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USS McKean (DD 784) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS McKean (DD 784). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 85 crew members registered for the USS McKean (DD 784).

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Warlick, JackFTG3Jun 8, 1967 – Jul 28, 1970WGWould like to re-connect with several guys who served on McKean while I was aboard... Paul Quitmeyer... Bob "Jaws" Wilson...
Matthews, JonLTJGJul 1967 – Sep 1969SupplySupply Office
Mayse, RobertBT3Oct 1967 – Nov 1968BTI was posted to the forward fire room the first half of the cruise and the haft fire room the last half. I remenber being in kowshung Formosa for 28 days to rebuild one of our aft fire room boiler.
Horton, RichardRMSN1968 – Aug 22, 1969OperationsRadioman
Pang, CyrilCS PO31968 – 1970Commissary supplies
Bishop, David profile iconCS3Jan 26, 1968 – Sep 2, 1969SupplyI reported on board fresh out of San Diego Boot Camp as an undesignated FA and was assigned to the Boiler Room. I transferred to Supply Div and was transferred with the rate of CS3 to the USS Truxton .
Campbell, BrianRD3Oct 14, 1968 – Aug 14, 1970Operations
Keasling, Ralph (Butch)E21969 – 1970unknownlooking for any shipmates that were aboard the McKean from Aug 1969 through Mar 70. I was the Corpsman Striker aboard then and for a time after the chief Corpsman had a stroke the only corpsman on board.
Perkins, Charles - ChuckGMApr 1969 – 1972Weapons
Coker, JanellGM 3RD CLASSApr 1969 – Apr 1975I am entering this for my brother who served on the McKean. He is trying to find his service records that prove he was on ground in Vietnam. St. Louis has nothing more than a single page. Any help you could give us would be appreciated.
Higgs, RonaldBT1Oct 1969 – Jan 1972B divisionthe best ship I was on in the navy very nice CO,Engineering Officer sucked what an ass hole, good crew and a good feeder that said very good ship
Springer, JonET1Dec 1969 – Jul 1972Ops
Springer, JonET1Dec 15, 1969 – Jul 14, 1972opsCame aboard as an ETN2 ... 2 tours to WestPAC .. became a shellback...did a stint in the shipyard ...
Grohs, JohnShipserviceman-Barber SHLB3Apr 10, 1970 – Sep 24, 1972Supply DivisionSearching for Storekeeper James Larson aka Weasel, 70-unknown. Big Mac still the best time of my life, my wife does not like to hear it , but it was great.... an experience I wouldn't trade for anything..
Walker, James A WalkerFTCSJun 1970 – Feb 1974FoxViet Nam cruise and "Reserve " cruise were high lights.
Russell, Eddie (Russ)FNOct 15, 1970 – Sep 12, 1973Engineering Fire RoomDoes any one know how to Contact Rick Dirks or Dick Mungeon Or Cdr Merget or Butch Parkerson Or Chief Koontz or Lt.Jg Mckeehan
Salyer, Danny / Sally profile iconHT2Dec 1970 – Apr 10, 1972R-DivGood time, Shipfitter shop Supervisor
Shields, RobertMmfn1971 – 1973M divCalled me "Moose" in main controll
Gamma, GlenETRSNJan 12, 1971 – Aug 20, 1973opsLooking for Robert Medina ET3
Boczek, Walt (Moon)STG3Jul 1971 – Dec 1972Weapons
Brannon, TerryRADIOMAN 3RD CLASS1972 – 1974
Epperson, BruceRM3Apr 16, 1973 – Dec 21, 1973OperationsLooking for RM3 David Reiberger & RM2 Howard Melvin Patrick Henry O'Conner
Morton, JohnBMSN1974 – 19762nd DivisionWas assigned to deck division with BM1Ross as LPO. Lt Cooper was dept head and when we changed homeports to Seattle, he got seasick, so being bm of the watch, I took over his job as Underway OOD. He never returned back.
Pine, JoeQM11974 – 1975ON
Fauke, JohnRM2Jan 1974 – Aug 1978OC
Schmidt, GaryMMFNJun 1974 – May 1976m divison aft engine room
Ryan, Bob (Rover)IC21975 – 1977E
Twiss, DanielEM31975 – 1976E
Rayman, JoeMM3Feb 1, 1975 – Aug 1, 1975M
Waner, JoeRM21976 – 1977Communications
West, BruceEM2Jun 8, 1976 – Sep 30, 1980AE&RDidn't realize it then but the time aboard the McKean was one of the best times of my life. I am trying to locate anyone that served aboard her from 1976-1980. Thanks!!
Honeyman, TimothyMr3Oct 12, 1976 – Oct 21, 1977Machine shopArdvark
Langton, Timothy (Bone profile iconBT2Jun 15, 1977 – Oct 1980B division aft fire roomi was on the McKean DD784 was in B division was some of the best times of my life i loved the Navy
Santisteven, JamesNAVAL CADETJul 1977 –I did some trining as a nay cadet one summer.....The memories will last a life time.....I was living in Seattle Wa. at the time ........She was on pier 91.
Dezell, JohnRM1Mar 1978 – Oct 1980OC
Harris, Manuel / MannySTG1Sep 11, 1978 – Sep 1, 1981ASWas one of the active duty sailors on the ship after it was relegated to the Reserve Navy. Had a lot more underway time than you would normally expect. Good times and some not so good times. Feel free to contact me.
Holland, PaulMM21979 – Oct 1981A-DivArrived during drydock, sleeping on floating barracks. First morning founf trail of blood going down the berths. "Free the McKean 5." Decommisioning crew. Loved the way she rock & rolled in high seas.
Namchek, JamesRM3Mar 1979 – Oct 1981OCMy First Ship.
Hinton, RussellMM3Dec 1979 – Jun 1981M Div.
Vote, Jessseaman recruit1980 – Aug 15, 19811stassigned to deck division, was also part of the decom crew. best of the 2 ships i served upon, and she did forty knots, a record, during sea trials, i was on the bridge then. she also tried to chase the phm pegasus.
Hanson, Mikeos2Jun 30, 1980 – Jul 10, 1981operationsi was on the decommissioning crew in seattle
Wessels, GeorgeMM2Sep 9, 1980 – Oct 1981MI assisted in the decommissioning of "Mighty Mac", I remember a bunch of very good guys on the boat and would like to stay in touch with them! . Decom C.O. Cdr R. C. Hansen
Loghry, JerryBT2/BT31981 – 1982EngineeringGreat crew.
Campbell, Anthony profile iconEN1Jul 7, 1981 – Oct 1, 1981A DivisionMuch too short of a duty. Only 85 days from reporting date until decommissioning.

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