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USS Enterprise (CVN 65) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Enterprise (CVN 65). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 2626 crew members registered for the USS Enterprise (CVN 65).

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Herrick, DeanEW11972 – 1976OIGreat ship, great crew!!
Romero, Raymond E.AMH-21972 – 1974VAQ-131Second EA-6B squadron to depoly to SEA Tonkin Gulf. CO. CDR. Luccio De Loretto My first WESTPAC.
Gosnell, DennisASM31972 – Jun 23, 1975AIMD IM-2 Avaiton support mech ships companywas on the the ship for linebacker 2 and the fall of siagon worked nights on yellow gear in the forward hanger bay
Smith, Ronald "smitty"PH31972 – 1975Recon SquadronPhotomate with RVAH 7 (Heavy 7) did 2west-pacs enjoying the Gulf of Tonkin (Yankee Station). Was rudely waken in 72 with a dogging iron across the face during the riot, saw a man sucked up the intake of an A7 and remember the fire. miss it!
McGuffee, KennithETN21972 – Mar 28, 1977OE Shop 1
Book, EdET2 nuc1972 – 1973RC2 RC3
Magann, CarlEM-21972 – 1976EE-20 Electrical Power and Motor Rewind ShopSpent almost 4 years on the Big E, a few months working in RM-Div as a nuke in training (9901). Lots of hours at the electrical switchboards on watch. Anyone remember the ghost in #2-#3 switchgear =) ??
Hayes, LarryPH31972 – Nov 7, 1975OperationsI worked in the Photo Lab, played guitar and hung out with pretty much everyone .
Ames, KendallAA1972 – 1975VF-101My father served on The Big "E" from 66-70 and I had the pleasure to sea qualifications for F-4J's on 3 occasions and I had some great times. Thanks for the memories.
Buettner, MikePT2 / IS21972 – 1975OZLooking for John A Lopez and others. Hi again Chico
Dubois, MarkAN1972 – May 5, 1975V1Hey Guys I have been wondering for years how to contact you. Where are you. I live in Hawaii came here to windsurf. Been here since early 80"s. You have to come and visit. Your friend Mark
Souza, Herman profile iconBM31972 – 19733rd Division
McNamara, JamesMM2/MM11972 – 1975M DivisionAssigned to #3MMR and qualified CMO. A one-of-kind vessel that prepared me for a great career in naval nuclear power. Sad to see her go. Hoping I live long enough to see the next Big-E get underway.
Walin, Lawrence profile iconDS31972 – 1975OEReported aboard as an Airmen. After doing my tour on the mess deck I was assigned to Combat Systems OE Div., Decided to strike out for Data System Tech. Made DS3 in the fleet exam. My nickname was Pineapple.
Brice, Jeffery profile iconAO31972 – 1976G
Drennan, AlexanderET-1Jan 1, 1972 – Jul 29, 1976REA-4Fond memories of the great ship and my reactor division shipmates.
Hoe, Dean (Dino)PC3Jan 22, 1972 – Jun 7, 1973X Division - Post OficeSixth Combat Cruise to Southeast Asia - West PAC. Ship performed duties on Yankee Station/Piraz/Naval Gunfire Support (Gulf of Tonkin) September 1972 through May 1973. Ports visited Subic Bay, Singapore, and Hong Kong.
Videc, AlAO3Feb 1972 – Aug 6, 1974Bomb Assembly Crew. Had some great times in Hawaii, Singapore, Hong Kong! Is anyone out there that remembers me?
Fulghum, Dan N.JO3Feb 1972 – Jun 1, 1975XI served as editor of the daily newspaper "The Ledger" and the monthly magazine "Big E."
Nicholson, John "scott" (Nick)PN3Feb 1972 – Dec 1974VAW-113Was a blackshoe with the Blackhawks. It was an interesting time to be in the Navy & I think we were kinda unruley as a group since most everybody wanted out. It was pretty funny most of the time.
O'brien, Robert J./obPNSNFeb 1972 – Jan 1973Executive/WeaponsLooking for old friends that worked in Personnel, Educational Services. Interesting times, rarely a dull moment.
Hallett, ChuckMM1Feb 1972 – Nov 1974REACTOR - 4Two WESTPACs to Viet Nam. Still doing nuclear power - presently designing a new plant to be built by Westinghouse in South Texas.
Dawkins, Ricky (Kimo)E3Feb 1972 – Dec 1974Post OfficeServed in Gulf of Tonkin tour. (Yankee Station). Guys from Deck Division and Post Office worked together to keep ship going. Lots of shipmate friends I miss. Mike Sharpless, CoCo the barber, and others. Let's reconnect.
Coon, FredASM3Feb 10, 1972 – Aug 10, 1975IM4I worked on Ground Support Equipment while there and worked as a flight deck troubleshooter from 1974 to 1975.
Stokes, FreakmanAMFeb 15, 1972 – Jan 14, 1974V-2Looking for the old gang "the dirty thirty"!!!You know WHO YOU ARE! Bro-Dennis Get in touch with me!
Hughes, MichaelMM2Mar 1972 – Sep 1974REA-41 Westpac and Bremerton overhaul. USS Virgina Design School and Precomm with George Davis. Retired in 1990. Looking for any old Bridge partners.
Moore, HarlanRM2Mar 1972 – Dec 1974CRJust learned of the decommissioning of the big E. 3 westpacs and a lifetime of memories.
Canales, Samuel (Sam) profile iconETR2Mar 1972 – Nov 1975REA-4Worked as a RPO/RT in Plant 4. Did two West-Pacs making great memories. After the Big E went to Texas Tech and got a BSEE. Then worked and retired from Lockheed Martin Aeronautics in Fort Worth, Texas.
Hastings, JeffreyABF3Mar 1, 1972 – Aug 1, 1975V-4
James, PoadE-4Mar 1, 1972 – Jun 15, 1974EnginemanStationed in Alameda
Jones,jr, KenDK3Mar 22, 1972 – 1975s-4I worked in the disbursing office under J.W Bodford (ltjg) made 2 cruises made alot of friends. Marty Lain from the PO and I keep in touch.Alot of fun memories on the Big "E"
Burgess, RoyADJ3Mar 29, 1972 – Mar 29, 1975DIMDLooking for any and all ship mates who served the "E"around 72-75
Neal, Darwin SamSnApr 1972 – May 15, 19731stServed with some great young men Bm1 Albert Larry Hayes, Greg Sabin, Jack Cate, Rocky Alonzo, Vinnie Vinyard, BR Jones. Just to name a few I would like to hear from anyone who was in 1st Div.
Terry, PhilMM1Apr 14, 1972 – Jul 18, 1976MNumber one main machinery room Chief Machinery Operator CMO, lots of pride in those days. Really proud of my time with tha Big E, she served her country well. The first nuc carrier hurrah!
Blankenship, BobE5 AQ2Apr 26, 1972 – Apr 26, 1976VA-196Flight Deck troubleshooter for Avionics. Claim to fame: Movie "Flight of the Intruder". I was the one who told them where to kick the computer.
Morales, OscarEM3May 1972 – Sep 1974E-3 (aka Habitability)
Brady, AlAC2May 1972 – May 1975OCI am honored to have served two westpac tours with a great group of guys. I grew up and learned a lot of responsibility on that boat. I remember laying in the safety net on the bow during stand down periods. Beautiful!
Ridgway, Philmmpo3May 5, 1972 – May 21, 1974Ships creww machinist? div.I got hurt in 2009 real bad , I suffered extreme memory loss and getting worse.if anyone can help me remember my service on the ship it would be greatly appreciated
Hinsen, C.E. (Red)MM1Jun 1972 – Oct 1976MI served aboard Her for 3 West-Pac tours. I was an original member of Moore's Whores from #1MMR.
Truman, ChuckETR3Jun 1972 – Nov 1975OEI was a "FART" Fixed Array Radar Technician working in Shop 4 on the Island. We gave an air show for the Shaw of Iran which resulted in Iran buying F-14's...what a waste. This cruise resulted in my Shellback initiation which I will never
Daugherty, TomEMFNJun 1972 – Feb 1975Was in the EE10 lighting Shop / Later to Flight Deck lighting. Left the "E" in the Indian Ocean in 75
Buettner, MikePT2/IS2Jun 1972 – Jul 1975OZ
Higgins, GregAO2Jun 1972 – Dec 1975GM DivisionMade great friends like Ronnie Freeman and Dutch. A good time in my life. I latter became an Army Officer.
Degenhardt, JamesLance CorporalJun 1972 – Jun 1974Weapon DeptMember of Marine Dept. Work in Brig as a Chaser and Turn Key Guarding the Nuclear Weapon Spaces Member of Nuclear Weapons drills Corporal of Guard
Morin, JimERT3Jun 1972 – Sep 1976OEX
Burbridge, Jonathan /cincicnnatie3/sh3Jun 1972 – Feb 16, 19763rd div/s3 div the E was an education for me had a lot of fun would like to hear from anyone who served
Truman, ChuckETR3Jun 1972 – Feb 1975OEI remember 2 West Pacs and the yards in Bremerton. Always at sea....worked on the 07 and 08 level on SPS 32/33.
Kirkman, WilliamBM-3Jun 1972 – Jun 12, 1973TAD MAA entire time
Staples, JonathanE3Jun 1972 – May 1975S6Hello to all former ship mates on the Big E; remembering the good times and great ports we visited. I became the Light Heavy Weight Interservice boxing champ, Phillipines - 1974. Shot out to Gunner Glasier and all S6 .
Baeder, PaulMM1Jun 1, 1972 – Jul 12, 1976REA-4Three West-Pacs. Served under ship Capt's Tissot through C.C.Smith. Served under Dept- Heads Davis through "Richochete" Reed. I loved the Dopey book. What volume is it up to by now? I am still hoping to find my old buddy "Little Pete&q
Jacks, RonnyETR-2Jun 3, 1972 – Jan 12, 1976RC- 4I was a RO/RT in 4 plant with a few of the other guys listed here. We had some good times and some NOT so good times, but we did make a lot of memories.
Baeder, PaulMM1Jun 11, 1972 – Jul 12, 1976REA 4Three Westpacs during the Vietnam war. CRAO, "Dopey" book enthusiast. Anyone remember "Riquochete" Reed and the repainting of the entire engine room for an Admiral's visit because he did not want the bluing in the paint?
Caballero, Fernando profile iconE3Jun 19, 1972 – Jun 19, 1975OPS OZ DIVI Was Know As Chico I was In The Back In The Photo Lab In The Dark Room. looking for John Lopez William Kelly I live Robstown TX. My email Is If you have any Info of any crew member for me thanks
Whitaker, GeorgeBM3Jul 1972 – Mar 19, 19763rd,5th, &2ndServed with the best
Riordan, Stepehn (Steve)Lt.Jul 1972 – Jun 1974IM-2, AIMD
Vining, GroverMM1Jul 1, 1972 – Jul 26, 1976Reactor 4 and RM OfficeWould like to hear from any Nucs from this period. All You ET's, Ronnie Jacks and I have been working at Grand Gulf Nuclear Station together for the past 20 years. I retired last October. Does anyone know where Bull Frick and Sarge are?
Riordan, SteveCV 65Jul 4, 1972 – Nov 11, 1974IM 2
Freeman, RonnieEM2Jul 5, 1972 – May 28, 1975Electrician-Nuclear
Fairbanks, SteveRM 3Jul 19, 1972 – Jul 19, 1976CRHad a lot of wild times with some great guys while I was a Big E crew member. But I sorta regret I didn't make better use of my time in all the great ports of call! So much for the misspent days of my youth!
Kidwell, MichaelETR2Aug 1972 – Jul 3, 1975REA-4Joined Navy reserve in 3/1982 then transferred to Army Reserve in 12/1982. Spent 20 years as a intelligence analyst and was called to active duty 10/2001 for 23 months. Retired as an E-8. Work for US Dept of Agriculture for 30 years.
Lienhard, BobYn2Aug 1972 – May 15, 1975Educational Service OfficeOdd time - great guys - proud to serve on the big E
Ironside, RodRM3Aug 1972 – Jan 6, 1976Communications
Peters, CarlMM3Aug 31, 1972 – Apr 14, 1975M Div 1AMRFirst and best ship. 2 WestPac on her. N.ow retired MMC
Gillespie, TomAK3Sep 1972 – Apr 1973RVAH-13Assinged to S-7 (?) during most of 'Nam cruise. Great times, and sad times. Former ship and squadron mates, feel free to email me. Good luck to the current crew of the Big E!!!
Hovey, KennethHT3Sep 1972 – May 6, 1974repairI was in R-5 pipeshop. Looking for former shipmates! I have been to every big E national reunion since Oakland in 1988. E mail me for reunion info! Next reunion is in Norfolk for big E 50th birthday bash! Nov 21-27,2011.
Severinghaus, ThomasAOSep 1972 – Jul 1975Weapons
Burke, Paulmm3-mmcsSep 1972 – Sep 1992REactor/Engineering9/74-2/79 - Rm-23, 12/81-12/85 - Rm-3, 6/89-10/92 - M Div
Wilhelmi, Jerome (Jerry)CS2Sep 1972 – Jun 1973RVAH 13I was TAD to S2 Division. I had some good times and made a lot of friends.The Big E was a great ship.
Rigdon, Gary/riggerAE-3Sep 1972 – Jun 1973AirwingWas aboard The Big E for Westpac Cruise '72-'73. Assigned to VF-143. Worked in AE Shop. Sad to see her being scrapped in 2015.
Kearse, GregAMH-3Sep 10, 1972 – May 5, 1975AIMDHello guys, I hope all is well. It's been a long time. I remember the great times I had with the guys that I serves with, and our two Westpacks. God Bless you all.
Dukes, KentE1Sep 15, 1972 – Aug 1, 1973V1
Salazar, LuisADJANSep 19, 1972 – Aug 19, 1973VF-143
Parrish, DougPT3Oct 10, 1972 – Apr 14, 1973RVAH-13Some of the best days of my life.
Lust, DaveASH2Nov 17, 1972 – Nov 30, 1973IMD2Worked in the GSE Shop, hanger bay, forward, starboard side, days.
Smith Jr, B Maurice (Smitty)MM1Nov 17, 1972 – Mar 1, 1976RE-2, RM Office
Purington, DavidMM2Dec 1972 – Sep 1976A2/A3In A2 Hydraulics(M Division Berthing) then after school A3 AC&R(A Division Berthing) Remember Recker,Stringer(Rabbit), Hutch,Ricky Nelson(NO)
Magann, CarlEM2Dec 1972 – Jun 1976EE20What a learning experience.
James, GaryAE2Dec 10, 1972 – Dec 10, 1976VAQ-137Served aboard the USS Enterprise and USS America 1972 to 1976. Stationed at Whidbey Island, Washington.

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