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USS America (CV 66) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS America (CV 66). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 2902 crew members registered for the USS America (CV 66).

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Trainor, MikeRM#1972 – Dec 1973CRWould love to here from the guys from the "Commune" the ones that wore the short hair wigs... like Mark and Wayne
Moody, DouglassRM31972 – Jul 1974CRI took hundred of Kodachrome & Ektachrome photos in the Philippines and Hong Kong during WestPac 72-73; and in Barcelona & Majorca Spain; Toulon & Caen France; Athens, Corfu, Mikkinos, Rhodes Greece; and Istanbul Turkey during MedCruise 74.
Moberly, RobertHM21972 – 1973H
Plotz, CharlieMM31972 –
Kelder, Doug profile iconABH31972 – 1974V-1Crash/Salvage PO, later V-1 Div Training PO. Remain in contact with Tracy & Piovano. Would like to hear from others.
Tracy, BobE31972 – 1974V1Was a crash and salvage crew member. Have been in contact with Doug Kelder, Joe Piviano, Jerry Von Bargen and Rudy Thacker. Have some great memories on that ship. You can contact me at
Berry, DonAMS31972 – 1975VAW-124
Sturdy, JohnPT2 - IS21972 – 1975OZ
Hamrick, Ronald (Ron)MM31972 – 1975A Division
Lorenz, JackieE31972 – 1973Aviation Ordance
Wise, Randyabe31972 – 1974v-2Bunting,Robertson,Byrd,Rucker, Raglan,Fisk, Rudy. Alot of good memories. Would like very much to get in touch. Where ever you are, god speed.
Gasco, AllenMM21972 – 1976M DIvision
Armistead, AndyCpl1972 – 1974Marine detachmentRetired
Morello, Michael profile iconAO21972 – 1975AV/ORDGreat experiences onboard especially '72 West Pac cruise . Will never forget Subic City ! .
Dillon, BruceAIRMEM BOATESMATEJan 1972 – Jan 1975v 2 cat 2 36066 334 365 0203
Woodward, WoodyABE-2Jan 1972 – Sep 1973V-2
Woodward, Paul (Woody)ABE-2Jan 1972 – Sep 7, 1973V-2Asst Cat Capt. catapult #2
Slater, Terrymm3Jan 1, 1972 – May 17, 1975mI was assigned to 2 main machinery room
Satiro, JosephEM2Jan 3, 1972 – May 197432amR & #3main machinery roomhello to all tonkin gulf vets & the Royal ShellbaCks. remember smokin Joe eskejada the royal baby. EMCS BOUTwell,, the best e div chief ever
Bouchard, Robert EsnJan 3, 1972 – Sep 3, 19742nd divisionI miss the America, best ship I was aboard. lost contact with a few shipmates. rip America.
Richards, AjSNJan 26, 1972 – Jun 29, 1973FOX
Duncan, MikeSMCS/SMCMFeb 1972 – May 1973Staff SignalmanShipmates
Smith, Steve, SmittyAO2Mar 1972 – Jul 1976VF-143 PUKIN DOGS Was with VF-143 from March 72 till July 76 . left AMERICA in Italy for shore duty to Beevill Tx. Best of time in the NAVY was with VF-143 , F-4J's and F-14's.VF-143 alway remember CMDR HARLEY HALL 27 Jan. 1973 , last and best to ever go down.
Ammirato, DominickE-3Mar 1972 – Dec 1975V-1Worked the flight deck most of my time,did most trads,blue shrit,yellow shrit. made several cruieses had a blast.Last saw her in the late 80's in Jax's FLA. (Don't tread on me}
Acree, Richard "Mike"ABE 3Mar 1972 – Jul 1975V-2Would like to hear from any of my old crew.
Zook, MichaelCPLMar 1, 1972 – Feb 1, 1974mardetwould like to hear from of of crew mates
Widger, DaveANMar 1, 1972 – Mar 23, 1973OPI grew up aboard America. I only wish I had known then what I know now. I hope to see the island saved, at least see her re-commissioned to serve on her final assignment. Proud to have served. Now serving the Lord as a Pastor.
Landmesser, WalterADJ3Mar 1, 1972 – Apr 1, 1975VA-35 A6 IntrudersMet some of the best people in the World. Looking for Himey.
Cronin, MichaelADJ 2Mar 5, 1972 – Jul 21, 1975IM-2
Donahue, JackLTApr 1972 – Dec 1972HC-2 Fleet Angels Helicopter DetatchmentFlew H3s in plane guard and SAR. Lots of mail delivered to the fleet. Two USAF F4 pilots rescued off N. Vietnam. Great ship.
Norris, NickEM3Apr 1972 – Jan 1973E Div
Kaffenberger, MikeASM3Apr 20, 1972 – Aug 25, 1975IM2I worked with the combat air start system. We suppied high pressure air to the flight to start the aircraft. We had 4m gas turbine engine fore and 4 more aft.
Cook, DaleA2May 1972 – May 1975G2Hi to all of G2 Division 1972-1975
Skoy, KenPN3May 1972 – Dec 28, 1973X DivisionI had a great time on the Westpac cruise and would like to here from Richard Puente, Joe Rolf, and Harry West and others that I shared a unique experience on a carrier.
Doyle, FrankAKANMay 1, 1972 – Aug 20, 1973S1To this day I think about my ship and the guys, she played a big part in my maturity as I was 17 when I boarded her the first time. I wish I could go back and spend one more year with her.
May, TonyAT2May 1, 1972 – Oct 1, 1975AIMDLongest 3.5 years of my life
Prysock, Michael (Clem)AO3May 3, 1972 – May 10, 1975G-2
Holyak, JohnYN3May 20, 1972 – Mar 1975Served with VA-86 (Admin).
Mead, GregAE-3Jun 1972 – Jan 1973VA-35Great ship. She took me half way around the world.
Coyne, GeorgeYNJun 1972 – Jun 1975Deck
Vaughan, EdSTG3Jun 1972 – Apr 1974OIMolded by my LPO Dan Shilz - he really did a great job. To bad I didn't realize it at the time. I was part of his team that tracked the Russian sub for 24 hours.
Morgan, RaymondAKJun 1972 – Oct 1973s1 stock control
Chinn, DavidAO3Jun 1972 – Feb 1976G1/AvordGreat memories
Hill, DennisPN3Jun 1972 – Apr 1975X DivisionI came from the USS La Salle LPD-3 to the America. I forged some good friendships onboard during westpac an med cruises. What a time! This was a big part of my life I'll never forget. My Navy days will always live on.
Thacker, Rudye3Jun 1972 – Jul 1975v 1 divionIts was a great ship for that time .hated to see it go down in 4- 15 05, lots of memory and pals that I was lucky to work with and experience around the world.ever forget wild nights at olonggapo city.god speed
Reischer, GruntCPLJun 1, 1972 – Feb 4, 1973S-7I like to know whatever became of the S-7 gang: the Greek, Toliver, Drift, Brady, Armstrong, Mark S., Red, the kid for Maine and the rest...
Herdt, EdwardAMS 2Jun 1, 1972 – Mar 15, 1973CAG-8 HC2 DET 66I have just recently found this web-site and would like to reach anyone who was part of HC2 DET 66, summer of 1972 until spring 1973. I left the ship November 1972 to be discharged, only once made contact with anyone since spring of 1973.
Herdt, EdwardAMS-2Jun 1, 1972 – Nov 28, 1972I wold like to hear from crew members from HC-2 DET-66, who served on West-Pac 72.
Schellang, George / EddieAN / AMS3Jun 3, 1972 – Sep 30, 1973 V-4 and then IM-2 Airframes This the best time in my Naval career. West Pac of 72-73 was the BOMB ...
Grayless, DanABE-2Jun 4, 1972 – Nov 11, 1975V-2Have good memories
Barnes, MonteCTI3Jun 5, 1972 – Jul 1972spookTDY from Norfolk to Subic Bay. CTI (Russian) direct support. Great experience!!
Chinn, DavidAO3Jun 28, 1972 – Feb 17, 1976G-1Some of the best times
Gearhart, BarryE 3Jul 1, 1972 – Jan 1, 1973SHIP'S COMPANY
Mandeville, John/mandyE3Jul 1, 1972 – Mar 15, 1973AIMDSo many memories of the friends I had onboard the USS America, and I've been looking for friends onboard for years - lets hope this way works!
Frisk, DonaldRMSMJul 15, 1972 – Jul 15, 1974CR#lots of memories and stories and old friend. Would love to hear from any of them.
Culley, JoeABE2Aug 1972 – May 1976V-2I worked in cat one for most of my time aboard. I started as an E1 finished as an E5. Came aboard in the PI left in 76 after the start of that Med cruise.
Ward, Lawrence/larryE1 ARAug 1972 – Jul 1973AKRON VA82Looking for members of AKRON VA82, need some info to help with filing for benefits. Hell of a ride we had, eh guys? I will never forget the Gulf of Tonkin Yacht Club. GO NAVY!
McCoy, TcPH3Aug 1972 – May 1974OPHey...
Breeden, JimmyCV66Aug 31, 1972 – Mar 29, 1974HHm3 WestPac and Med cruise. Worked sick bay. Let me hear from you.
McKelvy, DwightAO3Sep 1972 – Dec 1973VA-86 SidewindersMember of VA-86 aboard for WestPac 72-73. A lot of boys became MEN back then. A glorious lady who served her country well!!
Gordon, Andrew/andyOS 3Sep 1972 – Apr 1973OI
Gordon, Andrew/andyOS 3Sep 1972 – May 1973OI
Bracken, MarkE2Sep 1972 – Dec 1973RLooking for shipmates in division R
Moreira, SteveFnSep 1972 – Sep 1974E DIVISION POWER SHOP
Weiser, WayneE3Sep 1972 – Jun 1976B and FoxEnjoyed the 4 year tour with B division the first 2 years and FOX the last 2. Great memories.
Weiser, WayneE-3Sep 10, 1972 – Jun 23, 1976and FOXA part of our life taken away forever.
Lane, GordonE-3 Bosin MateSep 15, 1972 – Aug 10, 1975Deck DivWorked in paint locker and sail locker.
Rogers, BobbyABEANSep 28, 1972 – May 30, 1975V-2She was a great ship. I will nerver forget her.
Johnson, Robert C.CTO2Oct 1972 – Nov 1973OSMade the WestPac Tour in the Gulf of Tonkin.
Vazoulas, JohnCVA 66Oct 1972 – Jul 1975MIts amazing that our leaders in congress and the white house refused to save our nations flag ship and allowed the Name America to be destroyed, I can just imagine what they would do to their mothers
Green, StevenAK3Oct 1972 – Dec 1973AIMDSaw the world, would love to hear from guys I knew.
Johnson, Robert C.CTO-2Oct 1972 – Nov 1973OPS OSArrived via Clark AFB and Subic Bay. Helo from deck of LPH USS New Orleans to USS America. Four months on Yankee Station, then back to Norfolk in March '73. In yards Portsmouth to November '73. Enlistment ended.
Smith, David (Snuffy)E3Oct 1972 – Aug 1973Wlooking for eric fortsch buddy in the division
Wouldridge, JohnSK3Oct 7, 1972 – Apr 29, 1975S-1/Stock ControlCaught the USS America in Subic Bay and got off her the day the flooded the dry-dock to refloat her after major over-haul. I didn't believe that they sank her as a target. Was really hurt by that. When I saw the photo where they said she went d
Johnson, Robert C.CTO2Oct 15, 1972 – Nov 26, 1973Ships Company OPS OSServed during WESPAC cruise, under LCDR Louis Timothy Neimeyer. Division Chiefs were CTSMC Del Jondahl and CTC Charles A. Brown.
Bernal Jr., Louis /bernieFAOct 20, 1972 – Jul 18, 1976M-DIV.
Smith, Michael / Mike EM 3RD CLASSDec 6, 1972 – 1974 EServed with some of the greatest EM's of all time! What a time we had! Saw the world. Wish I could do it again. Contact Use subject USS America.

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