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USS Constellation (CV 64) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Constellation (CV 64). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 3356 crew members registered for the USS Constellation (CV 64).

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Adams, Billy W. , Jr.1974 – 1978
Marks, KimGMT21974 – 1977WAnybody out there? I worked in both forward and aft mags. 2 Westpac cruises, Bremerton shipyard 1976, Persian Gulf 1977 And of course, Olongapo.
George, TyrusGMT31974 – Mar 1976WCrossed decks to the Kitty Hawk in Bremerton.Enjoyed tours on both ships.Anyone remembering me E-Mail.
Drasgow, JimABF-21974 – 1978V-4Worked V-4 Repair, Flight Deck. LPO Was ABF-1 C. Newton. LT Bettenger D/O
Bradburn, JohnE21974 –VA-147Personnelman, right under the flight deck, had medical difficulties and later transferred to Philly and then to shore duty but remember Olongapo streets and Subic Naval Clubs, 1st time drunk, LOL.
Miskoski, BillSN1974 – 19772ND
Simpson, DanDP31974 – 1978S-7 (Data Processing)
Royle, ScottCVA 641974 – 1975G (Bomb Elevator Repair)
Shotts, StevenDP31974 – 1978S7Worked in Data Processing Division (S-7) and was also damage control petty officer responsible for maintance and training of damage control personnel.
Weinman, John Kevine61974 – 1976aircraft crash and salvagei am posting this for my father kevin, who is deseased. i'm not sure if the years of service on the connie are correct, but they are close. i remember walking the fight deck with my dad when i was just a boy.
Holland, FoyDP31974 – 1978S-7 supply/data processingIt was a great experience being on the Connie. I made some really good friends. I think about them everyday. The experience was something I will never forget.
Scoggins, Irvin (Kim)ADJ31974 – Aug 18, 1975VA-165From southeast Asia, crossing the equator (aye, fellow Shellbacks) sailing back from the Suez Canal across the calm Indian ocean to crossing back across the more than rough north Pacific, it was all good!
Miller, KeithMM31974 – 1975P1
Melvin, Dennis profile iconPT31974 – 1977Intel
Smith, Ricky profile icone-11974 – 1975va147I just wanted to see all the places we went
Lemmon, LelandAMH3Jan 1974 – Sep 1978AIMDI enjoyed my time on the Conny. And learned alot about life and friends. I miss alot of some realy close friends. That Imade on this ship.I was realy sad to hear that the Constellation was decommissioned I would like to have anouther hat & beltbuckel
Retherford, Orson/zoneHT3Jan 1, 1974 – Apr 26, 1976R(pipe shop)Hello Doug ,Rick,Donny ,and all of my shipmates I lost track of PI sure was a blast and Bremington fun
Hector Rodriguez, BillE-4Jan 4, 1974 – Jun 1976V-1Did two West-Pac's and Drydock in Bremerton, WA. Many great memories of Singapore, Hong Kong, Olongapo and other locations.
Hardy, KevinFNJan 7, 1974 – May 5, 1975A7I really enjoyed my time serving on Connie! What a great ship!
Pauly, Dennis W.AG3Feb 1974 – Jun 1974OPS - OATook swap to JFK - hence the short stay. (Wished I'd known JFK was a "showboat.") Connie and San Diego were great for a young sailor. Hope everyone's doing well.
Watkins, CalHT3Feb 1974 – Sep 1976Rits been a long time and some great memories
Kinzie, Richard HueyET2Feb 1, 1974 – Dec 31, 1975OEMaintained flight deck communications first half of westpac, UHF comminications 2nd half.
Ridings, KevinABFANMar 1974 – Aug 1977V-4Had the best time of my life & have memories that will last a lifetime. Love to hear from any of the old gang. I am living in San Diego.
Nielsen, PatrickABF3Mar 1974 – Sep 9, 1975v-4 The days on the old boat were great and the buddies i met changed my life forever. May all my shipmates be in good health.
Carroll, Lewis/stubbySaMar 1974 – Apr 19755thGetting old All three of the ships I served on are decommisioned
Stapleton, CharlieRMSMar 17, 1974 – Jul 29, 1975CommunicationsWhen I reported to the Connie she was already at sea. Flew on the Cod, what a trip. Looking for anyone who was in communications. Couldn't wait to get out, but got to go on board the old girl in 2001. Sad ending to her
Ciolina, John E.EM1Apr 1974 – Apr 1975E Cats and Elevators
Robinson, JonathanAC1Apr 1974 – Apr 1977OC
Castillo, RobertGMT3 - 2Apr 1974 – May 1975W Division
Huddleston, DonnyHT 2Apr 10, 1974 – Aug 7, 1977R
Joson, JoeEMC/E-7May 20, 1974 – Jul 31, 1994E
Falsetto, StephenEM3May 30, 1974 – May 30, 1976ElectricalBoarded the Connie in Subic Bay of August 1974. Plank Owner. Worked in the Engineering Division, Electrical Power Shop. Transfered to the Ranger in 1976 and discharged in March, 1978.
Yowell, Albert L.DS2Jun 1974 – Nov 1978OESupported computer equipment in S-7.
Brines, DirkABE3Jun 1974 – Dec 1977V-2
Cooke, ArtPR-3Jun 1974 – Dec 1976VA-165Was with VA-165, CAG-9. Pershin Gulf.Midlink 74.Some of my friends I was stationed at USNS Midway IS. with Were ships co. on the Connie At the same I was serving with VA-165.Pane, Southhall, Delgoto, just to name a few.Enjoyed the time on her.
Dittmer, RonaldAT1Jun 1974 – Jun 1977IM-3 W/C 670 (Calibration Lab)I repoted aboard Connie just prior to the '74 Westpac, departed prior to the '77 deployment. Lots of work and lots of fun.
Fencl, TobyAO3Jun 1974 – Dec 1974squadronWestpac 1974 cruise with VA-146 AO Shop
McBride, Dannyag3Jun 1974 – Nov 1975oaTo AG3 Dennis W. Pauley: I was your swap. My new AG mates and I had a good laugh when you wrote me "wishing that the fleas of a thousand camels bite my crotch." JFK bad but u made it back to your hometown (good).
Yowell, Albert "Al"DS2Jun 1, 1974 – Nov 17, 1978OE working on the S7 computer systemStill in touch with a few of the many wonderful people I came to know on the Connie. Those years, sometimes painful, shaped my life and enabled me to become successful in the business world. I'm back in Tulsa, OK now.
Sill, PeteE3/AKANJun 1, 1974 – Aug 20, 1975S-6Good tour with my fellow AK's.
Knox, JasonPHANJun 1, 1974 – May 1976OPLooking for former PHs I have served with. One WESTPAC on the Connie (1974) Transferred off in Bremerton for surgery. 6 months Limited Duty at NAS Whidbey, then on board USS Ranger (CV 61) as a PH3.
Hammond, WilliamE-3Jun 13, 1974 – Jun 16, 1976flight deckI wouldnt trade these four years for any thing, sailed all over the world with her and it was the best time of my life
Bray, MikeABF3Jun 15, 1974 – Jan 12, 1977V-4to kevin and mushmouth and frankie-thanks for the adventure. to all the grapes-----rock on.
Granado, EarlDT3Jun 15, 1974 – Nov 25, 1977Dental department
Mower, ChipAT3Jun 21, 1974 – Dec 22, 1974RECONATKRON 5 (Savage Sons)RECONATKRON 5 was part of air wing (NG) for 1974 West Pac deployment. Connie was designated CVA 64 at the time. Served as squadron flight deck troubleshooter for aircraft avionics. The was the last RA-5C squadron to deploy on the Connie.
Mooney, DanielABH3Jun 27, 1974 – Apr 14, 1978v1well,now I am a merchant marine captain.who would have thought that.
Santos, Dan ( "The Claus" )MM 3Jul 1974 – Jul 1976P-3 3MMRWestpac 74 Bremerton Wa 75 San Diego 76
Turpin, Mike (Lucky)RMSNJul 8, 1974 – Apr 16, 1976CommunicationsMet up with the Connie while she was in port at Subic Bay Philippines. 1st night out in Olongapo was amazing to say the least. Became a Shellback in the Indian Ocean. Got out in Bremerton while she was in dry dock. Looking for Barry Green
Brixey, GregADJ3Jul 17, 1974 – Jul 17, 1978VAW-126Power Plant Shop for VAW-126 (E2C Squadron). The time spent on the Connie has had a great impact on my life. Would not want to do it again, but would not have wanted to miss the adverture.
Ramos, Alfredo/ramosABH-3Aug 1974 – Jun 1976V-1Greetings to all my V1 fellow shipmates Hope life is good. And a shout out to ABHC Winn aka Hurricane Winn Who remembers the North Island Admiral’s gig incident?
Browne, MikeETSNAug 1, 1974 – Apr 1, 1977OERan the TV and radio stations.
Champion, MarioBMSNAug 1, 1974 – Apr 1, 1977Deck 1stBest time of my life was to join the Navy, and to meet some of my great friends and travel the seas. I live in Dumas Tx. and will retire within 5 yrs,and back to Temple,Tx. you can find me on my Facebook.
Stauffacher, HowardAQB2Aug 19, 1974 – Feb 17, 1975Air Wing VF96
Hills, RolandE-3Aug 30, 1974 – Aug 30, 1977Wspend many week -ends in LA with my brother and would alternate on which shipmate would make the trip with me. Almost missed the WestPac deployment due to partying in LA the night before we were to leave.
Stewart, JimmieABESep 1974 – Oct 1975V-2
Earls, Roger L.MS3Sep 1974 – Jul 1976A gang S2What a great ship.
Rasmussen, Douglas/razzoHT 2Sep 1974 – Oct 1977R Pipe shopWhat a life experience.. Teaches you to grow and learn fast. Loved everyone , even those I fought with.( thanks for not busting me down XO, and bailing me out HTC Dan Louis Drost).I've been watching for you all, Donny JJ DLD OGR 3rd Hestik
Torigian, LarryAGANSep 5, 1974 – Jul 3, 1975OAFirst Deployment. Ended up doing 26 years.
Mooney, DanielABH-3Sep 19, 1974 – Apr 14, 1978V-1
Bell, Lawrence H.ABH3Oct 1974 – Aug 1976V-1 and S-6
Johnson, ScottE3Oct 1974 – Jun 1977CVICI worked in CVIC with Chief Williams. Was in San Diego until January 1976 when we went to Bremerton, WA, until Westpac - April 1977.
Butts, MikeQM3Oct 1974 – 1977N
Anderson, Jim-"Andy"AK-3Oct 20, 1974 – Jun 4, 1978S-6Hey guys ,nice to see some names in here I remember. Sure had alot of fun times,especially under the deck plates in storeroom H. hahaha. oh the times we had. nice keeping touch with Schuler and now with speed boat.
Hanford, Stan profile iconMM2Nov 1974 – Nov 1977P4My first Carrier... miss her...
Ryan, RichardDT3Nov 7, 1974 – Feb 14, 1977DentalAnybody from Dental dept 1974-1977
Tobien, KarlPN3Dec 1974 – May 1976X -Hey, Johnny Winther, my friend! (the biggest Neil Young fan I've ever known!) I think I was there when that pic was taken. No doubt, you had the longest hair in the entire Navy! Great memories on Connie...but not for public disclosure!
Frye, DennisLcplDec 1974 – Dec 1976mar det
Spellman, LarryCPL.Dec 17, 1974 – Dec 17, 1976MAR.DET.LOOKING FOR FELLOW JARHEADS
Snavely, Robert Paul Snavely IIBTFNDec 24, 1974 – Mar 5, 1976MMR4 I had A great time on board the Connie.
Lowe, GregAO2Dec 24, 1974 – Apr 9, 1978G-4Good times-bad times, you know we had our share. I kind of miss The Connie but I surely miss my old Shipmates and the rowdy times we had. Get in touch if any of you old sea dogs remember me.
Pennington, MarkSM3Dec 26, 1974 – Jul 28, 1978NS DIVBest days of my life!

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