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USS Constellation (CV 64) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Constellation (CV 64). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 3356 crew members registered for the USS Constellation (CV 64).

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Hellbach, Charles / CharlieGMT31967 – 1970W
Wolfe, MarshallDS-21967 – Oct 1968OEI'm looking for a Cruise Book 1968-I ordered one and left the ship before it arrived.
Gehrke, Richard (Rick)HM3 / FMF1967 – 1967VAH 8 TAD to MedicalThe short skinny Corpsman that loved the shot lines "The bigger they are the harder they fall" Westpac 67 was great Loved the liberty in Hong Kong
Prothro, ThomasHM21967 – 1969H
Mitchell, JerryPN11967 –VF-143
Pessaro, CharlesAE-21967 – 1968VA-1961967 and 1968 West-Pac Cruise
Hillyer, John "jay"AO31967 – 1970G
Walz, Thomas (Benny)AE-21967 – 1968VA-97Would like to here from anyone from Westpac cruise VA -97
Chaplow, MikeYN31967 – 1967Commander Carrier Division Nine
Murphy, TracyIC 31967 – 1968E
Richards, RobertYN31967 – 1968Fox and ExecutiveI did the 67 Westpac and remember great times when in Japan and the Phillippines. Got out in Feb of 68.
Chase, ThomasRM31967 – 1970CMAnybody from USS Constellation, Radiomen, served from 1967 to 1970?
Graeber, Leslie profile iconMM21967 – 1969P2I made 2 westpac cruises aboard the Connie. Spent many days on line in the south China sea. I watched as aircraft launched off the bow, and most returned over the fantail, but not all came back. God bless our Sailors.
Brzozowski, Len (Bski)Aqf21967 – 1970VF143
Sheets, Jim FTM21967 – 1969FoxMFCS 3.
Hahula, TheodoreAE21967 – 1968CSI was a Signalman but changed rate to Airman then transferred to AE school in Jacksonville Fl. I then got orders to Naval Missile Test Center Pt. Magu.
Theessen, ClarencePR31967 –164Looking for other service members to connect with. I was enlisted from 1966 to 1970, stationed in Guam, the USS Constellation and the USS Hancock.
Rubsam, Larry J. (Ruby)MM3Jan 1967 – Aug 19702MMR
Smith, SylvesterEM 2Jan 1, 1967 – Jan 1969E
Eudy, EverttEN-2Jan 1, 1967 – Aug 6, 1970A-4 BoatshopWorked in A-4 Boatshop while in port & underway, Ran Capts. Gig. Worked on emergency diesel generators, ship`s compressed air systems, West-Pac cruises, Can`t believe she`s gone.....good boat, got us all back home safe.
Habzansky, Mike (Ski)PC 3Jan 1, 1967 – Apr 30, 1968XSearching for anyone who worked with or knew him during his Connie days. He passed in 2008. Thank you
Welch, GerryCS2Jan 3, 1967 – Oct 9, 1970S2I worked in both the aft. galley and forward galley and also the aft. butcher shop
Snyder, ButchBT2Jan 4, 1967 – Mar 30, 1971P-24MMR, 2AUX & 2MMR. Began life in 4MMR as BT2 Sutton's bilge cleaner between fuel oil service pumps and the feed pump. G. F. Lingle where are you?
Rivers, Paul profile iconE-4Jan 14, 1967 – Aug 28, 1970V-2 AFT CCATS
Kemple, Robert JayCWOJan 18, 1967 – Jul 10, 1969OMI was a First Class Petty Officer (AG!) when I had the privilege of serving on board Connie. I was aboard for two "Yankee Station" cruises to Vietnam. What an awesome experience. She was a great ship that was manned by a great crew.
Rock, GeorgeBT-3Jan 30, 1967 – Jul 30, 1970B Div/P-4 DivI worked in the Boiler Repair Shop located in 4MMR. I started out in 3MMR as an E-2 FA. We did all the major repair work on all 8 of the boilers. The whole BR Shop crew worked hard on the equipment and played hard on lib
Manuel, StanleyE-3Feb 1, 1967 – Dec 23, 1967V-3Looking for some old friends
Hiller, WilliamPO3Feb 1, 1967 – Jan 15, 1969CMLooking back at some great memories. Would like to hear from some of the people I served with.
Stalch, MikeE3Feb 1, 1967 – Mar 1, 1968V1Long deployment with replacing the Forrestal on the line after the fire. Great crew, good friends.
Chantker, HaroldPT1Feb 21, 1967 – Nov 2, 1967OperationsJust thinking of the NON-computer Viet Nam targeting fun back in 1967 and, the sadness of the USS Forrestal Fire.
Hagenbrok, Mark "hags"AZANMar 1967 – Oct 1967ATKRON 146WESTPAC 1967
Shelton, StephenANMar 5, 1967 – Jan 9, 1969Line div , VA 97 '68'-line div. 146 '1967'Do you remember the app. date that two shipmates were killed trying to reset a "cold shot " on one of the catapults (67 or 68 depl?)Can anyone remember a flight into Da Nang to work on an A7 with me & two others
Isaacs, Hugh E.GMM3Mar 10, 1967 – Aug 28, 1970SAMI was really saddened when I found out that the "Connie" was decommissioned. I am looking for people that remember my name on board.
Bell, William (Bill)GMT2Mar 10, 1967 – Mar 14, 1969WEntered division as a seaman apprentice and left as a second classpetty officer
Myers, EdwardMar 16, 1967 – Aug 25, 1970looking for any shipmates that new edward myers during his time aboard the connie
Swettenam, TomDC2Apr 1967 – Oct 1970RThree Wes-Pac cruises.Flying Squad,DC shop,Carpenter shop,Fwd CO2 shop.Met some great people aboard Constellation.
Rose, BillLT.Apr 1967 – Jun 1970Aux
Shelton, John profile iconADJ3Apr 1967 – Apr 1969V1Worked on Flight Deck in Fly 3 area. Spotted aircraft on Cats 3 & 4 and directed aircraft out of arresting gear. On standdown days, we scrubbed the flight deck. Attended the decommissioning ceremony in San Diego.
John, BiggsFTM1Apr 1967 – Jul 19, 1971Weapons/FOX divisionAttached to ships Terrier Missile system & ships AN/SPS-39 3D search Radar system.
Terrell, CharlesE4 Petty Officer 3rd classApr 1967 – Aug 1969V3 DivisonLooking for Anthony Stevens. He worked on Hanger Bay 1 while I worked on Hanger Bay 2. We became very close friends while working together.
Alger, BillANApr 1967 – Sep 4, 1970V4Had a great time on board I remember all the guys including Pearl and Hart. Some of the dumb ass things we did in the coffee lockers. Worst was the aft AFT coffee locker. Learning to sleep under the #2 wire 03-177-OL
Raab, Lowell (Rabbi)GMT3Apr 10, 1967 – Nov 27, 1970WI would certainly like to hear from other W-Division Shipmates from early '67 thru dry dock in Bremerton, WA in '70.
Colvin, MarkE 2Apr 14, 1967 – Dec 4, 1967VA 146
Logsdon, RonaldSM3Apr 15, 1967 – Oct 20, 1970CS
Overcashier, FredAQB2Apr 20, 1967 – Oct 23, 1970AIMD 3Ships company damage control and maintain the radar shop for VA-142 &VA-143 aircraft
Gibson, RogerE3Apr 23, 1967 – Nov 1970V 4I worked the flight deck, pump room 6 and supply
Gay, Jerry L.SNMay 1967 – Jul 1968
Billinger, JimMay 1967 – Nov 1967Flag
Prothro, MikeRD3May 1967 – Aug 1968OIwould like to contact old friends Bob McCarney RD2 and Randy Fries
Kellner, Albertabh1May 2, 1967 – Feb 7, 1969v1made 3 west pac started in fly 3 blue sheet worked my way to fly 1on july 29 1967 was flown on board uss forestall a very hard day,best day when i was on jan 28 on operation enterainment if anyone remebers that write me
Wilkinson, Gary D. profile iconRM1May 17, 1967 – Nov 22, 1967Flag CommunicationsAttached to Staff of CTF-77 (Commander Attack Carrier Striking Force, U.S. 7th Fleet) deployed to Tonkin Gulf off Vietnam.
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Colburn, Roy [beak]E3Jun 1967 – Dec 1967vf 142looking for sandefur,southwell,l. jacklin
Tysall, DanMM2Jun 1967 – Jul 1968P2
Wolfe, MarshallDS-2Jun 1967 – Sep 1968OE
Poole, BobGMG2Jun 1967 – Jun 1968GAnyone remember GMCM Killoran. I left there in 68 to NavMag Subic and worked for Master Chief Killoran again. Learned everything from him. Retired in 1984 as MACS in Norfolk. "Connie" was a good ship, good crew.
Raines, GaryABE3Jun 1967 – Sep 1970V-2Worked waist catapults as Topside Safety PO. Would like to hear from any shipmates who served on the Connie.
Rossi, MikeFTM-2Jun 1967 – Apr 5, 1971FOXAn amazing ride on the Connie, maybe too long. Flew on board on a COD in 67 and stayed till April 71, 18 years old, seeing Yokahama, Subic, Hong Kong, and San Diego home port -(not so friendly to someone under 21).
Conners, GeneHM2Jul 1967 – Jan 1970MedicalI was in the Medical Division on the Connie for 2.5 years (Jul '67 - Jan '70) covering 3 separate WestPac/VietNam deployments. My memories are vivid and of good, happy times as well as sad ones for friends and comarades who died.
Hudock, ThomasE 3Jul 1967 – Feb 1968VAH-8I have type 2 diabetes. Looking for someone to substantiate AO on board during this period. Please contact me email Thank you so much
Malone, MikeANJul 5, 1967 – Aug 5, 1969AIMD
Jensen, Dick profile iconTD3Jul 7, 1967 – Nov 22, 1968Tradevman 7500/0000I've joined on behalf of my husband, Dick Jensen. After his major stroke in 2020 he can't talk. Did you happen to go ashore with him on his trips to Da Nang to trade for beer? The info needed for VA to approve benefits.
Diloreto, DennisAG2Jul 15, 1967 – May 31, 1968OMLooking back, it was the biggest and best experience of my life. I couldn't be prouder to have served on this great ship. I even got to shake President Johnson's hand when he came on board to spend the weekend with us.
Diloreto, DennisAG2Jul 20, 1967 – May 28, 1968OMIf I only realized at the time what a great experience it was to be a crew member aboard this ship. I have fond memories I will take to my grave. Proud to have served
Tingley, RossABH_3Jul 20, 1967 – May 28, 1968V-1 HI was PO for the Hanger Deck Birthing area all the time I was on the Connie. I was only aboard 8 months
Meyer, Kennethame1Aug 1967 – Jul 1970safety and survival shopretired september of 1986 AMCS feel free to contact me at
Lacroce, JoeGMT2Aug 15, 1967 – Aug 15, 1968WI built bombs 12/7 and enjoyed every minute of it. Also started a popular weight lifiting club - as if we didn't get enough exercise lifitng bombs all day!
Mc Cullough, WayneFTM2Sep 1967 – Sep 1971FOX4 years & 3 WestPac cruises on Connie with great Fox Div guys that will never be forgotten. Fun to work with and also ashore on liberties in Yoko & Subic to be topped with new cars & plenty of time ashore in Bremerton
Mc Cullough, WayneFTM2Sep 1967 – Sep 1971FoxLooking back 50 years, the little over 4 years I spent on Connie were some of the best of my life. Great friends with only a few still alive that have left me with many good memories of times aboard her and on liberty
Bondy, GeraldATCOct 27, 1967 – Dec 31, 1969IM1Supervisor for Material Control Work Center. Developed an automated process to account for parts ordered for the 27 AIMD work centers. Performed inventory all support equipment used to repair and support all the planes.
Greene, Charlespn4Nov 1, 1967 – Feb 1, 1969x divisionI did separations and fleet reserves
Cater, RichardAMH-3Nov 5, 1967 – Apr 1, 1971Airframes and LineI remember most of you. Some of you had alot of character. I retired in 1991 as an AMCS. I've crossed paths with S.F. White, Larry Rogers, Don Ehlert. I hope all of you had a good life! It was a good time in my life with so much fun!!!
Jason, RichardAONov 16, 1967 – Aug 20, 1971G
Rivers, Paul profile iconABE3Nov 22, 1967 – Aug 28, 1970V-2 AFT CATSI'm looking for Robert Kish from the V-2 Divsion AFT CATS If anyone knows his whereabouts I can be reached at
Owenson, KenDK3Dec 1967 – May 1970S-4Would like to hear from anyone who might have worked in the Disbursing Office during this period of time.
Bates, SterlingMM3Dec 4, 1967 – Mar 31, 1971A-2 CatsIt was the best of times and the worst of times! Our shop worked with the V-2 cats division, We took care of the steam side of the cats. Two Wesern Pacific Vietnam cruises.
Barreras, PeteE4/RMDec 7, 1967 – Nov 15, 1969ComMade two tour to the Tonkin Gulf aboard the Connie. Worked with some of the greatest guys and have fond memories of those times. I'd do it again.
Bates, SterlingMM3Dec 8, 1967 – Mar 31, 1971A-2 Cataplt
Perrin, EdwardABE PO3Dec 10, 1967 – Aug 8, 1969V2 BOW CATS
Kent, NeilEM3Dec 30, 1967 – Dec 15, 1968E (Distribution)I was on the 67 to 68 West-pac cruise. I stood the #4 switchboard watch at sea. The main switchboard in main control in port. I am retired from Long Beach Naval Shipyard. I am now working at Long Beach Transit as a bus operator. E-mail me.
Taulbee, LonE3/DP TechDec 31, 1967 – Feb 1969IOICWonderful memories looking back on my time on this ship. Went aboard right out of boot camp. Made one cruise to the Gulf of Tonkin, then was transfered to DP school in San Francisco.

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