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USS America (CV 66) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS America (CV 66). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 2903 crew members registered for the USS America (CV 66).

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Lucente, VinceE-31980 – 1981G-3 / VS-33Came on board as ships company.Worked in G-3 Div.while waiting for A school.Returned after school and re-assigned to air wing VS-33.Worked as plane captain and TAD to 1st LT.A great place to grow up.A little piece of me went to the bottom with her.
Calmes, JamieDS31980 – 1982OPS/S-7
Poppino, RogerDT31980 – 1983DDid two crewses and saw a lot ofthe world. I also made meny good frinds.
Claich, Bert (Bear)E51980 – 1984BBoiler Tech, engine room 1 & 4. Regular hole snipe
White, Stephen(Whity)MM21980 – Feb 4, 1984A-Divspent my entire onboard time in the a-gang hyd shop.What a great group of people.
Blake, StephenTD AN1980 – 1982AIMD cal labSuez to IO cruise
Ervin, SteveMM31980 – 1981A
Granger, KurtAO 31980 – 1983G2
Mark, FullerBT 21980 – 1983B division 1MMRServed and worked with some of the finest people I've ever met while on the America.
Bromley, Christopher profile iconABH1980 – 1983V1
Ronchetti, WayneCorporal/E41980 – 1981Marine detachment Picked up ship in Marseilles. Then dry docked in Portsmouth, VA. Stationed at Ft Story in Virginia Beach. Deployed to Indian Ocean. Completed enlistment and flown to Diego Garcia to go back to the US.
Brock, ChuckE-41980 – Feb 11, 1983A,B
Pulichene, BobRPCJan 1980 – Dec 1982ExecutiveWas first RP assigned to the Fleet after the creation of the rating, nickname was the "Chief who cared."
Lam, TerryE6Jan 1, 1980 – Sep 22, 1986G2Hello guys, living the Kentucky life.
Landeau, KennyDP3Jan 3, 1980 – May 18, 1982SupplyGood Times, Good Crew, Get crazy Navy, Hey guys really enjoyed your company, playing cards, other games and what was that movie they played 100 times, "Excalibur"
Rodgers, Michael JoeE4Jan 6, 1980 – Sep 22, 1983Ships Company Aviation Electronics
Shirley, ChuckABHC/ABHCSJan 10, 1980 – Aug 1, 1983V-1Served as Hangar Deck CPO, Flight Deck CPO and Flight Deck LCPO before getting commissioned an Ensign onboard this great ship in 1983. Returned as Flight Deck Officer 1989-1992. Served on America during Desert Storm.
Kirk, Robert T (Captain)E-2 OSSAFeb 1980 – Nov 24, 1981C1I'm looking for Art Cox, Paul Wentworth, Paul Veneziano - email me Ah the memories - Singapore, Spain, Australia - We did the Ditch -
Price, Jr., Bobby (Bubba)ABE-2Feb 1980 – Oct 16, 1983V-2 Arresting Gearlong hours at sea with all the flight ops but, some of the best times I ever had ....sad to see the great ship go down the way she did
Simmons, GlennCV 66Feb 4, 1980 – Jan 5, 1985V-3I WOULD BE GLAD TO HEAR FROM ANYONE FROM THE AMERICA
Hale, James profile iconMM3Feb 14, 1980 – Feb 14, 1984AWould love to hear from former shipmates! I did my entire tour on the America - some of the best memories of my life.
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Craig, BittleMM1Feb 15, 1980 – Sep 18, 1983M
Basford, StanSH3Mar 1980 – Jul 1980
Harrington, Ted MS3Mar 1980 – Dec 1984S2We all worked hard, made some friends, and did our best during long and sometimes lonely deployments. Happier times for many of us when we got to be with family/friends when docked. A good life experience and memories
Nathan, KevinFC1Mar 15, 1980 – Dec 15, 1984Fox
MacKinnon, DaveE-4/BTMar 20, 1980 – Jul 10, 1982B DivisionStarted out in the Boiler Repair Room, 6 months later transferred to the Oil Test Lab and made it to Lead before getting out in 82
MacKinnon, DaveE-4/BTMar 20, 1980 – Jul 10, 1982B DivisionStarted out in the Boiler Repair Room, 6 months later transferred to the Oil Test Lab and made it to Lead before getting out in 82
Flores, John (Jt)BT3Mar 30, 1980 – Apr 20, 1982B-DivisionI am trying to locate some old friends of mine. I met some really good people on the America.
Marriott, JackPH3Apr 1980 – Jul 1983OPLooking for old crewmembers that i had the pleasure of serving with.
Arthur, AnthonyE-4Apr 1980 – Sep 1983V-1Served as V-1 divison Training Petty Officer from August '80 until my separation in September '83. Served under Commander Baker and Senior Chief Theriot.
Mills, MarkE-6Apr 7, 1980 – Jun 5, 1982W-I will never forget the time spent on the uss america. I will always remember her as a beautiful lady of the sea I have read that the sunk her . what a shameful way to do to a ship named uss america,,
Lavoie, MarkDS2Apr 14, 1980 – Aug 14, 1982OECIC NTDS tech
Mitchell, Clayton/mitchABE2May 1980 – Nov 1983V2
Guth, RobertSH2May 1980 – 1983SupplyI will never forget my time on the America...It is something all men should have to do....getting shot off the flightdeck in the COD plane and getting stuck in Deigo Garcia while the ship was on its way to Australia!!!
Hale, JamesMM3May 1, 1980 – Feb 1, 1984AHello fellow A-Gangers! I loved serving on this ship and am proud to be part of it's heritage.
Carroll, DelainLance CorporalMay 1, 1980 – Nov 1, 1981Marine DetachmentHey Killers!
Mitchell, Clayton/mitchABE2May 5, 1980 – Nov 15, 1983V-2 Bow CatsLearned alot from the old salts. Lost a good man during a reftra. We were family and would'nt trade the experiences or the memories for anything. Made me a better man.
Kelley, William Bille2May 15, 1980 – Nov 22, 1981a-divisionmiss alot of you,remember thegood times bill kelley aka ua kelley email me at
Cox, ArtOS2Jun 1980 – Aug 1983OI/CICGreat Ship/Great Crew, was onboard the first time she "Did the Ditch" Hey Kirk or Paulie Wentworth if your out there drop me a line..
Ramon, Rodolfo (Rudy)CPLJun 1980 – Jun 1982MARDETDO YOU REMEMBER RUDEDOG
Cooper, Thomas "Coop"BT3Jun 1980 – Nov 1984Engineering - MMR3MMR3 - the only machine room left online - y'all know the time! Would love to hear from friends and former shipmates!
Wooten, AnthonyAK3/E-3Jun 1980 – Sep 1983AIMD/IM-1Loved sailing. Remember the great times. My home away from home......
Gibbs, DavidQM2Jun 1980 – Jun 1983navRemember "Coming to America" as the breakaway song played each time the America broke-away from a supply ship
Day, Robert DayE-5Jun 1, 1980 – Mar 8, 1983AIMDWorked in Ground support (Yellow Gear)(made e-5 after leaving the ship- went to NAS Cecil Field) Was a DCPO. ASM5 DAY.Still Have my cruise books. Got out in 1987 (E-5). Went into computers, networking, security.
Hisserich, BobPN2Jun 14, 1980 – Jan 20, 1984ExecutiveServed in the Educational Services Office - then in Career Information and Assistance - CIA
Yagle, GlennMS-2Jun 14, 1980 – Dec 20, 1983S-2I loved my time that I spent on the America and am sad that it was sunk.
Jones, James (Jay)LTJun 15, 1980 – Sep 29, 1982Combat (CDS)Worked with a lot of great OS's and Officers. Gonzo Station & The "Ditch"
Gysin, Gene (Etc, Emo)ET2Jun 17, 1980 – Aug 4, 1983OE05My Navy Childhood. I missall the old Radar gang,Mikey Baton, Rick Beavers, Dave LaFleur, Smooth (I know where you are you old duffer), Mike Bechtel (Now gone Eskimo), Jim Hanson, Mr Belt (God rest his Soul). You guys helped me grow. Thanks
Davila, William profile iconCPL(E4)Jun 21, 1980 – Jun 5, 1982Marine Detachment MAR-DET
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Wagner, Barry WagsE-3Jul 1980 – Dec 1983s-7she was my first ship...i found her in dry dock.. she took me to places i had never been.........i am proud to have been one of her crew.......She should have been treated better.
Sisco, HowardABH3Jul 1980 – Sep 1984V3Served on aircraft moving crew as Blue Shirt, Tractor Driver, Safety, Director. Also performed office administrator and Asst Training Petty Officer.
Oquendo, JohnE3Jul 1, 1980 – Apr 28, 1984V3
Meece, Joe profile iconCTO-3Jul 1, 1980 – Jul 1, 1982OS DivisionI loved my tour and miss my shipmates. Ricky Howell, Mick Steele, Bernie Adams, Stubby, Chief Slaughter, Mr. B, Rock, Jim Rook. I was call Mean Joe but on the softball team it was Yogi.
Bartmess, LowellAC2Jul 4, 1980 – Aug 1981OCHi, gino Bartmess here. The times were difficult but you all helped me to grow up pretty quickly. I think of you and our experiences quite often. I tell stories of you and our cruise at least 3x a year 35 years later!
Stuckey, Phillip BseamanJul 11, 1980 – Aug 14, 1981deckhand
Kirkman, Randye-2Jul 15, 1980 – Aug 12, 1981v2want to find people I knew
Glose, Gerald D JrMMFNAug 1980 – Mar 1981TrainingStraight out of boot camp. Went to Uss Fulton and later Uss Ricketts.
Wentworth, PaulOS2Aug 1980 – Feb 1984C1
Brooks, DavidAG3Aug 1980 – Aug 1983OAWhere are all my AG buddies at? it was the best and worst of times, wouldn't trade my time for anything! We did the "Ditch" sat on "Gonzo Station" and played like hell in Perth, Singapore, Palma, St. Thomas.
Brooks, DavidAG2Aug 1980 – Nov 1983OA
Brown, CharlesAIRMANAug 1, 1980 – Jul 1, 1983V-1Enjoyed the time I spent. Would willing do it again if asked.
Brockhouse, Joeye-3Aug 14, 1980 – Jun 3, 19831st divisionDeck department
Reynolds, John/bones/rjABE2Aug 15, 1980 – Jul 14, 1983v2 arresting geardid 2 tours,other one was 85-87.
Torres, MannyDS3Aug 18, 1980 – Sep 1983OE
Cool, MarkAC2Aug 19, 1980 – Sep 15, 1983OCI don't remember much. Refresh my memory.
Bechtel, MikeET1Aug 20, 1980 – Sep 6, 1983OE
Pomfrey Sr, Anthony / Tony ASE2Sep 1980 – May 1984AIMD/IM4Times and experiences I would not trade for anything else. Memory's that will live with me forever.
Fleming, DavidAD2Sep 1980 – Dec 1984IM02Power Plants
Roseberry, WilliamEN2Sep 1980 – May 1984B + Awas in the Boiler Room and the Boat Shop from 80 - 84
Jones, Ronald/rrABE3Sep 1980 – Nov 1983V2 Arresting gearlooking back,this was the best time of my life,Tim Dunn,Orlando Lopez.suez,2 MED/IO cruises.
Cawthon, RoyTM3Sep 6, 1980 – Jul 10, 1983G3
Barr, JamieBT3Sep 9, 1980 – Oct 9, 1983B divisionI can still remember lighting the burners in 2MMR, running the console during flight-ops. Painting the miles of steam lines. I hate bulseyes. Who remembers Australia? Ah, those were the days.
Palmer, CoryABE/ANSep 10, 1980 – 1983V-2 Bow CatsBow Catapults After leaving America I served an additional 5 years outside ABE Rating, till I crushed both legs, ankles and Feet. During Training Had to love cyclic Flight Ops. lol
Goswick, WilliamMS3Sep 15, 1980 – Aug 8, 1982SupplyGoing through the Suez Canal in 1981, running the big ditch, flying on and off the America and eating that great navy chow. Hello all of my old shipmates (Chuck Fast) . USS AMERICA is gone but not forgotton.
Leighton, JosephQM2Sep 19, 1980 – Sep 1, 1983Nav
Burton, Don BAMS 3Sep 22, 1980 – Jun 8, 1982V-2 AIMD A/F
Tripp, MichaelBT-2Sep 25, 1980 – May 6, 1984I really enjoyed my time on the AMERICA.I learned a lot and made some good friends. Iwould love to hear from some of those guys again.
Morgan, Lawrence ( Larry )MM2Oct 1980 – Oct 1983MM Division # 1 Main
McGowan, Steve "Buck"AO3Oct 1980 – Dec 1982Ship's Gunneryshared life with some great people that will always be in my heart along with the USS AMERICA
Hubert, DaveTD2Oct 1980 – Aug 1, 1983IM34Good times, fun places, great friends. Opened the door that took me from Squid to Sand Crab.
Chism, ClarencehtfnOct 1980 – Mar 1984r
Borer, GreggEW2Oct 1, 1980 – Aug 15, 1982Electronic WarfareI am proud to have served on the America. It influenced a great deal of my life.
Hoyt, KevinABH-3Oct 10, 1980 – Mar 10, 1984V-3Hanger bay Director. 1000 crunch-free moves, twice..Hated it back then. Greg Dexter, Kent Coy, Randy Youngblood, Mark Cage, Dale Covington. Looking for you guys. Contact.. Augusta Ga. 706-854-7877
Peterss, DonaldEM2Oct 15, 1980 – Sep 28, 1983E
Thomas, StevenLieutenantOct 15, 1980 – Mar 19, 1982ChaplainThis was my first active duty assignment and the best assignment coming out of reserves. I will always cherish the time aboard the old girl. She taught me much to go on to finish a naval career as an 05 Commander.
Cyrankowski, Richard Skibt firemanOct 25, 1980 – Nov 12, 1983engineeringi should have kept in touch with my mates.
Leonard, JimYN3Nov 1980 – Jun 1984Served in Capt's Office, Engineering Dept Admin, Weapons Dept Admin.
Hendrickson, Kenneth R.WT2Nov 1980 – Mar 1983W
Baker, SamFTG2Nov 1980 – Jun 1984FOXAnyone I knew who was cool , send me an email. The rest of you can kiss my ass.
Stierman, BrianABF2Nov 1980 – Apr 1984V-4 FuelsMy first of many ships before I retired after 20 plus years as ABFCS (AW), god is good, god is great, god is an aviation boatswains mate!!
Newberry, MichaelAN/AK3Nov 1980 – Oct 14, 1983S-1MProud to have served on our country's flagship. Best ship, best crew. Sleep well, Big Dawg.
Clarke, Lawrence (Larry)CAPTAIN, USN (ret)Nov 1980 – Oct 1982OZ (Intelligence)Would love to connect with Intelligence, Cryptologic and photomates that served with me during this period.
Castleberry, DavidSK2Nov 1980 – Jun 1984S1CStarted out as HN Castleberry. I was approved to change my rate to storekeeper. The rest is history. Looking for SKs from S1C Division 1980 - 1984. America was a seagoing carrier, and the Navy will miss her.
Fast, CharlesMS3Nov 9, 1980 – Apr 23, 1984S5I Can't Believe they sank the America!
Reyna, Thomas (Taco)AT2Nov 15, 1980 – Dec 16, 1980HS-7This is where the "Helo Gang" name started. The guys in HS-7 were great. Lot's of good memories of the squadron. I remember when the Flight Deck Chief was yelling at me and said I am sick and tired of you and the helo gang.
Johnson, William ''billy'' (Spy)AD-3Nov 16, 1980 – Jun 3, 1983AIMD IM2 JET SHOP/ TEST CELLWHAT A CREW WE HAD,I MISS THEM ALL.(REMEMBER THE TIMES)
Vaughan, RobertMM2Dec 1980 – Jun 1983MJust another ex-nuke from M-Division.
Allen, Mike ( Big Al)ABF3Dec 1980 – Oct 1984V4
Bumgardner, BillABHDec 1980 – Dec 1982V-XLooking for any crew mates who were onboard America during my time there.
Gamache III, ArmandAO3Dec 1980 – Apr 1983G2One of the best times of my life.
Lovering, PeterANDec 10, 1980 – Mar 27, 1981V-1
Carlos Brock, ChuckEN 3Dec 12, 1980 – Oct 10, 1983B & AMISS HER AND MY SHIP MATES
Sekulich, TonyE-3Dec 16, 1980 – Feb 2, 1982S-2Became a Shellback and hung a Pollywog flag on the flag pole and got caught, it was not good Ha Ha. Flag picture in ships yearbook 80-81. I loved cooking Mid Rats and Breakfast. I still can still cook a killer Steak and Eggs.
Pundt, DavidE5/AK2Dec 19, 1980 – Jul 1, 1984S6
Rollo, Anthony (Tony)TM1Dec 25, 1980 – Oct 1, 1983G3

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