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USS Constellation (CV 64) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Constellation (CV 64). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 3356 crew members registered for the USS Constellation (CV 64).

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Ebalo, Glenn E.FN1991 – 1995P-2, 2 MainIn SLEP, awarded NAM, went around the Horn
Leach, JoeyE-4/ABF1991 – 1993AirI have lost touch with nearly everyone. Feel free to e-mail me.
Puckett, DougE-31991 – 19931st / DECKFTN !!!!!!!!!!!
Moon, HowardOS2 (SW)1991 – 1995OIConnie was a fun ride, could have done without Apsey and Petreconi. I told you the program wouldn't work!! Block 2 was a bust from the start.
Apple, Tom, (Sinsei)AS21991 – 1994aimdworked thru slep, rode her around the horn back to s.d., i still have a hangover from st. thomas. guided the ninjas thru slep. hey mike vasquez, my eyes still burn from the hot sauce in the padeyes when we crossed the equator.
Collins, PhillipSH31991 – 1995Hello all, My Name is Phillip Collins, AKA "Lil TWIN". I'm attempting to find a few friends that I used to know back in the good ole days. If you know me, feel free to email me at
Griggs, Robert RedAR/E-31991 – 1993Crash&Salvage
Miller, AnthonyRM31991 – Sep 25, 1994CommunicationsLooking for old shipmates.
Dufour, PaulHM31991 – 1996Medical
Horn, GaryMM31991 – 1994auxiliaryRobert Dickenson Keneth Cappel Don Merida
Huggins, Bruce profile iconABF31991 – 1994V-4The ABF family of the CV-64 of the early 90's (SLEP and around the horn cruise of 1993). Let me know how you doing now. ABF3 Bruce "HUGGY" Huggins .
Patterson, JimmyAT31991 – 1996AIMDlooking for work center 630 personal.
Campbell, Derrick-os31991 – 1995oi
Bryant, DavidMM1Jan 1991 – Aug 1993P-1SLEP was a killer! MAIN ONE RULES! The "Rodeny Dangerfield" Pit where Khaki were scared to I was also part of the MMR2 "DREAM TEAM" that brought her around the horn. Sure was a LOVE/HATE tour, think I aged 20 years.
Pettus, JonABHANJan 1991 – Oct 1993V-1First ship, got aboard during slep
Lis, LennyHT2Jan 1991 – Jul 24, 1992R divMy Best years in the Navy. With a great Crew. We were a tight bunch of brothers. Great times with great Men
Roman, SteveMSSNJan 6, 1991 – Aug 13, 1994supplyHad a great time on Connie.
Hill, UrielEN3Jan 15, 1991 – Nov 17, 1994I am now an MA1 in Sasabo Japan, I left the Coni soon after she got to North Island, I then went to build the USS Cole.
Ippolito, Jsteven/ippyMMFeb 1991 – Oct 15, 1992A/Engineering
Gruber, Michael/luckyFNFeb 12, 1991 – Feb 17, 1991AuxillaryOne of the best times i ever had with my buddys, Cesar, Tony and Erwin
Bernal, JosephFC3Feb 12, 1991 –combat systemsServed for operation Iraqi freedom, Was instrumental in JTFX, was in charge of first rolling airframe missile system successfull firing.
Coleman, EricBM1Feb 14, 1991 – Apr 15, 19921stConnie was in Philly for slep, so i was home for a change, i had a great experience aboard the STARS, A VERY GOOD DEPT.
Burns, CollinE-3Feb 23, 1991 – Oct 2, 1992Fire watch
Snider, GregE7/GMCFeb 24, 1991 – Jan 26, 1996G-2 ArmoryStill Curently on active duty Arived as a GMSR and Left CV 64 AS a GMG2(SW).
Humphrey, JonathanE-4/MS3Mar 1991 – Mar 1995SupplyWorked as an MA ,HT, Number one nozzleman on Aft fire, Fwd, Aft gallies. Cargo. looking any of the guys I went around the horn with. Chipped and grinded in SLEP and WESTPAC
Hagle, KevinE-3Mar 1991 – Jan 1993REPAIRServed in tanks & void team and in the bubble shop at Phil.naval shipyards
Keller, Lewis (Matt)RM2Mar 2, 1991 – Apr 3, 1993CR
Smith, CarsonBT3Mar 7, 1991 – Feb 6, 1994P3looking for shipmates in from 91-94 that worked in main machinery room 3 at the philly navy yard
Greene, DaveWTSNMar 10, 1991 – Apr 14, 1993G-4 Elevators &Warcheif Lodge, South Philly Rowhouse Crew, Magrats Softball Team, LUMS POND Weapons Dept Party Member, Shake n' Bake Hotdog master.
Soriano, Luis (Lou)AT3Mar 15, 1991 – Sep 25, 1993AirKnown as Guru. Played alot of Dungeons and Dragons on board during the winter of 92-93
Jarrell, DonRM3Mar 15, 1991 – Jul 29, 1994Communications
Arnold, MichaelMMFNApr 1991 – Jul 19942 Main/P-2During SLEP spent Time in Firewatch Div and in S-2m Div going around the horn.
Jacobsen, Chris "jake"BT3Apr 1, 1991 – Feb 28, 19952 Main P-2Was TAD to S-5 for most of my Connie days. CHIEF KANYA was the man! Then to Bubba in 2-main!
Olivares, Sergio profile iconFNApr 1, 1991 – Feb 24, 1993RActing YN for R Division. SLEP and training to get her ready for SEA. Awesome memories and Great ShipMates.
Fourd, Robert profile iconMM2Apr 2, 1991 – Jul 15, 1995p-1/ 4mmrfrom the yards to haze gray and underway around the horn to rimpack , west pack 94-95 those were the days . lot of memories from p1 div
Hobbs, KeithE-4Apr 5, 1991 – Apr 5, 1995S-5
Malong, MarioPO3/MS3Apr 8, 1991 – Oct 15, 1994S-2This is the finest warship in the universe. I got a proud feeling and honor that i served in the flag ship of America.
Harley, CharltonIC3Apr 9, 1991 – Aug 16, 1994eHad great fun with great guys alot of hard work also, of which the hard work I was able to succesfully avoid for three and a half years. If there are anyone out there who recognize me drop me a line
Hardy, AndreEM3 ANDRE HARDYApr 11, 1991 – Sep 4, 1994Electrical E i have been trying to get in contact with some of my old shipmates. to see how they are doing. we had alot of fun in those days and i really miss that. its been a long time so get at me dawg if you feel me
Stephens II, RonHTFNMay 1991 – May 1993if i knew then what i know now,id still be in the navy
Van Syckle, Wm DouglasMA1/E6May 1991 – Oct 1993Security
Sherrill, Edmund profile iconRP3May 1991 – Aug 1994Chaplain DepartmentI served aboard the Connie when she was in dry dock at Philadelphia.I really enjoyed my time on the Connie. Does anyone remember the name of the sailor who drowned on the pier in 1993 in the Philadelphia Shipyard?
Gindlesperger, Doug Or G13 Or GilliganHTFNJun 1991 – Mar 1993Rbest time of my life was on the CONNIE!!!Was one of the terrible 3(the others being alan reed and DC3 paul anderson in firewatch.)Had a great time in the pipe shop!HT1 Harvey,ht3 flood,big bad Foster the wrestler, the best guys in the navy!
Harley, CharltonIC3Jun 11, 1991 – Aug 31, 1994ehad a great time met great people(mostly)learned alot drop me a line
Michael, GruberFNJun 17, 1991 – Feb 12, 1991AuxiliarySome of the best times of my life!!!!
Cardoza, MikeFNJun 17, 1991 – Mar 5, 1993Did SLEP tour for almost 2 years .... Was also part of the undefeated LONG DONGER softball team... I only remember a few guys like Wells , Newman , Stoker, Bolton, Richardson and Larry Kipstuhl who still calls me to this day.
Parker, JohnYN3Jun 24, 1991 – Jun 23, 1994Security/ Executive
Fuller, EricE3Jul 1991 – Oct 1993Worked in the Hanger Bay and in the Tool Control Room ditching stripping our spaces. If Tim Rexrode, Alan Miller, Eric Sherwood, Bob Gombert, Brett Westphalen, or Dan Magan are out there, please write at
Duntley, JamesBTFNJul 1991 – Apr 1993p-1 1MMRhello everyone. glad to see some of my old buddies on this list. hope to get to know some of you all..hello to all that was in 1MMR. glad to see you guys again.....SLEP bit real hard
Fa'Aita, Poasa (Pose)PNCM(AW/SW)Jul 1, 1991 – Jul 15, 1994Command Master ChiefI reported aboard at Navy Yards, Philadelphia, PA while CONNIE was undergoing SLEP. Tough times: a lot of hard work by the crew to get things moving, to get CONNIE out to sea. A great ship and great crew!
Jackson, Robert E3 ABHJul 1, 1991 – Jul 13, 1993V1I came aboard when the Connie was dry docked in Philly and I got off before she left Mayport, FL. I miss those days and I made a lot of good friends. If you remember me please send me an email.
Rivera, JesseE-2Jul 11, 1991 – Aug 1, 1993HAB/BMLot of fun back then!
Witthar, RodrickE3Aug 1, 1991 – Sep 30, 1994Medical
Brown, ScottFC2Aug 10, 1991 – Apr 1, 1997FOX/OEM/OER
Page, JohnnieBT3Aug 20, 1991 – Aug 19, 1995P-1 4MMRWhats up!
Keener, Chris "Sk8"E-3/ABESep 1991 – Jun 1993V-2 TAD firewatch while in slepwould like to hear form guys i was on board with or even worked with in philly. i have some wonderful momeries of my time onboard the Connie
Eitel, KevinOSSNSep 1991 – Oct 1994CDC
Anderson, KellySK3Sep 1991 – 1994Supply
Rossknecht, TerryEWCS(SW)Sep 1, 1991 – May 1, 1995OX
Card, Ernest/pelle PelMM3Sep 3, 1991 – Sep 3, 1995Engineering/ 2mmrGreat experience, didn't know how much it changed me or how much I would think about the crew
Sharp, GrahamABE3 E-4Sep 9, 1991 – Sep 9, 1995Arresting Gear
Gorrell, DavidBMSNSep 15, 1991 – May 28, 1993deckLoved serving on the Connie, Hated the conditions!
Tobaben, Troy ABF3Sep 25, 1991 – Feb 1, 1996V4Looking for any of the Philly V4 crew!
Story, NeilE-3/AIRMANOct 1991 – May 1993V-2 (H-4 during SLEP)Arrived in Philadelphia during slep, got out of the navy in Mayport, FLA before the trip around the Horn. Have many fine memories of the Connie!
Papson, Jamessh3Oct 1991 – Jun 1995S-3Spent 4 great years on the Connie. Would like to comuicate with some of guys from the days in Philly all the way to San Dog.
Clingenpeel, Gene (Shipwreck)ABHAN Clingenpeel, Gene AOct 1991 – Nov 20, 1992V-1 // Fire watch and BCTDHad some fun on board, only made a few friends not a lot of time time to have made a lot of them
Williams, Fredmm2Oct 1, 1991 – Jun 15, 19953mmrgreat ship, had a lot of fun on her
Willis, DeanDS3Oct 1, 1991 – Mar 14, 1994OEDShippy! Worked Micro computer repair, ASW, and ACDS Block 0 / 1 combat sys. Inport fire party boundaryman to investigator and assisted in the forecastle fire while at PNSY. Transited to San Diego and left during CSSQT.
Anthony, TravisE3 ANOct 7, 1991 – Jul 1994V3Looking to find all my Boys Pruitt, Dixon,Fred remember those days can forget my boy Maisonete.
Barclay, JamesHT2(SW)Oct 25, 1991 – Jun 24, 1993RepairI was on the Connie during SLEP and for the fire in 1993 had a good time hanging with the yardbirds
Harp, BarryOSSNOct 29, 1991 – May 9, 1993OperationsPhiladelphia Ship Yards was an easy tour.
Haney, JaysonE3Nov 1991 – May 19, 1993elevator operator, firewatch and galley duty. Great time to figure out what I wanted in life.
Thames, Anthony (Tony)emfn- em3Nov 1991 – Nov 1996e-divthe connie was my first command and i had a ball on board. from Philly to Jacksonville, around the horn and San Diego. I remember watching OJ riding in the Bronco while we were in Hawaii on RimPac '94. Then on to WesPac
Jones, RodneyE-5Nov 1991 – Sep 1992P-5 Auxilaries
Sciarini, MikeE-3Dec 1991 – Sep 1993v-1was onboard for slep. and brought her back to san diego. i had a good time once we left philly
Keele, David (Doober)ABE3Dec 1991 – Sep 1995HAB & V-2Looking for old friends from Philly!! What a time! Worked in HAB until we left Jacksonville then V-2 Waist Cat.
Prewitt, Sweet PMSSNDec 10, 1991 – Jun 3, 1995S-2one of my greatest memories Shipyard Philly 1 westpac
Asaro, PaulMS3Dec 12, 1991 – Nov 30, 1993WardroomGot on in Philly during SLEP and took her around the horn. Got out of the Navy in San Diego. I've never looked back, but I do miss some of the friends I met during my brief stay on board Connie. I learned alot from Chief Perham.
Miller, TomYn3Dec 15, 1991 – Jun 26, 1995Engineering, CommunicationsGreat ship great crew. Many great times
Privette, Daniel (Dan)ABF3Dec 27, 1991 – Aug 20, 1993V-4Hey, guys. Had a lot of great times on the Connie in V-4. I used to hang around with Red Pittman a lot. I look forward to talking to anybody from 75 Crew Shelter, Below Decks, Repair or where ever. Curious to see where everybody is these days
Baciak, BrianABH3Dec 27, 1991 – Sep 11, 1993V-3
Abeyta, DanielBMSNDec 28, 1991 – Sep 23, 1993DeckFor all the souls that made it through the over haul in 1992 and 1993 and moved one. Hope you are all doing well

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