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USS Springfield (CLG 7) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Springfield (CLG 7). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 424 crew members registered for the USS Springfield (CLG 7).

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Brehm, TerryE31968 – Oct 1969Operations
Satterwhite, DannyE-3Jan 1968 – Jul 1969m
Harris, Jack RichardDC3Jan 1968 – 1969R
Brewer, DanielEM2Jan 1, 1968 – Dec 18, 1971E
Chiarello, DomenickEM3Jan 1, 1968 – Dec 20, 1972I was the shore patrol interpreter in Gaeta from 1970 to 1972.
Kolb, BillE5/CSJan 11, 1968 – Jun 12, 1970S2Enjoyed my time on board. Wish I hadn't taken shore duty.
Greenman, LeeofficerJan 13, 1968 –?Can anyone help me get the right info for my dad. He was on the little rock in 1967. he worked in the electrical part of the ship. If anyone can tell me about him or anything please write to me Russ, Elcamino14701@yahoo
Starkey, KevinSNFeb 2, 1968 – Sep 30, 1969S-3Shipmates: I started in third division Deck. Finished in S-3 division Wash Deck Laundry man. Character: I remember was Lead Wash Deck man Tennesse! He could really Railroad Laundry in the machines! Returned to merchant Marines in l986.
Whittie, BrianE3Mar 1968 – Dec 19683rd division deck forcespent time on mess decks then aft deck force. was in sick bay with heat stroke while at St. Thomas 9/68. tranfered to great lakes for corps school. 12/68.
Fulton, VictorBT3Mar 1, 1968 – Oct 1, 1971Bbest time of my life was serving aboard old springaleak,great times in GETMO,north atlantic,casablanca,and the best of all the worked in frd fireroom oillab and aft fireroom. it would be good to go back.
Horan, DouglasLTJGApr 1968 – Oct 1969boilers
Von Holzen, RichardBt3May 1968 – Sep 1970Oil Lab
Harris, KariFNMay 1968 – Aug 1970B
Sponsler, BrentEM2May 10, 1968 – Sep 12, 1971EWhat a great time in life even if then we didnt feel that way.Remember the emergency underway one night in St.Thomas with all the tipsy sailors recalled? The best part is still happening being reunited with 30 + of us at uss springfield snipes site.
Emmanuele, JoeIC2Jun 1968 – May 1970ECruises - Silver Tower, Barbados, Curacao, Martinique, St. Thomas, New Orleans, Mobile, Gitmo. SOAP Team Newport News. IC gang - Rick Farley, Joe Reborchick, Jim Radcliff, Bob Metcalf, Jim Yates, Buck Buchanan, D. Bates.
Walsh, BruceSHSNJul 1968 – Dec 13, 1968SUPPLYAll the places on the north alantic cruise..
Lord, GeoffreyGMM1Jul 1968 – Nov 2, 1973GMIt's fun to read comments from people who worked with us in the misslie house.Also Marines who guarded the bottom of the ladder. Gaeta was the best! Also had a big bike there. We could wear jeans to the ship!
Holck, DavidE4Jul 1968 – Jul 1971RAfter attending Shipfitter A school and C-1 welding school in San Diego California I was assigned to the Springfield. The ship was home ported in Norfolk Virginia tied to pier 7. Later home ported in Gaeta Italy.
Lawless, DanSN E3Aug 1968 – 19692nd div. and Bosens detailNato Cruise, Silver Tower. Crib Cruise. Home Port Norfork, VA NOS Peirs Ole Spit & Shine ADM. Simms.
Farley, RickIC3Aug 25, 1968 – Aug 21, 1971ECame aboard in Norfolk. First cruise Silver Tower. Left ship in Gaeta. Visited around 23 countries/islands. Head of sound powered phone gang. Remember the recall in Gaeta that took us to Jordan and MarDet ready to deploy?
Schultz, JohnRD 2Nov 20, 1968 – Feb 17, 1972operations
Palmer, DaveMM3Dec 1968 – Oct 1971ALived in Formia with Cantrell and Yeager, until I met Sue in England. Got back 18 days AWOL-busted, restricted for 45 days. Sue visited me nightly on the ship. Motorcycle accident 8/71 and transferred 10/71. Still with Sue. "Go" Beach Hou
Gavigan, EdYN2Dec 1968 – Jul 1971X divFun times. Great ports. Is BM Peck still alive? My bud PN3 Glen Maguire died of a heart attack in the 90s.
Woywod, MichaelPC2Dec 12, 1968 – Feb 5, 19701st
Harrison, BruceBMSA1969 – 1972boatI was their with nusz, martienez.and a few others.
Waggener, ThomasBM31969 – 19722nd and BOATBow Hooked on captian Gig
Forgette, RobertE-31969 – 1970engine room1 degree short of hell while in Cuba.
Shirey, HowardFTM11969 – 1972gm
Crowder, Jim JjCTO31969 – 1971FlagBest time of my life. Got to see a lot of Italy on my Ducati riding with various RM's and other folks. Too many great times to try and recap. Have some pictures here if anyone is interested:
Ryan, PierceLI31969 – 1973X div / Flag
Little, EddieRD 21969 – Nov 25, 1971OperationsGood times on Springfield. Flew home from Gaeta for discharge.
Brewer, DanielEM2Jan 1, 1969 – Dec 21, 1971EI was assigned to the Movie Locker in the summer of 1969, attended "C" School (along with Chief Gerald Gazda) for the repair and maintaince of Bell & Howell 16mm projectors, vacuum tube amplifiers and associated sound systems. 36 months of
Bates, DarylIC2Jan 3, 1969 – Nov 10, 1971E
Dimauro, SamuelBm3Jan 4, 1969 – Oct 12, 1972Bos'n Lockerstarted in 3rd div. after making Bm3 took over the lead in the Bos'n locker, the best thing was when i dropping the anchors or going to all the great place and riding my bike.
Waggener, ThomasBM3Feb 1969 – Oct 1972BOAT DIV.trying to find shipmates who served on HER and were in Boat Div. I Bow hooked on Captain's Gig !!! Best Duty ever .Would Love to go back to the Med see all that I saw when I was younger !!! Was onboard 1969/ti lOct 1972
Lott, Jr., RobertBM3Mar 1969 – Sep 19712ndStarted off in Mess Div., went from there to 2nd Div., then to the Boatswain Locker Div., made BM3 and went back to 2nd Div. Left in Sept. 1971 and went to shore duty at NAS Key West, Fl. Discharged in March 1973 as a BM2.
Cirre, Richard (Dick)QM3Mar 1969 – Oct 1969NavigationBoarded in Norfolk, then Portsmouth Shipyard and NATO Ops. Short tour, as I left in October for OCS and a tour with the CEC. Discharged in Nonember 1972 as LT, CEC. I loved this ship.
Medders, DavidSK3Mar 1969 – Dec 1971SupplyTransfer to USS Fursh DD882 then to USS Robert H. McCard where discharged. Returned to Alabama and built a good machine and pattern making business still working.
Ferguson, James FergieMM2Apr 1969 – Aug 1972B
Daddio, JimBM2Apr 1969 – Nov 1970BOATS 2ND
Smith, GeorgeSeaman 1st classApr 1969 – Jan 1971First
Patton, DavidGmm3Apr 14, 1969 – Feb 12, 1973GM divHad some good times and some bad would like to find some of my old shipmates in the missle div. bought a bike and married and got heck of a time in italy
Chiarello, Domenick (Mouse)EM3Apr 16, 1969 – Dec 20, 1972best time of my life after vomiting on all the cruise's. became shore patrol interpreter in Gaeta. Had a great time there.Enjoyed the guys in the EM & radio gangs.
Ackermann, David (Ack)RD3May 8, 1969 – Jun 5, 1970Admiral’s CICNorfolk Naval Base on Admiral’s Staff 2nd Fleet Flag; time in Portsmouth Yards for upgrades and Guantanamo Bay Cuba for shakedown over Christmas and New Years 1969. Carribean and South American cruises. Great Crew!
Richards, AllenE4Jun 1969 – Jan 1971OEStarted out with in Norfork and took her across the pond to Gaeta to relieve the Rock ( CLG 4 ). Loved my trips to Roma.
Munn, VicFTM2Jun 1, 1969 – Aug 1, 19712Was aboard during the MED 6th Fleet Flagship days
Ramos Seijo, ArnaldoFM2Jun 8, 1969 – Jun 11, 1970BTLIKE TO GET IN TOUCH WITH PEDRO AMADOR
Duncan, DonnieJun 15, 1969 – Jul 1, 1970
Bawiec, Joseph SK-3Jul 8, 1969 – Aug 8, 1972S-1
Smith, Larry (Smitty)BM2Jul 17, 1969 – Jun 22, 19732nd 1stBest time of my life, Think of all the good people and places we went.
Bloom, Darryl profile iconBT3Aug 1969 – Feb 1972B DivisionIf I had to do it over again, I would. Worked in aft fireroom, oil lab and refueling team.
Harper, RonaldSHIP SERVICEMANAug 18, 1969 – May 15, 1972laundry / dry cleaninggreat crew!! enjoyed the trip , and the party
Beury, ClydeOS2Sep 12, 1969 – Nov 1, 1973OIMade round trip fm NORVA to Gaeta to NORVA. Remember assumed watch as RD3 and signed out as OS2. Saw good part of Med, fond memories of S.P. in Athens after various OPS.
Beury, Clyde OS2Sep 21, 1969 – Nov 1, 1973OIAn incredible experience living in Gaeta for 3 years, my wife and I visited last year and had a great time. Does anyone know the whereabout of Dana Flyn QM or Hank Thompson RD2? Would love to hear from any shipmates.
Cook, BillRM2Oct 10, 1969 – Apr 10, 1973F2What a Great time in my life. Of all of my learning experiences I thank those who played a role in probably the most important part of lifes education and maturity.
Dickerson, JohnEM3Oct 30, 1969 – Dec 17, 1970ECame aboard from Boot camp.....left due to best navy memories were on this ship. Great ship and great people. Worked Lighting shop with EM2 Schwartz
Crandall, JimET2Nov 1, 1969 – Jun 1, 1971CEGaeta was a great place. Had an apartment with another ET. We really partied on the weekends when in port. Nothing like bar hopping in Malta!
Ippolito ("chief Ipp"), ArthurRMCMDec 10, 1969 – Mar 15, 1973OR (Communications)What wonderful days on the Springfield in Gaeta, Italy.I wish I could turn the clock back and do it all over again. Great ship, great homeport, great guys and officers. I still miss her and it's been 36 years !!! Wishing you all well...

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