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USS Constellation (CV 64) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Constellation (CV 64). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 3356 crew members registered for the USS Constellation (CV 64).

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Haas, TimGMM21978 – 1980SAMThey never could catch us playing poker in Launcher 1
Kinard, BobAMH 21978 – 1980VF-211As I get farther down this road they call life, I have great pride that I was a small part of this ships history. Working on the F-14 was also a thrill. I have some great memorys to tell my grandson on rainy days.
Mayes, DanABFAN - ABF21978 – 1981V-4Served twice 78-81 and 83-84
Woods, MarkHT3/E-41978 – Nov 1981R
Aragoneses, Amado A.e2 abh1978 –v3Que pasa to all my connie. Buddies. From cubita special shout out to. V.barahona, L.Gonzalez, latorre ,A.Rams,
Wigant, JakeE11978 – 1981V-4once in a while i wonder about my shipmates
Frazier, Aaron (Jody)ABHAN E31978 – Feb 28, 1980V 3 It was a lot of fun on the Connie (USS Neverdock). She was a fine ship.
Petrillo, FrankAD11978 – 1979IM-2
Berry, VirgilABH31978 – 1981V1Some of the best times of my life would do it all over again made some great friends and memories named my son after Robert l. Davis ABH2 , ben a truck driver sence getting out.saw the world then all of the US
Harris, GuyAT21978 –IM-3I came aboard with the airwing, VF211. Sent to IM-3, workcenter 610 Spent most of my time running the MARS Station...if you made a phone patch home, then you talked to me!
Penland, Mike profile iconE-5, HULL MAINTENANCE TECH. 1978 – 1982Repair (R) DivisionAlthough 4 years was enough, my time aboard the Connie holds a lot of good memories and some bad. I will never forget the shipmates that made the ultimate sacrifice. I will always respect and appreciate all that serve.
Berkery, Bob (Buffalo Bob)HTFNJan 1978 – Sep 1981I did not realize how much I missed my brothers until I was gone. At the time I didn't understand what an honor it was to serve my country. Now I tell stories of the dangerous fires, floods, and other situations I was involved in. GOD BLESS AMERIC
Leeds, BarryAMH-3Jan 1, 1978 – Sep 1, 1979Intermediate Maintenance - Ships CompanyNot exactly sure on the dates, it's been some time, but I got out about September 1979. Did one West-Pac with the Connie.
Matthias, Walter (Hollywood)BT2Jan 10, 1978 – Oct 29, 1982P-1 (1MMR), P-7 Boiler Repair ShopReported on board as a Fr in 1978 and left in ship yard 1982 in Bremerton,washington as a BT2 . Wentt for shore duty in great lakes as an instructor. Made 1st class and master training specialist .completed 20 in 1997.
Herbert, RickAO2Jan 17, 1978 – Jul 17, 1979GWas in the "79" mag then sent to flight deck crew. Spent 110 days in the I.O. and remember when Ranger boat hit a tanker and we had to wait for Midway to relieve us.
Iwanski, DonAD3Feb 1978 – Nov 1980HS-6Would like to hear from shipmates who were aboard the Connie from this time period.
Christian, Wayne/ ChrisMS2/MS1Feb 11, 1978 – Aug 1981
Latorre, HectorBM3Feb 22, 1978 – Nov 17, 1983Deck Dept- 1st DivLike to Know about all you fellows. Looking for Luis Lopez. First from 2nd div, Deck dept, then became Yeoman 3rd class Deck Office
Green, Terry "Mean"ABF2Mar 1978 – Aug 1980FUELSMiddle Weight Boxing Champion and Coach
Schulze, David (Dutch)OSMar 1978 – Apr 1986OI
Mako, StevenHt3Mar 1978 – Jan 1981RMember of r div and ships flying squad,110 days in Indian Ocean shooting plans at Iran during the hostage crisis
Windham, TerryCTOCMar 3, 1978 – Mar 3, 1981OSGreatest cryptologic tour of my career. Without the support and professionalism of my shipmates, I would never made CWO2 and eventually retire as a LCDR in 1996.
Coleman, EricPH3Mar 10, 1978 – Sep 30, 1980PAO/OP
Gonzalez, LumenANMar 21, 1978 – Jul 26, 1980Hangar Deck
Brown, Gary W. (Bill)L/CPLApr 1978 – Apr 1980Mar-DetWhat touched me most was when we were in the Indian Ocean in 1979, being relieved by the USS Midway. But on this day, Aprit 16, 1979, there sits the Midway, in waters calmed by God to show us we can rest now, as these waters, and go home.
Towler, RonaldEM3Apr 1978 – Aug 1981EGreat learning experience; the Navy taught me a lot. I'd love to here from anyone in E Division from 1978 to 1981
Byrne, HughIC2Apr 1978 – Oct 1981E-DIV/IC GANG Good times / Bad times. Met alot of good people. Frank Inscore you still alive. I thought those P.I. women would do you in. To marine Patrick Blanton the sailor that died was HT Kenny Isom. He was a good man.
Lipke, DuaneE-3Apr 28, 1978 – Apr 27, 1981hanger bayit is nice to see that some of my old shipmate are on here
Walker, Gregory (Greg)ANMay 1978 – Apr 1979G-2
South, GlennEMCS(AW)May 1978 – Aug 1981E V-2E-Div 05/78 to 08/81; V-2 11/86 to 10/93 The best duty station I ever had.
Wayman, KenPH3May 1978 – Oct 1, 1981OPConnie is still my Gal. She Taught Me alot about Me. 110 Days at sea was a Long, Long Time. But The Crew and Ship Mates in the Photo Lab Was The Greatest. Contact me if anyone see's this
Patterson, SteveAK3May 1978 – Jan 25, 1981S-6
Hubler, DuaneBT3May 1, 1978 – Jul 27, 1982P3/MMR3days of living hell
Biggs, MickeyOS2May 1, 1978 – Aug 12, 1981OI
Flynn, CowboyAO3May 8, 1978 – Mar 10, 1982G-4 FLIGHT DECK CREW
Tyler, William,ABH3May 20, 1978 – Nov 1, 1979V1Was assigned to V1 fly3 blue shirt , assigned to C&S after making E-4
Hebert, Guy/skipET3May 25, 1978 – Jun 15, 1981OE
Kashmer, Dave/ikeAT2Jun 1978 – May 1979AIMD-IM3Became a Sailor on the Connie. Was in AIMD Shop 641. Best bunch of guys I ever met. Bill H. was the best boss I ever had. Thank You Constellation and crew for making my life better.
Kizis, AndyIM 3Jun 1978 – Sep 1981S-1God bless and godspeed Constellation.
Pierantozzi, RichardCWO2Jun 1978 – Nov 1980Engineering, AFinest ship, crew and shipmates ever.
Fuentes, John "Tito"AAJun 1978 – Jun 1982G-1It's true that time heals all bad memories. As I age I find that the time spent on the Connie was some of the worse and best times in my life. I entered the hull as a boy and saluted the flag as i left as a man. IYAOYAS
St. Clair, JamesEWJun 1978 – Oct 1982OWGreat ship, crew and Captains. Made 3 West-Pac deployments on her. Went on as a EW3 and left as EW1
Townsend, JosephAMH-2Jun 13, 1978 – Nov 5, 1979IM-2COD crew
Bragg, RobertE-4 / AO-G-1 DIV.Jun 18, 1978 – Jul 18, 1981G-1Looking for shipmates that was in the G divisions during the time i was in.
Mondie, JuniorE5Jul 18, 1978 – 1979VA-146I was sent to the Connie during the 1978-79 cruise and remained with VA-146 until the monsoon hit and I was stationed at Subic Weapons for 3 months until the Connie came back and picked us up (other stranded shipmates)
Weidig, JohnhtfnJul 19, 1978 – Nov 19, 1989r-1Was on the ship during the Iranian Hostage crises. We were in the P.I. on liberty call when we got the call, we sailed the next day to the Indian Ocean, did the Equator/polywog deal. We also did Singapore for 2-3 days!
Schadewitz, MarkAAAug 1978 – May 1979G-4
Brossette, Mark "bro"AME-3Aug 1, 1978 – May 30, 1979VF-24 Trouble shooterWhat a great ship. As I have become older, I take great pride that I was a small part of this ships history and have some great memorys of a lot of great shipmates. Good look and God Bless all that crewed the Connie. Checksix, BRO
Stark, AnthonyAO3Aug 14, 1978 – Apr 19, 1981G-1had too many good times.I sure miss all the friends of G-1.
William, WhitneyGMT-2Aug 22, 1978 – May 17, 19795thServed on board Connie during the iranian, and yemen crisis. Was in the weapons department 5th division. Does anyone know what awards or medals at that time we all recieved?
Calderone, JohnBTAug 24, 1978 – Aug 27, 1982P-3 3MMRThree cruises in four years way too much...was a top watch my last year..
Sass, JimAE-3Sep 1978 – Nov 1980HS-62 WestPacs.Left HS 6 in 81 joined USMC including Sixth Fleet Security and Beirut. Served in Army Nat'l Guard. Currently serving with 364th CA BDE {Airborne} Army Reserve. People think I'm bs'n bout Olongapo. Less they been there. LOL
Steiner, SteveE2Sep 1978 – Feb 1980Oil LabLooking back, I wouldn't change a thing the good or the bad. Being 18 in P I and 2 Captians masts oh yeah. Mojo anyone?? It's wierd couldn't wait to get out, now i think back & it was not so bad. Does anyone remember the uptakes??
Jedrey, JamesE-1Sep 1978 – Mar 1979looking back close to 30 years this was the easiest time of my life and I clearly screwed it up. awol in singapore, awol in olongapo,escaping cc twice, best place in the world for a 17 yr old to get in trouble.happytrails. JEDTHEHEAD
Carlson, RogerE-3/ABFSep 1978 – Jun 1981V-4
Newland, GregEmfnSep 9, 1978 – Dec 18, 1980Ethought I'd use this to find some old friends . I was in lighting shop, the tool crib and in power shop during my years also made the donuts for you guys while assigned to mess decks. Did 2 1/2 Wes pacs
Paulukonis, RobMMFN/MM3/MMFNSep 15, 1978 – Jun 20, 1980Engineering, P-5Great people, horrible work!
Grochulski, Fred "Ski"GMT-3Sep 17, 1978 – Jan 7, 1981WConnie was my first love of the sea and I had some of the best time in my life with her.
Diaz, ArtAO3Oct 1978 – Jun 19, 1981G-4Left the boat in '81 after that really good cruise where we spent over 110 days on station in the I.O. Joined San Diego Sheriff's Department for a few years. Left to join U.S. Border Patrol. Been there ever since.
Frantz, Rich "chicago"RM 2ND CLASSOct 1978 – Aug 22, 1980RadioHad a memorable time in the Teletype Repair shop onboard the Connie. Had a great time in San Diego as well. Sorry to hear about the decommissioning but I guess time goes by. Good luck to all that served.
Pettit, KennethRM3Oct 1, 1978 – Jul 1980CommunicationsMy time on board the Connie was some of my best memories
Goodwin, Charles (Goodie)MM2Nov 1978 – Mar 1984P-3/3MMR I landed on connie in the south china sea, for the next 6 years she was my home. Mostly good times alot of sweat . Saw the dallas cowboy cheerleaders sweat and Pres Regan. LBFN in PI . the reach rod jungle had its rath on me . 6x6 always SME, .02
Maytum, MichaelAT2Dec 1978 – Jul 1980VA-146Attached to VA-146 AT & IWT shop-- 2 WestPacs -- planes changed a bit from when we were the "BLUE DIAMONDS"!
Park, JimBT3Dec 1978 – 1980Engineering
Hunnicutt, J Dad2Dec 5, 1978 – Sep 25, 1981im2i was with va-147 on the beacj det at cubi my forst cruise on the connie then i was tad to aimd im2 div jet engine shop for the second cruise enjoyed both
Capps, BrianRM3Dec 31, 1978 – Dec 12, 19792 Indian Oceans tours back to back. What a rush. certainly not much of a re-enlistment incentive.

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