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USS Enterprise (CVN 65) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Enterprise (CVN 65). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 2626 crew members registered for the USS Enterprise (CVN 65).

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Cullen, EdLTJG1964 –
Savarise, John / JjSN1964 – 1965Airwing 6
Watenpool, RoyABF 1 E 61964 – 1966V-4
Harris, JamesRM31964 – 1966CR DivCame aboard Big E in Norfolk, Va after arranging a swap from the USS Amphion. Left in Frisco after return from Nam in '66
Shewry, ChuckAO31964 – 1965G DivBomb elev crew, made Med cruise, Operation Orbit, yards in Newport News.
Raikowski, Howard profile iconGMT31964 – Jun 1967WLeft the ship via high line, in the south China sea. Hell of a ride! I'm on facebook.
Johnson, JimPH31964 – 1967OP
Darwin, RiceET11964 – 1966Reactor
Packman, BrentMU21964 – 1965xNavy Band...on board for Operation Sea Orbit
Sears, TomAO3Jan 1964 – Jun 1967GJoined ship during first overhaul in Newport News. Assigned to the guided missle crew, worked on flight deck. Two times to Viet Nam, catted off in South China Sea, mustered out, Treasure Island. 40 years later and I still have dreams of the Big E!
Garrett, RobertADJANJan 1964 – Nov 1964VAH-7Power Plants on A5A's. Med cruise and circumnavigation.
Erben, FredMM1Feb 1964 – Jan 1967M DivisionServed in all 4 enginerooms>.Was the first MM2 to ever qualify as CMO(Chief Machinery Operator)
Levsen, TomMM2/MM1Feb 1964 – Nov 1968M#1 Engine Room, 1st 2nd class to qualify as CMO & awarded Enterprise Man of the Month.
Mize, Clint MurelE3 SEAMANFeb 1, 1964 – Jan 1, 1968E3 SeamanClint Murel Mize-Navy?Joined-E3 seaman in the 4th division-during Vietnam War-he served from February 1964 to January 1968. ?maiden voyage? around the world with the CVN 65 the USS Enterprise. It was called operation ?Sea Orbit.?
Nardini, DomenicE5/YEOMANFeb 1, 1964 – Mar 1, 1967Worked as a liaison communicating information the Pilots gave me to the mechanics. Spent most of my time on the flight deck and hanger deck. My office was on aft mezzanine starboard side.
Levno, RobertCYN3Apr 6, 1964 – Nov 7, 1966CRJoined ship in Genoa, Italy, made 1/2 Med Cruise, Operation Sea Orbit cruise, 9-mo yard period at Newport News, VA and the first Nuke Task Force in Combat-Vietnam 65-66.
Levno, RobertCYN3Apr 6, 1964 – Nov 7, 1966CR
Mercier, LynnAO3Apr 17, 1964 – Jun 9, 1968Flight Deck Crew
Giunta, Frankie "G"AMS2May 22, 1964 – Aug 13, 1965VF 102
Hiestand, RayIC1Jun 1964 – Jun 1966RCMade alot of changes since them days. Looking for RC division personnel.
Wright, Williamrm3Jun 1964 – 1966CR divjoined at Newport news dry dock, went around the world to South China seas. exit in San Fran
Williams, RogerMM2Jun 1964 – Aug 1967A3 & A8Operation Sea Orbit, shake down Gitmo,two tours Viet Nam and stood watch in Central Control
Edwards, CharlesIC2Jun 1964 – Aug 1966E Division (IC Gang)I came aboard at Taranto, Italy; between 19&23 June during the '64 med cruise. best was "Operation Sea Orbit" showing off our air power, crossing the Equator and port calls @ Sydney&Rio de Janeiro and home to Norfolk Va.
Couture, RobertRM3Jun 1964 – Aug 25, 1967CommunicationsWorking on a 50 yr reunion in 2014. Looking for some of the guys I served with. Have found 5 so far and I know you guys are out there. If you read this please contact me at my email.
Mize, Clint MurelSEAMANJun 2, 1964 – Feb 2, 19684th weaponsI am trying to locate shipmates from my time frame. So far I have contacted 8 others from 3rd and 4th division and sail locker. Any help to joggle my memory will be appreciated.
Ambrose, Louie RossE4 - ABH3Jun 2, 1964 – Jul 5, 1968Crew Deck Green ShirtDad served aboard the Big E. from the fall of 65 through the summer of 68.
Loar, Enyart Joe profile iconbm3Jun 13, 1964 – Mar 30, 19681st,2nd,4th,maa,sidecleaners.I WAS PROUD TO HAVE SERVE ON BOARD, THE EXPIRENCE WAR REWARDING,A GREAT BUNCH OF SHIPMATES,GOD BLESS YOU ALL,JOE
Brennise, RickRD2Aug 1, 1964 – Oct 19, 1967OI/CICLooking for fellow shipmates that were I my division in 1966 and 1967
Wade, PaulE3Aug 19, 1964 – Nov 22, 1967CAT 2Did some boxing on the ship. I'm Interested in the future for the USS Enterprise CVN65 and would like to visit before it is completely demolished
Bashaw, Peter J.IC3Sep 7, 1964 – Nov 9, 1967E DIV fwd IC E DIV IC GANG 1964 to1967 FWD IC SHIPS CON.RC alarm & warning, SOUND PWR. PHONE SHOP, MOVIE BOOTH and worked with ET"S with SIN's SYS...have photos to this day.SHELL BACK etc. live in AUSTRALIA
Waterson, LeonardIC2Oct 1964 – Dec 1967EngineeringI was TDA to the Master-at-Arms for 1966-67 Holloway was Captain
Taggart, MichaelMM3Oct 9, 1964 – Oct 6, 1966M DivisionI enjoyed my time aboard Enterprise, and learned many skills, which I still use today.
Johnson, JamesPH 3Nov 1964 – Jan 1967OP DivisionFlight Deck Photographer & Plat Camera Operator
Morgan, Jim D.DC31965 – 1966R-
Wilkey, BillyFIREMAN 1ST CLASS1965 – 1969Billy was on the flight deck of the Enterprise on 1/14/69 when the flight deck blew up. If you would like to contact him call 936-334-2959 or write to 723 CR 2061, Hull, Tx 77564.
Miller, EdDK3/DK21965 – 1969S-4
Wallace, BobRD11965 – 1967IOICLooking for IOIC crew
Smith, AlanCPO1965 – 1967Ordnance
Payne, RonnieE-41965 – 1969engineering A-4 (temporary A-6)Looking for shipmates. I was aboard at time of fire in 69.
May, JohnAO2 SMITH1965 – 1969RVAH-7Looking for my Dad's Buddies, He was an "ordie" with RVAH-7
Olsen, Gerald GA041965 – 1969OrdananceNight arming and maintaince crew, red sweater. Was injured prior to Fire and in Balboa Hospital. Gerald passed away Oct 30, 2009
Nichols, AmyE41965 – 1970S-3I am trying to find someone who knew Richard Delcampo that was on the Enterprise in 1965-66.
Wiseman, Robert (Bob)MR31965 – 1968V2 Arresting Gear-Eng./Mach ShopI Would like to contact my crewmembers - Talk about old times.
MacKinnon, George RossQM21965 – 1966Navigation
Lenling, MikeBMSN1965 – Oct 19663rdDoes anyone remember the ratial riot that broke out aboard the Big E sometime between 1965 and 1966 in the 3rd division, are there any boatswains mates out there that served during this time
Coyne, George (Dave)ABH-31965 – Aug 23, 1966V-1 Crash Crew (Repair 8)
Haber, Randiee 31965 – Feb 1967storekeeperI was a boat coxswain, before going into the supply division. There was an E5 Mariner and an E6 Dobbs. I remember a JR Salamone and a Tom Dunbar who was from Iowa. Mike Lumb from WI. Roger Dubriel from Boston. HI !
Thomas, Jamiee71965 – 1969HornetsI was not part of the big E, I am looking for anyone that knew my father Jimmy Dean Thomas. He was a jet mechanic for the Hornets and served along side his brother Ricky Lee Thomas.
Reeves, JesseEn21965 – 1968A division
Gillis, Linda profile iconAA1965 – 1965unknownLooking for anyone who knew AA Barry Peterman who was killed November 8, 1965, when he was blown off the flight deck. Trying to find service info and details of accident.
Baird, ClydeABE-31965 – 1967V2. Cat#2Hello to everyone that knew me feel free to e-mail me love to hear from every one
Wood, Lawrence IvanE-51965 – 1965?This is my dad who served on the USS Enterprise in 1965. He is from Ohio originally.
Hauck II, ClydeCT1st ClassJan 1965 – Apr 27, 1967Cryptology
Dolan, JoeYN3Jan 1965 – Sep 19671ST DIVISIONWorked in 1st Lt's Office for LCDR Hall. Also worked in Weapons Dept Office for CDR Tegfeldt as relief. Left in Sept 1967 to go to college at CDR Tegfeld's alma mater - Winona State College in Mn.
Webster, John RobertANJan 1, 1965 – Jan 14, 1969My brother DIED on January 14, 1969 in the fires on this ship. I see you have a Hawaiian Reunion, from comments on here. . I love to talk to anyone who knew my brother. I entered his name, I am Patty Ward his sister.
Jones, RalphMM1/MMCFeb 5, 1965 – Mar 4, 1968RMNuke qualification completed in #4 plant. Transferred to #3 plant as group supervisor when promoted to CPO.
Johnson, Russelph3Feb 14, 1965 – Nov 1966op-photographywork in photo lab and the ioic.
Atkins, Walter (Chester)MM1Mar 1965 – Jun 1969A
Read, Steven M.ETR1Mar 1965 – Oct 1967OELike to hear from any others that remember. Worked on Tacan, SPS-10 and other radars. Like to hear from others in OE Shop 3. Retired in 1984 after 20 years.
Gay, Jerry L.SNApr 1965 – May 1965OI
Allen, DavidIC2Apr 1965 – Apr 1966E DivisionWorked in Engineering Technical Library
Cronk, Donald R.YN3Apr 27, 1965 – Mar 27, 19682nd Lt OfficePicked up the E in Nothfork Va as an E2. Made YN3. Worked in First Lt Office. Also G Division.
Ernst, JamesAO3May 1965 – Oct 1968GHanger deck crew,3 west pac cruises
Emarine, JohnABEMay 1965 – Dec 1967V2Worked hook up and hold back in the waist cats. Cat 3 primarily. Wish I was in that kind of shape now!
Sammons, Wiley (Sam)May 1965 – Oct 1967V-1Worked as a blue shirt then to tractor driver then last but not least went to Repair 8.Made some good friends wouldn't take anything for the times I had but don't know if I would want to do it again or not (too old now)
Kiehn, Billy profile iconMM2May 1, 1965 – Jan 21, 1969MStood watch in Central Control Room. Worked in #2 Aux. Machinery Room for 2 years. Then worked in Oil & Water Gang for 2 years. Went on 3 Viet Nam Tours. Went to Korea when the USS Pueblo was captured by North Korea..
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Traylor, GeorgeRM3May 7, 1965 – Oct 1965Radio
Olivieri, Paul N Olivieri Sr.E-3Jun 1965 – Aug 1967RVAH-7Did two West Pac cruises on the Big E with RVAH-7 I was a plane Capt for the Vigilante
Thomas, JerryANJun 1965 – Oct 1966OCWould like some day to visit the Big E and see how modern technology has affected my old job as a CATCC status board keeper during flight ops. Possibly, things haven't changed much in over 40 years?
Burns, DonE-4Jun 1965 – Sep 3, 1968G Bomb assemblyOh how I long for Subic Bay!
Crawford, BobMA2 - DP1Jun 1965 – Apr 1967IOICReported aboard out of IOIC School. Didn't think it was that big until they opened the doors half way down the hangar bay.
Markuson, GeraldAQB3 (E4)Jun 1965 – Aug 1966Bomb Director/Squadron Seven ReconMy Dad served aboard the USS Enterprise from 1965-66 and we are looking for people that knew him during this time period.
Schoeb, Ronald J / Rjem4Jun 1965 – Mar 1969A divison 1AMR and o2n2 plantsWish I could do it all over again Would change nothing
Butkovich, LarryCVN-65Jun 1, 1965 – Aug 21, 1966V-1 Flight Deck Blue ShirtDid my time, took my turn, and got out. No regrets.
Maddalla, ThomasABH-3Jun 19, 1965 – Jun 5, 1967V-1 Flight Deck CrewIt's only been 40 years, But who's counting! Sure would like hearing from you guys and talk about the good o'l days. Lets get togather for a re-union! And Drink Some Beers.
Eidlebach, EarlAO3Jun 20, 1965 – Apr 30, 1969G hanger deck/flight deckG-DIV. hanger deck / flight deck ord. ships company, p.o.i.c. rolling stock & mk-4 gun-pod aircraft cannons 1966-1969.
Mitchell, JimmieAO3Jun 20, 1965 – Apr 30, 1969G Division Flight deck Crew and Hangerdeck Crew. Maintained MK4 gun pods and other weapons handeling equipment. Served with some of the finest men I have ever had the honor to have known.
Little, DonE5Jul 1965 – Feb 1969V4Flight deck petty officer. Worked below decks first tour. Transferred to flight deck.
Jones, Le Roy profile iconE 3Jul 1965 – Nov 1968V 3Looking for hanger deck blue shirts 65-68...
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Gagne, LesRM3Jul 1965 – Jun 1967Radio
Gunderman, GeorgeGMG3Jul 1965 – Nov 1966GGood Times.
Maloney, CharlesRM3Jul 1965 – May 1967CRAbout the worst Radioman the Navy ever had. Loved the ship, though. Best liberty memories are of Hong Kong.
Ward, JohnnyABH2Jul 1965 – Jul 1967V1Retired, living in Sugar Land, Texas phone 281 2408844. I was fly -1 Po. Went aboard in Newport News around the cape 2 tours Viet-Nam. Cdr. SMITH & Kennedy were AIR BOSSES. Like to hear from some the old crew.
Dell'Ergo, Robert profile iconE4 ABF3Jul 1965 – Jan 11, 1967V4
Franklin, Steven Smileyic4Jul 12, 1965 – Jun 24, 1968ehi. made some friens while there. ed knapp from satermento, calif, stuberry. john ryder gary inde. some more.
Mandall, Paul SABHCJul 15, 1965 – Apr 10, 1969v-1just want to let my shipmates know I''''m still alive and kicking and to the flight deck crew....I still wear the hat device you guys gave me...PROUDLY.
Taylor, Bill profile iconYN 3Aug 1965 – Jan 1968X Executive Diivision
Franklin, Smileyic 2 classAug 10, 1965 – Jun 28, 1968interior commcustionswas on from 1965 to 1968 3 trips to vietnam. boot training in san diego.
Benn, PaulADR1Aug 25, 1965 – Jun 9, 1966V6 Power CrewLeft Norfolk and crossed the Equator , became a Shellback, on the way around Africa for our tour off the coast of Vietnam Retired after 20 years service as CPOC ADRC
David Howard, DaveYN3Sep 1965 – Apr 29, 1968W DivisionServed with CDR Tegfelt as Weapons Dept Yeoman. Sep65 thru April 68. Served as W Division yeoman, following the discharge of YN3 Riddles.
Beil, JeffAO3Sep 1965 – Mar 1968GMissle Crew
Lingenfelter, Kent profile iconDS2Sep 1965 – Mar 1968OEWorked on the NTDS computers out of the RDS shop. I worked with a bunch of great guys
Reinhardt, Gerald (Jerry)CORPORALSep 1, 1965 – Sep 1, 1967Marine DetachmentAboard during the first two cruises to Vietnam. Manned a fifty caliber machine gun position and assembled bombs as well as internal security duties at entry points to nuclear and other sensitive spaces.
Thompson, RichardAO2Sep 1, 1965 – Sep 1966GMhi tommy long time...remember you well..and most of the others..i got off and whent on to aoa school then uss essex cv still in gloehoes ny ? i cann't remember what i had for lunch but i remember what city u lived
Pearson, RobertGUNNERS MATE TECHNICIANSep 15, 1965 – Nov 24, 1967W
Terrill, GeorgeAQ2Sep 19, 1965 –GA Division
Brand, JamesE-3Sep 20, 1965 – Oct 8, 1968WLooking 4 someone who remembers me also looking 4 people that have been able to prove Agent Orange was stored aboard Remember moving barrels during onloads. Flight crews for choppers and C2 that may remember me on work party's to several land base
Faus, GlennIC1-SSSep 24, 1965 – Jan 2, 1968REStarted out in Norfolk and wound up with two Vietnam cruises. Supervisor of Forward Group RE Division.
Kurzawski, Daniel3rdSep 25, 1965 –div3
Migaleddi, JohnAGCSSep 26, 1965 – Sep 22, 1966OA
Sammons, Wiley (Sam)AIRMANOct 1965 – Sep 1967
Kase, GaryDS3-DS1Oct 1965 – Dec 1967OEWorked in ET Shop 3, Radar, mainly on AN/SPN-10
Krause, ThomasAMH 3Oct 1965 – Nov 1966SQUADRON VA-76 light attackMemories of Dixie and Yankee Station. Long hours and dangerous conditions on flight deck. Fond memories of Subic Bay, especially Olongapo. Also fond memories of Hong Kong. Had my tailor made Blues designed there.
Telles, FrankAviation Storekeeper AirmanOct 1965 – Oct 1966SupplyI turned 18 off the coast of Viet Nam Dec 4th 1965. Looking for Tom Davis from Supply Div and anyone who remembers me.
Lippe, Jimaz3Oct 1965 – Mar 1969vf96Three WestPac cruises. Started fourth cruise, but the fire on board delayed departure. Released from VF96 upon arriving in the PI. Discharged 4-9-69. Have made contact with a few members of Vf96. We're still standing.
Stone, William "Brad"E2Oct 1, 1965 – Nov 1, 1968V2It's been real. Say hello to your mother and remember God is everywhere.
Vandiver, LarryMM 2Oct 5, 1965 – Jan 16, 1969MOn the steam side of #1 engine room. Got off two days after the fire.
Harris, RichardE4Oct 10, 1965 – Aug 10, 1969Supply DivisionI was aboard the ship when the explosion happen on Jan 14/ 1969
Hines, Roger AIC2Oct 15, 1965 – Aug 10, 1968RCThree cruises to Viet Nam, from Oct. of 68 to Sept. of 69. worked in #2 Reactor Plant,Reator Plant Operator and Reactor Plant Technician.
Nicholas, VendittoPH2Oct 20, 1965 – Jan 21, 1967Air WingWould be on my bucket- list to here from anyone who served with me( RVAH-7 ) in Yankee & Dixie Stations During Vietnam Confict. I did go to her decommission , on board after 40 some on years. She was old, Still loveher
Fuentes, Davidfn3Oct 26, 1965 – Jan 21, 1969A-3AC@R units my email looking for john Mcgill ,Rois brothers,,Jim cox,,Brumley,,willie f.Jordan,,Downey,,john price,, Bill hughes
Whipp, JohnE-4Nov 1965 – Apr 1967My father, John Whipp, was on the Big E from '65-'67, if my memory serves me right. He passed 6 years ago, and the memories of his stories are fading for me. I was hoping to find anyone that remembered him. Joe- 301-371-6630
O'hara, AndrewCORPORAL - LTCOL (USMC RET)Nov 1965 – Jan 1968MarDetA great couple of years serving with the Navy. However, in 1965, the ship was new, and I was young. Neither of those things is true anymore.
Rucker, GeorgeABF2Nov 20, 1965 – Jul 22, 1969V4
Davis, Billysn-bm3Nov 29, 1965 – 19671st and sidecleanerswas sn -BM3.left 67 to incountry to AO and lost rt lung to 100% disab from va.ret. usn BMC 1988.would like to hear from anyone from deck during this time
Risner, JamesPPODec 1965 – Sep 1966flagAfter being a BT on the USS Midway it was nice having aircon.
Crum, RichardMM3Dec 1965 – Jul 1968A-1We took care of the steam repairs on all four cats. Also the JBDs. I worked with outstanding people, to a man. Didn't care much for it then, but look back on it fondly. Ended up a power house mech/elec/mach. Retired now. Hello everyone!
Hadreas, TomSN3Dec 1, 1965 – Feb 25, 1967DisbursementLooking for shipmates who worked with me in disbursement or who remember me. I need to verify events that took place during my tour. Also need the name of my commanding officer. Thanks guys.
Irish, RonAE-2Dec 2, 1965 – Aug 10, 1967VF-96
Menard, Edward profile iconBM3Dec 3, 1965 – Nov 24, 19681st, 2nd, and master at ArmsStarted in 1st division, moved on to 2nd division then was assigned to Master at arms force. Spent many days and nights on the helm during bridge watches, Adm. Hollaway mentions me in his book aircraft carriers at war.
Schlaeger, Allenae-3Dec 15, 1965 – Dec 30, 1969aircraft maintanceGreat times with ship mates,good countries we visited,a long four years and an explosion with lots of damage and loss of life,also Big waves when we went to Korea to try and save the military ship take Pueblo
McDade, GarySNDec 16, 1965 – Jun 1967Executive
Ray, JewelADJANDec 24, 1965 – Nov 11, 1967
Solvin, RaymondE-3 AIRMANDec 29, 1965 – Oct 31, 1969V-1I can't believe I found a site like this! Been a long time ago. I mainly drove tow tractor on deck. Would love to contact old shipmates. I'm still in No. Minn. not far from where I grew up. retired now & riding motorcycle & enjoying li

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