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USS America (CV 66) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS America (CV 66). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 2902 crew members registered for the USS America (CV 66).

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Weber, Anthony (Weasel)E-31977 – 1979R and Eproud to have served with the best crew in the navy abourd such a proud and fine ship
Leon, Jose, Goodbuddy ,P.R.TunaAD31977 – 1980IM2 Jet Shop What became of my good buddy Andy Anderson
Berryman, PeterNC11977 – 1978VF-142 GhostridersCommand Career Counselor for the squadron. Rio & Med cruise'. Had a real good time June of 77!!!!!
Leveck, Michael (Cowboy)AMS31977 – 1978VAQ-137Aircraft Mech and Corrosion Control on EA-6B with VAQ-137. Made the Mini Cruise to Brazil and mad the full 77-78 Med Cruise. Member of the only sanctioned Rodeo club on a carrier in the U.S. Navy.
Schriver Jr, Glennatcs1977 – 1979v6like to get in touch with my shipmates
Willprecht, Blairmmfn1977 – 1981mHad an awesome time 1977_1981lifes great what a boat would do it all again. Thank all military persons for there service to our great country
Miglionico, Curtis MigADAN1977 – 1978AIMD Powerplants
Hart, JohnBT 21977 – 1981BHey guys just want to connect again!
Irvine, PaulTM31977 – 1978AvordThink about this ship all the time...Missed my 1977/78 buddies
Kaminski, Glen (Ski)OS21977 – 1979CDS C1 + C4What a hoot it was. ASAC Sup. of the best ASW control team in the Navy. After 2 Med Cruises I wanted to go back to see more new places. Loved Palma, Barcelona, Valencia and Venice. Retired as LTC JAG WIARNG, no sh@t.
Morgan, DaveOS21977 – Sep 1979Operations
Fleener, WilliamE4/ABH1977 – Dec 11, 1978V3
Green, EdwardBT1977 – 1980B division
Finnemore, CharlesBT3Jan 1977 – Sep 23, 1980BWould like to hear from any Boiler Tech buddies who served during this time frame
Jimenez, WilfredoMM3Jan 1977 – Nov 1979AC&R SHOPI like this ship very much, I learned a lot about A/C and refrigeration repairs.
Lemley, TimABE-3Jan 1977 – Aug 1980V-2 Bow Cats Beautiful Cat 2
Bardin, MikeRMSNJan 1977 – Jul 1979CRServed from Jan 77 to Jul 79 in CR.
Denmark, JayAO3Jan 1, 1977 – Dec 19, 1980AVORD-G3Here's to the Crew and time spent on the America. What a party! Med cruise in 77 & 79. I still dream about her 30 years later! Looking for old friends! Contact for more information., 919-789-4266.
Postel, FredHT-E3Jan 7, 1977 – Nov 1, 1981REPAIR LOCKER 2
Studley, MikeABF2Jan 10, 1977 – Jun 1, 1980V4
Lynch, Richard (Dick) profile iconBM1Jan 11, 1977 – Aug 19792nd div. Bos'n lockerAmerica was a great ship, I will always cherish the memories I gained while serving aboard her. Rest well old girl!
Koptiw, MikeET2Jan 15, 1977 – Apr 10, 1980OEI?d like to correspond with any enlisted member of the Operations / OE division of the USS America 1975-1978. This request excludes the Officers as I hope they find their appropriate place in Hell.
Yohai, SteveABE-2Jan 15, 1977 – Aug 1, 1980V2I worked on CAT 1 for 1 year, and then on the the Arresting Gear
Duncan, MikeSMCM(SW)Feb 1977 – May 1980OC/Command Master ChiefCM/C '79-'80.WAMR-TV Med cruises Best Signal Gang in AIRLANT
Lumbert, John {dog}MM3Feb 1977 – Oct 1980AAC&R Shop, Boat Crew, Shipyard Fire Department 78 & 79 & 80 overhaul. Hey "Whale" where are you?
Lovett, LouisEM 1Feb 1977 – Jan 30, 1981E EE04Great Ship , Great Crew , Great Ride.
McCroskey, DarrellBT2Feb 1977 – Jul 1981BHad a blast, best job I ever had. Miss all the guys.
Lemonds, SteveGMM STARBOARD MISSILE HOUSEFeb 1977 – Oct 1979WeaponsWhat a great way to see the world! Plus, I was always welcomed back onboard by the Stars and Stripes, a commissioned officer, and the Master at Arms. It was a great ship and I am proud to have been a part of that. (What GM Mafia?)
Escamilla, MarkAZ2Feb 1977 – Oct 1980AIMD - IM1I never thought I'd miss the ole ship, but the NAV and the USS America made we what I am today. What ever problems I may face today, pale in comparison to the challenges of being ships company. Good luck and God Bless
Nelson, RonANFeb 1977 – Aug 1981V-1If you remember me send me a message!
Duncan, MikeSMCM/SMCM(SW)Feb 1977 – May 1980OCShipmates
Kluge, BillyRM2Feb 1, 1977 –CR
Hart, Wes (Mr. Blue)ANFeb 5, 1977 – Sep 21, 1979v1wheres all my v1 flightdeck buddies who suffered through the bad and enjoyed the good with me. never forget ya
Campbell, Robert (Mad Dog)e-3 abhanFeb 16, 1977 – Feb 15, 1979V-1maddog campbell looking for old crew. contact me and we'll talk
Sanchez, Rick/peteE-4/AMH-3Mar 1977 – Apr 1978VA-87Worked as final checker during work-ups,S.American Cruise and Med Cruise
Dewayne, Robert profile iconPH3Mar 1977 – Dec 1978OPS/ PhotolabAs a Photographers Mate I had a great time on board the America.
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Knight, BruceOS2Mar 1977 – Oct 1977OI
Weise, BillBT3Mar 1, 1977 – Feb 28, 1980B
Trotter, JimQM1Mar 3, 1977 – Jan 11, 1978NavWas not one of my better duty stations
Rode, Scott profile iconIM-5Mar 14, 1977 – Jun 1980S-1C SUPPLYI loved this ship and its crew. I cried when I heard they sank the ol girl. I miss my friends from CV-66. 2 meds, 1 S.A. cruise and a SHELLBACK, still got my shellback poster, do you! looking for Mike Campbell, HAAS, Tom Cienciollo
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Abbatiello, GeneBT3Mar 22, 1977 – Apr 27, 1978B
Sullivan, Jim/sullyAIRMANApr 1977 – Jan 1979V-2
Stephen, CoiaaoApr 1977 – Apr 1978AOBeen quite some time but made some interesting memories!
Ollie, GeorgeCTR3Apr 10, 1977 – Jul 20, 1977OSThe best time of my life. Became a Shellback June 20,1977 and who could forget the royal babies. I got real joy seeing my division chief getting flogged. RIO was a blast with Barry and Woody. Rest easy my lady!
Kluge, BillRM2Apr 17, 1977 – Mar 16, 1980CR
Johnson, KennethE-4Apr 24, 1977 – May 6, 1980Jet FuelsWouldn't trade all the time I was on there for the world. Became a shellback first cruise. Brazil cruise. Two mediterranean cruises. It was a dream come true to be able to visit places you can only dream about. Was a once in a lifetime opportuni
Johnson, TommyAirmam ABHApr 25, 1977 – Dec 10, 1979V 1Now I think back it was the best days of my life. I learned a lot and made the best friends in my life. Yeah Wes I am here
Beech, JeffreyIC2May 1977 – Aug 1981V2Worked in PLAT/ Lens shop and MAA's
Becerra, DavidOS 3May 1977 – Oct 1979C-1/CDS
Crockett, StephenOSSNMay 1977 – Mar 1978CDS C1/C4Trying to reconnect with some old buds from the Med Cruise 77/78
Nicholas, JohnMM 2May 1977 – Nov 1979A - Lox plant operator
Clague, RickBT2Jun 10, 1977 – May 1980B
Darr, KarlSM2Jun 11, 1977 – Feb 7, 1981CSHad a great time!
Rockwell, Raymond L.MS3Jun 11, 1977 – Jul 15, 1979S-5First cruise was to Rio in July '77 then I made 2 Med cruises till July '79. Wouldn't change a thing, had a great time. Was a cook in the Wardroom and got to see my cousin daily, the late LT. Bill Rogers of VA 87.
Kearney, Kevin C.BM3Jun 12, 1977 – Jan 16, 19812ndi served aboard the best ship the navy ever had along with a great crew.. I made A Rio cruise along with two med cruise during my time onboard this great ship.I'am sorry to see what the Navy vhas done to our ship.Now she rests in peace.
Kearney, Kevinbm3Jun 14, 1977 – Jan 16, 19812nd Division
Murphy, JohnABE2Jun 16, 1977 – Nov 12, 1981arresting gearHad a great time on the Med Cruise and Indian Ocean Cruise, served with a great bunch of guys. The arresting gear crew was the best in the Navy. The guys I became tight with Vaughn, Rockie, Hulet, Bitner where are you.
Spaulding, DonAW2Jul 1, 1977 – Jun 30, 1980Served in various squadrons from 1973-1993. Plankowner in HS-12 (cannot remember specific dates). Served with Al, Mike, Terry Bradford, Todd, Terry Mercer, Jim, Paul, Andy, Clyo, Rich, Rodney, Tom, Dave, Mac, Rick Roberts, Rich Earnhart
Hale, BillyAms3Jul 1, 1977 – Aug 16, 1981Atkron nine five
Billups, DaveSTG3Jul 3, 1977 – Jun 5, 1980CDS-2I slept underneath the catapult. Now I need to find an apartment under abowling alley to get a good night sleep.
Denmark, JayAo3Jul 15, 1977 – Dec 15, 1980WeaponsIYAOYAS! Looking for old shipmates. "Haze grey and underway"!
Martin, RooseveltLCPLJul 20, 1977 – Jul 3, 1979MARDETI just wanted to reach back and capture another part of my own personal Marine corps History. Semper Fi.
Johanson, Brian/johanGMT3Jul 27, 1977 – Dec 14, 1980W divisionI hated it when I was aboard but I'm proud to have served. She should've been made a museum.Now fish sleep where I did,I hope it's more comfortable for them than it was for me.
Burnett, StuartAX2Aug 1, 1977 – Jun 18, 1978VS-28 World Famous Hukkers - AIMD VAST ShopI made my first Med Cruise on the America as part of VS-28. She was a proud lady and I actually shed a tear when I found out they used her for target practice.
Molina, EdwardSAAug 3, 1977 – Apr 3, 19792nd DeckAhoy! Shipmates: Served onboard the USS AMERICA CV-66 ,2nd Division/ Deck, 1977-79". Med Cruise 77-78. My nickname was "Leprechaun". My buddies was Jones, Kyle "Smitty" Smith, Jairo Bueno, Cabello, Gonzalez, Cintron.
Baxter, Steveen2Aug 7, 1977 – Mar 12, 1979a
Pupanek, MichaelRM3Aug 10, 1977 – Aug 10, 1979CommunicattionsLooking for AN John Carter. He worked in the Weapons Department on USS America when I was aboard from 1977-79.
Fischer, DanBT3Aug 13, 1977 – Jan 21, 1981b divison hello to the oil shack
Anderson, TomAD3Aug 15, 1977 – Nov 3, 1980AIMD IM2 JET SHOPHad a blast boys! Sept/77-Apr/78 Med Cruise and then 1 more was just right:) Scott Zehr you still live in Syracuse? Where's that crazy Puerto Rican I worked with in Buddy Stores?
Hortman, Randy (Boo-boo) profile iconBMSNAug 20, 1977 – May 13, 19802nd Div. (Captain's Gig)Met alot of good shipmates while on board, Murphy Brothers , Henry , Bones ,Nick , Brad, Doug , more than i can name ! Contact me
Hutcherson, JoeyEW2SWAug 28, 1977 – Apr 1, 1982C-3Had a great time on this ship. I got to see the world and never owned a passport.
Altenbach, Art / ArtyOSSNSep 1977 – Jan 1981C-1 & C-4Glad to find this site. I saw one former shipmate's name that I've not seen elsewhere. If anyone remembers me, drop me a line or two!
Lefevre, BillAC2Sep 1977 – Dec 1980OC
Abby, AbbyBT3Sep 1977 – Oct 1978B
Garcia, RobertSep 1977 –VA-87
Suchman, ThomasABF-E4Sep 1977 – Nov 1980V-4Had some good times along with bad.
Wilder, JimEM2Sep 1977 – Apr 1982E and SafetyIt was a great experience, a good ship and had some of the best men I have ever known. I got to go places I never would have been able to. I got to work both in the engineering spaces and on the flight deck. Both were great experiences.
Spiller, JimAT3Sep 1977 – 1980VAW-124 AIMDAIMD Vast Shop with VAW-124, had some smokin' good times!
Altenbach, Art (Arty)OSSNSep 1977 – Feb 1981CDS C-1 C-4I'm still looking for some old friends from back in the day. Drop me a line if you are one of them!
Kratz, MichaelE-3Sep 1, 1977 – Apr 18, 1980ENG./ BT - MRShe was a good ship. She'll be missed.
Newkirk, Mark / JeffABF2Sep 5, 1977 – Jun 1981v4
Hubbard, LonnieHTC (DSW/SW)Sep 13, 1977 – Sep 30, 200272B
Kelley, DavidHT2Sep 19, 1977 – Sep 7, 1981
Daus, CorneliusEM3Sep 25, 1977 – Sep 8, 1980E DIVISIONMy one and only ship and proud to serve this mighty one.
Spadaro, Thomas Aka CleoAOANSep 29, 1977 – Aug 3, 1979AVORDThe best of times and the worst of times!
Cox, EddieAO1Oct 1977 – Sep 1979AIMD
Blankenship, Rickey (Blanky )CV66Oct 14, 1977 – Jun 15, 1979I miss all my old buddies,tooie manao,jim cote,dillon, and all the places we went on med cruise 1978
Blankenship, Rickey (Blanky )CV66Oct 14, 1977 – Jun 15, 1979I miss all my old buddies,tooie manao,jim cote,dillon, and all the places we went on med cruise 1978
Faucett, JamesEN3Nov 1977 – Mar 12, 1979A divweger, lockwood ,klink, pops, rock emergency diesel engines rooms rock sure miss you guys rock not doing good in va hospital started drawing va 100% in 02 bought house last year remember barber baxter panfill from boat
Martin, ScottSr2Nov 5, 1977 – Nov 5, 1980Bm4Merry Christmas to all my fellow brothers!
Huston, GregABHANNov 17, 1977 – Feb 2, 1982V1Justwanted to say hello to all my fellow AMERICA squid buddys. Hope all is well.Miss you all.
Davis, RonLance corporalDec 1, 1977 – Jan 3, 1980Marine Detachment If only I had know it was the best 2 yrs of my Military career. I wish I could relive it. The marine Detachment was so tight, we were a family. I should have extended. Camp Lejune sucked and I got out after 4 yrs. E-4
Vanino, JamesE3Dec 3, 1977 – Apr 4, 1979CDS
Thomas, ThomasCORPORALDec 4, 1977 – Dec 9, 1979SECURITY
Thompson, GregoryL/CPLDec 14, 1977 – Dec 16, 1979MARDET
Billie, MarlandL/CPLDec 14, 1977 – Dec 16, 1979MARDET
Foros, JimAT-2Dec 23, 1977 – Dec 1980IM-3 A.I.M.D.I worked in the VAST shop. We worked long and hard, but those were some of the best times of my life.I'd like to hear from any former shipmates. I was crushed to learn the America was taken offshore and sunk.

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