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USS Constellation (CV 64) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Constellation (CV 64). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 3356 crew members registered for the USS Constellation (CV 64).

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Larro, RonGMM21971 – Jun 1974SAMWorked in the Terrier Surface to Air missle batteries.
Parkinson, Tom 'Parky'AQ11971 – 1972AIMDWestPac VA-165 in AIMD. Great Ship.
Harrop, LarryPR31971 –VA165VA165 AIMD Parachute Loft
Smith, Hugh/smitty1971 – 1973P-2
Turner, TommyAN / ABH1971 – 1972V3Looking for a cruise book.
Morris, MelvinAQ21971 – 1973VF-92
Melton, JamesET11971 – 1972OEET Shop 1 supervisor. Had a good crew in the communications shop. They worked hard, helped ship get commendation for best communications during WESTPAC 72 cruise. DJ on KCON country station.
Albert, GeorgeAN1971 – 1974arresting gearFamily helping me get online, lookin for buddy Johhny Macri of PA. Tweens and grandsons enjoy seeing photos we found online of ship. still in Alaska.
Gregorio, JosephE 3 Airman1971 – 1974V 1 Division
Morenberg, JackADJ 31971 – 1971VA 146 Plane CaptainBest of the four carriers I served on, and VA 146 was very cool. I even miss working on those A7E's, what a great A/C. And those liberties in Subic Damm they were good.
Weaver, Deny (Boats)ABH-11971 – 1974v3Hanger deck then White shirt Flight deck safety during air ops. Anyone wanting to contact me
Mata, DavidE21971 –flight deck
Enfield, DavidSA1971 –4th Division DeckI was a Helmsmen on the bridge team
Pasquinelli, JeffEM31971 – 1972E
Orlando, Louis profile iconE51971 – 1973VF-922 cruises - great experience. Wish I had not lost touch with lots of great shipmates.
Ingram, Mark profile iconMM31971 –Engineering
Farley, Lloyd “roy”O-31971 –IM-3Lloyd was my grandfather. Looking for any information, photos, or friends with memories. He did aviation maintenance and was an engineer for some time. Please do not hesitate to contact @
Olson, BillMM31971 – 1972eng.I was flown off in west/pac '72, never wanted to leave such a great ship! Was in no. 1 engine rm.
Yardas, MikeRM31971 – Dec 1974CR
Trevino, HenryEm31971 – Sep 15, 1971USS constellation CV 64I have always been very proud that I served aboard the Connie.I have looked for buddies that served at that time.Now that I am retired I have to look and relive those times.
Janeski, Robert. SkiSeaman1971 – Feb 1973Supply. S2
Sinz, MikeAT31971 – 1972IM3Looking for Fred Lee of the cal lab.
Bassett, JimmyE31971 – 1972V2Looking for old Navy Buddys that where on the Connie durning 1971 thru 1972
Possert, MichaelCVA 641971 – 1973ABHANI'm looking for anyone that may have known my father Michael Craig Possert. He served from 1971-1973 USN Fireman, Aircraft Carrier USS Constellation Gulf of Tonkin. ABHAN
Edwards, LouieE4Jan 1971 – Jan 1973Deck division
Bassett, JimE3Jan 1971 – Oct 1972V3enjoyed my time on the connie, like to find some old friend from then. my nick name was also hounddog hope I find a few of you guys. email me anytime
Wyatt, RussellGMT-1Jan 1, 1971 – Jan 1, 1973WServed on "Connie" from 1971 to 1973, 2wespac cruises. anybody out there? e-mail me at
Gray, JohnJan 1, 1971 – Oct 4, 1973OEGreat Flight Deck picnics!!
Vanderbloomen, DutchAT2Jan 1, 1971 – Dec 31, 1974AvionicsAT / AQ Shop under the guidance of Chief Cantrell. Hey I know you guys! We cruised together!!!!!!
Burton, JohnnyETN-4Jan 1, 1971 – Aug 20, 1973OEI served under Capt. J.D. Ward. He was probably the best Captain in the Navy. He had COMMAND presence and was a true gentleman. Serving with Capt Ward was a true learning experience. Lead by example.
Ibarra, AlexE4/abfJan 2, 1971 – Dec 20, 1972V-4Been trying to find Anthony Rice,Tommy Turner V-3.We were buddies,on the flight deck.
Brunt, DeweySK3Jan 25, 1971 – Dec 11, 1972S-1Proud to have served on a great ship with a great crew.
Kelley, John profile iconEM3Feb 1971 – Aug 1971Lighting Shop
Sadowski, EdAME 2Feb 1, 1971 – Jul 30, 1972VA-147
Kelly, JohnETN3Feb 1, 1971 – Sep 1, 1972OESpecial Project Femsert Retired Reserve ATCS
Stevenson, SteveRD3Feb 17, 1971 – Mar 15, 1973OIWorked in EW Module next to Surface Search in CIC.
Smith, Hugh/smittyMM3Mar 1971 – Apr 1973P-2Worked with the Evaporators. Had the greatest times of my life on the Connie. North Island, Tijuana, Pearl Harbor, Olangapo, Hong Kong, Singapore, Yakuska. Vietnam was a terrible time for the nation and a great time for me.
Abernathy, Daniel/ Danny/ AbbyE-4Mar 6, 1971 – Dec 13, 1972V-4I was honored to be a part of the greatest ship/crew that ever sailed. Worked repair-7 flightdeck and QA lab. Great liberties with Gary Pratt , John Beers, Larue, Frieburg, and many others. Love to hear from shipmates.
Perez, JacintoMar 8, 1971 – Feb 1973
Gillen, MichaelDC2/HT2Apr 1971 – Sep 1972RepairForward DC Shop, Flying Squad, Repair 5, first wespac after the overhaul in Bremerton.
MacIaszek, Joseph (Joe)YN3Apr 1971 – Dec 19745th DeckSaw some familiar names, reminded me of my 3 WESTPAC cruises and the friends I made
MacIaszek, Josepj (Joe)YN3Apr 1971 – Dec 19745th3 cruises, good memories and made some great friends. Hope to hear from some.
Ricci, DonaldDP3Apr 1971 – Sep 1974S7
Smith, Hugh/smittyMM3Apr 15, 1971 – Mar 14, 1973P-2Evaporators. Top Watch, Water King, hot, hot, hot. Subic Bay, Olangapo City, Air Waves Club. MM1 V.D. Friend, Daughtery, Elfring, George, Shorty
Martinez, Gregory profile iconMM3Apr 21, 1971 – Dec 19, 1972A-4 engineeringHello shipmates, My book about our ship has just been released! "CONNIE the USS Constellation and the Last 50-Star Union Jack." It is available on This book will get our ship the recognition she has earned.
Sparks, Gary D.E-2Apr 26, 1971 – Apr 25, 1974ElectricianVery Proud to have served!
Craib, Christopher (Donut)RD3/RD2May 1971 – Oct 1973OISeved under Captains Gehard and Ward. Probably the most interesting time of my life. "Smile through the piles of Trails". I remember CAPT Ward opening up the Hot Dog line at night and "JD's" Donuts. Good on Ya all!
Liddell, JohnGMT-3May 1971 – Aug 1973WI really enjoyed my time aboard the "Connie". We got to visit Hong Kong, Singapore (x2), cross the equator and become a shellback (argh), Japan, Hawaii and of course, the Riveria of the Pacific, Subic Bay and Olongapo. Much more fun than Guam!
Temple, StuartMM3May 1971 – Jul 1971Engineering - AMR2FOWK and evaporators in AMR2
Despathy, JimSNMay 1971 – May 1972S7
Hayo, FredAC 3May 1, 1971 – May 1, 1974OC
Williams, GeorgeE-4May 1, 1971 – Aug 3, 1974E-DivSince leaving the navy . I became a police officer and now I’m retired with 27 years. Retired as lieutenant in Detective Division.
Bassett, JimmyE3Jun 1971 – Oct 1972hangerlooking for old shipmates from 1971 thru 1972,, my nick name at that was:Hound dog:, from Texas looking for J A Daly.,, M W Gilmore, Carlos Martinez from Texas,, so hard to find you guys email me :
Randle, Henry CE2Jun 1971 – Oct 22, 1972Cook
Focht, BillMM3Jun 1971 – Feb 1973Propulsion Engine Room
Fields, CarlCS3Jun 1, 1971 – Nov 15, 1971CommissaryWorked in Aft Galley
Girard, RichardE3Jun 9, 1971 – Feb 25, 1974A-4Sorry they could not at least make a museum out of the great ship. I seriously grew up on that ship and i thank all the people who put up with me during that time. Will not be forgotten
Buckmister, KevinEM4Jun 29, 1971 – Apr 11, 1975E division Electrical Power shopWilliam Spoolstra, Reginal Monroe, Fred Becraft, Gus Denecamp, Tony Smilko. and Dave Price 1971-1975 Miss you Guys, Had alot of fun buck in those Days, Reginal Monroe if you see this Call me 602-809 -2915 Please.
Chesnut, TimMM2Jul 1971 – May 1975P2Hey guys, do you remember the sweat?, the 24 hr sorties?, the 18 hr UNREPs?, the liberty? I hear tell they paved over Magsaysay Drive, pity. Anyone remember the Tom Tom Club? Hey, Hall, do you remember Chivas Regal and ice cream?
Scholander, DaveSNJul 1971 – May 1973S-7Two action filled WestPacs, being extended 04/72 & wanting to get home to see my new daughter. Never forget the two real deal GQ's up in the north & the ship's mutiny off SD in 72. Everyday at sea was an adventure on Connie. GBA
Wagner, JohnANJul 1971 – Sep 1972OC
Csabon, ThomasOS3Jul 1971 – Nov 1974OIGreat time in my life where i met some of the best people from all over the US.
May, ChuckPH2- PHOTOMATEJul 8, 1971 – May 5, 1975OP Photo LabI was the guy in Green Shirt Photo 1, running around on flight deck, and below decks and in the air, shooting everything from reinlistments, to bomb damage, to in flight recon, to Cunningham and Driscoll returning from Mig shoot. Hello to JD Ward,
Mattingly, William K. (Matt)PN2Jul 15, 1971 – Jul 6, 1974Made two West Pacs, avoided the third and got out. It was an experience of a life time, but would not want to repeat it. J.D. Ward was the best Captain.
Raines, PaulMR2Aug 1971 – Sep 1972AGreat time on board!
Kennedy, DavidAQ2Aug 1971 – Aug 1972AMD
Mattingly, William K. (Matt)PN2Aug 15, 1971 – Jun 17, 1974Made two West Pacs avoided the third and got out. It was an experience of a life time, but I would not want to repeat it. I'm glad that women were not allowed on board in my three years aboard the Connie. J.D. Ward was the best Captain.
Ward, J.DCAPTSep 1971 – Apr 1973Commanding Officer
Lawonn, RonE5Sep 1971 – Aug 1972Airwing VF96
Bonn, ThomasE-3Sep 1971 – Sep 1972Air Traffic Control
Meyer, JohnETCSSep 1971 – Sep 1975Operations/OEI retired as an ETCM in Sept. 1980.
Brooks, Robert/bob profile iconADJ-3Sep 1971 – May 1972VF-92Was in the Check Crew of VF-92 Power Plant and Fuel Systems Crew.
Taladay, DocRM1Sep 1971 – Jan 1975Communications
Bates, Jerryak2Sep 1971 – Aug 1972supplyI was in charge of Supply Admin while on board from Sept 71 to Aug 72. Currently retired after 35 years as Southeast Region sales mgr with Nestle USA company
McGuire, Calvin (Butch)Li2Sep 1971 – Aug 1973X DivisonSome of the best years in my life were on the Connie. Lost of great memories. Looking for anyone in the Print shop during the years of 71 to 73.
Reiblein, Carl / "Riebs"ABH3Sep 1, 1971 – Jun 1, 1973V-1I served as a Yellow Shirt and Night Check PO - Looking to contact buddies from the flight deck crew: Jerry Mundell, Hahn, Rohas, Big Mitch, Monquero, TT Tyler and Gregario - Some great memories, huh guys!
Godsey, HyramABHANSep 1, 1971 – Nov 29, 1972V1I was a Blue Shirt Fly 3.
Sherwin, FrankADJ 2Sep 6, 1971 – Dec 26, 1974VA 146 - AIMD (jet shoppe)Does any 1 remember the attempted take-over/mutiny of minority members of the crew when JD Ward was Captain? That massive mess deck 'protest' sunk his career. How about when we didn't have fresh water & had to drink canned milk & ta
Turner, CurtisAE2Sep 10, 1971 – Aug 10, 1974VAW 116Great Carrier, Great Squadron.
Newberry, WayneEWCMSep 12, 1971 – Apr 7, 1972OI DivisionLooking for any of the OI Division Gang.
Miller, RichLTSep 15, 1971 – Sep 15, 1974DeckWhat a great time! First day onboard met probably the best friend of my whole life(and future best man), Scott Hewett, Senior Fleet Ensign,Ret. And by the way, TR Overdorf and Ships investigators Callins and Majors, you didn't find what u looked
McCallum, GaryE3/ANSep 20, 1971 – Sep 30, 1972Supply
Reynolds, ChuckAK2Oct 1971 – Jul 1, 1972RVAH-11Just proud to serve on the Connie, from an Airdales perspective. West Pac Gulf of Tonkin with Cunningham & Driscol as 1st Aces.....
Mouw, JohnAT3Oct 1971 – Jul 1972RVAH-11- TAD to AIMDA fun cruise with some long periods at sea. I remember the fast pull-out from Hong Kong where some sailors got left behind.
Shipp, Raymond "Ray"AQ 3Oct 1971 – Sep 1973CVW 9, VA 146Two cruises '71/'72 & '73 in Airwing. Would like to hear from anyone from the '71-'72 & '73 cruises, particularly Airwing.
Hewett, ScottSENIOR FLEET ENSIGNOct 1971 – Jul 1972FOX and Ground Transporation OfficerThanks Captain Ward for letting us ashore in Hong Kong after Captain's Mast! The ONLY thing I regret from early seperation from the Navy with a General Discharge was leaving a bunch of goods friends and shipmates behind. email:
Stegman, LarryADJ-2Oct 1971 – Jun 1972VAW-116Best ship for my first and last cruise. Couldn't of had a better Skipper than Capt. Ward.
Gill, JimAQ3Oct 1971 – Jun 1, 1972VA-146 Plane CaptainPearl Harbor-Singapore-Hong Kong-Olongapo-Yokosuka. Watching to bikes come off and the bombs go back on in Yokosuka before we went back to Nam in April of 72
Suddeth, JimJO3Oct 1971 – May 1973Public AffairsDJ, Newspaper Editor
Doran, Jim "Gunner"CWO2Oct 1971 – Jun 1974G DivisionShip's Gunner and Air Gunner
Schaaf, RonAMS2Oct 1971 – Jul 2, 1972VA146/AMDAMD Airframes/ Tire shop
Bibler, Scotte-3Oct 1971 – Sep 1972V-2 waist catapultsWhat a wild job for a 17 yr old...what a wild job for Anybody! Great people! Didn't get to work with people like that again til 2004, in Afghanistan for 2 1/2 yrs. Hope I don't have to wait that long again!
Freimark, DonaldASM3Oct 1971 – Jul 1972Line DivisionPlane Capt., Private Pilot Rating NAS LeMoore,CB 750 Yokuska,Japan Kieckefer,Casper VA 122.Bellinger,Norton,Gill,Lampela,Junker,Miller CFI Al Parnel,,San Miguel, P0 Town,Hanford,Visalia,Fresno,Moffet Field,TI Naval Sta..
Arkerson, Donald PaulE3 PLANE CAPTAINOct 1, 1971 – Oct 22, 1972VA 147From the hippy protest in San Diego Harbor,our 1st liberty in Hawaii, our Westpac homeport of Subic Bay to sleeping on a bag of chains in the line shack,while flying Alfa strikes to Hanoi Harbor. Big Willie are you out their, Sparks
Smith, ShannonE-3Oct 1, 1971 – Aug 15, 1974AIR
Smith, Shannon "tiny"E-3Oct 1, 1971 – Aug 15, 1974V-2Ships Company and on board with the when the first Navy Ace was crowned
Landis, James profile iconAK3Oct 1, 1971 – Dec 24, 1974S6 AVIATION SUPPLYMostly good memories! However now fighting cancer. Need references as to anyone else struggling /winning against it! VIETNAM VETERAN! Still have my medals! Send info to wife's email, thanks tons!
Greenland, RandySNOct 2, 1971 – Jun 2, 19752ndFirst of all, hi guys. Ricky (Tex) Thomas, Dave (hamburger) MacDonald. I've been Looking for John Weekly since 1975...Can't seem to find him.
Beavins, Kent "beaver"PT2Oct 10, 1971 – May 20, 1974OZAnyone out there from IOIC '71-'74
Chamberlain, BrianHM3Nov 1971 – May 1973H
Runyon, NeilDP3Nov 1, 1971 – Jan 4, 1974S-7
Zimmerman, AlanAQ3Nov 25, 1971 – Dec 23, 1974VA-165 BOOMERSI have many memories of serving onboard the "CONNIE". Some good, some bad. Sure had alot of good liberties in Olongapo PI and met alot of good friends on the ship.
Ibarra, AlejandroABF/E-3Dec 1971 – Dec 1973V-4looking for info on Anthony Rice from Cookville, Tenn.
Ertel, GreggLTDec 21, 1971 – Sep 1974Thanks to CAPT Speer for sending me off on a 30 year naval career. Remember well the snake ranches on First ST in IB. Lee Mankin, Rich Miller, Scott Hewitt, and Madruga, Shadday, Jean the machine and the rest.
Erickson, Gerald (Jerry)AMS 2Dec 23, 1971 – Nov 3, 1974VA 165 BoomersI think about all the friends made on the 3 cruises, the camaraderie and the interesting times. The Connie provided each of us with lasting impressions, friendships and memories. I wish all members who have served on the Connie the best!
Ferguson, ReginaldBT2Dec 27, 1971 – Apr 28, 1975P-1 & P-4BT Console Opertor in 1MMR 72thru73 .Moved up to Cat.Steam Shop 74thru75. I had my fun on the Connie, 3 Westpac Cruise's alot good times in every port.
Ferguson, ReginaldBT/2Dec 27, 1971 – May 21, 1975P-4

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