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USS America (CV 66) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS America (CV 66). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 2903 crew members registered for the USS America (CV 66).

Select the period (starting by the reporting year): precomm – 1964 | 1965 | 1966 | 1967 | 1968 | 1969 | 1970 | 1971 | 1972 | 1973 | 1974 | 1975 | 1976 | 1977 | 1978 | 1979 | 1980 | 1981 | 1982 | 1983 | 1984 | 1985 | 1986 | 1987 | 1988 | 1989 | 1990 | 1991 | 1992 | 1993 | 1994 | 1995 – now

Butler, Robert Paul IIIFA0000 –
Warner, LeonardE 20000 – Sep 24, 1970Bboiler repairman
Damkier, Robert (Bob)RADARMAN IIJun 1944 – Jun 1946Deceased 1993
Heslin, Michael P.ET2Jan 31, 1955 – Jan 21, 1962Electronics
Waldrop, RobertE41961 – 1963S7
Zimmerman, Dwayne profile iconAviation Ordinance 3rd class1961 – Jan 1963Flight deckReaching out to Michael H Barribeau - Oconto Wisconsin
Christensen, Don {chris}AVIATION SUPPLY S-61962 – 1964S-6GEORGE TOWNER
Broome, JamesADJ3Nov 22, 1962 – Jun 6, 1966v6I flew on america's COD with Bobby Snowden and I am trying to get in touch with him.
Collins, Stephen GrantETR-31963 – Oct 1967OE DivisionPlank owner. I feel as though I was a very small part of Her history. Great,great guys in our OE Division. I enjoy reliving those four years.
Barbrow, Emory WayneDC2Jan 1963 – Mar 15, 1968RepairPlankowner
Darling, Edward AE3Feb 19, 1963 – Jan 13, 1967Boatsman mateWould love to hear from anyone that remembers this great ship !!!!
Berry, Richardabhan Aug 1963 – Sep 1966V-1 plankowner
Riggs, Roberte3Aug 30, 1963 – Aug 30, 1966s-1
McLean, GeraldABE3Sep 1963 – Sep 4, 1966V-2Plank owner #4 cat. Great experience for this back country farm boy. Met many really great people and some not so.
Velez, JohnABE3Oct 1963 – Jul 1966V2Plankowner - Cat #3
Confort, RichieAME-3Dec 14, 1963 – Apr 10, 1967V-6"Plank-Owner" - Probably the greatest experience of my life, the men, the oceans, the cities abroad, the fun, knowledge learned and learning how to grow from a teenager to an adult "fast".
Miller, Paul E.AN1964 – Jun 1966V-4 AvFuelsPrecom school in Norfolk, Plankowner and Med Cruise 1965-1966
Nicholson, Dwight (Nick)E31964 – 1966V4I would like to hear from my old friends. What a great crew!
Lusby, TedBM31964 – Dec 7, 19672ndplank owner.would like to hear from anyone who served in 2nd div from 1964-1967
Barker, MartyATN21964 – 1966V6Proud plank owner
Hubbard, RichardE31964 – 1966V1, Fly 3, Yellow Shirt, Flight Deck DirectorPlankowner
Ken, WilderFTM21964 – 1968FoxPlank owner assigned to the AN-SPG 55B guided missile radar.
Allore, JerryDC-21964 – 1966R DivisionPlank Owner and Bass Player in Ambassadors Band
Palmer, PhillipAG21964 –OAPlank Owner
Barker, MartinATN21964 – 1966V6Plank Owner
Grabow, RalphE-31964 – 1966V-1plank owner , one of the best times of my life
Allsop, ErnieETC31964 – 1966OE Shakedown cruise in Cuba: 1. downing drones 2. Liberian tanker collision 3. losing air conditioning 4. EM club and Blood Alley at Getmo The first Mediterranean cruise, Russian surveillance ship and Russian" Bear flyover
Mooneyham, J PE7 Chief Petty Officer1964 – 1967UnknownMy father, JP Mooneyham, served aboard the America. The retired after 20 years. The first ship he served aboard was the USS Kadashan Bay (CVE-76).
Berryman, HarvinADJ-41964 – 1966V-6When I arrived in New Port News, Va. The America was a peace of steel in the bottom of a hole they call a dry dock. I only got to go to a office for a while and answer a telephone. They would not let me close to America
Byers, Larry (Dave)E-51964 – 1968APlank Holder in A Division
Singer, JamesBM41964 – 19662nd DivisionI am proud to be a Plank Owner of CVA 66, USS America
Rust, LarrySeaman1964 – 1966FirstWould like to hear from some of my old ship mates.
Parrish, RichardGMT-31964 – Jun 1967W
Moore, JamesRM31964 – Jan 1966CommunicationsGreat duty. I feel priviledged to be a plank owner. My time aboard has been a source of good memories for longer than I like to recall.
Rubright, Dave [Rubes]AIRMANJan 1964 – Sep 1966V-2Plank Owner-aft catapults V- 2 Division
Wolf Jr, Charles AE-3Jan 1, 1964 – 1967sam
Goff, ChuckSNJan 23, 1964 – Jan 25, 19654th divI'm a plank owner and proud to have served . Departed from the USS America and served 19 months on PBRs in VietNam
Miller, Robertmm3Jan 30, 1964 – Jan 30, 1968Mboot camp san diego, machinist mate A school great lakes pre-comm crew norfolk all cruises til late 1967. assigned to mmr2,throttleman.
Richardson, Lester JoANFeb 13, 1964 – Nov 3, 1966catapult 3 jet blastdeflector@17 who knew? Lots of memories even to this day.proud green shirt.wish I knew then what I know now.never should got out. Now retired @ 67 living in alvin texas.hey Martin Ross are u still kicking ? Plankowner
Roberts, NobleIC2Mar 15, 1964 – Jun 6, 1966eplank owner
Shaver, JohnE3Mar 16, 1964 – Nov 30, 19663rd
English, CharlesApr 1964 – Apr 1967Catapult/arresting gear
Vogel, William A.ABH3Jun 1964 – Aug 1967V3Was First Crew on America and Plank Owner and crew who put CVA66 in Commission 23 Jan 1965. On board for Sea Trials and Gitmo Shake Down Cruise when Esso Tanker hit CVA66 at anchor in Gitmo. Tough Skipper who kept ops on
Coffin, JimE3Jun 1, 1964 – Jun 1, 1966V1For most of us we did a lot growing up on the best ship in the military America First still works today
Harris, DavidANJun 1, 1964 – Dec 15, 1964Air DeptI was aboard just a short time but had an enviable position. I volunteered and became the first Captain's driver on the USS America. I had put in for flight training and received orders just prior to ship commissioning.
Snowden, Bobby CV 66Jun 12, 1964 – Dec 2018AimdTo any crew members Of The COD plane C1A Miss America Would like to hear from you.
Osburn, RalphABH3Jul 1964 – Jun 1965V-1
Snowberg, PaulANJul 1964 – Mar 1966V-6Plankowner. More adventures and memories than any other two years of my life. Check out for information about the next reunion.
Alderson, Rexe3Jul 1964 – Aug 1967s6best time of my life was on pre commissing crew in new port news 2 med cruises loved it
Garber, GarryANJul 1964 – Apr 1966V4Went to Precom, Commissioned ship(Plankowner) shakedown cruise and partial Med cruise. Left ship in France end of March 1966.
Colvin, MelvinE-5Jul 1, 1964 – Dec 1968Attack Squadron VA-82Sailed in the Subic Bay, Australia, Norfolk, VA, and other locations.
Troxtell, Welborn RayGMM-2Jul 13, 1964 –Plank owner-retired in 1974 - San Diego, Ca. GMMC
Cashaw, CurtisE-3Jul 22, 1964 – Jul 21, 1966BPlank Owner
Thompson, JayBT-2Aug 1964 – Sep 1965Bwas onboard commisioning crew in newport news
Franklin, LarryANAug 1964 – 1966V-4Its hard to believe I was 19 years old once in my life
McNichol, Jim/macEM1Aug 1964 – Jan 1967E-5Transferred from USS Kitty Hawk to Pre Com in Newport News VA. Worked in #5 SWBD in # 3 MMR, left ship before 2nd. Med Cruise for seperation.
Zimmerman, GaryE3Aug 1964 – Dec 1967V-3 and V-1Pre-Commissioning crew Plank Owner V3 number 2 elevator V-1 Number 2 elevator, blue shirt, tractors, LSO platform. Today since 1971 - Baptist Minister - Big change in my life
Young, Terry profile iconRM3Aug 1964 – 1965CRPlankowner. On commissioning crew. Went for 1st shake down cruise to GITMO. We got rammed by a civilian oiler in port and went back to Portsmouth, VA. I got a swap to the USS Enterprise before the first Med cruise.
Labarge, MikeAK 3Aug 1, 1964 – Jun 28, 1966S-6Good ship, good friends, good times.
Genders, ThomasRM3Aug 1, 1964 – Aug 23, 1966CommunicationsPlank-Owner on Pre-Commisioning Crew. Made first Med cruise. Worked in the Radio Shack as a speed-key operator.
Broad, Michael profile iconSK2Aug 4, 1964 – Aug 4, 1966supply S1plank owner
Moreland, Richard (Dick)EM2Aug 5, 1964 – Dec 20, 1967EngineeringI worked on flight deck as an electrician. Served during the mid east war when the USS Liberty was hit. Great ship and have many good memories aboard ship. Spent time in Cuba on shake down and two MED cruises. Work as civilian now with the Navy.
Jakubowski, StephenAm3Aug 23, 1964 – May 8, 1966XPlank Owner
Leonard, GaryABFANSep 1964 – Sep 1966V4AvGas filter room, I think I painted it 50 times in 2 years. All the rest of the time was fun.
Mortenson, Wendell (Mort)AIRMANSep 1964 – May 1966V4-FuelsEnjoyed being a plankowner on the commissioning crew and experiencing many of the USS AMERICA'S first events.
Welliver, George W.E3Sep 1964 – Sep 1966engenring
Carl, ShuckABE-3Sep 1964 – Sep 1966V-2 CatapultsPlank Owner
Miller, PaulANSep 1964 – Jun 1966V4was in the precom school from sept 1964 till Jan.1965. Then commissioned the ship on 25 Jan 65 and stayed with it until June 1966
Frank, DennisAZ3Sep 1, 1964 – May 8, 1966
Neiges, GeneAZ3Sep 1, 1964 – Apr 4, 1966PriFlyCommissioning crew and Plankowner
Perrier, ThomasANSep 2, 1964 – Sep 1, 1966v4plankowner, mess cook side cleaner, compartment cleaner, flight deck fueler.had a great time,wish i could do it again.
Vildosola, MarkANSep 4, 1964 – Nov 10, 1965V-3Plankowner. Came aboard while it was being built in Newport News.We lived in rental housing in town,That was fun.
Jackowski, JakeAE3Sep 7, 1964 – Jul 14, 1967VA 64 Attack SquadronBest Time of my life many found memories of good times with shipmates and quality forming life attributes.
Frank, DennisAZ3Sep 8, 1964 – May 8, 1966
Christensen, Don {chris}E3Sep 10, 1964 – Apr 15, 1966S6"PLANK OWNER" To me as a wide eyed 21 year old just out of boot camp it was A once in a life time experience...Thanks for the great ride!!
Peters, MichaelSFM3Sep 13, 1964 – Sep 10, 1966R
Perrett, EdwardAVF3Sep 15, 1964 – Sep 15, 1967v4
Davis, DennisEM1- EMCSSep 16, 1964 – Jul 2, 1971EngineeringReported to Pre-Com detail Sept. 1964 as an EM1, departed July 1971 as an EMCS.
Groves, Robert JEM3Sep 17, 1964 – Sep 10, 1966E DivisionPre com detail, did a lot of growing up for a just barely 17 year old. Am a proud Plank Owner. Miss all the buds and now am retired in Buckeye AZ.
McKenen, RobertAASep 20, 1964 – May 20, 1966V-1When I was piped off of "Her" in 66 during a Med. cruise, tears rolled down my cheeks. I was leaving close friends behind. My thoughts are still alive with them and "Her" Bob McKenen...Plankowner
Gearhart, RichardAO3Sep 25, 1964 – Aug 4, 1966AMTransfered from USS Intrepid CVS-11 in Rota Spain, Plankowner. Tried to remain onboard when transfered. Good ship and crew.
Hildreth, EugeneMMCSep 29, 1964 – Oct 1, 1968Mshe was haze grey and underway 2 Meds 1 Westpac during the 4 Yrs I was onboard plus fitting out and underway training
Wroblesky, GeraldRD3Oct 1964 – Jun 1967CACPlankowner!
Collins, EdMM3Oct 1964 – Sep 1966MPrecom School NOB Norfolk;Plank Owner;first ORI;first Med.cruse;#2Main Machinery Room; The America was a great ship that deserved better than she got from the Navy at the end. I would like to hear from old shipmates especially M and B Divisions
Holahan, TomBT-3Oct 1964 – Aug 1966B#1 MMR
Schaefer, FrankGMTOct 1964 – Sep 1966Weapons
Centanni, Ronald (Ron) profile iconBM3Oct 1964 – Dec 19671st, 5th. 2nd.Plankowner: Served on board for over 3 yrs. Some of the best yrs, of my life had a wonderful, unforgetable experience.
Rivera Jr., Rafael P / Buck profile iconAO/ANOct 1964 – Apr 1966Ships Co./ Aviation Ord./ G DivisionI am Glad that I found this site, I am a Plank Owner and was there the day we commissioned The Big "A". Lots of good memories and good People. Proud to have Served / God Bless America !
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Creed, JamesCREED IC3Oct 1, 1964 – Apr 11, 1967EPreCom at NOB, SP Shop and MC Shop, felt a great loss upon learning of her being sunk, have pictures of her anchors outside main gate at NOB. PLANK OWNER
Bradford, Jr., Leslie L.EN3Oct 7, 1964 – Jul 17, 1966A-3 AC&R ShopPlank Owner. A time in my life I will always remember with fond memories of times and friends.
Bradford Jr, Leslie / BradEN3 / E-4Oct 7, 1964 – Sep 9, 1966A-3Plank Owner
Kaster, MaxET-1Oct 12, 1964 – Aug 15, 1967OEWonderful experience, enjoyed two med cruises and several GITMO "refresher" trainings. Worked in Comm. and ECM. PLANKOWNER
Salter, ErnestMM3Oct 21, 1964 – Jul 28, 1967She deserved better than being sunk E Salter
Gudgalis, JimRM2Oct 25, 1964 – Nov 25, 1965CRPlankowner - came aboard while still in Newport News Shipyard.
Hardin, Carol "Joe"ABH3Nov 1964 – 1967V-1Plankowner, served aboard as Fly II Yellowshirt.
Hura, Edward profile iconETR2Nov 1964 – Nov 1966OEPlank Owner -- Looking for my old shipmates in OE division and others from the commissioning crew of the USS America.
Sarapa, WaltETR3Nov 1964 – Jan 1967OEA remarkable experience - the best life-training a young man could possibly get. I'm very proud of my military service, particularly aboard the America. Took my sons to visit her in 1984 - they still talk about it.
Burch, Gary profile iconRD2Nov 6, 1964 – Apr 27, 1967OI
Alexander, FreddieMachinist mate 3rd classNov 18, 1964 – Aug 25, 1969MWorked in #4MMR from 1965 to 1969 enjoyed every bit of it. Met some great friends. Made the 1st 2 med cruses and 1st tonken gulf cruse and around the world. Loved the old girl it was sad she was sunk.
Collins, John JANNov 23, 1964 – May 8, 1967V2plankowner cat 1
Weber, Jack profile iconMM2-MMCDec 10, 1964 – Dec 14, 1968MRe-enlisted.Plank Owner MMR1,then MMR2 & MMR3. From MM2 to MMC. Ceng's were Pennington, Tedholm and Dalaire. MPA Bull Green. M-Div JT Barlow Around the World in 68 Viet Nam. became a Shellback also 2 med cruises 66/67
Barker, TedBT3Dec 30, 1964 – May 31, 1967B

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