing the Jacks in the hanger bay and the Ship took a row and one rowed over the side Funny as Hell know when you think about. Good Ship will miss her
Platt, GaryAC1Aug 1981 – 1984OCI miss the unity and friendships of the Navy. God bless the America and all who served on board her.
Bartelson, JimAbh3Aug 2, 1981 – Aug 2, 1985V-1Great crew and learned and had fun but safety was are best I’m retired now age of 58 lovin it thanks to all the crew in v1 the best
Patterson, David profile iconEM2Aug 15, 1981 – Oct 15, 1984V-2RIP to the America... now an artificial reef. Enjoyed being there & all the places in the world I would otherwise never hseen. Lots of great people to work & go to war with. Best wishes to everyone who ever served on her
Baker, TimothyYN3Aug 17, 1981 – Aug 17, 1985Eng. Log Room and DeckBest times of my life were spent on that ship and the places we ported. Joined the Army one week after discharge and retired a few years ago. I got in trouble one time for altering the POD, making copies and distributing them throughout the ship!
Lankford, MikeMM3Sep 1981 – Feb 19844MMR
Brotherton, DavidEN 2Sep 1981 – Jun 1985Had fun while I was there, Good ship, I hate to see it go.
Rush, JohnSM2Sep 1981 – Jun 1985CommunicationsBecame a Shellback. Did the Ditch Kind of miss the Signal Bridge Crew we had some really good times sometimes I wonder how any of us ever survived. Drop me an email
Buncak, TomMM 3Sep 1981 – Mar 25, 1985MTo all you Old Snipes,its good to know your still around, its been many yrs,,would like to hear from who ever writes, May the Salt of the High Seas,still flow in your vains,
Garvin, SethDS3Sep 1981 – Oct 1983OEGreat memories. Great ports of call. St. Thomas, Scotland, England, Spain, Sri Lanka, Africa, Greece
Buncak, TomMM3Sep 1, 1981 – Mar 25, 1985
Lambert, BamaE-5Sep 6, 1981 – May 9, 1985v-4flight deck fuels
Kelley, DougEM3Sep 10, 1981 – Oct 10, 1985ElectricalIts been almost 20 years now,I would love to walk the passageways just one more time,man the memories!awesome!
Journey, AlE-5Sep 15, 1981 – Sep 16, 1985VA-72 (Blue Hawks)A-7EII Corsairs 2 Med IO Cruises
Hinds, FrankE2Oct 1981 – Jul 13, 1983Jet FuelsGot on in Portsmith. Touched the bottom of this ship in dry dock. Spent most of my time 7 stories below water line.
Daiker, JamesCORPORALOct 1981 – Sep 1983Marine Detachment
Carroll, TomABH-3Oct 1981 – Aug 1985V-1Am very proud to have been a part of the "Best Deck in the Navy--twice." Even prouder of being aboard Her. Not a day goes by that I find myself thinkiing of Her.
Slinger, RobertEM2Oct 1981 – Feb 1983Electrical
Clamp, BillyAE2Oct 1981 – Oct 1982AIMDVery good crew and times
Daiker, JamesCORPORALOct 1, 1981 – Sep 1, 1983Marine DetatchmentI dont see any Marines here, so I thought I would be the first.
Gordon, SteveSGT.Oct 4, 1981 – Sep 23, 1983MARDET
Brotherton, DavidE5/EN2Oct 10, 1981 – Jun 22, 1985Agood ship. was in the boat shop.
Witteborg, LarryE-4Oct 13, 1981 – Jul 14, 1985S-5Enjoyed my time
Stantz, JerryE-5Oct 18, 1981 – May 15, 1985S-1CGood times, some bad, but very enjoyable for the most part. Anyone remember AKC Nesseson?
Weaver, Bryan Aka PeteABH1 (81-85) / ABHC &ABHCS (88-93)Oct 19, 1981 – May 11, 1985V1Crash crew forever! Bosn Mac, Senior Chief/ Lt Shirley, and all the guys in V-1 during my two tours were the greatest guys ever. Hope all are well.
Mitchell, Roger "Mitch"AD3Nov 1981 – Oct 1981VA-195 DambustersPower Plants VA-195 A-7E
Gordon, BobDS3Nov 1981 – Mar 1985NTDS
Scott, MikeVF-33Nov 1981 – Apr 1985VF-33AE Shop and Flight Deck Troubleshooter.
Reid, ChuckQM2Nov 1981 – Jul 1985Navigation
Waddle, James D. "dirty"AME 3Nov 1981 – Nov 1984VF-102One of the saddest days of my life when I found they sunk her-I'll always be proud of serving on board Her and being a part of Her great heretage..Sierra Hotel, America..ShellBack forever!
Presnell, ConleySNNov 1981 – Jul 9, 19854th & 3rd Division. Deck Dept!Love serving on "The Big Dawg" as She would later be known> Loved Snuffy, But Dorsey was a di*#. LOL Remember Kick ass and Press on!
Kelly, KevinAD3Nov 1, 1981 – Jun 15, 1985VF-102 DiamondbacksAs many times as I complained about her, I can hounestly say when I herd they put her to rest it left a lump in my throat. She (The USS America )will be missed.
Wolf, JohnOS2Nov 5, 1981 – May 29, 1985CICWhat a time we had on all the cruises we did. At the time I guess we thought we were pretty miserable but in hind sight I was having a blast. Athens, Mombassa, Monaco, Niece, France, Malaga, Spain, the Christmas in Palma, yea we were havi
Edwards, JeffE-5Nov 10, 1981 – Sep 10, 1985RSOME GREAT TIMES.... WOULD LIKE TO HEAR FROM SOME OLD BUDS
Pardo, Euclides ClitQM2Nov 15, 1981 – Jun 26, 1985NAVIGATION
Wilcox, KenABENov 15, 1981 – Jul 27, 1985V2Waist Cats
Granger, DeltonOS2-NOW OSCNov 16, 1981 – Jul 12, 1985C-1An excellent tour and great crew-always look back to the good times I had there. Would love to hear from Sam Shargo, Paul Wentworth the rest of the D&T gang.Chris Gingrich you out there?
Stewart, "Dj"YNCNov 20, 1981 – Mar 25, 1984VX - Air Dept OfficeI had the finest admin guys in the Atlantic Fleet, and the Air Bosses agreed.
Scerba, MikeSK2Dec 1981 – Feb 1984S-1MHad blast with my shipmates Newberry, Sewell, Boughner, Pavese, Johnson, Harlow and others. EEEEMMEEE!
Brock, KevinANDec 1981 – Aug 1984VXI was on the USS America CV66 for three years. Made some great friends, and saw the world. I am grateful for the time I spent and learned invaluable lessons.
Pittelko, JimHT2Dec 8, 1981 – Aug 15, 1985R-divisionStarted out in the fire department. Served most of my time in the Ship fitters shop and DCPO shop. On scene leader of 7B. I had some of the best times of my life aboard the America.
Poulos, BillieASM2Dec 15, 1981 – Feb 23, 1984AIMD IM4Wouldn't Have missed my service onboard the America for anything in the world. Many great memories. Sad that she is gone. What A great experience...Miss all my friends...Willy, George, Chuck, Bill, and the rest.
Pospisil, Mike PopsMR2Dec 28, 1981 – Sep 15, 1985rlots of good memories aboard ship but even better memories when we hit port guam, hawaii australia just to name a few.made great friends surber karrigan buck jackie seamans bartha hutt
Cornish Jr., Isaac/birdmanE-5/RM2Dec 28, 1981 – Mar 15, 1985COMMUNICATION/SATCOM

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