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USS Oklahoma City (CLG 5) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Oklahoma City (CLG 5). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 263 crew members registered for the USS Oklahoma City (CLG 5).

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Norman, StephenE31972 – 1974boilermanI settled in the state of Washington where I have raised my 2 boys. If it weren't for the Navy I would not have met my wonderful wife of 34 years. Many good memories
Williston, WadeYN31972 – 1974C7F Admin/OpsMy first ship and most memorable for a guy from Michigan. Great times in Yokosuka and other ports. The Okie Boat will never be forgotten.
Thompson, GordonMM1972 – 1974A Div.My father, William R Thompson(Bill),served on the Sierra from around 1950-1953. He passed away in 2010.He had a ball cap from the USS Dash MSO-428.Does anyone recall this ship or crew member?
Cox, PaulE41972 –TAD IN transent to Attack squadron 86Worked with ships company. working unwrap, moving, and stocking supplies. etc.,, The rack and birthing space was pretty good. Chow was really good. I must say I was treated with the most respect being a guest. Thank you
Fisher, Richard (Rick)PN3Feb 11, 1972 – May 23, 1974I went from boyhood to manhood aboard the OKCity. I sure hated to see her go. I got a couple pieces of her wooden deck and a lot of great memories.
Grady, GlenSNMar 1972 – Aug 1973Third Div.I was high-lined onto the Okie in a basket from an oiler off the Viet-Nam coast. I painted red-lead, stood combat watches, was a loader in the 6" gun turret, & worked in the Talos missile Div. Became Shellback 10/22/72.
Pettersen, Mark (Pete)CS-3Apr 10, 1972 – Jun 20, 1975S-1The time spent aboard The Okie City was the most exciting adventure of my life. I will never forget serving w/the fine individuals I met aboard her. My time spent serving in the crews galley, bake shop and CPO Mess.
Edwards, Kent profile iconSgtApr 12, 1972 – Apr 18, 1974Marine DetachmentRetired after 31yrs, can honestly say that two years on the OKIE Boat were the most fun filled two years of my service. Crossed the line once, and spent time in the Tonkin gulf. Manned the 6in while on the line.
Heaton, PeteRM1 TTY REPAIRJul 1972 – Jul 1975Was on several ships but the Okie boat was the best of all. Now retired living near Tucson, AZ. email me at
Jones, GlennCS3Jul 4, 1972 – 1975S2Buddies were Roland Demers, John Neff, Dale Ault, Ron Ostrom, Skip, Jeff Wheeler. Worked for MSCM Brinkley and Graves. I worked in the bake shop, chiefs mess and crews galley - retired as MSCM and now work for DoD.
McCrossin, GlennFN E-3Aug 8, 1972 – Apr 15, 1975BMet some great friends and had more then greats times .
Ault, DaleSNSep 1, 1972 – Jul 1, 19743RDGreat Ship!! Great Times!! Cantu, Jowers, Hoschek, Newell, Bicknase, Rhodes, Somers, Jurkus, McFahey... To numerous to list!!
Vanconant, Claude (Van)YN1Oct 1972 – Feb 1974X
Dunlap, MichaelAG3Nov 1972 – Nov 1974Com7th Fleet - Weather As a Crusty Shellback, I enjoyed many adventures where "Every night is a Saturday night in Westpac" Passed by the Okie Boat in Suisun Mothball Fleet daily, until they dragged her out and shot her!
Diciaula, JohnRM3Nov 1972 – Dec 1974CRA Salute to all my fellow Squids! And adventure I will never forget. Proud to have served with you all!
Cain, PhilET31973 – 1976ET/CEIt was the best 3 years and it was the worst 3 years. Great cruises for sure!! – Especially Olongapo! Am I right, W.P. “Burt” Shill? And it still amazes me; T. “Walrus” Gallant became a lifer. Currently I’m volunteering my time at the V.A. he
Turkus, Arthur P (Turk)SN1973 – 19743rdGreat crew mates,Benny,Marty,Dale,Somers,Ragman,Anderson,and CPO,BM1,BM2. Liberty in Hong Kong, PI,Taiwan ,and crossing the line. Best time of my life.
Plaskett, David Michael profile iconSA1973 – 1973operations
Heiser, David profile iconSNJan 1973 – Apr 19741st DivisionServing on the "Okie" was among the best times of my life. Young, naïve, and curious, I loved the port visits throughout eastern Asia, made some good friends, and met my wife. And got my precious Shellback certificate!
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Lampe, MarkRM3Jan 6, 1973 – Feb 1, 1975CRCurrently retired from IBEW Electrical Workers. Enjoying being a retiree. Sharing time with my wife children and grandchildren. Can't get any better.
Owen, TimRM3Feb 1973 – Jan 1975Radio Control RoomTraveled the Pacific. Learned a lot to further my career in Electronic/Communications. Met a lot of great guys, and had some great times.
Roberts, StephenHT3Feb 17, 1973 – May 14, 1976R-DivisionThe Okie Boat was my first command. I got out of the Navy after 4 years and re-enlisted for another 6. I made first class before I left the Navy in 1983 and moved to New Zealand where I lived for 16 years.
Woolery, Daverm3Mar 12, 1973 – Jun 8, 1973CTF 78 Radioman Served with com7thflt on the okiecity great time watching th botsons holy stonin the teak deck. Served with CTF 78 in Haiphong with a great group of guys, many great memories,
Cummings, GordonSH3Jul 1, 1973 – Nov 1, 1974s3served aboard the okc for only 16 months, but gained memories that were priceless.came aboard assigned to second divison but transfered to s3 in supply after a couple of months.
Gan, Terryctr 3Aug 1973 – Apr 1975cryptologic ct'showdy shipmates and to all the ct's, and marine in mardet, who served onboard. great liberty ports, p.i. hong kong, i left my brain cells crossing shit river. too be young again and do it all over, with what we know.
Newkirk, JackSH3Sep 11, 1973 – Sep 11, 19752nd / S3I made several friends and have memories that cannot be duplicated.
Kunkle, William (Bill) profile iconEnsign/LTjgOct 1973 – Oct 1976Comm/Ops/AdminWas Asst CIC Officer, then Asst Personnel/Edu Service Officer/X Division Officer. XO was Ralph Doe, CO was Paul Butcher. My "Sea daddy was LCDR Ron Thompson
Quakenbush, Dave profile iconBT3Nov 1973 – Apr 1977B DivMy first orders were for a year and a half. I ask to stay until my discharge date because this was the best crew a person could have ever served with.
Quakenbush, Dave (Quack)BT3Nov 1973 – Apr 1977B DivisionThe best ship and the best crew in the Navy as far as I am concerned
Quakenbush, DavidBT3Nov 21, 1973 – Apr 7, 1977B DivisionGreat ship, fantastic crew.
Lequire, VerneRM3Dec 1973 – Jun 1975CR
Gallant, TerrnaceET3Dec 1, 1973 – Jan 2, 1977OEGraet Ship, Great Crew if I would have been stationed on any other ship I probably would have bailed after 6YRS but I stayed 26. Retired ETCM amd Currrently working Civil service For FTSC Pac here in Bremerton Wa.
Crego, StewartbmsnDec 5, 1973 – Aug 23, 1975fourthhey to all the guys i servied with had a blast got pic from hong kong i was 18 at the time
Shill, BurtETSA/SN1974 – 1976OE/S2/CEPermanent head cleaner, mess cook, compartment cleaner and occasional UHF tech in radio 4 and 8. Great shipmates and cruises. Pushbutton POs... geez!
Doe, RalphCommander1974 – 1975Weapons/XO
Gilli, StevenRM51974 – 1977CommunicationsOkie boat was a great ship and had a great crew. Many fantastic memories!
Bajowski, FrankLt(jg)1974 – 1976OIThere wasn't a day that passed when I wasn't getting chewed out about something. I ended up serving for P.D. again when he made 3-stars. By then he stopped chewing me out.
Lindsay, SteveE-2Jan 1974 – Jul 1976Ship serviceWas the ships barber most of the time. A great time in my life.
Wine, JerryRMSNJan 20, 1974 – Jan 20, 1976CRI was assigned from RMA School to COMSEVENTHFLT STAFF. I went aboard in Subic and departed in Subic. I miss my times aboard. I retired in September 1993. I still have my Cruise book from the OKIE Boat and it takes me back.
Hall, JimRM1Feb 1974 – Jul 1978Offline crypto supv.
Toby, DavidFTM-4Mar 1974 – Mar 1976missile houseQuite an experience with special weapons. Would like to reconnect with other Okie boaters.
Beall, RonDS3-DS2Apr 1974 – May 1976MPDS
Dutcher, LawrenceBT3Jun 10, 1974 – Sep 4, 1976BTIt was my first command and I loved it the crew was great and the cruises were super.
Harmon, Tom FTG-2Jul 24, 1974 – Jan 26, 1976FGOki Boat (CG-5) proudly served in Operation Frequent Wind (4/75), the last Vietnam action. Best ship in WESTPAC. I was gun fire control radar/rangefinder operator, the topmost battle station (ahead of the forward stack).

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