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USS Constellation (CV 64) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Constellation (CV 64). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 3356 crew members registered for the USS Constellation (CV 64).

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Urso, ChuckRMSN1969 – 1971Comm
Edwards, William E. (Ed) , JrAO11969 – 1970ABM - SafetyDay Supervisor ABM Division, then was transferred to standup the Ship's Safety Dept. Retired May 1987 LT/LDO (AO)
Collett, Jackie Aka TexE-3 AO1969 – 1970GLooking for Gary Anderberg
Hixson, WilliamAT11969 – 1970Avation Electronics
Hagerman, MarkAMH31969 – 1970VA-27Anyone remember the COD that crashed with the married beach detachment guys on it? How about the guy sucked down the jet intake off Hawaii or Yankee Station? Please contact me. Thanks Mark
Childs, TerryE61969 – 1970VA 85i am terrys son he served just one yr on the ship retired shortly after i was born wanted to be there i guess just wondering if anyone remembers him you can contact me at
Bohannon, Ronald1969 – 1970
Edens, JohnAVIATION BOATSWAINS MATE (FUEL) E-31969 – 1970V-4Loved Olongapo, PI, Sasebo,and Yokuska Japan and Hong Kong. I got over the smell of JP-4 after working in the Jet Fuel Pump or Filter Rooms 16 hrs a day. AVGAS however was a different story.
Rimmer, RayRM31969 – 1971CommunicationsJust wanted to see if anyone I knew is still around.
Yarnall, WarrenSK31969 – 1971S-1 SupplyMy God! Its's 2011 and i'm still kickin.
Sehman, JohnMM31969 – 1971P4 Looking for anyone MM's or BT's that served from 1969 to 1971 any of the engine rooms.
Holbrook, SteveABE31969 – Feb 25, 1970V2 DivisionI read the post by Tobias and remember these things. Does anyone remember me? I was the one who was hit by the 500 lb. bomb on Feb. 25, 1970.
Silletto, GaryAQF21969 – 1971AIMDPrimary Flight Control. Then Phantom radar AIMD. Loved the travel. Great crew. Played rock band concerts on ship.
Wasserman, ThomasDC 21969 – 1970repairDid not like my time on the Connie
Rosa, JoseAA1969 – Feb 1972V4Seeking fellow fuel crewmen to reconnect! Looking for anyone who can verify you served with me in Da Nang, Vietnam in transit to Philippines awaiting transport in Feb '72. If you know me please contact me ASAP.
Newnes, Raymond profile iconE5/CTO-21969 – Jan 20, 1971OS DivisionWe were the smallest division aboard ship. Our spaces were just below flight deck, port side, front of the RM spaces. Also had a small operations room connected to the 7th Fleet Admiral's quarters.
Moore, GregoryABH31969 – 1972V-3Worked in Hanger Deck control. Played on the Connie basketball team while in Bremerton WA during Dry Dock
Vicino, CraigE-31969 – Jul 1971EngineeringAssigned to the Electricians shack just below the flight deck aft. We would while in the shack sit watching the closed circuit tv of all flight ops and especially touch and go traps.
Hubbard, JimAO31969 – 1972GI too served with T. Stackhouse, J>D> Newton, Uncle eddy, cousin Rooster, frank Mallard(where is my sea bag 46 years late) Ron (the Van H. calif porsche guy), the Bone man. living in retirement.
Hughes Ak2, JamesAK21969 – 1970S=6Enjoyed my time on the Connie. Great guys and hard work on the Vert Rep Team. Was on the Bennington and the Ranger prior to this cruise.
Cieply, ThomasABH-3Jan 1969 – Nov 3, 1972V3
Jines, LoganPO3Jan 1969 – Mar 1972OI DivisionConnie, a good ship
Schroer, MikeYeoman E5Jan 1, 1969 – Mar 30, 1971Weapons Yeoman
Davenport, Robert LeeAMH E-3Jan 1, 1969 –V-2 Arresting gearI have type 2 diebeties. I saw AO in the hanger bay of the ship.It came aboard during unreps and only be around for a couple of days. It would be damaged barrels of the AO. some dented and leaking. Then overboard.
Parker, Gene A.E-9/BMCMJan 10, 1969 – May 15, 19743rd DivAnyone remember big old Smitty,BM1,had a lot of good times on those years worked hard,played hard.Anyone remember Freeze. Jones,D.Davis,boshoo or Anderson and the undertaker,and the crazy Texan,Jackson.great memories.
Whitney, Harry "Budd"ASE-3Jan 24, 1969 – Dec 15, 1970AIMD Support Equip. ShopWas on 1969-1970 cruise.Spent last 6 months in Bremerton,Wa. in drydock.
Gengler, John (Randy)YN3Feb 1969 – 1970OZI was a yeoman in IOIC (Integrated Operational Intelligence Center) in OZ Division.
Jones, LyleBM3Feb 1, 1969 – Oct 3, 19701st, 5th, 6th
Mouser, Ronaldabe2Feb 9, 1969 – May 6, 1970v-2was catapult operator on cat 2 . 69-70 cruise
Brynildsen, BenCYN3Mar 1969 – Mar 19705Good ship to be on. Enjoyed working with ships comm.
Wall, Samuel/sammyDK3Mar 1969 – Mar 1971
Gray, John (Rusty)IC3Mar 1969 – Feb 1973Interior Communicationsstarted as a NUB...ended up in aft IC...telephone tech.
Robinson, BruceE4Apr 1969 – 1971V-1
Yarnall, WarrenE-4Apr 5, 1969 – Jul 22, 1971S-1Perhaps the most important time of my life. Went to war, saw the world and made a lot of good friends.
King, RichardSNMay 1969 – Jun 19703rd & exec division
Laughon, Onnie DanielAVIATION ORDNANCEMAN 3RD CLASSMay 1, 1969 – Dec 20, 1970GMy nickname was Doc. Anytime anyone needed as aspirin or band-aid they came to me.
Conner, MartyAVH1May 1, 1969 – May 1, 1972V1
Layne, Ellis ButchAIRMANMay 8, 1969 – Sep 10, 1970OperationsYou had to grow up fast in those days, can any one remember the sailor being sucked down the intake of jet on yankee station, were quite a few mishaps, it was just about dark.
Gassett, DavidE-4May 17, 1969 – Sep 24, 1972WeaponsThe best duty I have every been on,at times I wished I'd should have stayed in.
Taylor, WilliamRDSN/RD2May 26, 1969 – Aug 8, 1972OIFirst ship and learned more about rate there then any ship after, best bunch of petty officers I ever worked for. First liberty port Subic, and never looked back. Retired 30 yrs later as OSCM.
Williams, FredHM3Jun 1969 – Jun 1970Medical Staff (Sick Bay)Proud to have served on the Connie. Put her into dry dock in Bremerton, Wash. Never saw anything so big. I walked under her.
Murphy, MikeAC 3Jun 1, 1969 – Sep 1, 1970OCNow living in Memphis, Tn
Vinton, JacobABH-3Jun 10, 1969 – May 12, 1972V-3Spent the first of my Navy tour on Oriskany, later all the rest on Constellation. Two separate line cruises to Yankee Station.
Pyles, JerryE5/PT2Aug 1969 – May 1970OZ from RVAH-7Third and final cruise for me. Saved the best for last.
Murphy, DavidAMEANAug 1969 – May 1970VF-143LOX CREW
Klopfenstein, Sr., Gary L.E4Aug 1969 – May 1970VAQ 133
Foster, DouglasAO3Aug 1969 – May 1970VA 85I saw ship's doc while on board during the cruise. Where do squadron medical records go when squadron leaves the ship. Please contact at
Dunlap, Mikeae3Aug 1969 – 1970RVAH-7Joined the ship in sasebo on 69/70 westpac. Witnessed death of yellow shirt shooter during launch, need help with name and date.
Blake, JimMM3Aug 1, 1969 – Oct 13, 1972ENGINEERING P2Made 2 West Pac tours, working in 2 main machinery room on the first cruise and working in the evaporator gang on the second cruise.
Virgil, JamesE-3Aug 9, 1969 – May 5, 1970S-3 & VA-97The short time and nine month cruise to Western Pacific during 69-70 was fullfilling, do to fact I finally worked in the rate that I was striking for , Thus making a carreer of 24years
Lacheney, Curleyrd2Aug 11, 1969 – May 7, 1970OIOne carrier was enough for me. I was happy to leave the connie and get back in the tincan navy.
Welsh, EdABE2Aug 17, 1969 – Oct 1971V2/master at armsI do remember Holbrook, Tobias, and yes Tillbrook, for sure. Plus a lot more I was the conagraph oper. when that A7 took Brian's life. Replaced Toby as the one to go to the Master At Arms and leave V2.
Echevarria, ErnieFNSep 1969 – Sep 1970P-1 P-4I liked the Navy but not the people in it.
Tillbrook, JimABE3Sep 1969 – 1972ABEI would like to reconnect with the Cat Crew from the 1969 Far East Cruise
Muncey, Ersel,( Fred )ABH-3Sep 1969 – May 1972V-1Looking for some guys who I served with in V-1 division or who was on connie from 1969 to 1972
Briggeman, JackQM-3Sep 1969 – Dec 1972Navigation
Richer, RonaldAO3Sep 1969 – May 1971G- Division Hanger Deck OrdnanceSorry to see the USS Constellation be sold for scrap.Hello to Jack Newton,John Schuster,Ed Nunn,Jim Rathbone,Jim Hubbard,Pancho Briggs,Tom Stackhouse and all the other great guys I served with in G-Division Ordnance
Richer, RonAO3Sep 1969 – Apr 1971G divisionHad some good times and a lot of hard work during VietNam hello to JD Newton, Jim Hubbard, John Schuster ,Ed Nunn,Jim Rathbone, Tom Stackhouse
Harold D. Caldwell, "tex"AECSSep 1, 1969 – Jun 16, 1970HC-1 Det 5, Helo Chief Petty Officer.A deployment of many memories, we worked hard, played hard, and we had one of the Navy's best Skippers. One that was an enlisted mans leader, and whose crew would and did anything that Capt. Christiansen asked of his crew. Bravo Zula to al
Dingus, Mike / DingETR2Sep 11, 1969 – Aug 15, 1973OERetired from the University of Houston in 2008. Live in Asheville, NC now. Ride my motorcycle as often as I can.
Tobias, Clifton TobyABE 3Sep 18, 1969 – Dec 15, 1970V2 bow catapults I came onboard in the Philippines after waiting 3 weeks, what an awsome site to see her tied up at the dock. Then we left port and went to Vietnam. We had a buriel at sea ceramony for ABE3 Brian Lighthart from V2, I was his replacement on the flight
Drexler, KennethSNSep 22, 1969 – May 1971Data ProcessingWas a great experience for a boy of 18 yrs of age, I will always cherish the memories and friends I made.
Lindsley, LeeDS2Sep 29, 1969 – Dec 29, 1970OEI would like to know how the DS crew are doing.
Counts, GlennE-3Oct 1969 – Sep 1971Supply
Swan, John profile iconDS2Oct 25, 1969 – Oct 30, 1973OE4 years aboard the Connie. Have many wonderful memories, and would love to hear from ‘old’ shipmates. Worked below CIC as a “Computer Tech”, then spent 2yrs at Mare Island as an instructor.
Preuss, JamesSNNov 1969 – Aug 1971X Captain's OfficeServed aboard Connie when she was a CVA, during a WESTPAC and during a ROH at PSNS, Bremerton, WA. Would like to hear from any other CONSTELLATION crew during that period.
Gibson, StevenCAPTDec 1969 – Jul 1971N/3rd/5thStayed in. Later CO of an MSO, FF and CG. Thanks to CS Division lookouts who endured SOJ cold and Yankee Station heat. I was on bridge and witnessed ABE3 B.R. Ligthart's death 15 AUG 6. Have copy of Deck Log entry!
Jasinski, LennyDec 6, 1969 – Aug 31, 1973 V F -154I was also with VT-27 at NAS Corpus Christi, TX>
Pantoja, RudyRMSNDec 7, 1969 – Aug 3, 1973CMOh the memories of the port visits, what an experience on the bird farm, at sea time and flight ops/gq drills. Made many friends, to many names to list from the radio gang.
Richards, Larry (Rich)MR 2Dec 24, 1969 – Apr 7, 1972AMachine Shop

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