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USS Constellation (CV 64) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Constellation (CV 64). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 3356 crew members registered for the USS Constellation (CV 64).

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Nemchick, Donald "Nemy"RM31973 – Jun 1974CMI am proud to have served on CVA 64. The crew in the radio shack were swarthy. Our favorite port was Olongapo in the P.I. Became a "shellback" and enjoyed San Diego. Hope to hear from Johnny Besio or Kal Kolar.
Cassity, GeorgeRMSN1973 – 1975COMMS
Belcher, Bruce/wimpyHT31973 – 1976RWORKED IN THE FORWARD HT SHOP
Tenney, BradfordAC31973 – 1975OCProud Marshall Controller for the CATCC Nite Hawkers
Lorenz, Larrye21973 – 1976MMR 1
Kinney, LesABE31973 – Dec 1976Bow Catapults
Haverkamp, JimHT31973 – 1975R
Taylor, FrederickQM31973 – 1976NavigationShe was a grand Old Lady
Edwards, MarkQM21973 – 1976NavigationAdjunct professor (Idaho State University). Retired as university advisor (ISU) after 4+ years in 2014. Retired as high school teacher after 23+ years (Physics & Astronomy + all math levels) in 2009.
Melton, JeffreyEM21973 – 1977Engineering1 Westpac 1973, upon rtn we headed to Bremerton, Washington ,drydock for about 1 1/2 yrs., lived in an apartment in Tacoma with a couple of friends from Power Shop. Then Long Beach, CA for sea trials. Back to San Diego
Defoe, RobertASH-21973 – Oct 1976AIMD IM-4Wish I had gone to the decommissioning ceremony when they retired the old girl. Lots of memories.
Prost, TerryIC31973 –E DivisionIt's been many years since I served on the Connie. All in all, it was an honor to serve on her. It was a shame she could not have been turned into a museum. She should have had a more dignified end to her career. tp
Anderson, AlfE31973 – 1975V-2
Jones, James ABEAN1973 – 1975V-2 Bow CatsLeft Tico at 32nd St. Got married NAS Miramar, Rick Tick was best man. Had a Grn Spit, Kenworthy a Blk TR4. Did WestPac '74 an went to SCI Crash Crew. Got out, joined Army, stayed 24 yrs. Great times. Drop me a line.
Uberti, RichardMM21973 – 1975P2Remembering shipmates.chief Hall(there's a war going on gentlemen) Had alot of fun!
Sennvanbasel, CharlesAMH-21973 – 1977AIMD/IM2Retired after 20 years 1973 - 1993
Norman, GasparAO1973 – 1978GLooking for any shipmates who remembers the two incidents that occurred in 1973 on the Connie where on two different occasions two guys got sucked into the jet engines and we had to clean up the mess please contact me.
Jerry Wayne Anderson, Jerry profile iconE61973 – 1983621-Aircraft MechanicsLooking for data to support Agent Orange claim w VA. Thank you.
Allord, DarrellE-2/E-3/E-4Jan 1973 – Dec 1973AIMD Electronics RepairHard going from meeting/sitting next to Adm. Zumwalt at a chow hall to boarding Conny in Long Beach, CA. Luckily I had older brother David F. Allord with me. He worked Jet Engine Repair. I was VA-146 in CA. He was VA-165 in WA,
Noblick, MatthewADJ3Jan 1973 – Oct 1973RVAH12Plane Captain RVAH12
Williams, LexAZ3Jan 1, 1973 – Oct 25, 1973VF-96Does anyone remember the F-4's going over the angle deck and hanging by the arresting cable
Robert Freiberg, BobABE 2 E5Jan 1, 1973 – May 28, 1976V2Great experience.
Gonzales, WillieAO3Jan 3, 1973 – Aug 29, 1975ABMWhat an honor and a blessing it was to serve on the Connie. It was an experience that I will cherish til the end of time. I made some great shipmates and may God bless them all. Dr. Willie Gonzales (dentist).
Lloyd, Arlie DeanE2Jan 3, 1973 – Jan 3, 1977S5 division
Kenworthy, JamesABE3Jan 4, 1973 – Jun 25, 1976V2Bow Catapult Crew
Washburn, James/lumberjackAMH-3Jan 4, 1973 – Oct 10, 1973VAQ 134 AMHI was a checker on the cats for VAQ 134 and worked out of the airframe shop. I was an AMH 3. Wondering what happened to my buddies Barry Paddleford? And Jerry Swain from Madras Oregon? And anyone else on WestPac with me?
Anderson, Charles/andyMM2Jan 4, 1973 – May 10, 1978AServed over 5 years aboard. These were the best years I served. Made 3 West-Pacs. Also a 14 month overhaul in Puget Sound Naval Shipyard, where I eventually went to work and retired from.
Robinson, G.j / JoeE3 AOJan 5, 1973 – 1975VA-147 Hello to all the guy's. Also a shoutout to the guy's in VA-165 and VF-96 and VA-146. And I rememeber the plane hanging over the side and also the F-4 that went over. I made two cruise's
Lahr, CraigAK-2Jan 5, 1973 – 1974RVAH-12Aviation Storekeeper with Heavy 12
Wilson, MickAE3Jan 5, 1973 – Dec 21, 1974VA-165Joined to see the world and that we did - 2 cruises and a ton of fun - great times - good friends.
Morgan, CharlesAE3Jan 5, 1973 – Oct 11, 1973Air Wing RVAH-12
Champine, Donald /donniee3 awJan 5, 1973 – Oct 11, 1973VA 147I remember the onboard band we put togeather
McKee, Robe2Jan 20, 1973 – Feb 4, 1974e-4IC gang
Youngs, DavidABE2Jan 27, 1973 – May 16, 1976V2 Waist Catapults 3 & 4
Rizzardi, GeneIM3Feb 1973 – Dec 1974S-1 Typewriter RepairI'm the guy who fixed the typewriters, calculators and Xerox machines onboard. Glad to have met so many of you. Remember this, if you see someone who appears to be doing nothing, the real truth is they are waiting for you!
Sarkis, JosephLI2Feb 1, 1973 – Nov 1, 1975PersonnelShout out to anyone that was stationed aboard the Connie in the printshop or photo lab from 1973-1975. Already found Pete Laustrup.
Carson, JeffOS 2Feb 21, 1973 – Jul 31, 1976Operations Air SearchMy best memories was becoming a Shellback and going back over the line the next cruise and getting those officers, Great memories in PI, Hong Kong,Singapore, Karachi(singing we three kings in a camel wagon half looped and dehydrated) Jim Morrison
Winther, JohnPN3Feb 23, 1973 – Jun 4, 1976XPersonnel Office/ESO. I had a great time during my service on the Connie. (although I probably didn't realize it at the time)
Winther, JohnPN3Feb 23, 1973 – Jun 4, 1976X DivisionWorked in both the ships Personnnel Office and Educational Services Office
Laustrup, PeterMar 1973 – Aug 1976X - / Print Shop Had many memorable experiences while on board. A great time time in the Far East.
Forch, RonaldADJ 2Mar 1973 – Dec 1974VA 165 Power Plants/ Ships Jet Shop AIMDGood times and way good friends hot and crappy work.
Morrison, James/jimOS3Mar 1973 – Dec 1974OI
Forch, RonaldADJ2Mar 1, 1973 – Dec 23, 1973VA 165VA 165 Jet shop. what a ride good times good friends a long time ago.
Beckley, Davidabh-3Mar 20, 1973 – Dec 24, 1974v-1I screwed up a lot back then , sorry to all, i'm 61 now and wish I could take somethings back. but I had a few very good friends. thx to jeff and vandyne
Coronado, RobertIC3Mar 27, 1973 – Aug 29, 1976Electrical2 Westpac Tours 1973 & 1974 Shellback Served under Capt. Paul Speer and Capt. Lowell F. "Gus" Eggert I served IC2 "Nuke" Joe Hodges
Chapin, BobDP3Apr 1973 – Apr 1975S7Part of ships company is Supply, Worked on and ran ship board computers.
Bush, Patrick / PatHM3Apr 2, 1973 – Sep 15, 1975MedicalLooking for Buddy letters for this time frame and Agent Orange exposure. Looking for longitude and latitude within 12 miles of Vietnam shores during my Yankee Station visits in 1973.
Pierson, RodneyPH3Apr 4, 1973 – Dec 24, 1974OP Division (Photo Lab)Remember the Indian Ocean cruise? 30 hour days and 9+ work weeks while out there? Can't forget Operation End Sweep. What fun to share the hangar deck with all those mines!
Casey, Kenneth profile iconEM2Apr 10, 1973 – Aug 1, 1976E Division
Munji, BenE 3Apr 14, 1973 – 1975S 7Hello thre fellow shellbacks... i was at S7 div for a while then went to S1 for the duration of the 1973 west pac cruise. i miss those days. good memories thou, japan, hawaii, singapore etc if you remmber email me pls.
Shykes (Kortness), RogerOS2Apr 23, 1973 – Dec 14, 1977OIGreat Ship and an even better crew. I spent 5 years on her and 3 westpac's and a yard period in Bremerton and one in Long Beach. Man I wish I could go back to those days. God Bless all!!!
Brandsrud, RickYNSNMay 1973 – Oct 1975X/Legalworked in legal office
Smith, StevenE4May 3, 1973 – May 3, 1975Marine Detachmentlooking for information when the USS Constellation was within the 12 mile limit in Vietnam. The ships logs are missing months of data for every year starting 1969 to 1975. I was on the ship from May 1973 to May 1975.
Spaziani, MarkEMFNJun 1973 – Nov 1974E-5
Cripe, JohnCTO2Jun 1973 – Feb 1975Navsecgru
Knouse, Russell / SandyFTMSNJun 1, 1973 – May 31, 1975FOXI remember my time aboard the Connie very fondly. Wouldn't mind re-connecting with some of you guys again.
Judd, JohnHTFNJun 7, 1973 – Jun 7, 1975RWorked in the Pipe Shop
Arthur, BillFAJul 1973 – Jun 21, 1975P4/OEI was the first snipe to ever transfer to the 03 level. I started off in 4MMR and transferred to OE, the ships TV station. Showing movies at night got me started in Radio/TV. I never thought those two years would affect my life so much.
Shoots Jr, Melvin (Mel)SK3Jul 7, 1973 – Mar 29, 1976S-1 SupplyHi to all of my former shipmates and to Gene Rizzardi who had his little shop back in the corner of our division office. Had some good memories while serving on board.
Vicks, JamesE/3Jul 15, 1973 – May 5, 1976P-1Sailed with a great crew, looking forward to them contacting me.
Grandon, JimE-3 ABMJul 26, 1973 – Jul 31, 1976V-2
Balderson, BillE3Aug 1973 – May 1977V2Cat 3 and 4
Arroyo, TonyADJANAug 1973 – Oct 1977IM2I checked on board on way to Yankee Station and left just after dry dock in Bremerton
Mckenna, StanAC3Aug 7, 1973 – Jun 30, 1975OC
Kimery, James A. (Tony)EN-3.Aug 20, 1973 – Mar 15, 1977A Division, A-4 shop, A/C&R Shop.The connie was a great Ship, so good, I went back on it in June of 1984.
Martin, LeonardE-2Sep 1, 1973 – Jun 1, 1974Boatswainsmate 2nd Division Looking for Bud Lengand or Carlos. Was with the Wes Pac Cruise. Also Subic Bay & Crossing the Equator. Served in the Tonkin Gulf Vietnam for two months.
Strain, RogerHTSCOct 1973 – Jan 1975RepairI really enjoyed my tour aboard. I retired from the ship going back to my hometown of Swink, OK
Keller, JeffABEAAOct 1973 – Jun 1974V-2 AGI loved my time on board. Would give 10 years off the end of my life to go out to sea for a month.
Justesen, KimJOSNOct 1973 – Jul 1976X/PAOIn retrospect, service on Connie formative & enjoyable. Much gratitude for former shipmates, interesting times in San Diego, WestPac & Bremerton shipyard.
Manzo, JohnMR-3 ENGINEERING, MACHINE SHOPOct 1973 – 1975"A" GangWhat an experience..Great training for life..What a Great bunch of Brothers to serve with and to be friends with..It was Hell much of the time, but we were young!!! we were Tough!!! we were Proud!!! Connie will always live in me. CVA-64
Salzman, Glenne-3Oct 1973 – Jul 26, 1976V-3Looking back, It wasn't so bad after all
Dowdy, ArlenMM 2nd Class made MM 1st ClassOct 11, 1973 – Apr 12, 1977P-4
Mielcarski, Howard/"Ski"DP3/E4Oct 12, 1973 – Apr 11, 1977S7Have been thinking a lot about my days on the "Connie"
Oviatt, KevinOct 13, 1973 – Jun 7, 1976V-2
Oviatt, KevinAAOct 13, 1973 – Jun 7, 1976V2Worked with Bow catapult crew
Gamber, TomMM2Oct 28, 1973 – Jul 28, 1978p1 1mmrhad a great 6 years. retired in 1993 bremerton wa. as mmcs
Carter, Steven Grease MonkeymmOct 31, 1973 – Oct 31, 1976m divengineering any one remember a man called dowdy what was his real name please
McMasters, RonnieBT-3Nov 1973 – Jun 1976MMR1This was the best US Carrier in the fleet Bar none. Bono you were a fantastic Petty Officer to searve with in the same MMR space. MMR! was the top engine room. And Gary you will always be my best and closest friend.
Howland, Jeff/jjABH2Nov 1, 1973 –V-1Was Flightdeck tractor king. Recall Mark Ladd, Calvin Jacobs, Van Dyne, Chief Winn, ABH1 TheodoreTaylor (TT), Dave Beckley, 2 tours to Olangapo City. Dave Martin.
Redditt, RandleAirmanNov 1, 1973 – Jul 31, 1976V3
Cardiel, JoseANNov 4, 1973 – Aug 30, 1976GWorked in the missile shop (ABM). Westpac 74. At the yards in Bremerton was assigned to R Div The Lagging Shop. Olongapo was indeed a big party! Have not been to bigger party since then. In fb I'm Jose Luis Cardiel.
Harris, GaryYN3Nov 9, 1973 – Mar 31, 1976Ops Office, CIC, S2, Supply AdminMy first tour of duty out of Great Lakes. Quite an eye opener, definitely a memorable tour. It was the days of the "Z-Gram."
Cardiel, JoseANNov 14, 1973 – Aug 30, 1976ABM (airborne missiles)My first and only WestPac cruise was on the Big Connie. Joined the Naval Air Reserve in Los Alamitos, Ca Worked at Long Beach Naval Shipyard, Seal Beach Weapons Station, NASNI and DLA. I'm in Facebook Jose Luis Cardiel
Forschler, HowardEM3Dec 1973 – Jun 1975E divisionLooking for anyone suffering from exposure to agent Orange while aboard Connie Westpac 1974 please contact me at
Haile, GaryPH2Dec 1, 1973 – Nov 29, 1974OPs Photo LabMade a west pac Indian Ocean End of Viet Nam cruise Was a a photographer in the photolab

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