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USS Constellation (CV 64) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Constellation (CV 64). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 3356 crew members registered for the USS Constellation (CV 64).

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Hidalgo, RaulBT31975 – 19794MMRMade two WestPac's.
Haen, Paul J.PNC1975 – 1978X2 Personnel Office
Ciminelli, AndyBT-31975 – 19771MMR
Allen, RobertABF21975 – 1979V-4Hello shipmates, after Connie and went to AFP in Subic from there to the Carl Vinson and then civilian. Went into the Army as a paratrooper, Did Dessert Storm and after 16years in the miliatry I'm now a Federal Police Ofc. Drop me an email if you
Kirby, PercyBT31975 – Jan 11, 1978ENGI am looking for anyone who served in the Eng. group within the same timeframe as myself.
Langmeyer, PaulAXAN1975 – 1976OE - Tactical Support Center (TSC)30 years have gone by and seems like it was yesterday aboard Connie... "hello to DS2 Al Yowell. Al, I finally got my crow as an AX3 at AIMD North Island". Only regrets: missing the '77-'78 WESTPAC deployment.
Johnson, Milton AABH21975 – 1985V-1Crash and Salvage/DCPO/Fly 2 PO I could never get off this ship every time I transfered I got sent back 3 times.
Heltsley, JohnLCDR1975 – 1977HH Division Officer
Tharpe, WoodieE-31975 – 19772nd divison
Tittor, PaulABH-21975 – 1979V-1V-1 Tractor King when I left. Had many great times overseas. Would like to hear from old shipmates.
Murdoch, RonBM31975 – 19793rd and 1stThis was my first command after boot camp. Enjoyed my first four years in the Navy on the "Connie". Would like to hear from others that were in 3rd Division during the same time.
Googe, KevinEM1975 – 1978EI miss those days now. I hope all my brothers are still salty.
Dawson, Stevensm21975 – 1977nslooking for sm2 wayne g a galland ( joe) anyone remember him or me,pleaase hit me up.
Dreyer, JeffE 31975 – 1979SAMI'm looking for anybody that served from 1975 - 1979 with me. My name is Jeff Dreyer but I went by Bug or JD.
Johnson, DennisE31975 – 1976E-division E3I'm looking for acouple shipmates. Doug Cramer and Skip Mariner III. I am Denny Johnson my nickname Morty Moot with a forty foot rope. Thank you
Miller, KeithMM21975 – 1977P1
Warden, RoyAO31975 – 1978G-3Good Times in Bremerton,Wa. and West Pac "77".Miss my ole buddies Mark Holden,Van Lorena,Beach,Ochoa,Todd Roderrick,Sandy,hope you all are well.Hi Schuster and Piazza.I was young and dumb but had a lot of fun......
Hansen, DarwinBmsn1975 – 1977Deck
Murphy, JerryABH31975 – 1979V-1Flight deck tractor driver Lots of good times with the friends I made while on board.Was able to get a small piece of the flight deck when she was scrapped in Texas .Say hello if you were in V-1
Sumner, MichaelHT21975 – 1979Repair
Robinson, Benny / RobiBT 31975 – 1979P1Had a graet time on the Connie . Its been years and I still think about my buddies. 3 D Matt. Hutch . Ditch , Brock . Sizemore. I worked catapult steam. We sure had a time. Sure would love to hear from some of the guys.
Keithley, WalterHM3Feb 1975 – Dec 1976
Silva, AlfredoE-2Feb 1975 – Jan 1976V-4Never got to fuel jets, which was what I was trained to do. The ship was in dry dock. Instead I was assigned to Vents and Voids and later Fire Watch duty. I hated it.
Clark, Bradley profile iconCplFeb 12, 1975 – Feb 11, 1977Marine DetachmentCaptains Orderly: Capt. Eggert Brig Quarters Supervisor
Re, Kevinao3Mar 3, 1975 – Jan 1977weapons/ admin master at armslooking to find shipmates Westpac 1977/78, weapons division g-1/g-4 wpns storage area anyone remember pi pops
Clement, JohnCplMar 9, 1975 – Mar 31, 1977MarDet
Black, DaveRMSNMar 12, 1975 – Mar 23, 1976communications
Corkran, RickAT3Mar 23, 1975 – Mar 6, 1979VA 165
Watts, MichaelBT3Apr 1975 – Oct 31, 1979P-2 2MMR
Cottle, KenAT1Apr 1, 1975 – Apr 23, 1979IM3 AIMD VASTOne of the original VASTards on the Ship. The camaraderie that we all shared and the competition that developed among the S-3, F-14, E-2C and VAST Techs. still holds some very special memories in my life. Thanks Connie.
Ensunsa, GaryRM3May 1975 – Oct 1978CommunicationsBoarded the Connie in Bremerton Dry Dock to covert from CVA to CV... Worked Communications and did Christian Radio Show on KNY... Left lots of good friends behind but took all the great memories with me...
Nunley, Reinaldo L.BT2May 9, 1975 – Sep 6, 1980P-1/P-2/P-4/P-7CONNIE WAS MY GIRL FOR TWO TOURS WHICH LASTED A TOTAL OF 7 YEARS
Lee, ThomasE3May 15, 1975 – Mar 22, 19782 Main boiler techlooking 4 people i serve with on the connie from that area
Risch, NicholasMS3Jun 1975 – Oct 1976Worked in the forward galley and supply. Came on board while Connie was dry-docked in Bremerton WA being converted from CVA to CV. Did many firewatches for the welders throughout the ship. I left while we were docked in Long Beach during sea trials.
Wapstra, Albert (Wop)CV 64Jun 1975 – Sep 1979OpsSpent most of my earlier enlistment on tin cans and like any tin can sailor figured carriers sucked. NOOO not so Connnie was one of my better memories. No green water over the signal bridge. Food was great. Shipmates could not be better.
Ogren, TerryRmsm Rm3Jun 1975 – Oct 1977CommunicationsDrydock in Bremerton WA to Westpac 77. What a great experience!
Messmer, KenHT2Jun 16, 1975 – May 16, 1979Repair DivisionQuite a group of fellas. wish we could get together again
Crowe, DickPHC - RETIRED AS PHCMJul 1975 – Jun 1978OZ and OPReported in Bremerton, spent most of tour in CVIC with Cdr. Herbst as Intelligence Officer and last 6-months as Photo Officer in OP Division. I'd love to contact any old Connie OZ or OP guys. Our 1977 Westpac was the last really great one!
Robison, Don profile iconIC-3/2Jul 1975 – Aug 1976E-Div
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Gan, JohnABFANJul 15, 1975 – Jul 10, 1977v-4Seperated from the Navy while in PI 1977. Since then I have been married for 25 years, and have six children. I now work for the Air Force Reserve as an civilian aircraft structural mechanic. I LOVE JESUS !!!!
Matteson, ChrisAD3Jul 30, 1975 – Jul 30, 1979HS-6It was great being part of a helo squad. Alot of the time we could fly off the ship in the ports where the crew had to wait for the liberty launches.
Gordon, KenSH1Aug 1975 – Dec 1979s-3went aboard as an E-3 left as an E-6. 3 cruses and a yard period. She was a fine ship.With a good crew.
Winebrinner, DennisAX-2Aug 1975 – Sep 1977OE TSC/XMAAhello paul langmeyer. long time since we worked together. what happened to don fish and gary uthe? i got out, bummed around several years then went army. now youngest daughter is in navy..corpsman school
McAndrews, DavidADJE3Aug 1975 –VA147Hi I went on my cruise back in August of 1975, and never got my cruise book. Is there anyone out there who can help me find my cruisebook?, thanks David B McAndrews.
Rieger, Ronald profile iconDS1Aug 1975 – Oct 1977OEworked in cvic
Oates, GlennABE2Aug 8, 1975 – Oct 13, 1979ABE ARRESTING GEAR
Hicks, BrianPo3Sep 9, 1975 – Sep 9, 1979OpLooking for old friends and shipmates...did 3 west-pacs
Doyle, Bud ( Speedboat)AK-3Sep 14, 1975 – Sep 13, 1979S-6Steve Bond, Randy Ruth,Peter Allen, Steve Patterson,Tennessee, It's been a long time guys. It's good to see some names from the past. thanks, look forward to hearing from you.
Hamilton, OliverBTFNSep 15, 1975 – Jul 15, 1977B div.hello everyone my name is Oliver Hamilton BTFN from 4 mmr . i seen a few names that i notice but again its been so long. i worked in the mmr but i also worked in catapult steam 3 and 4 with the air dells (ABE).
Mullins, RayAAOct 1975 – Jun 1976S-6My first ship's company. Picked her up right out of boot while she was in the yards in Bremerton, armpit of the U.S.
Mostowy, BenAT3Oct 1975 – Dec 1978AIMD - Shop 8 (DECM)Ships company with ATC Bob Schneider. A great chief, friend, drinking buddy! Great times on the Westpacs and playing softball against the fleet where we went like 37-4.
Wienker, DanHM2Oct 10, 1975 – Jun 4, 1976medical
Sharpling, BobAC2Oct 10, 1975 – Oct 1, 1978OC
Swayze, RonaldIM2Oct 15, 1975 – Jun 29, 1979S1This will be my favorite ship that I have served on. I miss her and the friends that I made while being station in San Diego.
Krause, MikelABH3Nov 1975 – May 1979V-1/V-5This was my first ship during a 20 year career. Caught her in Bremerton, WA. Made two WESTPAC"s on her. This is where I grew up! Had some great times and miss my shipmates in V1 and Pri-Fly. Hope everyone is doing well!
Williams, LiefSH3Nov 1975 – Apr 1979S3I have many fond memories of my time onboard, It's funny how you forget all the BS. I don't miss standing in line. It would be great to hear from some of the people I hung out with. Take care brothers!
Eakin, Charles/billAK3Nov 1, 1975 – Aug 29, 1979S-6Wild Bill here...! Funny thing happened...I got out after my first hitch, was out for 9 months, and then went back in the TAR Navy. Retired as an AK1, 14 or so years later with an early retirement. Living in Dallas.
Barnes, LarryPN3Nov 1, 1975 – Mar 1, 1978XHi Paul
Rudisill, JoeyAE2Nov 2, 1975 – Oct 10, 1978V-3I reported on board on a cold, rainy, Bremerton day. It was my first duty station. I made Westpac 77 and looking back had a great time and learned alot. I left the Connie behind in Honolulu as she was headed for another Westpac.
Cranston, JohnGMT3Nov 23, 1975 – Jan 23, 1977Weapons
Robinson, CanastaE-3Nov 30, 1975 – Sep 3, 1976Some call me Rob Robinson and I played on the ship's basketbal team during this time. The coach's name was Streeter.
Wrobel, TomAFCMDec 1975 – Dec 7, 1976IM-2 CHIEF
Hogan, Doug (Mudhut) profile iconBT2Dec 1975 – Oct 1980P-2 Worked in (the pit) 3MMR from 1975 thru 1980. Went on 3 Westpacs.
Graham, John FrancisAO-2Dec 5, 1975 – Jun 10, 1979G divisionjust reaching out to anyone from either G-division or the Boston area from 75-79
Gibbons, Steve/duckDS2Dec 18, 1975 – Dec 18, 1980OE3 Westpacs in CVIC and everyone knew me as Duck. Still dream about every 2 years that I'm back on board, and it's not a nightmare.
Schuler, JimmyAK2Dec 26, 1975 – Aug 26, 1978S-6
Jacobsen, DavidABFCDec 27, 1975 – Sep 4, 1979V-4 division
Robinson, Stephensk4Dec 31, 1975 – Mar 10, 1978SupplyI was called Robbie while on the Connie, I live in Antioch California. Any body ought there still remember me? If you do contact me by email.

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