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USS Springfield (CLG 7) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Springfield (CLG 7). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 424 crew members registered for the USS Springfield (CLG 7).

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Berlin, BillFTG31961 – 1963
Desmet, MikeYN11961 – 1963flagOh to be back on the 02 level again....what a life....all Med ports were fabulous...too bad it's all all my shipmates a standing salute....I will never forget
Hanes, RobertRD3Jan 1961 – Aug 1962FlagWorked on the staff gig and then in flag plot
Arnst, RobertE-3Jan 1961 – Jun 1962Marine Detach, Flag OrderlyI maintain an ongoing crew list of all Marines stationed aboard the Springfield from its plank members to its decommissioning. Any assistance regarding info is greatly appreciated. Currently nearly 400 names and contacts
Hoepfner, JohnPC3Jan 12, 1961 –XHad a great time enjoyed every day of my time onboard esp Vulla-franche-ser-Mer
Hanes, RobertSN/RD3Mar 1961 – Jul 1962FlagAssigned to the Chief of Staff's Gig and later to Flag Plot. Stayed in for 20 years and retired as Chief Warrant Officer.
Gergely, Stephenmu2Mar 1, 1961 – Jan 1, 1965staffcomsixthfleetxxxxx
Noggle, GeorgeMay 1961 – Aug 1963NOGGLE,GEORGE E. SFP-3 R-DIVISON.
Lee, Lloyd Franklinrm3May 1, 1961 – Apr 1, 1963radio
Martin, FranklinDK3May 5, 1961 – May 9, 1962S-4Hurrah for the "Mighty Rusty 7" Nothing but good memories from those days! Villefranche plus Nice USO Club! Met and married my wife - we are approaching our 49th wedding anniversary!
Lashley, LonniesnMay 20, 1961 – Oct 19625thOur homeport was great and the different countries were beautiful. I enjoyed playing on the ships basketball team.
Messer, Jack DFT 3Jun 1961 – Feb 1963FOXI Had lots of fun in Villefrance/Nice. Really enjoyed all the Med ports. Had a chance to go on 30 day leave from Rome up to Holland and back thru Paris to Villefrance. I also enjoyed the computer room(workspace).
Morley, Ronaldgm seamanJun 23, 1961 – Jul 27, 1962gmhad a great trip
Nadeau, Frank NadeauETN2Jul 1961 – Feb 1962OE
Brady, JimL/CplAug 1961 – Jul 1963Mar DetTransferred from Mar Det to Flag Allowance in late '62 Great memories of 5 Corners, The Gorilla Club and the Montana bar.
Marlow, RalphSEAMANOct 1961 – Jan 1963gmremember the cuban missle chrisis and drydock at toulon because she was topheavy.would like any photos taken of the sideboys during that period.
Lockwood, Louis  NEWRMSN/RM3Oct 27, 1961 – May 10, 1963OR/TAD FLAGFirst Ship USS DES MOINES (First Div then OR/TAD Flag), then back to the States for RM "A" School, then to USS SPRINGFIELD (OR Div/TAD Flag). Released at Brooklyn NSY on Cuban Crisis out.
Rusch, JimBM 3Dec 1961 – 19631st / transferred to 4thtransferred with the flag from the springfield to the little rock.
Alexander, Kenneth RM3Dec 1961 – Aug 1963FlagI transferred from the Daisy Mae and 32 months in the Med made Villefranche my second home
Reese, Robert L. ReeseSNDec 9, 1961 – May 1963EngineeringStarted out on aft/port deckforce. Was a bow hook on a utilty boat when in port. Got transferred to the engineering log room because I could type. Got sick and was sent to fleet hospital in Naples for a month and then transferred to the USS Boston.
Dixon, BillFTG 31962 – 1965FoxSlept with a lot of beauties Drank a lot of Pastis.Would do it again
Crabtree, DaveMT31962 – 1965GM
Kosick, RobertIC31962 – 1965EGreat duty. Great homeport- Villefranche. Wish we were in our homeport more than we actually were. My parents got a letter from the Captain around Christmas time where he stated we were at sea 70% of the time.
Labbe, FrankEM31962 – 1963EngineeringTransfered to the Springfield from the USS Independence in "62". Remember many good times on the Springfield! Returned to Yorktown VA. in May of "63". Transfered to the USS Decatur an was discharged ( EM2 ) 1/16/64.
Oleysyck, StanRM31962 – 1964FLAG COMIXTHFLTFlag ship for 6th fleet - Villa France w/sister ship F.D. Roosevelt. Assigned Admiral’s staff. Aboard Caribbean Terrier missile shakedown cruises. Sailed to GITMO - Aboard at Jamaica, WI when J.F. Kennedy assassinated. Great Memories!
Beall, Denny profile iconGMM31962 – 1964Missile HouseEnjoyed time in France - scared when went to General Quarters when Kennedy was assassinated - really liked the ship and all the guys on board. Went to Reserves in '64 and decided to be a telephone man instead..
Cerullo Jr., JosephFIREMANJan 10, 1962 – Oct 1, 1963R
Cerullo Jr, JosephFNJan 10, 1962 – 1964RSome Of the best times of my life. Could never hope to see and do the things we did .l
Rebello, StephenYNSNFeb 1962 – Nov 1963NavigationOnly Yeoman in the Navigation Division.
Clark, TedFTMar 1962 – Dec 1963FoxI loved being in France and had some wonderful memories of all the good times and in fact I can't remember the bad ones.
McCarty, James H ( MacAdo)BMSNMar 1, 1962 – Aug 27, 19643/2nd divisonbest time of my life made best friends of my life
Brown, CarlCS3Mar 9, 1962 – Sep 23, 1966S2Had one great time in Villefranch.
Phillips, LairdsnMay 1962 – Nov 1963signalmanloved villefrance and nice 02 level queeniesbar manhatten bar in nice dani and the stinger at the caveschristine the machinewow great times
Carter, RonaldSFP3Jun 1962 – Nov 1963RHad some of the best times of my life in Villa and the Med. The crew had some of the finest men I've ever met.
Kell, JimRDSNJun 21, 1962 – May 20, 1964ORGreat group of guys best duty you could have, a lot of good memories, radar gang the best, join the Navy see the world as a18 year old I did and had fun doing it,yes remember the cave and O2 level wonder what happen to a
Childress, DaleRM2Jul 10, 1962 – Mar 10, 1965Loved Villefranche and all the ports we visited. The Navy Bar on the 02 level was home away from home.
Carl, BironGMSNJul 23, 1962 – Aug 26, 1964
Castagnola, JohnSEAMENSep 1962 – Nov 19631st
Griner, DavidSHSNSep 1962 – Nov 1964
Hunt, Robert (Bob)YN3Oct 1962 – Aug 1965FlagSome of the best years of my life. Ville was awesome. Visited Springfield in Gaeta in 1972. The people there were very unfriendly. Ville was like a second home. I remember Mike Desmet, who is registered.
Dunn, DonOct 30, 1962 – Dec 5, 1964
Myersdave, David E. MyersRM3Nov 1962 – Nov 1964CR
Penrod, TedFT(M03Dec 1962 – Nov 1964FoxFond memories of ville Franche, even after all these years! Would like to have a roster of Fox Div during the period if anyone has one.
Meyer, PaulFTM2Dec 1962 – Dec 1964FoxCame aboard Springfield Dec 62 in VilleFranche right out of FT A school as an FTM SN. Worked under Chief Sheppard. Transfered to USS Boston Dec 64 as FTM2. The time spent aboard the Springfield and in the Med was great!
Owens, JerryE-4Dec 20, 1962 – Jun 15, 1964Fox DivisionLooking for John Malburn, Mess Cook from IL
Lantz, L DFTM 2Dec 27, 1962 – Jan 18, 1965Fox

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Select the period (starting by the reporting year): precomm – 1960 | 1961 – 1962 | 1963 – 1965 | 1966 – 1967 | 1968 – 1969 | 1970 | 1971 – now

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