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USS Constellation (CV 64) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Constellation (CV 64). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 3356 crew members registered for the USS Constellation (CV 64).

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Stahley, ScottMMFR1979 – 1983AMade a second tour aboard in 1998/99
Greer, DoyneMS1979 – 1980S-2Was there for such a short time that is measurable; but, I have a lifetime of memories...Goodbye and Goodnight old girl......
Joy, DarrenHT-21979 – 1981RNorth Yemen, South Yemen conflict. Iranian hostage crisis.
Scott, BrettOS31979 – 1982OI
Clark, DenverE-31979 – 1981VS-38If anyone remembers me... email me. Would love to hear from you guys.
Mitchell, MikeAT21979 – 1982VA-165 AIMD IM-3Worked AIMD 610 on first cruise and 64C on second cruise. Would like to hear from any VA-165 or AIMD guys.Those were the days.
Holgate, Kenny "crash"ABF AN1979 – 1983V-44 years I would't do again for anything but would NOT trade for a thing!!!
Caudle, ChrisE3/Storekeeper1979 – Oct 24, 1982S1
Green, TerryABF-21979 – 1981V-4
Ayers, Michaelairman1979 – Jun 1982V3 Hangar deck crewJust looking for old friends to see what they are up too.
Beckley, MichaelHM21979 – Apr 1981Medical
McCance, VicOS21979 – 1985OIServed aboard USS Constellation CV64 1980-85.
Nannie, RondalMR21979 – 1979R Division MACHINE SHOPhow about a response from the machinery repairman stationed on the Connie from 79-82. I am trying to recall the names of all the MR's like MR1 R Tayao and Chief Deguzman, I cant remember the others, help me out. Thanks
Sandoval, ChristopherHM31979 – 1981Medical
Arlie, HatfieldFT 31979 – 1981Fox
Ren, JimBTJan 1979 – Oct 1981Cat steam
Spangler, Jeff / SpankyABH3Jan 1979 – Aug 1982V-3Hey anybody from V-3 1979-1982
Clark, Ralph (Tim)SH3Jan 10, 1979 – Sep 6, 1982S-3I came aboard in the Philippines after waiting for the Connie to come in then spent a little time enjoying the Philippines before going out for my first time to spend 110 days at sea off the coast of Iran.
Pierantozzi, RonaldBT-3Feb 1979 – Jul 6, 1982P-1 & P-2Started out in #1MMR as a FR Cleaning station was the bilges, known as the bilge King. Moved on to #4MMR, guys were great there & worked my way up to BT Top Watch. Finished in #2MMR on my last of 3 westpacs.
Norris, RandalOS 2Feb 3, 1979 – Jul 14, 1982OII was out of the Navy for 7 years before I returned to the Reserve and served from 1989 to 2007, I retired as an OSC.
Haughey, JohnJO3Feb 5, 1979 – Aug 10, 1983ExecutiveThree WestPacs, two captain's masts, and one STD: It was GREAT. More than 20 years later, who can forget, "Sweepers, sweepers, man your brooms, give the ship a good sweep-down fore and aft. The fantail is closed."
Siler, Larry profile iconBT3Feb 5, 1979 – Sep 28, 1982P6 Oil Lab
Bond, VictorAO2Feb 11, 1979 – Jun 15, 1982G-1Earned my sea legs on the Connie. Anyone remember or know where I might find my sea buddy Timothy Henry, he was assigned to G-4 Division.
Nichols, Terry / NickEMFNFeb 15, 1979 – Jun 15, 1981EBest time of my life for two years working in the Power Shop
Downs, DaleAIRMAN APPRENTICEFeb 22, 1979 – Jun 1979V-2 Bow CatapultsIssued my "greens" and stood on the catwalk next to the flight deck for the first time, felt the heat and breeze, saw all the activity, was really excited, this is what it was all about. Then got pulled for mess cook duty. Your kidding me
Ayers, MichaelAirman e3Mar 1979 – Jul 15, 1982V3
Braddock, WilliamPH2Mar 1, 1979 – Jan 12, 1983OPI live in Hawaii now. I am 50% disabled do to some of the photo jobs they send me on beginning in Hawaii. One place after another dead was involved or tramatic injuries. I still get flashbacks sometimes today.
Slack, JamesE-4Mar 1, 1979 – Feb 28, 1983P-6Had some good friends. Saw lots of interesting places. Good times to think back on. It was a lot of long hours but worth it. Definitely an adventure.
Yenichek, MarkPH2Mar 1, 1979 – Jul 1, 1982OP
Stalnecker, RalphCtr3Mar 15, 1979 – Apr 17, 1979CommsecDeployed on the Connie during 1979 westpac cruise. Made some great friends! Saw some great sites(Philippine's, Hong Kong, Singapore, Thailand, Korea) grew up a lot! Looking for anyone that may have been in comsec div.
Nelsen, DaveE-3Apr 1, 1979 – Oct 20, 1981V-1V-1 Yellow Shirt, Flight Deck, Aircraft Director #34 - Fly 3
Wayman, KenPH3Apr 1, 1979 – Oct 1, 1980OPConnie She's my Girl, 110 Day at sea was a long time.
Bielomaz, Michail, (Yogi) profile iconE2-E5/AOApr 1, 1979 – Sep 16, 1982G-2 Div.Hey Shipmates! I see there is still some of us that remember the good times. I am looking for anybody that remembers the time when a AO fell down into the elevator shaft and his name would be greatly appreciate. Thanks
West, MikeAO3Apr 15, 1979 – Sep 10, 1982G-1What do it be like? Those who served with me know how to answer that one. Lets hear from you and catch up on each other's lives.
Williams, Brett “doc”AT3Apr 19, 1979 – Sep 6, 1982AIMDShips Company supporting IM-3, Work Center 610
Glenn, RonMS3May 1979 – Mar 1983S2anyone else from S2 or S5 division during this time, please contact me.
Beaufeaux, Kevinabh 3May 5, 1979 – Jan 9, 1982v-3I had a lot of good times with the guys working the hangarbay , west-pac is something you never forget ,thanks for everything
Curley, Michael PBTJun 1979 – Sep 1982P-1Wild times and good people Pals Inn Mrs. Garcia the Mamasan was very hospitable. Too long as messenger in 1MMR, got out went wild in Atlantic City selling hotdogs, little radical now in Vegas, WHAT A LIFE!!! SOBER 18yrs
Cowell, TimABF-3Jun 6, 1979 – Nov 1982V-4Anyone remember when we collided with that Bangladeshi tanker during un-rep. on about day 65 of 110?. Arabian sea, high speed runs up the gulf. Damn Iranian hostage takers.
Tijerina, Elias ( Tj)PO 3Jun 7, 1979 – Jun 10, 1983V-3great memorys working with all of you, welcome an email from any of my old shipmates. God Bless!
Morris, Howard "Mo"ISSR-IS2Jun 11, 1979 – Oct 23, 1983OZConnie made a man out of me! Does anyone remember Senior Chief Belt (straighten that gig line!), President Reagan's visit to "America's Flagship," round bottom boats and 11 hour liberty lines in Mombasa, 110 days in the IO (and Singap
Miller, Shawn ShawnboE-3Jun 12, 1979 – Mar 3, 1982V-1 V-3 Air OpsI started off in V-1 as an ABH in Fly 1 on the flight deck for the first deployment. After completing courses, Air Ops as a AC striker. Finished in V-3 with a great bunch of shipmates. The NAVY was work/letters/fights/cruises/fun/adventure
McNally, StephenRMC/RMCSJun 18, 1979 – Jun 3, 1981COMMRADIO CPO & Departmental LCPO
Alexander, MartinABH3Jun 25, 1979 – May 23, 1983V-3 The Connie was the best in the Navy with the Best crew at that time. I miss all my old ship mates and hanger deck buddies.
Rojas, Sergiopettyofficer3rdclassJun 30, 1979 – Sep 28, 1980shippolice securitylooking forward to comunicate with any pettyofficers of the police security division for the 1979-80yrs west pac cruise sergio rojas
Marheine, Doug/hollywoodABHANJul 1979 – Jun 4, 1982V-3 hangerdecktwo west-pacs,africa,korea,australia,philipines,thanks for the memorys and the great people that i worked with...connie you were a great lady
Johnston, Greg "Johnny"YN2Jul 1979 – Jul 1982XO Admin/Engineering Log RoomGreat times,great memories-Iranian Hostage Crisis, 110 days in IO, shellback initiation, PI, Pusan, Singapore.remember B Wolfe Print Shop. Would like to contact R Downin (Pers Off), Lt. Hull, R Johnston, T Hunter.others.
Gaston, GreggAK1Jul 1979 – Jul 1982S-6Closed Loop Aeronautical Management Program (CLAMP) supervisor.
Emerson, DavidLCDRJul 1979 – Feb 1981Weapons
Rogers, GlennCWO 2Jul 1, 1979 – Jul 9, 1980MedicalI was the first Physician's Assistant assigned to the Connie. Memorable times with an outstanding crew.
Liley, TimothyGMT2Jul 1, 1979 – Dec 1, 1983W-Division
Tijerina, Elias/tjABH3Jul 7, 1979 – Jul 8, 1983V3
Fein, Jeff (Chuckwagon)E3Jul 8, 1979 – Jun 4, 1982mmr
Smith, Paul (Smitty)BT2Jul 15, 1979 – Feb 15, 1983P-1I look forward to hearing from some of the hole snipes esspecially you Ron Pierantozzi.I have an e-mail so send me note.
Coyle, Timothy / TimHTFNAug 1979 – Apr 7, 1983RepairIf you knew me, you knew I was a drunk. God has richly blessed me and the Navy played a big part by sending me to rehab. I pray for all of you to have a true saving relationship with God and thank you all for being part of my life.
Kennelly, DonAug 1979 – May 25, 1983OE
Drinkard, KennethAirmanAug 1979 – 1980V3 Division [ Hanger Deck] If I could see what I was going to miss out in good memories,If I wasnt so worried about the tradgedies at home, if I could of known of the value of an education, If I had more of a vision of what I know at 51.God can
Slagter, DaleHT 2Aug 1979 – 1981EngineeringShe was a nice ship learned alot about life and she almost did me in as well but we had a Very fine crew and had both good and bad times more good also served on USS Shandoah/ Hunley/ plus more liked to move around
Meketa, MichaelIC2Aug 7, 1979 – Aug 22, 1981EGREAT CREW GREAT SHIP GONZO STATION!
Schwarz, RobertRMSNAug 9, 1979 – Jul 18, 1982CR DivI always look back on my time on connie with fond memories. I wouldn't trade it for the world and would do it again in a heartbeat.
Vanbuskirk, PaulE-3Aug 14, 1979 – Apr 27, 1981air divison fly 2still kicking/
Jeter, Raymond Ray DaleBT3Aug 21, 1979 – Mar 1, 1983P-1This is a shout out to all you snipes , Like Paul G Smith , Arkansas loves ya Smitty . How about those 110 days in the Indian Ocean that beer should did taste purdy good .I would have used my other nickname ,but its not approiate .
Farinsky, JamesGMT2Sep 19, 1979 – Oct 19, 1982"W"Great times on the Connie back then....Australia, Singapore, Korea, Africa, etc. I transferred to the Coral Sea in late 82 but have great memories of my friends on the Connie.
Baker, Arthur (Snake)ABF-2Oct 1979 – Mar 1983V-4
Waters, GlennSK1Oct 1979 – Sep 1982S-1, MAA, OCWorked supply, master-at-arms and ATO. Sailed on two cruises.
Doody, FrancisRN3Oct 1979 – Jul 1983CRPut ahola in the Ayatolla had a great time on the connie those where the good old days, would like to hear from anyone who remembered such times.
Quellhorst, WilliamAMS1Oct 1979 – Nov 1982VA 165Two West PACs, GONZO, 110 Days in the Indian Ocean. Really enjoyed my time aboard the Connie
Waters, GlennSK1Oct 1979 – Sep 1982S-1,MAA, OCGreat duty station, lots of memories. Enjoyed the different jobs, worked ATO, Master-at-arms, and supply, was TAD shore det to Diego Garcia.
Scott, StevenfiremanOct 1979 – Sep 1980P3
West, MarkAD2Oct 1, 1979 – Jun 25, 1983VF-211 Power Plants"THE" greatest experience of a lifetime for this rural Pennsylvanian! Loved working on F14 tomcats, The PI, Korea, Africa, Austrailia, Singapore, Japan, etc. Iranian Hostage crisis & Gonzo station 110 days, Prez Reagan ship visit.
Thompson, JcE-4Oct 1, 1979 – Oct 1, 1981MAR-DETremember alot and want to forget alot but will never for get the good time on the ship and my good friend frank neal bosin-mate
Hulsebus, BobbySAOct 6, 1979 – Jun 6, 1983S4
McDermott, Mark  NEWOS2Oct 15, 1979 – Apr 15, 1983OSA special time serving on Connie - Think of her and the crew often.
Blanton, PatrickLCPLOct 16, 1979 – May 1982MARDETI was the Marine that pulled two sailors out of a paint locker after co2 went off. One lived and One died never did get the names. I sure did enjoy my time on the conni best time I ever had was on kick boxing team also.
Jimenez, PaulE-1Oct 19, 1979 – Oct 4, 1981V-1 I was a yellow shirt in fly 3, I loved it, and if I had it to do over, Id of stuck with the connie as long as I could of. Directing was my favorit job of jobs, and I really miss being on the boat at sea, Im in texas now,as a linema
Cardamone, RichardGMT2Oct 31, 1979 – May 31, 1983"W"Any old connie sailors out there Email me. I retired 2001
Malinosky, PaulE3Oct 31, 1979 – Mar 19, 1982S-6 & S-83 west pacs, finally hit Australia on the last one.
Wolfe, Jr, WilliamLI2Nov 1979 – May 1981Executive
Angelo, Anthony profile iconHTFNNov 1979 – 1981REnjoyed my time on board. Learned a lot and enjoyed the work I did. Really miss the Connie and bein at sea. It was a wonderful experience and miss my old shipmates. Met president Reagan after the Iranian hostage crisis.
Dunn, ThomasHT2(SW)Nov 1, 1979 – Jul 9, 1983R DIVFirst Ship but not the last ship
Stahl, GeneIC2Dec 1979 – Nov 1983E DivisionAshdown, thanks for showing me the way of the DOG! Great time in my life! Great IC Gang, Bernie, Charlie, Roger,Galeski, Ace Rap, Ben, Matheson, Inscore, Winger & more. 2 West Pacs & Bremerton
Kanyusik, JimPN2Dec 1, 1979 – Sep 15, 1980X-AdminGreat times - being in San Diego and on Westpac 1979/1980. Was Petty Officer in charge of the Enlisted Services Records Office. Seems like a long time ago, but still recall the good times. Jim "Candog" Kanyusik, PN2
Post, JeffreySK2Dec 13, 1979 – Jun 29, 1983S-1This was my only command as an Enlisted man. When I think back over my Navy Career, the Connie was my most fun command. I retired from the Navy in 2004 as a Commander. But it is my Storekeeper days that I miss most.
Kitchell, BobAC 2nd classDec 16, 1979 – Feb 26, 1981CATTCI was the assistant Air Transfer Officer and worked with Ensign Buchan.
Nannie, RondalMR2Dec 27, 1979 – 1983R division machine shopServed 4 years on the Connie . Started off in Deck division and the went to the Machine shop. Lots of good memories. Thanks Ron
Howington, Ron ( Howy)ABF ANDec 29, 1979 – Oct 14, 1983V-4how it was gets better as the years go by...hell 25 more i'll probably say i liked it
Post, JeffSK2Dec 29, 1979 – Jun 22, 1983S-1My first duty station and by far, my most fun.

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