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USS America (CV 66) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS America (CV 66). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 2902 crew members registered for the USS America (CV 66).

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Skolaut, SteveOS31968 – 1971
Spicer, LanceJO21968 – 1969XSlept just below one of the forward catapults and still hear the noise.
Minor, RichATN21968 – 1969RVAH-13 Radio
MacLeod, James/macABH 21968 – 1970V 1
Clingman, DavidE-5/HM21968 – 1969H DivisionThe America helped mold me into a mature adult. Proud to have served aboard her. 28 years later, I retired.
Stevens, Randleairman1968 – 1969cw66living the good life in south carolina
Bradbury, RalphAE-21968 – 1968V-1I worked in Fly-1 and pretty much slept under Cat-1. I was a Blue shirt and loved every minute of it. I would go back on a flight deck in a heart beat if I could.
Leazer, GaryATN-21968 – 1969AMDDoes anyone who Steve E. Travis, ATN-2?
Cifaldi, GeraldAE2Jan 1968 – Dec 1968HC-2Electrician..."Hales Angels" Worked with Pete Carrol, Muggs Malanga, Joe Bealer, Zinc Jarema Had a great Westpac cruise & great liberty....Oh Yeah!
Callegari, PaulE-3Jan 1968 – Mar 1969Machinest MateMy greats moment was when the America, was in port of call in New York City,and bring my family to see the ship and I was greeted when I came on board, God Bless America does not mean under the OCEAN
Trotter, JimQM1Jan 1968 – Jun 1977NavIt was a great experience, met alot of people made alot of friends,(which I'll never forget). Greatest duty station I had in my whole career.
Cifaldi, GeraldAE2Jan 1, 1968 – Jan 1, 1968HC-2 Helicopter Rescue SquadronJust wanted to say hi, and see what my former shipmates were doing now.
Halpin, TimothyDK-2Jan 3, 1968 – Dec 16, 1971S-4Two times around the world and once to the Med
Lemley, Fred profile iconEM2Jan 3, 1968 – Aug 1971E DivisionI got to see places in the world I would've never seen if I hadn't been on board the America ... I was disappointed to hear they sunk her.
Utterback, MelAO3Jan 6, 1968 – Jun 11, 1969Flight Deck Ord
Schattenberg, EarlE3Feb 1968 – Jan 1969Weapons-WI think of the old girl laying on the bottom and imagine noises-laughter -work sounds-planes launching-as if ghosts of us all are there with her.
Callegari, PaulE-3Feb 1968 – 1969Engine room
Allbee, Ronald A.LTJGMar 1968 – Sep 1969Air Missleserved as air missile officer/division officer and qualified as OOD
Tramantano, TomLITHOGRAPHER 3Mar 1968 – Oct 31, 1969XCurrently Vice President of the USS America Carrier VeteransAssoc.
Hughes, TexADJ2Mar 1968 – Nov 1968HC-2
Screven, HalMar 1968 – Jul 1969I am entering this in for my dad who is now deceased. He served proudly on the America as a civilian field rep for Grumman Aerospace. he told me unofficially he was termed a sand crab but officially he held a ceremonius officer's rank.
Vogel, Robert / BobAirman Apprentice E-2Mar 1968 – Dec 1968VF-33VF-33 ordnance augmentation team. TAD from VF-33 Jet Shop
Noth, JimE=6Mar 1968 – Sep 1969Air Wing
Goehring, HaroldANMar 1, 1968 – Mar 1, 1969Aircraft Intermediate MaintenanceSee American Spirit, Vol.2, No.2, March, 1969. I'm on pg. 5. I was a pollywog crossing the equator on our way to Sydney. I was the one who tried to take the Jolly Roger down but couldn't disconnect one snap before Marines were alerted.
Porta, FrankAO3Apr 1968 – Dec 1968VA-85 Black Falcons1968 westpac and world cruise
Renfrow, Marcus CliftonABF3Apr 1968 – Sep 1968V-4I am entering this information in memory of my husband, Marcus Clifton Renfrow, who died in an automobile accident in July 1969. He was proud of his service on the America, and valued the good friends he made on board.
Gross, JerryATN 3Apr 1968 – Dec 1968VA 82 Plane Captain for entire combination WESTPAC and Around-the- World Cruise. Sydney Australia was unforgettable ! Also who could forget Olongapo city? Crazy doesn't begin to describe it.Many good times & great people, that I will never forget
Hatfield, DonADJ2Apr 1968 – Dec 1968
Sawyer, RodneyAME3Apr 1968 – Dec 1968VA 821968 WestPac/World Cruise VA 82 line and maintenance shops Great ship; Great time; Great people (mostly) Sad that she is gone.
Charles, McKinniesYN2Apr 1968 – Dec 1968VA-861968 WESTPAC AND WORLD CRUISE.
Lafeir, LenPH2Apr 8, 1968 – Aug 1971OP DivisionThe education and experiences while serving in the Navy aboard the USS America provided a groundwork for a successful career and friendships that continue today.
Leazer, GaryApr 10, 1968 – Dec 16, 1968Served aboard with VA-82 during the carrier's 3rd deployment.
Weaver, ScottAME2Apr 10, 1968 – Dec 16, 1968VA-851968 Westpac and World Cruise
Jones, George H.Cs 2Apr 10, 1968 – Dec 16, 1970313-chefs/cook
Lavalley, RickE3Apr 20, 1968 – Dec 21, 1970v-1like to here from any one that was a blue shirt or crash and salvage
Perry, LarryAQ3May 1968 – Dec 1972Squadron-RVAH6Looking for information to provide to the VA concerning Agent Orange aboard the ship, on aircraft that landed on the ship as well as loading barrels of Agent Orange from a supply ship to be transported back to US.
Wallis, WilburMASTER CHIEF (FTMC)May 12, 1968 – Sep 20, 1973fire controllTHE Best Dam ship In the fleet,she served Her Country well.! The World And The United States Can Be Proud Of her; And The Men and women her served on her, May she now rest in peace. GOD BLESS AMERICA!!!!!!!!
Spitzer, JanLTJGMay 21, 1968 – Oct 28, 1969CommunicationsNearly forty years ago and it seems like only yesterday. Thanks AMERICA, you took us there and brought us home.
Graves, BillABE-3Jun 1968 – Apr 1970V2I worked on #3 and #4 catapults as hold back position. pretty scary at times especially night time combat ops. Loved my time aboard . Will never forget my shipmates and great liberty ports like Sydney and Wellington NZ
Keister, WayneMM3Jun 1968 – Jun 1972A3
Vandyne, AlbertseamanJun 1968 – Oct 1, 1969v4I was proud to have been a part of a great ship I accomplished a lot and saw a lot I will never forget it Ialso slept below the catapult very noisy
Steward, MarkSeamanJun 1968 – Dec 1968VA-82I am writing for my husband who was aboard ship from June 68 thru Dec 68. Mark past away October 2005. He was a Postal Clerk. His 2 sons and I would like to hear from anyone who may have known him.
Zingarelli, AnthonyMR3Jun 10, 1968 – Dec 10, 1970ALooking for guys that were in the machine shop!!! Sure going to miss the old girl, she deserved better.
Johnston, Wally {birddog}ABE 3Jul 1968 – Aug 1971V2 arresting gearWould like to hear from anyone who served with me from 68 to 71. West Pac's, Med, Yard period. I worked arresting gear. Hook runner, engine room PO, flight deck, maintanence crew.
Bucklin, DennisANJul 10, 1968 – Nov 17, 1969Electrical Shop 8
Lingerfelt, HowardBT3Jul 20, 1968 – Apr 5, 1972B3mmr
Labombard, AlDP3Jul 20, 1968 – Feb 21, 1969IOICData Processing in the IOIC section
Moss, StephenABH 3Jul 28, 1968 – Dec 16, 1971V-1Looking for Robert Brooks and Mark Palm and Phil Lance
McMahon, TomLT.Aug 1, 1968 – Jun 3, 1970Dental37 years ago,I had one of the greatest and proudest periods in my life.Let`s fight to get the next Carrier renamed America and carry that great name!
Geldhof, JimAug 18, 1968 – Jan 3, 1970VF102
McDermott, GeoffreyDS1Sep 1968 – Sep 1971OEWas originally assigned to OP/OZ division (IOIC), transferred to OE (NTDS).
Behling, TomLTJGSep 15, 1968 – Jun 15, 1971OPERATIONSGreat ship and crew. Contact me if you remember me. Currently retired and living in Wisconsin.
Lima, Michael / SlymelymeBOATSWAINS MATEOct 10, 1968 – Jun 8, 1970been so long I forgotWas a real experience, incredable ship, did the westpac tour crossing the equator and vietnam. Will always be a major part of my growing up days and becoming a man
Griffith, William profile iconABH 3Nov 1968 – Apr 1, 1971V 1
Griffith, WilliamABH-3Nov 6, 1968 – Apr 1, 1971V-1 Crash CrewSome of my best memories are about the time I spent on her.
Petty, DougBT3Dec 1968 – Jan 1972B Worked in 3MMR. Great times
Clark, ThomasANDec 1968 – Apr 1970V-4 Av FuelI Had a great time abord her,I still get out my movies that I took.My whole family liked the Family Day Cruse that they got to go on. It was a great experiance. I will never forget!
Campbell, JimmyE2Dec 1968 – Oct 1971Boatsonmate
Stella, AugieRD3Dec 1968 – Apr 1972OIWest Pac 70/Med 71
Bruce, RobertAOANDec 1968 – May 12, 1969OrdnanceEnjoyed most of the time aboard. I went down a couple ladders looking around and found the brig. I left pretty fast. Spent a lot of off time in the Armory getting to know the crew. Discharged in May 69.
Daniels, ThomasE3Dec 1968 – Oct 1970FirstEnjoyed my time on board,learned a lot,traveled a lot,seen places I would never had seen in not for the Navy.Trying to find records from ships log as to when they flew me to Da Nang Viet Nam to start my discharge.
Haeussler, ArthurIC3Dec 1968 – Dec 1972EProudly served aboard the USS America and additional TDY Stations during Vietnam
Nelson, CharlesBT3Dec 9, 1968 – Aug 10, 1972BWorked in 1MMr for Bt1 Payne Then went up in the Cat Crew Aft Cats 3 and 4 with BT 2 Gardner.ans Chief Pearsall. Working up there was the life. Cat Crew Made 3rd class in charge of the Aft Cats. then BT2 .
Meyer, Raymond ( Oscar )MR2Dec 15, 1968 – May 15, 1970MWorked in machine shop with several crazy guys, exciting and great times in Viriginia
Andree, FredBT 2Dec 18, 1968 – Jul 7, 1972B Division1 MMR, 3 MMR, Boiler repair crew, Cats, Class A school Great Lakes 1969
Richardson, DonABH2Dec 26, 1968 – Sep 14, 1970V-3I was proud to serve America's Flagship.

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