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USS Constellation (CV 64) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Constellation (CV 64). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 3356 crew members registered for the USS Constellation (CV 64).

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Kimball, Michael L.AMH31982 –WestPac '82, also served in Master-at-Arms Division.
Hayes, EdwardE7/MAC1982 – 1983MASTER-AT-ARMS
Alfaro, RobertFN1982 – Jun 19841 MMR
Dubuque, DonAIRMAN1982 – 1984VAW-117Best West PAC's, (GO LBFM's)
Perkins, MarkAE31982 – May 11, 1984AIMD IM3 WC 650It has been a LOT of years people. If you recognize me feel free to give me a shout!
Barry, DaveE5 BT21982 – 1986P1I WAS IN 4MMR
Lane, JeffEW-31982 – 1984OWI was in OW div (Electronic Warfare) 1982-1984...One of the OS guys posted that we were the BEST....we were supreme! No other carrier came close..I was a bit of a wild man in those days....sorry guys...Was Fun
Lyons, JefferyAC21982 – 1984OCI was young and saw the world from the "Connie." So many years and pounds ago! Although things are great these days, these were the years of my youth and I'll always cherish them.
Reeves, KennethEN31982 – 1986A-DivisionThe Constellation was my first command out of Boot Camp and boy did I grow up fast. I learned a lot and got to see a good part of the world during the '85 West Pac and became a Trusty Shellback on her Flight Deck.
Scheller, HenryLT1982 – 1983OpsMet the ship during Westpac. Assigned to ASW module. Re-connected with SWOS buddy Mark Nestle. Went to the yards in Bremerton. Wrote the New Year's Eve deck log entry that was published in Navy Times. Led the drill team
Metcalf, James (Pat)RM21982 – 1986COMM
Hallam, ScottABE31982 – 1984V-2 Waist CatThose were some crazy, fun times @ 18yo!! Went in as a punk kid and left as a responsible man!! And had fun doing it!! Me and my boys used to hang out on the catwalk under the angle deck when we were at sea!! ~smh~
Baechler, BjABH-3Jan 1982 – Aug 1985v-1yellow shirt fly-1 and 2. made westpac 82 and 85 plus overhaul in bermerton, wa.
Beamish, ArnoldANJan 1982 – 1983VF-24
Navarette, Ernie NavaretteRM3Jan 1982 – Jul 1985COM
Hamaker, George ( Hambone )BT3Jan 1982 – Apr 1984P-2
Taplin, GordonIS1Jan 1982 – 1997OPS/OZ, FLAG (Afloat Planning Systems)Connie Dearest: Gave you my first three years in the Navy and THEN had the good fortune to det back to you 12 years(!) later for a full set of workups and cruise. Know what? I knew my way around ye...
Yaughn, JeffE5Jan 2, 1982 – Nov 1985Em
Hallums, ShawnIC 3Jan 10, 1982 – Sep 20, 1985Air Plat Lens
Reverente, ElizarABH3Jan 15, 1982 – Sep 14, 1986V3Looking for my good friend/shipmate, Victor Correa. E-mail is good.
Morris, LawrenceFTM1Jan 15, 1982 – Oct 15, 1987OERWorked on the 48 Radar with Paul Moser (Westminster, CA). Met the ship in the yards in Bremberton. 2 west pacs and an IO... I got out the Navy after the Connie, but came back in and retired in 2003 as Chief. Now a Manager a Lockheed Martin.
Robinson, BobbyABHANJan 17, 1982 – 1984V-1The time I spent aboard Connie was life changing. I joined at 17 yrs of age fresh out of High School and left her as a man.
Morency, ChrisLI3Jan 30, 1982 – Apr 29, 1985X-1I remember singing the Navy Blues down in the print shop. Funny how much I miss going out to sea.
Portz, Rone-4Feb 1982 – Feb 1986ozships company. started in 3m division and cvic sent me to denver for "a" school.
Bulmahn, DonaldEM3Feb 1982 – Oct 1985EHad great time on board. Stayed in San Diego after i got out. Still working for the navy today.
Flanagan, JamesBMSNFeb 1982 – Aug 19843rddident spend a lot of time in 3rd (not one of the cool kids) did 3 tours of mess-crank , fire watch and vents and voids in the yards
Brandstadter, Eddiemm3Feb 13, 1982 – Sep 15, 1984a-gangmade some great friends on the big girl. bremerton was a blast. but p.i. was a clsssic port that all new fleet sailors got gipped on . all my crew stay cool. i'm in las vegas now working as a indus refrig mechanic.
Comfort, James C. "Jim"EMFN/E3Mar 1982 – Jun 1984Craig Eddings, Brett, Keith...look me up, I'm in Idaho.
Van Vorst, GlenSKC (SW) RETMar 1982 – Aug 1985S-8Thanks for the coffee, conversation, and comaraderie. I enjoyed it all.
Deemy, MikeABE 3Mar 1982 – Nov 1984V-2 Gearawesome experience. I wish I would have made better choices. I miss the awesome carreer I could of had. Best to all that I served with.
Stallcop, ErnestTM2May 1982 – Mar 1984Weapons
McCall, LeeMM3May 1, 1982 – Dec 9, 1985P1 1MMRWhat a wonderful ship Great crew Very professional I was with a great group of guys Had a great CO and Cheng. Connie was my first all other ships I was on had to compare to her and that wasn't easy to do.
Gilbert, DaveOS3May 25, 1982 – Sep 2, 1986OIToo many damnable lifers in this division.
Del Prince, ScottJun 1982 – Jun 1987Fuels & Jet mechanic
Johnson, Wayne Johnson641ADAD/AD3Jun 1982 – Mar 1983HS-8 Eight BallersThis was first cruise with my brother BM! Samuel Johnson. THe most port visits and more memories of one of the greatest Ships I have ever been a part of, would not have changed a thing.During Helicopter Vertreps and as a LSE on the flg deck
Cordell, MattAE3Jun 1, 1982 – Aug 31, 1984AIMD -IM3Worked in work center 650
McNabb, Jim profile iconET-2Jun 1, 1982 – Apr 15, 1986OERACLS Workshop
Callaway, RichEM1Jun 4, 1982 – Dec 8, 1986EI miss the life back then! Fun, no cares, no worries and youth.
Cooper, ChuckIC1Jul 12, 1982 – Dec 7, 1986IC/V2I worked in Engineering/ IC shops from July 1982 until early 1984 when I was transferred to V-2 Division and was there as the lead PO of Plat/Lens until Dec. 1986.
Mineiro, AlEM3Aug 1982 – Apr 1985
Phelps, TomAC3Aug 15, 1982 – Oct 1, 1985OC
Kassner, Robert/kazzos3Aug 31, 1982 – Sep 29, 1985oiyou still out there woods? connie still your girl?
Valcik, August (Gus)HTC(SW)Sep 1982 – Jan 1986Looking for any R-Div ppl. Wagner, Stroud, MCPO Eikamp?
Ron, CalvertOS2Sep 1982 – Apr 1986OI/OPSHad a grest time onboard Connie. Many former shipmates have gone on to retire. Rick Nelson, Paul Pico, and I all went on to advance to OSCM. I remember the shipyards in Bremerton, the White Pig Tavern, cold beer and shuffle board.
Johnson, DonHT1Sep 1982 – Sep 1984Repair Div / LPO Living bargeWould rather be on smaller ships. Member of Bull Bunch marching drill team, Rose Parade Portland Ore was great
Modica, MarkE3Sep 1982 – Sep 1985V-1/ Crash & Salvage13 months of dry dock in Bremerton, WA to start my tour, followed by work- ups in and out of North Island. Great group of men in our tight-knit division, typically 16-18 hr days at sea. We worked hard, but played hard!
Sarrerfield, GeorgeCommanderSep 10, 1982 – Jan 1, 1985OIWas the OI division officer 82-85. Went thru the yard period with the best CO I have ever had Lyle Bull then down to San Diego. Many good memories. Remember the Country and Western concert in San Diego .
Hughes, WillieE-3Oct 17, 1982 – Nov 8, 1986Egn.Work in 4mmr with Mr.T Steve Stovall Reggie Hughes an Pero looking for you guys call (901)332-5850 or (901)942-0911
Smitherman, PhillipE-3Oct 18, 1982 – Nov 17, 1985A-1
Plumley, GlenBT2Oct 20, 1982 – Apr 1, 1986P-2: 2MMRBTOW MMOW EOW (UI I- PORT) In 1984, the Connie was the 1st US Navy Ship in 30 years, and the only Super Carrier to leave the yard both ahead of schedule and under budget. BLACK SHOE PIT-SNIPES ROCK!
Triniman, EdwinMMCSOct 25, 1982 – Dec 8, 1983Was LPO 1mmr during overhaul at PSNS.
Carroll, JosephCOSTILLATIONNov 1982 – Sep 1984ElectricalBeen trying to hook up with old ship mates here, I retired from the Navy back in '96 and have often wondered how you all are, play a little catch up and talk about old times. Sure did have a good time on the Connie!
Ammerman, JeffreyAZ2Nov 1982 – Aug 1986AIMD
Rossman, JohnBT2Nov 1, 1982 – Apr 10, 1987P-2What an awesome bunch of guys I had the honor of serving with. The memories will always stay with me. To all of my buddies that I served with in 3MMR Thanks for the ride!!
Scerbicke, GlennABF3Nov 2, 1982 – Nov 1, 1985V-4Geez,it's been almost 25 years...and it seems like yesterday. Worked on the flight deck and was division supply P.O. I just want to say thanks to all my V-4 bros for a great period in my life.Honor serving with Uall
Pate, WesleyAC2Nov 20, 1982 – Nov 3, 1983OC
Spangler, Gary / SpankyE5 AO5Nov 27, 1982 – Nov 27, 1985WG Aviation OrdinanceI worked in the Ordinance control center. My direct supervisor(s) were Petty Officer 1st Class David Lawson, Master Chief Liljegren and LT Commander Gray. All I respect and am grateful to have served with.
Glover, JerryEN2Dec 1982 – Aug 1986A-GangALPO, Boat and Diesel shop, assigned to #1 and #2 Diesel. Boat engineer,
Delp, JimHT3Dec 1982 –R Time of your life kid...
Snowdon, Daveic2Dec 4, 1982 – Aug 30, 1986eIts been a long time I had a great time while I was in the ic shops both fwd and aft. I hope all of you who I served with are doing good.
Warren, GregSK3Dec 20, 1982 – Aug 1985S-1Came in during the dry dock at Bremerton, through the trip to San Dog, and WestPac 85.

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