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USS Enterprise (CVN 65) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Enterprise (CVN 65). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 2626 crew members registered for the USS Enterprise (CVN 65).

Select the period (starting by the reporting year): precomm – 1960 | 1961 – 1961 | 1962 | 1963 | 1964 – 1965 | 1966 | 1967 | 1968 | 1969 | 1970 | 1971 | 1972 | 1973 | 1974 | 1975 | 1976 | 1977 | 1978 | 1979 | 1980 | 1981 | 1982 | 1983 | 1984 | 1985 | 1986 | 1987 | 1988 | 1989 | 1990 – 1991 | 1992 – 1993 | 1994 | 1995 – 1996 | 1997 – 1998 | 1999 – 2000 | 2001 – 2002 | 2003 – 2004 | 2005 – 2006 | 2007 – now

Hester, JackABE-31961 – 1964V-2Plankowner
Josey, HaroldRM11961 – 1962CommunicationsPlankowner. Part of precomm detail aboard the USS Benewah.
Pynch, TomAG21961 – 1962OAPlankowner. Amazing "city" It took me ten minutes to walk to from quarters to the office on the O-13 level.
Rodgers, Don1961 – 1962OC
Gould, Howard "gary"E-3 ?1961 – 1964My brother, Howard "Gary" Gould was on the Enterprise, I believe from 1961-1963. He was from Rutland, Vermont. If anyone remembers him, I would appreciate an email from them. He died in 1979 @ the age of 37 serving as a VT State Troop
Barbeau, AlanLI31961 – 1962X PRINT SHOPWENT TO THE ENTERPRISE IN 61 WHILE IN DRY DOCK EAT MEALS AT DINNER NEAR THE GATE WORKED MY WAY INTO THE PRINT, WAS THERE DURING CUBIAN BLOCKADE,looking for shIpmates bob cleghorn, david parrish graham, fritts, john sala,
Giddens, RaymondAMS11961 – 1964VF-102
Cianfarani, Raye31961 – Nov 1964V3Any one know if there is a 50 reunion please send any information to
Perrin, Philip (Mike)n/a1961 – 1965n/aI'm looking for people who new my dad, i heard he was a little wild call 702-418-7884,
Beary, Johnao31961 – 1962gplank owner
Armstrong, DeeE6 MM11961 – 1965MMy husband is a plank-owner; we are editors of the Enterprise Association newsletter and want to reach out to everyone to join our Association and attend our 50th birthday party reunion in November!
Butcher, James?1961 –?My father was a very proud plank owner.zc
Adkins, DannyABFAN1961 – 1964V-4Plankowner, Worked fuels Maintainence and Pump room 5. Just got back from the 50th birthday bash in Norfolk. What a great time with old v-4 friends and getting to go on the BIGE again. I hope to make the decom.
Bredahl, MichaelAN1961 – Mar 1963G (guided missle crew)Plank owner ,shake down cruise ,a couple med cruises. Wish I had that time back to take in more of the experience of all that we saw , or maybe a better memory!
White, JimDT31961 – 1962DentalWent aboard at Newport News , flew off after the blockade. Plankowner, I have to see the Big E when she gets back to Norfolk.
Donnelly, JackMM 3rd Class1961 – Apr 1963A division/ Catapult Steam & HydraulicsPlank Owner, lived on the beach during ships construction in New Port News. Best friend also a Plank Owner Jim Baggette Still in touch. I am now in Jackson NJ.
Pelno, Joseph D. (Joe Or Don)BM21961 – 1967?I am entering for my Dad so not sure of some of the above. He now has Alzheimer's is 87 and won't remember. He was aboard when Commissioned, Cuba Crisis, went to Viet Nam and retired after 22 years of service in Navy.
Lach, Donaldabe11961 – 1963v2Retired 1978 now retired in fl
Black, JoeRM!1961 – 1963ORHad some good times on liberty in GTMO, Fishing and going to the EM Club.
Sebastian, Edward A. Greekairman1961 – Jul 1963V4Plankowner.
Grohall, BobE31961 – Feb 1963catapultsplank owner. Cuban blockade, shake down cruise, Med. cruise. Married 50 years. Have been to 1 reunion with her and deactivation in Norfolk. Retired and a snowbird. Living in Wisconsin and Florida. contact me
Howard, Thomas (Tango Charlie)RD21961 – Oct 1963OIPlank owner, many great times with radar gang, looking for J. Swanson(swanny)
Grabs, James (Jim) profile iconUss enterprise1961 – 1962?I put this on for my dad. He was a plank owner and was so proud of his ship and his shipmates. He passed in 1997. Thank you all for your service.
Mahoney, PatrickRM3Jan 1961 – Nov 1962CRSome of the best times in the navy. Hey Whitley, Remember yelling at me for spending the entire midnight watch talking to that wave on the tty?
Llabrecque, TedEM2Jan 1961 – May 1963( distribution )was a honor to have served on the Big "E" and a privilage to have known so many outstanding sailors. was precom. crew and Plankowner...pulled and repaired many fire pump motors..hope to be invited for the last cruise..God Bless the Big "
Lynch, PaulADJ3Jan 1961 – Aug 1963V4/V6Best years of my life. Thanks Guys.
England, DavidE-4Jan 14, 1961 – May 1, 1963NavigationPlankowner
Seeton, Gordon profile iconE-3Jan 15, 1961 – Sep 15, 1963V-1Was frist Hotsuit on deck and ran the crane on flight deck.
Bagley, WilliamAT2Jan 27, 1961 – Dec 24, 1964V6Met the Big E after training in Memphis, TN NAS. Enetrprise was on shakedown in GITMO. Made the World cruise and was separated in December.
Evans, HaydenMM2Jan 31, 1961 – Jul 1964M-2 & M-4Checked on board USS Benawah APB 35 January along with thirty nine other young firemen from the USS Constellation Crew. Worked in number two engine room of the Enterprise with the most qualified sailors in the navy.
Zapfe, RonaldE2Feb 1, 1961 – Feb 1, 1962V1Served on the V1 flight deck crew and worked under Comander Dick up in Pri-fly . Trying to find William Brightwell of St Louis if possible. I live in the Chicago area. Are there any pre-commisioning detail guys left ?
Gilbert, Robert/bobBMEFeb 15, 1961 – Aug 1, 1963CAPTAINS GIG COXSWAIN/BOAT
Micklos, WilliamABECMar 1961 – 1964V-2Only Hollywood and maybe Tom Cruise could have put on a better showing than the Bow Cat crews did for thousands and thousands of launches. They were the BEST.
Baggette, JimEngineman 3 rd ClassMar 1, 1961 –A- DivFirst crew on board in Newport News. Plank Owner, great ship.
Smith, Geraldmmfn/snMar 1, 1961 – Jan 1962m-div/s-3went aboard in mar.61 from constellation pre-com detail. worked in 1mmr for 6 months and changed rate to seaman and went to supply and worked in crews barber shop. in auto accident on new year weekend 0f 61-62. stayed
Bollinger, RoyE4 RadarmanApr 1961 – Jun 1962O IGoing to the Deactivation of the E in Norfolk. anyone going from OI div.
Copeland, Clarence H.( Pete)Photographers Mate 2May 1961 – Jan 29, 1964PhotoPlank Owner.I like all realy enjoyed the head on the bargeship. Looking back now I have many good memories of the ship and the crew of the Photo Lab.Pete for any former Photographers from first crew la
Founds, ArthurEmfn -------- EM2May 7, 1961 – Nov 29, 1963EProud to be a plank owner who have served aboard CVAN 65 Have always wondered what ever happened to the list of plank owners that was on the bulkhead in the Power Shop, and the Bronze Globe in the deck of 5&6 switchgear.
Potts, Alvinadr3 &adr2May 8, 1961 – Sep 5, 1964v-6 and vf 102Im a plankowner served in div v6 and was transfered to vf102 in summer of 1962 and served on board until sept 1964 this was a experience of a liftime.
Decker, JohnSFP3May 24, 1961 – May 24, 1965repair
Ray, Gary L.ABE3Jun 1961 – 1964V-2Plankowner, came aboard as an AN, assigned to Cat#1, left the ship prior to the Around-the-World Cruise
Desmarais, Leonard LennyABE 3Jun 1961 – Dec 18, 1964V-2 CAT 4Came aboard as an e-2 Made 3 Med cruises and operation Sea Orbit.Am a plankowner.Woud like to know if its possible to mayby visit the ship?
Ray, Gary profile iconABE3Jun 1961 – Jun 1964V-2Plank Owner #1 cat waterbrake and retraction engine operator. Left ship just prior to Sea Orbit Cruise. Joined Illinois AIr National Guard in 75 retired in 91 as Master Sargent. Have now retired to Tennessee.
Nolan, HughAirmanJun 1961 – Jun 1963V1Hello to all the old crew members!
Sheppard, RolandRD2Jun 1961 – Nov 1963OI DivisionIt was a great learning experience, being on the Big"E" I am also a plank owner!! sorry to miss ceremony in norfolk on dec 1st 2012 due to health problems.
Polverari, William Or BillsnJun 1961 – Feb 24, 1963s-3P[ankowner and First crew
Zurbriggen, BernieQM3Jun 1961 – Jun 1963Navigation "N"Seems like a special privilage to be part of the beginning and the end.
Lavender, John T. /jackABF3Jun 1, 1961 – Apr 1, 1965V-4Plankowner-worked below decks in both pump rooms- crew leader on flight deck and hanger deck refueling air craft- Had the pleasure of taking the cruise around the world, with the best port of call being Sydney,Australia.
Buss, JoeabeJun 1, 1961 – Jul 10, 1963v2catapult #1
Aldrich, WayneEN 3Jun 7, 1961 – Sep 16, 1963A-4 Plankowner,Emergency Deisels and small boat engineer, Hoping to talk with former shipmates, great memories of the E, still have nighmares when I think of the enlisted mens head on the Benewah
Storman, JoelE-3Jun 15, 1961 – Feb 1963S-6Plankowner. This was a time to remember. Would like to get to the 50th reunion. Live in Denver Colorado. Remember the bread
Bookout, RobertE4Jun 15, 1961 – May 15, 1964V3Plank Owner
Traylor, G. O.ABE2Jun 20, 1961 – Aug 16, 1964V-2First Crew and I hope to live long enough to be there when the last crew leaves
Watts, George "Bud"ANJun 20, 1961 – Jun 20, 1963V-4"Fuels Checker" on flight deck for recovered aircraft. Two "Med" cruises; Cuban missile crises; proud plankowner.
Sheppard, Willism J.seamenJun 20, 1961 – Jan 30, 1964oe
Tevis, James "Jim"PN2Jun 26, 1961 – Apr 30, 1962Information/EducationWas aboard when The Big E when she was launched and commissioned. Remember shake down cruise to GTMO and when President Kennedy came aboard. Proud to be a Plankowner. Would like to hear from some of my Buddies I served 0 with.
Danis, TonyRADIOMANJul 1961 – Jun 1963CRWould to contact other radiomen serving aboard at this time
Vertrees, RobertABH3Jul 1961 – Aug 1963V1I am a plank owner. I was also on the Benewah while the Enterprise was being built. I was aboard during the Cuban blockade. Made shake down cruise and 3 med cruises.
Godfrey, RayMM1Jul 1961 – Jul 1966MPlank owner. Five years almost to the day. I still go back aboard every chance I get. Now ENTERPRISE is the oldest active ship in the Navy.
Marsh, TomABE2Jul 1961 – Jul 1962V2I was the very first deck edge operator for #2 Cat. Worked to debug the cats prior to comissioning. Plankowner. Hope to make the decom ceremony whenever it is
Hoffman, RalphsnJul 1961 – Jun 1964V-1started in V-1 divison then transfered to OE division and worked on the Fixed array radar sps-32 in the island sturcture I was one of the first 2,000 aboard.
Urquhart, Robert { Urk }SNJul 1961 – Jul 1963S2Thae big E is a great ship enjoyed the time aboard am a plank owner and was on board at the Newport News Shipyard .
Lehn, ElmerAO3Jul 1961 – Jul 1963GPlank owner, A very rewarding experience . Remember the Cuban missle crises. Think of all the world events since then. Still live in Minnesota.
O'Neill, William(Bill)abh3Jul 1961 – Jul 1963v3Looking for V3 mates "61 to "63 In particular those that remember or were involved in 8 Feb. '63 rogue wave accident on a/c elevator #1 that claimed the lives of 2 shipmates.
Wagner, Albert AlSK3Jul 3, 1961 – Jul 3, 1963S-1PLANKOWNER, Repair Parts SR , And S-1 Division Office Procurement section.
Desmarais, Leonard LennyABE-3Jul 8, 1961 – Dec 18, 1963V-2Im a plankowner.Made shakedown cruise. Three med cruises,and operation SEA ORBIT.I was assinged topside on cat#4.Im proud to have served aboard and im looking foward to the SEA ORBIT reunion.I was 20 when i reported aboard,im 62 now,I hope to visit
Gokey, BobEm1Jul 14, 1961 – Jul 1963REPlank Owner and very proud to have served on the " Big E" does anyone have any information on Bob Carlton ? He was RE Div. Leading Chief.
Owens, EllsworthSHSNJul 15, 1961 – Jun 20, 1963S-3Proud to be a Plank Owner, worked in Sales Office and Ship's Store, 02 level aft. have collected Big E memorabilia and artifacts for 43 years. Can be viewed at my web site , enjoy
Simmons, William JackJul 15, 1961 – Jul 22, 1964V 4
Lafleur, Eli ( Frenchy )SNJul 15, 1961 – Sep 1963S-2This was two great years
Arnos, ThomasAO3Jul 20, 1961 – Apr 21, 1965GPlankowner: Guided Missle Crew "G" Div. Also permanent side cleaner in port (don't ask).
Arnos, ThomasAO3Jul 20, 1961 – Apr 20, 1965Guided Missle CrewPre Commission to April 65. Ordinance/Missile locker port side aft hangerdeck by elevator 4. Known best for: Continuity link tester, aka shortimers chain.
Spencer, RonaldAO3Jul 27, 1961 – Jul 1963G below deck/ then flight deckexciting tmes remembered cuba thing med trips flight deck
Jones, Walter Thomas , Jr.Jul 29, 1961 – Jul 29, 1963V-2Plankowner, member of the cat crew that launched the first aircraft (F8U) off the ship (Jan. 17, 1962).
Dutcher, WilliamANJul 31, 1961 – Jul 31, 1961V3 Hangar DeckI'm a plank and interested in Big E's activities. I was drafted at the age of 21 and joined the Navy not knowing i would be on the Big "E". I was on my way to a telephone career and did not ship over. To this well done
Weyher, RichardCS2Jul 31, 1961 – Oct 9, 1963S-2Furthered my career in the Navy, Retired on July 15, 1974 as CPO after having served 23 years., . I'm very proud to be a Plankowner and to have served aboard such an historic ship. Thank you Enterprise for memories.
Buchanan, JimmerE-3Jul 31, 1961 – Oct 11, 1963V-3
Howey, DonaldRD1Aug 1961 – Oct 1963OICommissioning crew, PLANKOWNER, Cuban Missle Crisis, 3 Med Cruises. Big 'E' still the biggest and best. Join the Navy to see the world and I saw a lot of it!
Smothers, AdrianSNAug 1961 – May 19624th DivisionPlankowner. Looking for John C. McGuire who was in the 3rd Div.
Livesay, Bryan {mick }mm3Aug 1, 1961 – Dec 11, 1964a-2 divI 'AM A PLANK OWNER.WAS WONDERING ABOUT DE-COMMISSION- WHEN AND CAN WE BE THERE?
Lynch, William J. (Tiger)Airman (E-3)Aug 10, 1961 – Apr 23, 1965V-4I am a Plank Owner, served in Fuels Maintenance, Avgas Pumproom, Foward fuels #2 filter room. Looking for William A. Carrico was in V-4 Division and was from Indianapolis Indiana. I am living in Tallahassee, Florida
Alder, PhilSNAug 12, 1961 – Jun 15, 19634thPlank owner
Olson, IrvinAK-3Aug 15, 1961 – 1963S-6Great experience, our compartment was right across the passage way from the bakery. At night we'd sneak across and get hot bread to go with the butter we got at chow that night. Man i can still smell it!!!!!!
Kepics, JackABF2Aug 15, 1961 – Jul 30, 1964V-4Reported aboard Aug 61 as an ABFAN, at the precom unit at NOB Norfolk, was assigned to the flight deck as crew leader until I made rate. Worked below decks as pump 3 PO then on the flight deck as ass't flt deck PO
Bausone, GenoANAug 25, 1961 – Jul 26, 1963V2Looking to contact anyone I had contact with aboard from '61 to '63. Now living in SC
Hunt, DarrellAO3Aug 27, 1961 – May 2, 1964GGuided Missle Crew: Hanger Deck and below
Simmons, William JackABF 3Sep 1961 – Jul 22, 1964Went on the Big E in Sept 61. Miss all you guys, think of you almost every day. Thanks for your friendship. Worked in Pump room # 3.
Scott, KenABE2Sep 1, 1961 – Mar 5, 1965V2#2 Catapult R&T, Console, Deck Edge Operator. Cuba Blockade, Lebenon, Operation Sea Orbit. Great experiance, Great crew. Saw a lot and still have lots of memorable feelings.
Rasmussen, Don (Ras)ADJ-3Sep 13, 1961 – Dec 27, 1964Air Dept/V-6
Stock, PeterET 2Sep 15, 1961 – Jan 24, 1963electronics
Szukalowski, Hilary (Ski)E-4/AK3Sep 15, 1961 – Feb 1, 1964S-6I am a Plank Owner. Looking forward to the reunion December 1, 2012 in Norfolk. Remember being off the coast of Cuba for 45 days without seeing land?
Hall, GaryE8 Aircraft MechanicSep 16, 1961 – 19622
McGovern, Dave ( Mac)CS3Sep 19, 1961 – Jan 7, 1964S2
Jones, Walter profile iconABE 3Sep 19, 1961 – Jul 29, 1963V2PLANKOWNER #3 Catapult Hook up Crew
David, KerekesMM3Sep 23, 1961 – Dec 26, 1963?Proud plankowner of the USS Enterprise CVN-65 from September 23, 1961 until November 22, 1962 when I was transfer to the USS Shangri La CVA-38
Kirsch, DennisElectronics Technician ET-1Sep 25, 1961 – Jun 23, 1964RC Division
Speicher, Ralph (Larry)RM3Sep 30, 1961 – Nov 15, 1964CRWhen I was aboard, I hated it. Now, in hindsight, it was some of the best days of my life. Met a lot of great guys.
Flanders, Thomas W.RM3Oct 1961 – Jan 30, 1964CommunicationsPlankowner - Remember being on the berth ship, the Benewah, while the ship was being built. Still have my plank and certificate.
Egeland, ChristianAE2Oct 1961 – Oct 1964VF-102Was assigned to fighter squadron 102 and made Med cruises on Enterprise 1962, 1963 and 1964 including around the world cruise.
Desmarais, Leonard DesiABE-3Oct 1961 – Dec 18, 1963V-2 Can any one help me get in touch with Jack Hester? I'm a plank owner ,Cuban crises 3 med cruises and opration Sea Orbit.
Stockstill, JohnE3Oct 1961 – Nov 1962OEPLANKOWNER
Gatlin, Marcus SAO1Oct 1961 – Aug 1963G DivisionGreat Crew-I am a plank owner. Retired Chief AO in 1978';
Zerkel, L. BrooksDK3Oct 1961 – 1963S-4
Bagley, WilAG2Oct 1, 1961 – Jan 30, 1965OAI was assigned followimg Aerographers Mate school in Lakehurst, N.J. I served on the Enterprise until my discharge in 1965. My CPO was John Hurhusky. I am a Plankowner. I joined the Navy to see the world and I literally did.
Ponder, LarryE-3Oct 1, 1961 – Jul 15, 1962GPlank owner I was the first ship's company to board the ship as a mess cook from "G" Division to get the mess hall ready for the rest of the crew. After mess cook duties joined flight deck crew for "G" Division
Kane, RobertsnOct 4, 1961 – Oct 4, 1964supplywas a cook striker compartment cleaner great people to work with joined the reserve in 1965 made E-4 store keeper retired as an E-4 in 1981
Mercier, NormandQM 3Oct 7, 1961 – Jun 10, 1963NavigationArrived on board mid Oct. 61 after finishing QM school in Newport RI.We lived on the USS Benewah until the BIG E was ready. Went down to Norfolk for her 50 th birthday party,she still is the most awsome carrier ever buil
Goode, RonADJ3Oct 10, 1961 – Oct 9, 1967Fighter Squadron 102
Geserick, FrankSA (E-2)Oct 18, 1961 – Dec 3, 1963SR
Gil, VoiceAOANNov 1961 – Feb 18, 1963GStill The Biggest And The Best
Mosher, FredMR3Nov 1961 – Aug 1963AI well remember how big this ship , was in A division in styeam heat gang ended up in the machine shop after making MR3 I remember Cheif Walsh, H Philips, Joe Lenard, and Red Wegener. still break out the old cruise book'
Pierce, WalterDCNov 1961 – Nov 1963RLook forward to connecting with shipmates
Voice, GilAOANNov 1, 1961 – Feb 1963GPlankowner. I was involved in the wave accident on number one elevator in Feb 1963. To put the rumors to rest, I did not die later. Although I am looking for records of that incident. Anyone know how I can get a copy of the ships log for that day.
Welch, MarvinABE 2Nov 3, 1961 – Dec 18, 1964v2Cat 1 Console Operator, Flight Deck Crew, Water Break Operator. PLANK OWNER.
Keeler, KennethRD3Nov 3, 1961 – Jun 4, 1964OIThe best time of my life. Shakedown at Gitmo, Cuban missile crisis, 3 Med cruises, and cyprus stand off. Proud to be a plank owner. Thankful to be around at the end of the BIG"E" s service.
Barnes, William (Bill)SNNov 16, 1961 – Apr 1962OE
Petersen, Charlesrd3Nov 25, 1961 – Aug 1963OIPlank owner, transferred from USS Shangri-la,Discharged from USS Enterprise from Naples,Italy 1963.
Noel, BillAQF2Nov 27, 1961 – Oct 23, 1964V6Plankowner
Leonard, Robert Lennieem3Dec 7, 1961 – May 1964EExcellent duty Visited many places France Italy Turkey Greece Lebanon Spain
Larsen, LarsABE2Dec 19, 1961 – Jan 23, 1964V2 cat#1Anybody. In the first v2 crew, sure would like to hear from you guys. I was hook up on #1 cat,console assistant ,flight deck po,and finally console operator.hope to see a lot of you at the decommissioning.
Gilbert, Robert (Bob)BM3Dec 30, 1961 – Oct 3, 1963Boat Div I came aoard in 4th div then became the capt. gig coxwain for the rest of my time retire living AZ.Saw combat in veitnam
Doyle, JoeQM3Dec 31, 1961 – Feb 19, 1966NavigationI'm looking for old shipmates.

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