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USS Hamner (DD 718) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Hamner (DD 718). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 136 crew members registered for the USS Hamner (DD 718).

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Robinson, Charles "Robby"SN1972 – 19731stWorked under POs Crader and Creason during deployment in 1972. Truly bruising deployment - aside from Subic, our only liberty port was Hong Kong - but an experience I will always treasure.
Cummins, AlvinBmsn1972 – 1973Boatson mateI was wounded when gun mount exploded.. Was involved in rescue of downed pilot. Went ashore in DaNang
Bellville, CliffordAB1972 – 1973Communications
Brewster, HardingE2Jan 6, 1972 – Oct 2, 19731stI was aboard during 1972 when we were in Vietnam I spent my last 8 months at Balboa Naval Hosp and did not go to reserve fleet with everybody else
Cooper, GregoryFIREMAN BOILER DIV1973 – Jul 11, 1974BOILERMAN
Bingham, LawrenceMM/31973 – 1976Aft Engine RoomBoraded at Treasure Island, onto dry dock at Goverment Island, lived in the motel spent some grazy times there, than off to Portland and left the ship in 76
Lynn, Davidyn3Mar 1973 – Mar 1975x divisionLooking for crew from 73-75 possible reunion. 586-843-8121. Would love to hear from you. I would enjoy talking to friends from way back.Looking for crew from 73-75 possible reunion. 586-843-8121.
Bourque, RichardBT3Jun 1, 1973 – Jun 1, 1976Engineering
Poland, JoelRM3Nov 1973 – Mar 1974operationsShort stay on this reserve can. We went to Pearl and I was able to get a swap onto a ship going West PAC.
Poland, JoelRM3Nov 1, 1973 – May 1, 19740cAfter spending 15 months in San Miguel, I was station on the Uss. Hamner. It was a reserve ship out of Treasure Island. I wanted to go back to the Pacific so after a short stay I go a swap. I remember by name RM2 Witcher
Williams, TexE21974 – 1975Main Control Forward Engine RoomYes I do remember the crazy times at the motel that we stayed in while our ship was in drydock
Rosinski, LeeFTG2Feb 1974 – Oct 1978Gunnery 2nd divisionI was 19 years old when I came aboard and 24 when I left. Many good friends and good times.
Webb, JohnLTMar 1974 – Oct 6, 1977OCCommunications Officer, Navigator, Admin Officer
Drewry, CRMCMar 1974 – Jun 1978OCGreat group of sailors to work with> Was also my last command before retireing
Montalvo, EfrainE-1Sep 1974 – Feb 19761
Butler, EdmundBT2Sep 1974 – Jan 1978EngineeringCame aboard just after return from Hawaii and left just before last trip to Hawaii. Enjoyed my tour with alot of charchacters! Spent most of my time in forward boiler room.
Montalvo, EfrainE11975 – 1976Deck
Standridge, James W./stan Sr.QMC1975 – Sep 7, 1976OPS/N
McCartney, Michael (Mac)MMFN1975 – 1976EngineeringReplaced the Osbourn DD-846. I came aboard in dry dock in San Fran. Ship was being refitted. Great crew and still connected with some of the guys!
White, CliffChief Petty Officer1975 – 1976unknownI'm doing this for my father, Chief Petty Officer James M. White who served onboard USS Hamner for one year as a active duty CPO. Laid to rest VA Cemetery Dallas Tx 2014.
Whiteley, ArchieMM1Feb 10, 1975 – Feb 20, 1977MSpent roughley two years on the USS Hamner DD-718 in forward engine room. Most memorable was going through ref tra and full power run. Had a great time and a great time working with our Chief Engineer, LT. CMDR. Angstead, smooth sailing.
Lathrop, SteveRM2Jun 5, 1975 – Jun 9, 1978Communications
Bender, EdSH3Jun 11, 1975 – Sep 20, 1978Boats/SupplySome of the best times of my life. I really learned about life and responsibility that has made me a much better person today. Portland Oregon was the cream of the crop for a duty station.
Edmiston, MarkHT 11976 – 1979EngineeringI also remember the storm comming back from Hawii! Getting there was just as exciting since we had managed to rupture a seam below the water line. We pulled into Pearl Harbor listing and with shoring in place.
Sauer, CliffordMM21976 – 1978M, A-Gang
Miller, JimGMG31976 –'s amazing how fast 30 yrs has gone by. Had a lot of good times on the Hamner. I especially remember the girls from the college at Swan Island dancing on the Quarter Deck in their nighties on the MidWatch.
Fowler, EdwardBT21976 – 1979BBest Command I believe I've been on. Pretty laid back. I helped decommission it.
Allen, StevenRM31976 – 1977RadioshackReserve Radioman on the USS Hamner - made trips to Vancouver BC and Hawaii on it. Great ship and it was a privilege to be on her. I left the reserves when they got rid of her. My current "homeport" is Baguio City PI
Cummings, StevenSTG11976 – 1979ASMy second Gearing after the Ozbourn. Finally retired from the Army in 2008. Miss the Pacific!
Kantor, DavidE-2Apr 1976 –RWas on till the last
Caporale, Patrick/capRM2Apr 1, 1976 – Mar 31, 1978CRGreat duty station. Capt. Whitely was a great CO and the crew was a blast.
Philpott, StevenFT3Oct 1976 – Mar 1979WeaponsHad great time on the Hamner. Saw her in Korea in 1986,she was sold to them after decomm.
Cotten, VictorFTG2Nov 1, 1976 – Sep 30, 1979Second (2nd) DivisionThe Grey Ghost of the Oregon Coast ...
Broekhuizen, GregBT21977 – 1979bforward foreroom had a great time in portland nice city,
Standridge, Charles L./stanOS11977 – 1979OIMy dad (James W. Standridge/ Stan Sr.) served as a QMC aboard Hamner and retired in Portland, OR at a ceremony held on her main deck 09/07/1976. I attended and joined her crew a little over a year later. I made the Hawaii cruise.
Magill, WayneBTFN1977 – 1979BBest command I was on, entire crew was like family
Costello, Ken (Lou)ETR21977 – 1979OPS
Frey, RichFTG21977 – 1978Weapons
Faulkner, MikeEW3/21977 – 1979OI
Sullivan, TomMM1977 – 1978M
Robison, JeffEn3May 25, 1977 –EngineeringHad a blast on the ship broke my leg on training at the Portland Oregon fire department came back and decommissioned ship
Husted, R. W.QM3Jun 1977 – May 1979X/NStarted as an ST and converted to QM. Had interesting times transiting the Columbia River.
Burris, RickQM2Aug 1977 – Jul 1978OPS
Braziel, RandyHT 2Aug 1977 – 1979EngineeringI remember the hurricane on the return from hawaii.I was the last sounding and security watch at decommissioning. I missed the cerimony but was the last active member to leave the ship.I have an excavation business in Corvallis Oregon.
Malloy, Jeff profile iconLISNAug 22, 1977 – Mar 16, 1979AdminThanks to PN1 F. Mansfield and LCDR C.N. Bright for the opportunity to become a Navy Lithographer. Transferred to Guam after making LI3. Also thanks to all of you who made my time aboard a lasting memory. Retired LI1(SW)
Lucas, Laurence (Larry)QM2Nov 1, 1977 – Oct 14, 1978Operations
Lanham, DennisEN3Mar 17, 1978 – 1979A gangMy 1st ship, 2nd Duty station, worked as an EN. Most of my Navy day memories were aboard the Hamner.
Kelley, JosephOSSNApr 15, 1978 – Oct 1, 1979Operations Intelligence
Bentley, RodericBm 2Jul 1978 – Oct 1979Deck Department
MacNamara, Keith (Mac)BTFNSep 30, 1978 – Oct 1979BThis was the best duty. Went on to retire as a Chief Boiler Tech.
Roberts, StephenMM3-MM2Dec 1978 – 1979MDecom crew

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