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USS Constellation (CV 64) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Constellation (CV 64). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 3356 crew members registered for the USS Constellation (CV 64).

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Hettenbach, George A.ABH21966 – 1969V-3Also worked with crash crew in V-1 and DC group on the firefighting team.
Mackenzie, KennethGMT31966 – 1969W
Heddy, JohnAE-21966 – 1966VF-151
Ciaburri, EdABH-11966 – 1970V3
Gibson, RichardMM31966 –Richard L. Gibson was my step father and would just like to let wveryone know that he stated that even though it was during the Vietnam War...his time on the Constellation was one of the best times of his life. Richard has since passed away
Hargis, TerryADJ 21966 – 1968vaw 11 det delta / vaw 113
Heddy, JohnAE-21966 – 1966VF-151
Derize, RaymondABH31966 – 1967V-1WORKED ELEVATOR 3, SPIN 10, Radio DJ. THEM SONG, "THE IN CROWD"
Weintraub, JayRM31966 – Jun 12, 1969Radio CRLiving in suburb of Chicago. Working in Teamsters Local 727 in the Tradeshow and Motion Picture Division.
Routt, LelandFTM21966 – 1969FOXGood ship with great guys on board. I enjoyed my tour.
Smith, KennethE-31966 – 1969Electrical Lighting Shop
Zimmerman, Fred  NEWRD21966 – Dec 1968OI
Hettenbach, GeorgeABH31966 – Apr 1969V3
Musselwhite, MarvinAE1966 –RVAH-6Marvin Musselwhite is my father. I don't know too much about his time in the Navy. I do know he was on the Constellation in 66 as he is in that cruise book. I would love to hear from anyone who remembers him. Thanks.
Jones, JimmyAN1966 – Jun 3, 1969V-1My last year I was Fly-3 Crew leader.
Nallie, Tommy (Tj)RM31966 – 1968Communications
Amato, AndyAirman1966 – 1967ACConnie we will miss you.
Reisner, RichardEN21966 – 1968A-1Did a lot of growing up. Would like to find Stephen Paul Garcia, he taught me to play guitar.
Isaacson, LawrenceRD 21966 – 1968OI DivisionLooking for others who were aboard ship and affected by agent orange.
Potter, DaveSNJan 1966 – May 1967FifthOn board for 2 westpac cruises, Many friends, Bud Trimmer, Tom Ackles, Gerry Reardon, Loren Lovaas. BM1 Napier.....never did spill his coffee. LCDR Moore was our boss, 1st Lieutenant. Still don't stand in line for chow...not even at home
Chambers, LeeAQB-2Jan 1966 – Dec 1966VA-65 Track Radar IMDHad a great cruise. I'd especially like to tip the hat to Lt. Bolinger, Chief Zumbro, and anyone from the SACE electronics IMD shop--or VA-65.
Bergman, KarlFNJan 1966 – Mar 1968M Div / Engineering Log Room1st assignment out of boot camp. Worked in Mains, cleaned Firesides, ended up in engineering log room as I could type. Got transferred early to go to YN "A" School.
Nuckols Jr., WarrenANJan 1, 1966 – May 4, 1969V-3Would like to hear from old shipmates from 66 thru may 69. Especially anyone who was in V-1 or V-3 or damage control. I worked in mostly V-3 Hanger Bay moving aircraft and polishing brass.
Strickland, JerryE-4Jan 1, 1966 – Apr 21, 1969V-4
Sadler, DouglasAFB3Jan 1, 1966 – Jan 1, 1968V4My father Don Sadler was on CV-64 in 1966 until ? and was in V4 div. He passed away when I was young and I don't know anything about his navy experiences. I am looking to connect with anyone who may have served with him
Gallagher, DanSNJan 1, 1966 – Jan 1, 19683rd
Rubsam, LarryMM3Jan 4, 1966 – Jul 16, 1970MMR2/p2Have heard form Al Edwards and Butch Snyder. Would like to hear from Alex Alexander MM2 and Cook.
Spangenberg, Phillip (Spanky)Airman E3Jan 14, 1966 – Sep 15, 1967Arresting Gear
Hettenbach, Georgeabh-2Jan 16, 1966 – Apr 25, 1969V-3 +CrashCrew and Danage controlI also looking to contact George Payne who work with us in the v-3 unit or anyone.
Hoage, KenPO-2 AMSJan 27, 1966 – Oct 17, 1970V-6 /AIMDHI to all of you I hope all is well for you! I could use your help anyone who remembers me.I am having trouble obtaining my VA benefits. My DD214 is missing information and is incorrect. The VA's advice is to try to contact crew members
Morrison, PatPO2Jan 29, 1966 – Dec 24, 1967J et engine built up
Gastelo, Raul/gusE4/ADJ3Feb 1966 – Mar 1968AMD
Krause, DonaldABHFeb 1966 – Jul 1967V-3 DivisionRegular job: Con-Flag Watch Supervisor Collateral Duty: Landing Party - Automatic weapons, Special Forces (early Seal Team 3) on River Rat Patrol
Mann, ThomasRM2 (NAC)Feb 7, 1966 – Nov 23, 1967CRWas in CR div for wepac, left ship upon return to SDiego for NAC P3 School at Pax river. Later visited the ship in Subic Bay in 68 and visited with some of the guys in CR div. Best friend was Ron Woods. Was a great ship and look back fondly upon
Dolce, LawrenceCT 3Mar 1966 – Aug 15, 1967XDid 2 tours & thought morale basically was pretty good for the crew. Saw a TV show in England last year about an A-1 pilot Dieter (?) German born, shot down in l966, escaped 2 times. 2nd he ran down hill into Mekong to Thailand, co-POW was beheaded.
Sines, Spencer/spikeanMar 1, 1966 – Sep 1, 1968V-41968,, flew aboard in the cod.after three wespacs and soooo much fun ,,1968,, got my first and last cat shot in the cod. didnt much like the navy then. love it now! God bless our navy fliers, Americas Best!
Payton, LarryHM3Apr 1966 – Dec 23, 1966Medical
Strickland, JerryE-4Apr 1966 – Apr 1969V-4WOULD LIKE TO HEAR FROM ANY OLD NAVY BUDDIES IN V-4 DIVISION FROM 1966 TO 1969.
Bradley, Willie RayMM3Apr 1966 – Dec 1969P1- #1 Engine RoomI would like to get in touch with B.K.Sallie, Kansas City, MO.
Register, David W. ( I Was Called Cash)Engine man 3rd classApr 1966 – Jun 1968A Division. BoatshopMade 2 wespacs on the Connie. A lot of fond memories and made some great friends ,would love tho see again.
Stark, GlennGMG 3Apr 10, 1966 – Dec 15, 1969G DivisionEnjoyed my time on board. Did an extreme amount of maturing in my time on board.
Darnell, LarryEM3Apr 14, 1966 – Oct 12, 1967E DIVISIONWORKED IN C& E SHOP west pac 1966 and 1967
Wickline, RobertFTMSNApr 15, 1966 – May 10, 1968FoxWorked in the starboard missile house with FTM 3 Jim Wilkerson, FTM3 Martinez
Hopkins, DonaldABH 3Apr 15, 1966 – Aug 10, 1967V-3
Stanfield, H.b. "Herb"AO3May 1966 – Nov 1967G - AMPickec up the Connie at Pearl at the start of the 66 Wesr Pac. Completed the 66 and 67 cruises. Dropped off in Yoko for three weeks in 67 and waited for the Kitty Hawk. Did the 68 with her. Liked the Connie so much, I married a gal with that name.
Smathers, KennethE4May 1966 – Nov 1966AMSHi, i am looking for some crew members i worked with on the connie in 1966. Kenneth hoage . larry d Stockton last seen insubic bay nov 66. missed them in san diego on ships return.still looking [check facebook]
Mims, Johnie3rd class petty officerMay 1966 – Dec 1968RLOOKING FOR PERRY BELL -- ? PIERCE - DANIEL AUMICK FROM PENN. --MYERS ? --
Grace, DaveE-3May 5, 1966 – Feb 1967G DivCorpsman striker (H Div) then AO3 Watson talked me into coming over to G Div. Aft Assembly . How do you spell fish???
Plemons, Jimmm3May 11, 1966 – Jan 31, 1967A2 div.I'm looking for anyone on the Connie that was exposed to agent orange during unreps. It seems like the Navy has lost all records of ships that handled this stuff. If you handled this stuff, call Jim @ 615 585 3628 in Tn
Martin, RobertPT2May 12, 1966 – Dec 3, 1966VA-65My first cruise was a great adventure on a great ship
Corcoran, James Corkybt3May 12, 1966 – Sep 16, 1967bworked in 2mmr with stewart, obrian, brotherton, white, siebert, moss and carmichal. lots of long hours of never seeing sunlight and lots of good times in subic bay hong kong japan and mexico.
Hall, TrevorEM3Jun 1, 1966 – Jun 30, 1967ELooking for reunion date.
Byerly, CliftonABH-2Jun 6, 1966 – Feb 14, 1970V-1"A learning experience- lot's of hard work. Wonderful memories. My crewmembers were like family- miss them all."
Edwards, AlFN to MM2Jun 6, 1966 – Apr 27, 1970M Div later split to P1 & P2---I was in P2 MMR2Reported to the "Flaming Lady", assigned 2MMR for 4 yr 2 mo 23 days..never compartment cleaner/mess cook. MMs & BTs like to hear from them. Contact me at: al_edwards_
Palovick, JackSH 2Jun 12, 1966 – Jun 18, 1968s3
O'Brian, RobertMM3Jul 1966 – Oct 1968P 2Served in 2MMR
Hicks, Neal / MaynardIC2Jul 1966 – Jun 1971V2Worked in PLAT/FLOLS. First ship I was on. Would like to hear from anyone who remembers me. E-mail
Kiracofe, JohnAG3Jul 1966 – Sep 1967OM
McNeice, FrankRD2Jul 12, 1966 – Dec 15, 1968OIGetting older and somewhat nostalgic about the time served on the Connie. Looking for anyone who might remember me. Some friends: Terry Moonie, Cliff Mench, Craig Carrier, Frank Bustos, Jimmy Fallon, Max Furek.
Watts, Larry "old Man"EN3Jul 13, 1966 – Jan 29, 1968AWorked on Catapult Steam with Mildford C. "Pete" Peterson, Tommy Tucker, Greg Bingham, Junior Funkhouser, Rustin Van Rensselear Staderman III, Wayne(?) Davis. Great guys, difficult, rewarding work. Am now a Steam Piping Engineer.
Harvey, SamGMM 3Jul 15, 1966 – Apr 10, 1970SAM DivisionRetired from NASA lives in Newport News Va.
Ackerman, Dan / Hacksawshipfitter/metalsmithAug 1966 – 1969shipfitter/metalsmith
Loweth, DonaldBT3Aug 1, 1966 – May 8, 1970BoilermanI was a boilerman on the USS Constellation 1966-1970. Made 4 tours to Tonkin Bay in the gulf of Tonkin. While on the Constellation I worked in the 4 main machinery room and was the supply petty officer in repair crew
Hartington, William (bill)BMSep 1966 – May 1970First
Walter E. Dedear, WalterETN3Sep 1966 – May 1968OEI took care of the Ships Inertial Navigation System and worked with the Quartermasters.
Keech, RobertABE-3Sep 1966 – May 1968V-2Was Cat-2 holdback man at time I left ship. Made E-4 after I left. Was E-3 while aboard. Larry Mercer, Jim Jenkins, Al (last name slips my memory) and Kenny Redman were also on cat-2 crew with me.
Riddle, Glen (Tex)ANSep 16, 1966 – May 30, 1967S-2 cat crewWhile aboard the Connie made a west a Pac cruse and made it to the Gulf of Tokin. Great Ship
Paoletto, NickBM3Oct 1966 – Jul 1969first Iwould like someone to tell me how to get our campaine ribbins. and to find old ship mates
Lingle, GaryBT3Oct 1, 1966 – May 30, 1970B DivisionCame aboard when I was 17an 4 of the most interesting yrs of my life. Had a lot of great friends Butch Homer Snyder, Charlie Kuehlem,Claude Brown, Ed Robinson, Charlie Schemerra,Michael C Stewart,Melvin O'Brien,
Riddle, Glen profile iconairman E-3Oct 3, 1966 – Jun 14, 1967V-2 CatapultsI was privileged to serve on the Connie on it's 2nd deployment to viet-nam. got hurt and went to San Diego Naval Hospital then was sent to the USS Independence after the Connie had already sailed for it's 3rd deployment
Kephart, JeromeE3 airnanOct 10, 1966 – Nov 7, 1968V1 flight deckI was on bow cats spotted air craft from 1966 to 1968 it was hard work and long Hours and hot all time
Messman, RogerANNov 1, 1966 – Oct 31, 1968V-1Remember the shotened liberty in Subic when the Forrestal burned. Tractor driver, fork lifts, ships driver, crash and salvage. Saw the first shots the Jersey fired. Remeber the unintentional ejection from the 1st A7 traing flight. Wierd.
Vines, TomBM3Nov 15, 1966 – Feb 5, 19683rd
Solow, NormanAMH-3Nov 20, 1966 – May 1, 1968AIMD Hydraulic Shop V6Would like to hear from the guys who served with me in the AIMD Hydraulic Shop.
Hulsey Mm2, Larry Hulk profile iconmm2Nov 26, 1966 – Aug 10, 1970Adiv
Woods, WillieABF E4Nov 30, 1966 – Jun 20, 1973V4To some of the great guys in the V4 had a good time. Hope to here from some of you. Vest,Frohm, Gibson, miller,David.
Vogt III, Theodore J.FTM2Dec 1966 – Jan 1971FoxComputer 3 Tech
Caldwell, MikeASM3Dec 5, 1966 – May 17, 1968V6WESTPAC cruise Maintance of Ground support equipment, GTC100 & GTC85 Tech, What a great bunch of Guys, I wish I would have kept in touch with them,
Welch, JamesMR3Dec 26, 1966 – Sep 12, 1970A
Sciacchitano, FrankYN2Dec 30, 1966 – May 1, 1969OperationsRespected, and honored the men I worked with aboard the Connie. The Veterans Administration paid for my college education following my obligation in the Navy but the best education of my life was aboard that war ship.

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