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USS America (CV 66) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS America (CV 66). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 2903 crew members registered for the USS America (CV 66).

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Cross, DavidEM31978 – 1981E
Olson, MikeTM2/SS1978 – 1980
Reckaway, JamesHT31978 – 1984HT
Kapitan, RichardMM11978 – 1979A
Fletcher, TerryE31978 – Jul 21, 1981V1Crash Crew Leading Airman 1980 to 1981 Great Ship, Great Times and Great Crew. Made 2 Med cruises and saw place other people just dream about. She took me around the world
Whenman, JamesAT21978 –AIMD
Miller, DuaneEM11978 – Nov 11, 1982E divison Power Shopcame aboard planning to make it a career, after 4 years of Engineering, decided to go to college, and get a real job. saw lots of the world, that mostly looked like ocean. 2 Meds, 1 I/O, and lotsa Gitmos!!
Peters, Don profile iconAQ21978 – 1981IM3VAST Shop
Dunn, RobE31978 – 1981V4
Petro, Don (Pete)MMFN1978 – 1979MAndy,Metzger, Presscott! What y'all up to? Yo Rinney! Steve, still picking up cats on the side of the road? Good Times!
Lewis, EdwardE31978 – 1981V4 FuelsWriting in hopes that some of my V4 shipmates may see this and respond - Med cruise 1979. My nickname was ‘Lew’.
Bowie, TAO31978 – 1982G4 Flight Deck Ord.Looking for info on the blue shirt who jumped off the USS America into the sea during the Indian Ocean cruise of 81
Daniels, BrianQMSNJan 1978 – Sep 1981NavigationGreat time aboard the grey lady. What's up Craig Eldred, Mr. T, Charlie Mac?
Meier, Jeff(Wolfman)SH3Jan 1978 – Jul 1981S3Lots of great memories and great friends
Donaldson, Robert (Rocket Bob)AW3Jan 2, 1978 – Apr 28, 1978VS-28My first cruise, looking for help in replacing lost cruise books and patches from 77 South Atlantic cruise and 77/78 Med cruise.
Ketron, MarkSM3Jan 14, 1978 – Sep 1, 1980CSAny Signalman out there?
Hostetter, LaddyBT2Feb 1978 – May 1981BWorked in 3MMR.Home of the criminals and misfits. Some of the best friend I ever had.
Coram, Frank "The Animal"SK3Feb 1978 – 1982S-1C SupplyBest times of my life, shared with the best damm crew!!
Bryant, Stane-4bm2Feb 12, 1978 – Nov 14, 1980firstLooking for Edward Bibb Jr
Weger, DanEN3Feb 27, 1978 – Oct 10, 1980Boat ShopHead of the line liberty previledges - #1 diesel jams - Berthing compartment cockroaches - 1 1/2 hr. lunch lines - Port O call, Norfolk, VA. All the chumps in the Boat Shop.
Eldred, CraigBM3Mar 1978 – Nov 1981third deck
Miller, DanielMS3Mar 1978 – Apr 1981supplyLooking for old shipmates
Lanche, Joeabf3Mar 1978 – Oct 1981v4as the old saying goes it was the best of times it was the worst of times
McLeod, TimFTM2Mar 12, 1978 – Nov 14, 1979Fox
Dewolfe, ShannonET1Mar 15, 1978 – Mar 18, 1981OESaw JC Hadfield had been here and had to add my name to the list.
Lewis, JackOS 2Mar 22, 1978 – Sep 1, 1981CICSSt Thomas Spain Italy Split Ygoslavia Med Cruise's Egypt The Red Sea Singapore Australia Deagio Garcia Polywog to shellback flying home Norfolk Va, What a ride
Maiers, LeroyABF 2Apr 1978 – Feb 1980V-4 FuelsLemo are you out there Buddy..............Caboose. Petty officer Sweet!! Mike Donovan are you still with us? Wayne Boumont are you with us? Cheif Tomer, I know you didn't like me but do you remember me? Best of times!
Berrios, LuisAO2Apr 1978 – Aug 1979G-3
Allen, Craig (Flash)EM3Apr 1978 – Mar 1981V2 Arresting GearInteresting tour - both on the Med cruise and in the yards. Looking for Shoe of Wisconsin
Mejias, Edward (Big Ed)AGAN / AG3 / AG2Apr 1978 – Apr 1981OAGreetings shipmates! '79 cruise book OA Div. Remember many from OA, OC, OP, OS & OE. Best wishes to all. I'll never forget 'The Big A' & my time at 'deep sink' - galley duty. C-School '81 out '84, AG1
Elzey, FreddieRM1Apr 1978 – May 1980communications
Benfield, GregE-4Apr 1, 1978 – Feb 2, 1981V-1Served as Flight Director ..Great times and will never forget Palma De Mallorca , Valencia , St Thomas or climbing on the pyramids..Looking to reconnect with others
Snow, RodneyRM3Apr 1, 1978 –OPS/COMMUNICATION
Falcatan Jr., Fermin Z.AC3Apr 12, 1978 – Oct 15, 1980OC (Carrier Air Traffic Control Center)This is the place where I learned how to read and write backwards, from right to left, in the dark, and behind a plexiglass board, complete with headphones, while pilots try to distract you, and closely watched by senior officers on CCTV.
Wiseman, Carl D.L/CPLApr 15, 1978 – Apr 16, 1980MarDetI seen alot of the world and grew up on CV-66 It shocked me to find out she hand been sunk. Seems she had a short life for a carrier.
Rundquist, Mike ( Ziggy )EM4Apr 23, 1978 – Aug 7, 1980E-DivisionHad the best time in my life,great crew, we banged out those drills every year, great shipmates
Bowman, Perry Borm3Apr 24, 1978 – Apr 25, 1978crdserved from in communication dept from 74 to 78 look to find shipmates from my division
Ehrman, VaughnABE-2Apr 28, 1978 – Dec 15, 1982V-2 Arresting Gear/Master-at-ArmsCame back in the Navy April 1978 as an 8 yr Airman resinstated to 3rd Class. Made ABE-2 went to the MA Force for the duration of my tour. Eventually made ABE-1/MA-1, MAC, then back to ABEC, retired in 1995.
Hannas, KenEM4May 3, 1978 – Sep 7, 1980E-DIVWorked in the Distribution Shop 78-Med cruise 79; went to C & E Shop for my last year which was spent in the shipyard. Mostly good memories, met some great people and learned a lot.
Moeller, TomABE2May 20, 1978 – Feb 2, 1982V2 / BOWCATSserved with the best damn airdales the nav has ever seen!!!
Tighe, ArthurBT3May 25, 1978 – Sep 12, 1981B
Ballard, MichaelCorporalMay 26, 1978 – Apr 23, 1980Marine DetachmentI spent 2 of the most challenging years on the USS America, I really hated to see her sunk. The memories and the frendships made will last a life time.
Delude, DanielHT2May 31, 1978 – 1981R - DCPO SupervisorSuper in DCPO shop under LT CMDR Scherange & LT Goggle also in welding & fab shop - fireman- some time in the pipe shop
Mayhew, GregPH2Jun 1978 – Sep 1981OPS Photo Lab/ TV StationLooking for some of the old crew
Parente, LouisAE-2Jun 1978 – Jul 1979AIMD
Burke, MikeAD3Jun 1978 – Dec 1979VA 87
Denton, DennisASHANJun 1978 – Apr 1980AIMDI am looking for Anthony Jones, I would also like to hear from any of the old gang! She was a good ol' boat!
Fazio, Michael "mickey"YN3Jun 11, 1978 – Mar 19, 1981V-1 Combat Direction SystemsMy first ship. Made my first Med cruise and many sea trials. I enjoyed the friends and all the great times aboard. Served under Capt William F. Myer and Capt R. E. Leeds. Hope all my shipmates are having a wonderful life. God Bless all..
Abroguena, ManuelHM1Jun 18, 1978 – Jun 20, 1981M-Div
Fairley, TyroneFNJun 27, 1978 – Mar 23, 1981Mworked in 1 MMR and 3 MMR. Randy, lil' wright, gerke,all of you guys. i loved my time and the med cruises. steve prescott, where are you?
Williams, Bob~ Aka. E3/AEJul 7, 1978 – Oct 1981LineLooking for old plane captain buddies,
Whenman, JamesAT2Aug 1978 – Jun 1982AIMD69A shop HATS Mainteneance
Reis, TonyFTM3Aug 1978 – Aug 1980Fox
Murphy, WilliamYN3Aug 1, 1978 – Dec 25, 1980Captain's Office
Phelps, Michael "doc"E-2Aug 10, 1978 – Dec 10, 1978aimd
Knapp, Mark "Snapper" profile iconAMH3Sep 1978 – Sep 1979AIMD/VS-33
View 'back then' Photo
Monte, AjABH2Sep 1978 – Sep 1982V1Serving aboard this ship was one of the highlights of my life. Yes, flight ops were tough but I will always remember the great times we had. She will be a part of me forever and I'm sure others feel the same as I do.
Lashley, RussellMMFNSep 7, 1978 – Sep 20, 1979M #2 MainWhile only aboard a short time, I made many friends and many good memories. She might be gone but never forgotten and the name America should live again on another Flat Top. God speed America and fair winds.
McNabb, PatrickCORPORAL E-4Sep 10, 1978 – Nov 4, 1979MARDETI am not exactly sure of the dates. I did a year on the America and was transferred to the USS Independence CV-62 for my second year of sea duty as a Marine
Hood, DaveAD2Oct 1978 – Mar 1979VAQ 131/JET SHOPAs a person who loved aviation, there was no better show in the world. It was so neat to work nights in the jet shop, watch the planes come in for landings, a front row seat going into and out of ports.Thanks to all I served with.It was fun
Graham, TheodoreET1Oct 1978 – 1979OE
Reckaway, Jamesht3Oct 1, 1978 – Nov 1, 1984repairLooking for Jim Yohe and Robert Simmons
Smith, VaughnAO-3Oct 14, 1978 – 1981G-3wish i would of appreciated the peace time and ports we went to also would of liked to keep in touch with shipmates
Blount, KennethICFNOct 17, 1978 – Jun 13, 1980E DivI was part of a great IC Shop, under manned until midway through the Medd cruise. We did the work and had fun on the beach. I learned more about the IC Rate on the America than in any A School.
Mathieson, StephenFTM3Oct 22, 1978 – Nov 11, 1981FoxI still can't believe it could float.
Glaes, BruceAGCS (AW) USN RET (1992 ON U.S.S. J.F.K.)Oct 28, 1978 – Jun 24, 1982OA DivisionLPO of OA division (meteorology) on the O-5 level...ships weatherguesser.....made Chief after leaving in Sept. Oceana Navairsta then to Fleet Weather Central (NEOC) in Dec of 82......
Giantonio, John/ginoEM3Nov 1978 – Feb 6, 1982E & V-2She was a great ship to serve on. Mostly because of the great shipmates.
Mow, Paul S.EM2Nov 9, 1978 – Apr 6, 1981"E" Division Catapults and Elevators ShopEnjoyed the "Ride". We were America's Flagship!! Best carrier and crew to ever sail from Norfolk.
Sheets, JohnSHSNNov 10, 1978 – Apr 10, 1980S3Some f---n crazy times with some f---n crazy people.
Jorden, CraigE-4Dec 5, 1978 – Jun 15, 1980Marine DetachmentI remember you well on the America CPL McNABB; I hope you are as well as I. I would be interested in hearing more from you again.
Rhoades, James profile iconDM3Dec 20, 1978 – Nov 20, 1982OZProbably the most influentual period of my life. Great memories for me Nightmares for others.

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