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USS Constellation (CV 64) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Constellation (CV 64). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 3356 crew members registered for the USS Constellation (CV 64).

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Kaufman, NormanMMCM0000 – Aug 31, 1977Auxillary
Walsh, RichardEN3Jun 9, 1900 – Apr 12, 1994A-GangIt was a great honor to serve on the Connie. met allot of great people and learned more. Much Respect!!
Taylor, Thomasms3/e4Jan 3, 1901 – Apr 8, 1995s5
Hoffman, RobertAO3Apr 8, 1904 – Feb 5, 1999WEPSThe best ship I ever served on. I still talk to my best friends whom I met on her. The memories made were second to none. Nothing like a sunrise observed from the smoking spot on the Pacific.
White, Jamesbt3Aug 20, 1959 – Jul 26, 1963bplank owner
Richards, RobertCS31960 – Apr 1961was on the first crew going to precom school in Norfolk Va before ship caught fire In New York ship yards
Crews, Bennie CalvinMM11960 – Nov 6, 1961Died in fire during test run of USS Constellation Nov. 6, 1961.
Redman, Gary1960 –
Swinnerton, LarryE41960 – 1965V-1Plank owner, injured Jan 62. Enjoyed trip around the horn and all the ports of call.
Smith, DonnHospital Corpsman1960 – 1965HospitalWas on the Connie the entire time I was in the Navy. What a great experience.Put her in commission etc.
Uzupes, Anthony C.ANJun 1960 – Jul 1962V-3Plankowner/ Attended Decommission 8/7/2003 Great time/Met a Buddie hadn't seen in 41 Years
Mirasola, AnthonyanJun 22, 1960 – Apr 1, 1966aviation storkeeper
Wienckowski, RonaldCPLSep 4, 1960 – Sep 3, 1962
Wienckowski, RonaldCPLSep 8, 1960 – Sep 9, 1962Marine Det a plank owner. duties ship security
Kirk, JerryANOct 15, 1960 – Feb 5, 1961Assigned out of boot camp. Ship not completed.Assigned to the Constellation in Oct.'60. Attended fire fighting school in Norfolk while waiting for the commisioning. Fire on ship in Dec.,60 in Brooklyn while ships crew was in Norfolk. Everyone's orders were changed in Feb.61.
Pulliam, Billie / DocHMCSOct 29, 1960 – Feb 7, 1963Hospital CorpmanBill passed away on July 8th 2002 and is buried with full honors in Arlington National Cemetary, Washington DC. I would be glad to correspond with any of his shipmates or their spouses, thank you Marlylou Pulliam.
Caldwell, Charles / ChuckLTNov 1960 – Jun 1963OC - CCA
Distefano, GregoryANNov 4, 1960 – Aug 24, 1964V-4 Use Constellation CV-64 .Star Lady
Batten, JosephABE 2Dec 1960 – Jun 1962V2--Plank OwnerMet some great guys.
Perry, Ben (Big Ben)MM2/MM1Dec 3, 1960 – Jun 4, 1962MWas on nucleus/Commissioning crew. Plankowner. Went aboard as MM2 ,Made MM1 and was in charge of #3 Engineroom Was on leave as the Connie was burning at Brooklyn Naval Shipyard. Was aboard during fire at sea. Miss her.
Freeman, Woody R.E-3 AIRMANDec 19, 1960 – Feb 15, 1961AviationGreat Lakes Co.542. Connie was 1st assignment. I was ships company in Bklyn Rec Sta. When she burned I was xfered to NS Argentia,NFLD. Ships hull # was changed with Kitty Hawk from CV 63 to 64. After 10 yrs Navy I am now Air Force retired.
Bell, Thomas M.AO31961 – 1963G
Mueller, William LBM31961 – 19625th
Poss, James / JimMM21961 – 1962Mworked in reach rod heaven #3 engine room.
Larva, Charles (Chuck)AMH21961 – 1963VAH 10 (Air Wing)Served on shakedown cruise, GITMO (Cuban Missle Crisis) and first WESTPAC cruise (Vietnam). The Constellation forward batteries the USS Maddox and the USS C. Turner Joy were attacked in the Gulf of Tonkin that led to President Johnson declaring war.
Fox, James2ND CLASS MACHINIST1961 – 1962Line CrewLooking for other members of VF-132 out of Cecil Field Florida.
Staczek, DonaldAN1961 – 1962Air group
Saxon, RichardIC51961 – 1964EPlank Owner
Bowen, Paul (Sam) profile iconIC51961 – 1964EI'm interested in hearing from former ship-mates. I haven't had much luck finding the persons I remember well., CharlesE31961 – 19645 weapons
Powers, DavidAN1961 – 1962ANDave passed away 8-12-2008. This is his wife Carolyn . We were married 47 years. He was always so proud of being in the Navy and this ship
Gabeheart, Wilbur "Buddy"flight director #16 yellow jacket1961 – 1965flight director #16i'm writting this on behalf of "buddy". does anyone remember him. he was blown off the ship by a jet blast. he was resued cuz a pilot coming in spotted him. please email thank you
Ashworth, KennethAMH31961 – Dec 1962V-6, Metal Shop, Captain's Flight CrewPlank Owner
Galassi, Arthurab 31961 – 1964AB
Spicer, RogerABE 31961 – Jun 1964V2Looking for plank owner shipmates from early 60's
Powell, WilliamABF-31961 – 1964V-4Was a Plank Owner and made trip from Brooklyn Navy Yard,around Cape Horn to Homeport in San Diego,Ca.
Bistodeau, Jerome JerryBM11961 – 1963USN
Sankey, FredIC-E51961 – Oct 1963EPLANK OWNER SHELLBACK
Donahey, VicAC 41961 – 1963Radar air controlWould love to hear from fellow officers
Buppert, Chrisairmen1961 – 1964V4Had the first operation in sick bay while out to sea. Had to halt flight ops so the ship would be steady during my surgery 2 days before a engine fire
Hedderson, GeorgeETCM1961 – 1969ET
Dillingham, Wayne31961 – 1966V4Looking for shipmates. Email is daughters
Hinkle, Hall D.HM31961 – 1963H DivisionPLANK OWNER Enjoyed my time on Connie, tough engine room fire in 1662. Looking for Steve Burwinkle, HM2 and LCDR Rice our surgeon.
Bjork, Howard (Larry)RD21961 – 1962OIPlank owner… loved the duty
Shaw, DennisE5Feb 2, 1961 – Sep 19, 1963EThere is a organization, we have reunions once a year. The next one is in Sept. Go to USS CONSTELLATION.ORG.
Milavec, Jerold (Jerry)ABH2Feb 10, 1961 – Mar 27, 1964V-1Plank Owner, Sailed around the Horn to San Diego and took Constellations maiden West Pac Cruise. Would love to hear from anyone who was a shipmate of mine.
Jansen, SamMM2Mar 1961 – Oct 1965MWorked in #3 Engine room. Reach rod heaven
Hornberger, Paul profile iconE3/E4 DCMar 17, 1961 – May 7, 1963RCapts Orderly for Capt Walker before the Marines came aboard. Worked in the DC shop and was on the fire crew when ship was at sea. Plank owner and was on ship to San Diego Great time on Connie I loved every minute.
Smerekanicz, WilliamSK2Apr 1, 1961 – May 8, 1962S-1plank owner
Jones, BarryseamanMay 10, 1961 – Jun 1962special servicestaught survival and basic s of swimming at the [precommisioning in the Norfok navel base to the Connie and the big E, rounded the horn with her and while attadched to Radar Controll brought in the first plane to land.
Abel, George AbelAMH3Jun 1961 – Jul 1964plankowner-have scrapbook-ist copy of starscope-great memories of Connie.cruisebook south america and west pac cruise
Barker, KennethE-5 ICmanJun 1961 – Dec 1964EngineeringMember of original crew. Attended pre-commissioning at Norfolk. Traveled 196,000 nautical miles in 3.5 years. Shellback, plankowner, Vietnam vet. Like to communicate with fellow "Connie" sailors. Lookn for John Bressler
Warren, RickE3Jun 1961 – Nov 1963OC/CCAAboard for pre-com activities in Brooklyn; pre-com school at NOB Norfolk, shakedowns, Gitmo, equator crossing and around horn to San Diego. Chief Finch recommended for A/C A school. 10/1963 after which assigned to Enterprise
Gilson, RoyAN ABFJun 1961 – Aug 1963V-4Searching for shipmates.
Gaffney, Charles ChucksmJun 1961 – Sep 1962V-3I remember the long hrs standing fire watch on the flight deck in the Brooklyn navy yards. The sea trials off Block island the hot months off Gitmo' s shake down cruise. The good times and bad. gave me a heads up on life
Reiser, BobFN/SFM3Jun 5, 1961 – Jul 12, 1962Repair Div.Plankowner. Got to serve cake at the commissioning. Transfered to USS Essex CVS9.
Samson, SteveEM2Jun 8, 1961 – Jun 7, 1962ElectricalPlank Owner
Satalino, PatrickSNJun 10, 1961 – Jun 10, 1963Supply S1One of the best tomes of my life
Okeefe, FrencisbmsnJun 17, 1961 – Nov 22, 19645thgreat ship iam going to miss her
Davis, JackE-3Jun 20, 1961 – Dec 14, 19624thplank owner,shellback,mossback. discharged in SanDiego 12-14-62
Gallardo, Orlando J. MM 2Jun 20, 1961 – Jun 19, 1965 A-2 Live in Antonito, Colorado
Gallardo, Orlando J.MM- 5Jun 20, 1961 – Jun 19, 1965 A A-2 shop
Bowen, Paul (Sam)IC-5Jun 30, 1961 – Mar 30, 1964EPart of pre-commissioning detail at Norfolk then sent to Brooklyn Navy Yard to live aboard the shipprior to its commisioning.
Dubsky, DennisPN3Jul 1961 – Jun 1962ExecutivePlank Owner, retired as a CTR1 USNR, with 30 years service
Underwood, KempBT-3Jul 1961 – May 1965Bplankowner. served thru two westpac cruises aboard during tour of gulf of tonkin incident. enjoyed tour around the horn.
Messenger, ArtANJul 1961 – Jul 1964V-5Proudest years of my life. Served with the "best" in the Navy on the finest fighting ship in history!
Glander, DaleANJul 1961 –v-1worked v-1 div. #4 yellow shirt(director).was on board for commish(plankowner). got off after shakedown. greatest 9mo while i was in
Hathaway, RussellAGANJul 1961 – Jun 1962OMI had a great time serving on this ship.
Marafioti, GeraldfiremanJul 1961 – May 1963B- boiler division Looking for Donald Snell B - division
Walker, AllenEM2Jul 1961 – Mar 26, 1964EI am a plank owner to the Connie. I got out of the navy in 1969 and joined the Coast Guard in 1971. I retired as a Chief Warrent Officer W-3 ENG in 1985.
Husselbee, JamesSNJul 1961 – Jun 1963DeckPlank Owner
Sciba, BobSM3Jul 5, 1961 – Aug 26, 1963CommunicationsPlankowner,sailed first shakedown cruises, Gitmo,around the Horn, & first Westpac cruise. Made some of the Greatist Friends ever on the Connie!
Myers, IrvingYN3Jul 7, 1961 – Jul 10, 1963Fox and XGreat ship, excellent crew. Really miss those days.
Passalacqua, CozBTFNJul 10, 1961 – Mar 14, 1962BPre-commissioning detail. We lived at the receiving station until after fire fighting school in Norfolk. Moved aboard after that. Was aboard for the commissioning ceremony, fire fighting detail at the fire at sea in #1MMR.
Cumbee, WilliamANJul 11, 1961 – Jul 14, 1963V-5Enjoied the years I was serving with the V-5 division.
Day, BrucePN3 E4Jul 12, 1961 – May 10, 1962Executive X divPLANK OWNER worked in Personnel Office, trf June 1962 to VP 23, Brunswick Me.
Ribak, Stephen profile iconSNJul 17, 1961 – Nov 12, 1963G div
Mouton, W. David (Mouse)abf3Jul 31, 1961 – Jul 14, 1963v-4plank owner shakedown cruises gitmo (cuba missle crisis) around horn to san diego (shellback) first westpack cruise
Johnson, JackAG2Aug 1961 – Dec 1965OMPre-Commissioning Detail, Plank owner, Gitmo shakedown, Round the horn, San Diego, 1st Westpack. Great memories for a great ship.
Robinson, Guy (Robbie)ANAug 1961 – May 15, 1963S6,V3Great Time ,Wonderful People. From Norfolk in the pre days to flying home from Japan to frisco.Miss you Guys
Phillips, JamesFNAug 3, 1961 – Jan 10, 1962BPlankowner,was transferred to the Independence CVA-62 after the shakedown fire. A short stay on the Connie but a good ship
Wilfong, Gerald profile iconABHANAug 11, 1961 – Mar 8, 1964v-1Plank owner too cable break #1&2
Kessler, BenjaminFNAug 15, 1961 – Jan 26, 1964AWorked in Hyd. A-1 the elevators 1-2-3 elevators pump rooms,aft steering port and starboard.Plankowner
Wellford, CorbinSAAug 20, 1961 – May 10, 1963FirstI was one of the first helmsman on the Constellation. I started on the second cruise, after the fire. The cruise to the pacific around Cape Horne was really great!!! I left in May 1963 from Japan.
Gallardo, Orlando J.MM-2Aug 25, 1961 – Jun 20, 1965Shop/ Cat's 2&4 Steam side I'am a Plank Owner, Shell Back, Moss Back & cross the Internation date line, To day I'am Retired and hold the position of Service Officer for The Dept. of Military & Veterans Affairs in Conejos County Colorado.
Felice, RonLTJG/02Sep 1, 1961 – Sep 1, 1964X PAO/Special Services, 5th JO, and 1st Officer
Martino, SalSNSep 1, 1961 – Apr 1, 1962 2nd Plankowner, left the conny when it went to the west coast, went to Sara in Norfolk. looking for gregie or metchum two nuts from Ohio.
Almeida, Danny/"chico" "al"MM3Sep 1, 1961 – Jan 1, 1965M Worked in main engine room Number 1, and also Number 3. Would like to hear from anyone. Was on duty on day of fire where my 1st class crews died.
Biagas, Eulandmm3Sep 1, 1961 – Jul 23, 1963eng
North, Jr., FloydSNSep 1, 1961 – May 19632Ndplank owner. From strasburg ohio now living in streetsboro, ohio.
Almeida, Danny ChicoMM3Sep 1, 1961 – Jan 1, 1965MI would like to get the first yearbook of the USS Constellation Maiden Cruise Book, 1961-62. My nickname was Chico. How do I get this book? (M-Division) Danny Almeida
Hennessy, Daniel FCPLSep 10, 1961 – Nov 10, 1963Marine Det.Capts Orderly for Capt Walker and Capt Vejtasa
Wienckowski, RonaldSep 10, 1961 –marine Det
Wilkinson, JeffFNSep 15, 1961 – Jul 27, 1963
Schadt, John profile iconFNSep 23, 1961 – Sep 21, 1963MPlank Owner.
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Schultz, John H.LCPLSep 27, 1961 – Sep 1963MARINE DETACHMENT{PLANK OWNER} One of the first crew members to sail when Connie was first Commissioned.A 2 Year tour. We were the first to give her the nickname "The Flaming Lady" as she was always on fire. Semper Fi. "Dutch"
Loeffler, BillLTOct 1961 – Nov 1963Ops Training OfficerPlank Owner and COD pilot.
Phillips, JimmieSNOct 1961 – Aug 1962OPPlank Owner
Scott, Mike ("scotty")AG3Oct 1961 – Sep 1962OMPlank Owner - Gitmo shakedown, Shellback Cruise around the Horn. Transferred off the ship before it docked in San Diego.
Blumenthal, GeorgeAN E3Oct 1961 – Oct 30, 1963V 4Was a plank owner. When I first joined had prior served in the Azores Lajas Field
Hendricks, FrankRM3Oct 2, 1961 – Oct 1, 1962CRI was Pre-Comm & Commissiong Detail. (Plank Owner). Took the trip around the horn to San Diego - 12 July 1962 - 17 September 1962 (Trinidad, Rio De Janerio, Valparasio, Balboa, Aucapulco & then San Diego) Qualified Shellback 4 Aug '62
Buckland, Lawrence/larryRM3Oct 2, 1961 – Nov 25, 1963CRStill keep in contact with Ron Glenzer. Beale, Clausen, Frechette, Doug Schmidt. Where are you guys? Plank owner, Shellback, South American, Westpac cruises.
Brown, Robert (Bob)RD-2Oct 8, 1961 – Oct 1964Operations (OI)I was fortunate to commission and decomission the Connie. Serving aboard her was the most life enhancing experience of my life.
Murray, RichardCplOct 8, 1961 – Feb 14, 1963Marine DetI was the 3rd Marine to report for duty on tthere, Was NCO in charge of orderly, also SGT of the guard, on the shake down cruise ,cuba,around the horn ,and a cruise in the west
Gant, RaymondQM3/E4Oct 11, 1961 – May 1965OPSPLANK OWNER. Became a Horned Shellback on the Connie. Connie should still be at sea not sitting in drydock.
Whitaker, Charles Or "whit"AO3Oct 14, 1961 – Nov 5, 1963GI heard this ship is going to be sunk. I think this is a damn shame... unbelievable. If you served with me, I would like to hear from you. phone: 606-679-6436 address: 405 Ogden St Somerset, Ky. 42501
Tait, PhilipANOct 21, 1961 – Apr 30, 1962VF 132 Peg Leg Pete'sI was plane captain on F8D side # 204 that was the Connie's first plane crash on the flight deck. The plane crahed landed on a foamed runway at Gitmo, April, 1962. The starboard main mount was found in the port catwalk forward( my escape route).
Staczek, DonaldANOct 21, 1961 – Apr 30, 1962VF-132 Peg Leg PetesPlank owner. F8U-2N plane captain. On board for commisioning ceremony and shake down cruise in the Caribean and at Gitmo. Great time, great ship, great crew.
Waugh, RonaldAIRMANOct 27, 1961 – 1963arresting gear
Gagnon, JosephET3Oct 27, 1961 – Feb 10, 1964OEHad a great time. Did Gitmo, South America and WESTPAC cruises.
Poirier, RobertMR 3Oct 27, 1961 –A Div.
Baldwin, Marshall Edward profile iconMm3Oct 31, 1961 – Nov 7, 1961UnknownThis was the last ship my dad served on. Would like to find people who may have known him. Interested in knowing more about his time in the navy. Marsha Black
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Werner, DonAG3Nov 1961 – Jul 1964OM
Green, LarryEM2Nov 20, 1961 – Sep 3, 1963"E"Went aboard just after commissioning.Made the shakedown cruise to Gitmo and the trip around the horn to San Diego.Rio was real good liberty.Made the first west pac cruise in 63. Went back in 71 for my second tour on the "Connie"
Sampson, James M. , Jr.AK 3Nov 30, 1961 – May 1, 1962S-6I was there during the commissioning and tranferred to the Enterprise CVA N 65 when the Connie went to the West Coast.
Johnson, Daniel N.Dec 1961 – May 1962He was in the boiler room fire during sea trials in the North Atlantic and was one of the men who gave blood to CPO Smart in sick bay as a result of the fire. Smart later died from injuries he received during the fire.
March, JohnAC3Dec 1961 – Jun 1963OCA great 2 yr. cruise!
Markus, DonaldABH 3Dec 1961 – Mar 1964V 1 Repair 8
Banik, John F.RD2Dec 1961 – Dec 1964
Cox, Wally profile iconETDec 1961 – Sep 1963OEIt would be great to hear from some of the other guys I was in with.
Siecker, Daniel JE-2/AADec 2, 1961 – Sep 18, 1962Airman
Boling, HarryCpl E-4 USMCDec 28, 1961 – Dec 20, 1963Marine DetachmentFirst permanent duty after USMC initial trng. Went aboard in Brooklyn N. Yard. Served as XO's orderly and Nuclear Weapons sentry. Aboard during trip around S. America, Cape Horn, West Pac and made life long friends.

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