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USS America (CV 66) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS America (CV 66). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 2902 crew members registered for the USS America (CV 66).

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Kohn, Terry1975 – 1979
Joens, JoelAMH21975 – 1977VF-142
Tolbert, Gaither (Spanky)CV661975 – 1976AIMDI left HSL-30 to AIMD on CV66,finally getting out as a AX3. Went on a Med Cruise, Carrier quals in Cuba and was there during the evacuation of Lebanon. Chuck, Larry, Oakie, Jose were shop mate.Chuck & I toured Rome, got soused on Peroni beer!
Barnhard, James (Jamie)ADJ1975 – 1977VF-142 & VF-143VF-143 Medivacd off the ship in Getmo with a fractured neck to Conus returned to VF-142 7 months later. Loved Reo crossing the equatior, Pappy Burns, and the I served with. I'm restoring a captains gig as a tribute to all who have served on the Am
Fifer, KirkADJ21975 – 1977VF-143
Barnhard, Jamie / BarnyADJ / AD1975 – 1975VF-143 Power PlantsAnyone from VF-143 please contact me at
Jones, Lynn1975 – 1977HS-15
McCarthy, Mac profile iconMM31975 – 1979M3MMR,2MMR,1MMR,4MMR,1AUX
Davis, Charles "Sugar Bear" profile iconAE 21975 – 1979Started With VX Ended my tour with AIMD IM-3 Shop 620
Brown, DewayneSHSN1975 – 1977S-3Crews Barbershop/Officers Barbershop
Philbin, Tom (Freaky) profile iconQM21975 – Jul 27, 1980NavigationHi to all my former shipmates.
Hosley, LarryE21975 –Airman-Jet ShopWorked on Fantail in Jet Shop
Hix, DannyRM 31975 – 1976RadioServed with a good crew, had a great Master Chief and shipmates
Sheridan, DeanAT1Jan 1975 – May 1977IM-3 VAST Shop
Bell, StephenE-4Jan 1975 – Jun 1977MSI worked as an MAA for most of my tour. Joseph Robert Lee Lutman was my patrol partner. He died in an auto accident while stationed onboard the America.
Howe, JimDS2Jan 1975 – 1978OE2 Med cruises and one to Rio. Worked in NTDS with Chief Bauldry, Dave Arkfeld, Gary Harvey, Chuck Williams, John Ballentine, Rick Bubert, Tom Edwards, Lonnie Haas.
Wojan, WalterBT3Jan 1975 – Aug 1977B div oil/water test lab
Harvey, RickyFAJan 1975 – Sep 1977A DivPortsmouth shipyard,Gitmo,mayport, med and last but not least....RIO. E.WILEY, POPS, WHITE, R. Sloan, and J Sellers and many others...I had a great time but wish that I was more mature at that time, email me
McCann, CharlesAWAN - AW3Jan 1, 1975 – Dec 1, 1976OX
Mitchell, KennethPCSNJan 6, 1975 – Nov 28, 1976
Butler, Rogere7Jan 16, 1975 – Aug 18, 1978feulRetired on the USS America live in Texas, email
Scott, Charles (Rick)BM3Jan 25, 1975 – Jun 20, 1979DeckRemember it like it was yesterday. Lot of good times, lot of hard work and some of the greatest times in my life. Remember Rhodes Greece? Sailors wanted to go on dunagree liberty.Frenchie,Lucy,Rif, you guys out there? Get in touch.
Bush, PaulABF2Feb 1975 – Oct 1979V-4
Paulette, GaryPT3/IS3Feb 1, 1975 – Aug 13, 1978OZ The land of OZ...From Med cruise to Gitmo then on down to Brasil, gotta love the Navy! Shellbacks Forever!
Lindsey, DavidMM2Feb 22, 1975 – Aug 29, 1978M-2AUX & 4MMRWHAT A ADVENTURE
Forgette, LarryOS2Mar 1975 – Jun 1978OI
MacGill, KalaniEW2Mar 1975 – Sep 1977CDS-C3I was a member of the Dive club on the Med cruise in 76, enjoyed the trip to Rio in 77. Yep we had a good crew. Yes we did like beating the Nimitz and don't forget the donuts at 3 or 4 in the AM.
Barber, Joe profile iconEM3Mar 1975 – Sep 1977E Div
Key, Dennissn osMar 1975 – 1976CICI'm looking for Jay mulholland gerry saffioti and Dennis hays they were great friends and I hope they stayed near God God bless the USS Americaand the USA
Snyder, ButchBT1Mar 1, 1975 – Jan 7, 1977BCatapult Steam Systems. Worked with the best of the best. Wally Brockmeyer and the real crew.
Schuler, ScottHM3Mar 1, 1975 – Sep 9, 1977MedicalI'm looking for a good buddy Jack Scheck who was attached to VF-142. Would also like to hear from others who remember me.
Lomax, JeffMS3Mar 29, 1975 – Jul 19, 1976S2USS America, shipmates NAS Oceana shipmates Bootcamp Co. 270,Sept '72 shipmates I hope in all of your lives you received at least a modest amount of happiness and joy.
Waldroup, JerryADRCApr 1975 – Apr 1978AIMDCrew Chief Of Miss America
Read, TravisGMT2Apr 1975 – Nov 1976W/MAA
Robinson, JackE-2Apr 7, 1975 – Jan 27, 1977EI was in the battery locker when I was first assigned to the America.During the 1976 Med cruise I was in the main lighting shop.
Bowman, PerryRM3Apr 7, 1975 – Apr 24, 1978looking for shipmates to e mail me...if youwere in cr division drop me a line dennis patterson,billy kluge,jack lear,tom mcneil all the old gang
Robinson, JackE3(THEN E2)Apr 10, 1975 – Jan 27, 1977EHad a lot of great times.Anyone know what happened to Kevin Williams from Kentucky,Fred O'Neil(Chico)from Pa,Rocky Caldwell from Pocatello,Id or Rob Dohrenwend from Ridgewood,NJ,my drinking buddies,I used to keep everyone laughing!
Bowman, PerryRM/3Apr 15, 1975 – Apr 25, 1978cr
Bowman, Perry BormsnApr 25, 1975 – Apr 24, 1978crserved in the communication dept.from 75 to 78 lookin for friends in this time dennis patterson and billy kluge both from new york.tom mcneil from many to name but have lots of memories.from america
Cosgrove, JoeHTFNMay 1975 – Aug 1977RGood times and great memories. Tim Abel, Bob Harris Mitch Sanders, Tom Thurman, Cecil Postin, Craig Whitson, Tom Purcell.
Dorow, Kenneth / KennHM3May 1975 – Jul 1978MedicalDry dock and holes everywhere when I arrived and she still floated...2 Med Cruises and to Rio and back ... a civilian named for smokin' Joe
Sullenberger, Paul "Sully"AG2May 1975 – Dec 26, 1975OASwapped from the JFK to the Big A in 1975, finished my hitch there. Got out the day after Christmas 75 Also worked in SFOMS office while in the yards in Portsmouth.
Hermel, LindenASM2May 1975 – Sep 1977AIMDI worked in gse "air start" from 75-77, anybody remember the old shop?
Taylor, JerryHTFNMay 1975 – Dec 22, 1976RHind sight is 20/20 wish I would have stayed in but thankful for the training that gave me a career in the Maintenance field for the last 40 odd years. Remembering the good times in R division.
Mates, ChrishtfnMay 1975 – Feb 1977repair
Mears, Jonathan R.EN3May 18, 1975 – Jun 9, 1977Enginering A divisionJoe Simko Moose Hendricks You guys out there? If so i'd like to hear from you!
Burton, WilliamBTFNMay 31, 1975 – Dec 6, 1977EngineeringServed in 3MMR under BTC Sutherland! Look me up guys!
Mates, Chris (Chip)HTFNJun 1975 – Feb 1977repairyo
Paulette, GaryPT3 in 1977 was changed to IS3Jun 1, 1975 – Aug 13, 1978OZIntel Center IOIC Shake downs--Meds and more Meds--Shellbacks--Gitmo--Sao Paulo--Rio--Yugoslavia *before the wall fell.... Gotta love it!
Parnell, MikeEWCJun 1, 1975 – Jul 31, 1978C33 Med cruises, 1 North Atlantic cruise, and 1 South America cruise
Turner, KirkE-3Jun 7, 1975 – Dec 7, 1975VS-28I went on a shakedown cruise aboard the USS America. I remember playing a lot of spades and missing a lot of sleep. I was an Aviation Electrician's Mate and worked on the S3-A Viking. Good Times . . . Good Times.
Blake, BillOS3Jun 11, 1975 – Sep 10, 1977OIBest time of my life spent with some of the best friends of my life. Sorry my time was cut short. Sure missed everyone after I left.
Diclaudio Sr., Robert/ BobAK3Jun 23, 1975 – May 28, 1978VF-142
Parnell, MikeEW1Jun 30, 1975 – Jul 28, 1978CDS-C3Served under CMDR Burgondy the CIC Department Head. Great bunch of guys that always enjoyed beating the Nimitz at any of the war games that we played.
Scott, RonMM2Jul 1975 – Oct 1980A-3, Engr
Baxter, SteveEN2Aug 1975 – Mar 1979A Gang Boat Shopit was a 19 month paid vacation.fhe med, st. thomas, and ft. liquordale are my fondest memories
Copeland, NelsonGMMSNAug 1975 – Jun 1976GMMy first and favorite.. Worked on the old Terrier launchers before the replaced them with the box..
Martin, Jay [jw]mm3Aug 1975 – Jul 1979M 3mmr 1auxleft the America in Venice never looked back in 30 years would like to hear from my buddies Jim Hodges,Tim Metzger, Kieth Hutchison, Tim Brown, Rick Southwood, Ted Carlson or anybody else who remembers me
Marlow, ChuckAMH-2Aug 1, 1975 –VF-142 Ghostriders
Collins, RickyE-3Aug 15, 1975 – Jun 19, 1977DECKHad a great time,Grew up a lot quick, Would love to hear from any of you guys.Wish I had stayed for the Rio cruise Would love to find MAC 817-258-1244 Rick
Edwards, ThomasDS-2Aug 20, 1975 – Sep 20, 1978OE2 Med cruises and one to Rio. Worked out of the DS Shop under Chief Bauldry, with Jim Howe, Dave Arkfeld, Gary Harvey, Chuck Williams, John Ballentine, Rick Bubert, Lonnie Haas.CVTSC with Steve Beckman, Dan Willkie
Labounty, Kennethbm2Aug 22, 1975 – Mar 26, 19793rd,and 2nd2 med crusies,1 rio, virgin island , great times many friends chico, rick Meyers, pinball, smithy, john hallman
Jackson, RobertRM2Sep 1975 – Jul 1979cr
Williams, EddiePETTY OFFICER SECOND CLASSSep 1, 1975 – Dec 1, 1977VA-176 and IAMDMed Cruises, Carrier Qualifications, South American Cruise (Rio-Brazil, 1976)
Williams, Gerald "Willy"AMH2Sep 1, 1975 – Jul 1, 1977VF-142Did the Gitmo, Med. and South America cruises. Had some good times, sorry to see her go. NEVER, NEVER, NEVER had to ration water.
Bonsignori, Peter (Bonzai)AMH2Sep 1, 1975 – Aug 20, 1977VF 142Greece, Italy, Spain, Gitmo, RiodeJaneiro, shellback, F14s4ever, goodtimes, best buddies, beer, liberty, hard work,long hours, leadership,It was the best of times and took years to figure that out. I'ddo it again at 50yrs old in a second if they
George, BradAZ3Sep 1, 1975 – Apr 13, 1977VF-142/AIMDA great experience, lots of good friends. Quite a few wild times!
Donoho, MichaelAD3Sep 1, 1975 – Dec 27, 1977VAW-124
Forrester, HarlanAK 3 E-4Sep 6, 1975 – Jun 1977V-2 I tried to keep our division supplied with what they needed. Enjoyed my time there. Petty Officer Stevens taught me a lot about keeping the Commander happy and of your back.
Barron, ChuckAX3Sep 10, 1975 – Dec 4, 1978IM3I worked in the AX shop WC660. We had a separate shop then moved into the test equipment repair shop and finally became part of the AT shop.
Meyer, Richard (River Rat)BM3Sep 13, 1975 – Mar 9, 19792nd Reported aboard in Portsmouth Va an 18 yr old Sailor and left her on Pier 12 NOB. Ray Mattingly, Rick Kobylinski, Frank Trenholm, JD Bridges, Russell Schwass, Little Smitty and Pinball. Best Years and Friends I ever had! Thanks Guys, Get in Touch!!!
Krueger, Michael ( Slim)BT3Sep 15, 1975 – 1979B-division
Murray, Jv Joebm sn deck apes do it best!Sep 19, 1975 – 19774 DivisionUB boat #7,refuling and fantail. The Bridge,starboard lookout,allways the fantail",Tad , cocaine,C boe a go go. Lucy,Myers,Rip,Virgil in combat,Dennis, O'toole.Pinball,Mattingly,
Jones, StevenPR2Sep 26, 1975 – Nov 24, 1977IM2/AIMD PARALOFTATKRON (VA) 87 Rigger TAD to ships Paraloft. Remember working for PR1 "JR" Hobbs and PRC Flinner.
Day, MaxE-3Oct 1975 – May 1976CRHad lots of fun playing cards with the CR group. Went to Cuba and saw some great sites. We were still wearing the newly issued officers uniforms back then. Crazy 17 year old kid running for his life!
Cooper, WilliamE-3Oct 1975 – May 1977Fox
Arndt, Jeffrm3Oct 1, 1975 – Jun 10, 1977CRJust want to connect with old shipmates
Edgecomb, MikeFTM1Oct 15, 1975 – Apr 18, 1980Fox
Edgecomb, MikeFTM1Oct 15, 1975 – Apr 18, 1980Fox
Shedd, BillAMS3Oct 15, 1975 – Oct 26, 1976VA-87Airframe shop during 1976 Med cruise.
Anderson, DavidFTM2Oct 15, 1975 – Jul 2, 1980Weapons Department - Fox Division3 Med cruises, Virgin Islands, GTMO and Rio - It wasn't a job, It was an Adventure. What a Ride. Sad she had to go down that way - Hope something was gained by her suffering. I'm glad she didn't go the way the SARA did.
Russman, Ken profile iconSKC(SW)Oct 24, 1975 – Jun 10, 1979Supply/WeaponsHey were are you guys from S-1 and Special Weapons
Raley, StephenAE3Nov 1975 – Apr 1978VA87 Airwing 6Flight deck trouble shooter, and slot checker.
Hatcher, CharlesHM2Nov 1975 – Mar 1977Medical/ VA-15I am looking for anyone that can still remember me after all these years. I was a short blonde guy that worked Ward/ Er-Or and flight deck while I was on board.
Barnhard, Jamie / BarnyADANNov 1, 1975 – Nov 18, 1977VF-142 & VF-143Plane Captain & Power Plants
Hoffman, Rob Aka EossMMFNNov 1, 1975 – Jul 1977MBeen a long time ago, I was assigned to MMR3, would like to hear from anyone who might remember me, I was nicknamed EOSS while there.
Diclaudio Sr., Robert/ BobE-4 / AKNov 5, 1975 – Oct 25, 1976VF-142 0n loan to S!AI have a few friends that I still remember but have not seen in 32 years. My 2 closest Friends on board America were Dan Hand AK3, And Dan Morivick Seaman 1st rate.
Underkoffler, DanAIRMANNov 10, 1975 – Aug 27, 1978V-2Looking for any guys who worked in Arresring Gear. Had a great time with everyone and miss them all very much. Would like to hear from anyone. Maybe visit with them. My time on America was great.
Bulger, Thomasao3Nov 12, 1975 – May 27, 1979ordanancelooking forlots of people but would like to talk to some old buds in ordanance div.
Myer, Tracy profile iconET-2Nov 16, 1975 – Jun 20, 1980OELooking for others I served with in OE Division.
King, Kenny K RP O 3rd class Boiler tech.Nov 22, 1975 – Aug 11, 1978B divisionHad some pretty good times & had met some damn good friends. Seen a lot of the world. R.I.P old gal you deserve it. Looking for ol shipmates from number one main machinery room or any other b t .
Muth, BobE 2Nov 30, 1975 – Jul 30, 1976M/ 2AuxWhat an adventure
Haight, RickABH3Nov 30, 1975 – Nov 30, 1979V-3went to Rio for fourth of july became a shell back. did 2 med cruise
Lilley, BillAX2Dec 1975 – Jun 1980AIMDIt was an experience
Cleveland, Scott (Cosmo)E-2Dec 1975 – Jul 1979V-2, Chaplain's Office
Dunn, KennyE2Dec 1, 1975 – Dec 1, 1979V-2went to rio for fourth of july became a shell back. did 2 med cruise
Holcomb, AnthonyAC3Dec 12, 1975 – Aug 23, 1978Air Department

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